Full List of Bunker NPCs & Pets & Video Tapes

Full List of Bunker NPCs & Pets & Video Tapes

Postby barian » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:02 pm

Alright Flexible Survivors, since SallyFox's list is no longer being updated, and they suggested someone else take over, I figured I may as well do it (since I don't think anyone else has started one). SallyFox's list was a great bit of info, and I'd like to keep that going. I've also used some info from The Flexible Survival Wiki in the list. (The wiki needs updating too, which anyone registered in the multiplayer Flexible Survival MUCK can help with I think).

I'll need your help with this list though, so if you know of any recruitable NPCs/pets that are not on the list, can you please post:
1- Who the NPC/pet is.
2- Where and how you can get them.
3- Any Variations/TFs available for them (dom/sub/male/female/herm/furry/etc.) and how you get/choose those variations.

Also I've started tracking the Video Tape collectables, if you have any information on where to find tapes that are missing from this list please post it :)

If you have any corrections or other info (such as the exact number of times you need to repeat an event or the exact words you need to hunt for, etc.) for the list also please tell me.

Alexandra - Female - Doberwoman - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Alexandra
Alexandra is found as an encounter during Outside Exploration. To turn her into the player's bitch (and bring her to the bunker), the player must defeat her in combat and engage in victory sex with her over the course of multiple encounters. If instead you choose to immediately submit on the first encounter with her, you open up her quest lines but lose the chance to be able to bring her to the bunker. Recruiting Bad Alexandra opens up the chance to recruit one of her offspring as an npc companion named Spike.
Amy - Female - Anthro Husky - (Warehouse District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Amy
Found during the Soldier Squad event line, hunt Soldier Squad in the Warehouse District until the third iteration where you get the option to take her with you.
Bubble - Female - Inflatable Vulpine - (Beach Plaza) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Bubble
Hunt Snared Vixen and watch her go then hunt boat and once it says you have one that can make it, nav to the castle. She's in an inflatable in one of the many rooms.
Candy - Male - Pink Raccoon - (Hospital) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Candy
Candy is found as part of the Hospital Quest. The player is given the option to turn him into a pet or to take him as he is, leading him back to the bunker.
Carl - Male - Anthro Husky - (Warehouse District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Carl - Variations: Submissive|Normal
Found during the Soldier Squad event line, hunt Soldier Squad in the Warehouse District until the sixth iteration. Carl will be running from Allen and the player is given the chance to bring Carl to the bunker. If the player immediately attempts to have sex with him in The Grey Abbey Library, he will ask the player to hold off, as he fears he will given into submissiveness. If the player refrains for several days, Carl will stop being as submissive. If the player decides to indulge before that point, Carl will become and remain submissive.
Chris - Male - Half Orc - (Orc Lair) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Chris - Variations: Half Orc|Orc Breeder|Orc Warrior
Chris can be met if the player has let Val be captured during the Orcish Slave Raid event in the Warehouse District, and is present at Chris's birth. The player will need to discover the Orc Lair by being captured during an Orcish Slave Raid event, and then escaping their cell. Once brought to the library, the player may choose to turn him into an Orc Breeder or Warrior by giving him some Orc Cum or an Orc Brew. Chris's dialogues will change based on his form, but he is available for sex in any form once he has been brought to The Grey Abbey Library. If the player is a full Orc Warrior during the Orcish Slave Raid event, then they may fuck Val instead, turning Chris into the player's son. Checking Val's pregnancy status near the end reveals you to be the father, with a comment about how virile you were that you knocked him up. (Thank you Luneth for checking).
Coleen - Female - Human|Anthro Husky - (Park) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Coleen - Variations: Human (no sex)|Female Husky|Alpha Female
To meet Coleen, the player must first find the Military Presence event in Outside Exploration three times and witness the Paratrooper drop. Afterward, the player can find Coleen by searching for Womanfruittree in the Parks hunting ground. If the player chooses to help her from her predicament, she will be brought back to the bunker.
Coleen is initially uninfected and not available for sex. This can change depending on how you interact with Sarah. If Sarah is turned into your sex pet, Coleen will become infected as well and fall into depravity, allowing the player to have sex with her.
To turn Coleen into an Alpha you need to keep transforming her, but at the point when she asks if you'll be her master refuse. This makes her into 'Coleen the Stray'. You then need to have sex with her while being female. At that point, she should ask if you want to be a slutty husky as well. If you agree, she'll become the alpha female.

