FS Artwork Collection

FS Artwork Collection

Postby TigerStripes » Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:17 pm

As requested, here's links to the artwork I've recently received and posted. I'm just going to post links to their pages on the Wiki and skip on the long rambling about them at present. If you want to see my ramblings, check out my FA gallery.

Alexandra by The Red Angel: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Alexandra2.jpg
Athanasia by Sandy Schreiber: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Athanasia.jpg
Beaver by Heather Bruton: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Beaver.jpg
Blanche by Xenotropos: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Blanche.jpg
Brooke by Soryane: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Brooke.jpg
Female Cat Ninja by Bix707 http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:CatNinja_F.jpg
Gillian by Eevachu: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Gillian.jpg
Giraffe by Sharei: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Giraffe.jpg
Horny Doctor (female): http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... Female.jpg
Horny Doctor (male) by Cooper: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... r_Male.jpg
Newt by Anyare: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Newt.jpg
Queen Bee by Caltroplay: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:QueenBee.jpg
Rachel by Ookami Kemono: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Rachel.jpg
Vixen Nurse by KV1NN4: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:VixenNurse.jpg
Zigor by Augur_Mew: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Zigor.jpg
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Re: FS Artwork Collection

Postby TigerStripes » Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:51 am

So I'll be adding links to the rest of my backlog of artwork I've received, either as fan art or from commissions. These are all directed towards the Wiki as well. When new art comes, it'll be posted with the artwork included. They can also be viewed with some comments and links to the artist in my FA gallery.

Alexandra - Good Girl or Bad Bitch by Nilwing: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Alexandra.jpg
Andrew by Rukis: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Andrew.jpg
Artemis engulfing by Farore Nightclaw: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... ulfing.jpg
Beaver sketch by Marc Leonhardt: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Beaver2.JPG
Blanche by The Negative: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Blanche2.jpeg
Candy sketch by Cooper: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... sketch.jpg
Candy by Hickory (uniformvixen): http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... rworld.jpg
Christy by Max Blackrabbit: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Christy.jpg
Dr. Mouse by Jaxx Blackfox: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Dr._Mouse.jpg
Dr. Moffatt by MadTurtle: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:DrMoffatt.jpg
Dr. Moffatt by The Negative: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:DrMoffatt2.jpeg
Floor Show at the Down Under Pub by MoT: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Floor_Show.jpg
Frank by Ivybeth: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Frank.jpg
Fruit Bat by Fennec (mobianfox): http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:FruitBat.jpg
Grant by Hickory (uniformvixen): http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Grant.gif
James by Anyare: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:James.jpg
Jimmy by makarimorph: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Jimmy.png
Latex Ermine by Halcy0n: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... mine_2.jpg
Leonard's Violin by Sandy Schreiber: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Leonard.jpg
Ocelots by Donryu: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Ocelots.jpg
Reindeer by MoT: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Reindeer.jpg
Sally by Furball: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Sally.jpg
Sam's Bad End by The Negative: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... xataur.jpg
Sarge by Hickory (uniformvixen): http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Sarge.jpg
Sgt Marks by Anyare: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Sgt_Marks.jpg
Siamese Cats by RedCoatCat: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... e_Cats.jpg
Sven by Squiggalaimon: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Sven.jpg
Sven sketch by Nicholas0113: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Sven2.jpg
Tigress Hooker (redrawn and coloured) by Sharei: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... colour.png
Tigress Hooker (original sketch) by Sharei: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File ... sketch.jpg
Triceratops by Heather Bruton: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Triceratops.jpg
Wildcat sketch by Strype: http://wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/File:Wildcat.jpg
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