Quest tracking suggestion/discussion

Quest tracking suggestion/discussion

Postby dark » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:42 pm


This relates to what I suggested under the suggestions field, namely having a way to track what quests your on and how to complete them within the game (similar to the quest command in the multiplayer actually).

I know new stuff gets added to the game frequently, and I personally don't like that if I get many quests I need to consult the wiki rather than exploring on my own to see what is what or what commands I need, eg, the first time I played I forgot what Dr. Mat asked me for, and yet I'd fought several goo girls and putting two and two together would've been easy if I'd had Dr. mat's requests on hand to view again.
Also what to type for quests like Omio's (which I've not yet got working since after her intro I am not sure how to start her quests).

I was having a think about this and how it might work.

I do know the quests within the game tend to be logged anyway (hence the save word options), and also that they're named in the wiki etc.
So I was wondering if a command such as "quests" could be added which basically took the text which was given to you everytime you were issued with a quest or task, (optionally under the quest's name), and repeated it, either in a long journal style log, or as a basic list that you could get more information about.

Logging the quests would also then lead to potentially other things being open such as ability get a list of completed quests upon ending, or even achievements logged over multiple games in the same save file so that players could strive to get them all and follow alternative paths, though that one might be going a bit far.

I do however really like the quests in fs, particularly discovering and exploring for myself, and there are so many a formal tracking system within the game might be very nice and save reliance upon the wiki.

Hope this is an okay idea, what do people think?
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