David - Male - Human - (Camp Bravo) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/David
Captured Demon (Red Light) where you save him, Thankful Solider (Outside), Camp Bravo where you talk to the Boss and get him off the List, then talk to David and have him move to the bunker.
Elijah - Male - Angel - (Red Light District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Elijah
Angel vs Demons (Red Light), then Burned-Out Chapel before time runs out - fight mixed demons to free him, then either cure him with Milk+Honey+Healing Booster or make him evil with demon seed or sex with the player in demon shape
Eric - Male|Cuntboy|Female - Human - (Sports Arena Locker Room) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Eric
Searching the College Campus for the Barricaded Lockerroom event will introduce the player to Eric. The player must succeed on a Charisma check to convince him to let the player in. If the player's body type is Furling, Eric will immediately shut the door without letting the player in even with a successful check. Agree to help, and after the fight with his Ex, the player can take advantage of him (which locks him in 'Cuntboy Slave' mode), or bring him into the Bunker untouched, where he can be told to wait for a cure (centaur cum or satyr wine for horse/goatcock) or talked into accepting being a cuntboy (making him a happy, non-abused CB), or go all in on the female transformation.
To make Eric into Erica, the player must first speak with Valerie in the Museum. She points the player to the Temple of Hera exhibit. Resolving that leads the player to the Biker Hangout in the Junkyard where the player must rescue Joel to proceed. After returning to the Temple of Hera, the player is given a Pomegranate seed which will complete Eric's transformation.

Fang - Male - Feral Wolf - (Urban Forest) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Fang Variations: Alpha|Beta
Fang is found after defeating four Feral Wolves in the Urban Forest. The defeat of the fourth one will allow the player to bring him home with them.
Gabriel - Male - Angel - (Red Light District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Gabriel
Only available if you turn Elijah evil. Hunt for the event Angel vs Demons in the Red Light District. Afterwards, hunt for the enemy Seraphim and defeat and fuck the angel several times, choosing to grab a collar and then cuffs for the angel when the opportunity arises. Eventually the angel will completely submit and you take him back to the bunker.
Gwen - Female - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Gwen
The player meets Gwen on the way to Doctor Medea's Pediatrics Clinic, seeking to consult the doctor about Meredith's fertility problems. Vanessa and Meredith talk with Gwen, who believes they have given into the nanites and attacks. She is quickly subdued and the player is given the option of pushing Gwen into Meredith to become her foal. She will be sent to the Dry Plains by Vanessa once she has been birthed and grown up. Otherwise, the player engages in sex with Gwen and the others, transforming her into a Succubus-Centaur Mare mix, and Vanessa sends her to the Dry Plains immediately. I need more information on how to bring her to the bunker.
Hadiya - Herm - Red Hyena - (Hyena Shack) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Hadiya
The red hyena, after having had lots of sex with you, will finally reveal she's at the junkyard looking for her guitar and wants her new bitch (you) to go find it. This opens up some new material, finally moves her to the Library and brings with her the NPC wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Gobby]Gobby[/url]
Hayato - Male - Red Oni - Disused Garage - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Hayato
Hayato is discovered through the Garage Demon event in The Capitol district. If the player speaks with him and tries to seduce him, Hayato will reveal that he's currently restrained with a chastity belt to keep from unleashing his desires. Nermine has the key to his belt, but wants a Noh Mask found on the College Campus in exchange. The player will have to defeat two Ninja Cats and an Anime Babe to retrieve the mask. Nermine exchanges the mask for the key, which the player may then use to free Hayato and bring him to The Grey Abbey Library after sexy times. After speaking with Hayato several times in the library about Red Oni, the Oni Lair event becomes available in the Capitol District. Once the Oni Lair is found, the player may reveal these findings to Hayato and choose to plan an assault. Success in the raid allows Hayato to gain confidence and will unlock his more dominant content when it is written.
Icarus - Male - Blue Chaffinch - (City Zoo) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Icarus
Icarus starts as a random enemy in the City Zoo hunting area. To capture him and bring him to the Library, the player must have the body and head of a predatory bird or of a feline. The player must beat the Blue Chaffinch and successfully capture him afterward 3 times, asserting your dominance through sex. After the third time, the player has the option to bring him to the library or send him off, never to return.
Macadamia - Male - Grey Squirrel - Nutso Factory - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Macadamia
Mack can be met through the Finding Mack event in the Urban Forest. Upon locating the event, the player will have to fight an Elven Hunter. Win or lose, Mack asks the player to help him take over a peanut roasting factory in the Warehouse District. After searching for Finding Mack in the Warehouse district, he lays out his plan for attacking the factory. If the player refuses, Mack is removed from the game. If the player consents to Mack's plan, the player will fight two Leopardmen. Win or lose, Mack successfully takes over the factory and gives the player two food as well as offering celebratory sex. After having sex with Mack several times, the player may invite him to The Grey Abbey Library.
Meredith - Female - Human|Centaur Mare - loc - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Meredith
Talk to Vanessa after getting her pregnant yourself once or twice. I need some more info about this entry.
Nadia - Female - Bird of Paradise - (College Campus) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Nadia
Nadia is found by searching for the Bird Troubles event on the College Campus. Here, the player may offer to bring Nadia to the Library or they may refuse, which removes her from the game.
Onyx - gender - Horse - (The Stables) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Onyx
N/A (Stables - decide to free him, quest chain: Talk to Onyx, talk to daisy, hunt guardpost from the stables hunting area, talk to both again (as I don't remember the exact chain) hunt for storeroom, talk to onyx one more time.)I need some more info about this entry.
Philip - Male - Pig - (Pig Pen) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Philip
To find Philip, you must discover the "Hungry Piggy" event in the outside exploration area. After returning to feed him a total of 3 times you can invite him to the bunker.
Rane - Male - Blue Oni - (Warehouse District, Park) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Rane
Rane is first encountered through hunting the Rooftop Rumble series of events found in the Warehouse District. These events will introduce the Blue Oni through a series of fights against various enemies. After the fights the player has the option to follow Rane to the Park, or may find him at a later time by hunting for The Blue Oni in the park. Once Rane is met in the Park, he'll have a look at the player through a special mirror. He will refuse to associate with players who have made a pact with Hellhounds and will disappear from the game. Otherwise, both Rane and the player are moved to the Shrine in the Park. After further conversation, the player may choose to have sex with Rane, which brings up the option of bringing the Oni to The Grey Abbey Library.
Sally - Herm - Huskybunny - (Hospital Quest) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Doctor_Matt
Doctor Matt may be infected by Doctor Mouse as part of the Hospital Quest, turning him into Sally. She may be brought to The Grey Abbey if the player meets the following requirements:
You must complete the optional "Guard Duty" sidequest as part of Main Storyline Pt 1.
You must choose to side with Doctor Mouse as part of the Hospital Quest.
Susan must not end up staying at Doctor Matt's lab; if she is in the lab when you fight Orthas, then Sally will not accompany you back to the Bunker.
You must defeat Orthas to recruit Sally; if you lose, then Sally will stay at Doctor Matt's lab.

Sam - Male|Herm|Female - Dragontaur|Vixentaur|Dracovixentaur - (Mini-lab) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Sam
Sam is found through the Another Researcher event in Outside Exploration. He asks the player to find samples of various infected. After completing his requests the player returns to find him being attacked, after choosing to save him and defeating his attacker Sam becomes infected. He then asks the player to infect him with a large dose of a single infection to override the multiple infections he's received. The vials provided are for a male form and a female form, though the player may choose to use both to turn Sam into a herm. Afterward, Sam will move into the bunker.
Sandra - Female - Bunny Girl - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Sandra_(SP)
(Outside) Needy Rabbit girl event 2x, then fuck her a few times at the Rabbit Den
Sarah - Female - Husky Female - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Sarah
Husky Pack(Outside)
Sidney - Female - Red Fox Vixen|Ottress|Feral Wusky - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Sidney
Sidney is a male soldier who can be found during Outside Exploration via the 'Meeting Sidney' event. During the event, the player must first pass a Charisma check to convince Sidney to open up, at which point he'll explain his desire to become female using a special device he has. He'll present three options of possible candidates, each of which requires passing some kind of test. Success results in TFTG to female of the chosen form and return to the library.
Skarnoth - Male - Demon - (Burned-Out Chapel) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Skarnoth
Only available if you heal Elijah and do not turn him evil. Go to the Red Light District and hunt for the event (I need to look it up again), and speak to Elijah about it. He will tell you of a high ranking demon and offer the quest to go defeat him. Do so, and when the option comes up, choose to enslave Skarnoth by putting the collar on him and bring him back to the bunker.
Snow - Female - Anthro Squirrel - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Snow
Outside, Hyper Squirrel Girl event - trade in some milk for milk concentrate from Rod at the Mall, then go meet Snow and use it to convince her to come to the Library (she'll upgrade weapons and armor besides the usual sex)
Solstice - Female - Kitsune|Vulpogryph - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Solstice
Count's, sorta, Hunt for Adventurer (Outside), then the Onyx crow in the Museum, hunt for her again to finish her quest. She'll randomly come by the bunker on her own.
Sonny - Male - Sheep - (Mall) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Sonny
In the mall, outside of Nermine's Mysterious Shop. There is a room to the south west. Enter it repeatedly until you meet Sonny. Agree to help shear him, and you will be able to ask him to move to the library by talking to him, or back to the mall if he is at the library.
Spike - Male - Doberman - (The Grey Abbey Library) - No Wiki Entry
If you have recruited Bad Alexandra, then when returning to The Grey Abbey Library, there is a chance to encounter Spike, and potentially recruit him as your companion.
Stella - Herm - Anthro Dalmation - (Red Light District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Stella
red light district , Hunt eager
Sven - Male|Female - Anthro Snow Lepoard - (Sven's Place) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Sven
Hidden Kitty (Red Light) give him water a few times till you have to save him
Tehuantl - Male|Female - Jaguar Warrior - (Museum) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Tehuantl
Museum, fight the Jaguar warrior until the head-dress falls off. put the headdress on, fight the warrior again until you fuck him, adding Tehuantl to your collection.
Urik - Male - Orc Warrior - (Orc Lair) - No Wiki Entry
You can get Urik by becoming an orc warrior and joining in the hunting activities in the Orc Lair. By winning a series of hunting events and bringing back the best slaves, you get Urik as a prize.
Vanessa - Female - Centaur Mare - (Dry Planes) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Vanessa
Dry Plain's Paratrooper event.
Yolanda - Female - Raven - (Red Apartment) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Yolanda
Red Apartment Building, just go inside and fuck.
Xerxes Male or Helen Female - Human Dog - (Warehouse District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Mike
Dog Walking (Warehouse) - help Mike & Lea escape in the 3rd repeat, then bring Mike a medkit for Lea

Ares - Male - Human Dog - (Mike's Home) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Ares (Ares is with you only temporarily)
After helping Mike out (see Xerxes/Helen above), step into the Kennel to gain the option of taking Ares for a walk as a temporary pet.
Aurora - Female - Frost Giantess - (The Capitol Building) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Frost_Giantess
At The Capitol Building, hunt the Giant's Frozen Yogurt event, then succeed at a strength check to make a means for the giantess to cross the lava moat. Check is helped by various tools and auto-succeeds if the player has the medium sledge (and is human-sized or larger).
Brutus - Male|Herm|Cuntboy - Demon Brute - (Mall Sewers) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Brutus - Variations: Demonic|Cleansed
To tame Brutus, you must fight Demon Brutes until you knock out a tooth and collect 3 demon seed. Give the tooth to Nermine in the Mall to hear her offer, and then again to start the taming ritual. Complete it and gain an enslaved demon. Afterwards you are able to cleanse him of evil and open up the Brutus/David storyline by going into the confessional at the Beach Plaza's Chapel and trading 10 bottles of clean water for holy water.
Candy (Mindless Pet) - Male - Pink Raccoon - (Hospital Questline) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Pink_Raccoon
During the Hospital Questline, let Doctor Mouse inject him to gain a brainless pet, or refuse to inject him to bring him into the Bunker as the NPC Candy (see above).
Cat - N/A - House Cat - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/House_Cat_Pet
The House Cat is found in Outside Exploration. To gain this pet, hunt for the Lost House Cat event with milk in your inventory, and feed it.
Cute Crab - N/A - Cute Crab - (Beach Plaza) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Cute_Crab
The Cute Crab is found in the Beach Plaza. To gain this pet, hunt for the Lost Crab event with food in your inventory, and feed it.
Denise - Female - Gryphoness - (Outside Exploration, Beach Plaza) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Gryphoness
To gain this pet, first hunt the Lonely Gryphoness event in Outside Exploration and follow the sound of singing to meet her, then pass the Charisma check if necessary. Next hunt the Gryphoness Nest event in the Beach Blaza and rescue her from hostile creatures. Finally hunt the Gryphoness Nest event in the Beach Plaza, then pass a Charisma check and sex her up.
Exotic Bird - N/A - Exotic Bird - (City Zoo) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Exotic_Bird
The Exotic Bird is found in the City Zoo. To gain this pet, hunt for the Scared Bird event and pass a charisma check to calm it.
Felinoid Companion - Male - Felinoid - (Park) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Felinoid_Companion
The taming of the Felinoid companion is a multi-step process which is only opened up if you successfully free the trapped Felinoid during the first part (Strange Fruit) of the Rare Item Quest for Nermine. After that, you must still tame the beast.
You may encounter the freed Felinoid again during the 'Injured Felinoid' event in the Park, where it will either require the Expert Medic feat or the complete use of a medkit to help heal its injuries.
Encountering the 'Injured Felinoid' event again will have the creature try to fight you to prove its dominance. Successfully defeating it will tame the creature, allowing you to take it as a companion.

Fox - N/A - Fox - (Park) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Little_Fox
The Little Fox is found in the Park. To gain this pet, hunt for the Abandoned Fox event with food in your inventory, then feed the fox kit.
Helper Dog - N/A - Dog - (City Hospital) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Helper_Dog
The Helper Dog is found in the City Hospital. To gain this pet, hunt for the Mournful Dog event with food in your inventory, then feed the helper dog and pass a charisma check. If you fail, each time you return to feed him raises your chances of success.
Honey - Female - Bee Girl - (Park) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Bee_Girl
To gain this pet, go to the Park and hunt the Smashed Hive event with a medkit or healing booster in your inventory, and heal the bee girl. She is an NPC that lives in the garden after saving her. She also will heavily influence the garden's appearance, which will affect future scenes.
Karen the Retriever Girl - Female - Anthro Retriever - (High Rise District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Retriever_Girl
First find ForcedAdoption in the high rise district. Use the bone toy 3 times, find ForcedAdoption again, fuck Rex a few times, talk to him, REJECT his collar. Talk to Karen, go to Bone-appitite (Find Francois in the Gourmet Treats event) Let rex have the treats, beat him in the fight and fuck him raw. Enjoy your new pet Karen.
Korvin - Male - German Shepard - (Outside Exploration) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/German_Shepherd_Companion
The taming of Korvin requires that the player defeat the special variant of the German Shepherd found in Outside Exploration. After dominating him enough times, the player is given the choice to recruit him as a pet or banish him permanently from the game. He is an NPC that will live in the rec-room after recruiting him. He will also bring into play a pool table and poker cards that will be expanded in a future update.
Note: Losing or submitting to the German Shepherd resets the counter tracking the player's victories.

Liliana - Herm - Black Equinoid - (Park) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Equinoid_Warrior
The equinoid warrior becomes a companion should you manage to join the Black Equinoid tribe. To begin this, successfully defeat several of the roaming equinoids.
Rachel - Herm - Mental Mouse - (Red Light District) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Mouse_Girl
To gain this pet, hunt the Quiet Apartment Building event in the Red Light District, entering the quiet apartment building has you ensnared by the Mental Mice to become Rachel's mate. When you sneak out after the orgy, she insists on joining you.
Ryousei - Male - Royal Tiger - (Park) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Royal_Tiger_companion
Gaining Ryousei as a companion is a multi-step process which starts by meeting him at the Shrine in the Park. He will only appear there once you reach level 11 or higher, at which point he'll introduce himself before leaving to wander the park as a random monster. Upon defeating him for the fifth time, he'll offer to accompany the player on his adventures for a while.
Rubber Tigress - Neuter - Rubber Tigress - (State Fair) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Rubber_Tigress_Pet
To gain this pet, hunt the Poor Kitty event at the State Fair, then choose to give her the cup. Doing this a second time tames her.
Skunk Kit - N/A - Skunk - (Urban Forest) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Skunk_Kit
To gain this pet, hunt the Lost Skunk Kit event in the Urban Forest with some Skunk Goo or a skunk infection to calm the skunk kit by smelling like a skunk.
Strange Doll - N/A - Doll - (Mall, Mysterious Shop) - wiki.flexiblesurvival.com/w/Strange_Doll
Pulling the strange doll out of Nermine's Bargain Bin is a random chance. When this occurs, you have the option of taking it (gaining it as a pet) or putting it back (for a refund).

Video Tapes:
The Video Camera - To begin, hunt for the Lost Camera event in Outside.
Carter's Tape - Female/Minotaur - (Outside) - Event: Lost Camera
This is the first tape you get, finding it when you gain the video camera.
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Re: Full List of Bunker NPCs & Pets

Postby barian » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:50 am

I don't think this list is currently missing anyone as of October 2017. If anyone has anything to add please post and I'll add it.
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Re: Full List of Bunker NPCs & Pets

Postby luneth » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:48 am

I have checked on this repeatedly and yes you were right about Chris. If you were full orc during the encounter checking Vals pregnancy status near the end reveals you to be the father, with a comment about how virile you were that you knocked him up. :o :lol: 8-)
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Re: Full List of Bunker NPCs & Pets

Postby barian » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:43 am

luneth wrote:I have checked on this repeatedly and yes you were right about Chris. If you were full orc during the encounter checking Vals pregnancy status near the end reveals you to be the father, with a comment about how virile you were that you knocked him up. :o :lol: 8-)

Thanks, I updated the entry. :)
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Re: Full List of Bunker NPCs & Pets

Postby barian » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:19 am

I think everything is currently up to date. 24/02/2018

If anyone knows anything that is missing please tell me :)
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Re: Full List of Bunker NPCs & Pets & Video Tapes

Postby barian » Wed May 23, 2018 2:37 pm

I don't think there are any new bunker NPCs.

I've started tracking the Video Tapes in the list.

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