questions about the game i played

questions about the game i played

Postby ssm0use » Mon May 23, 2016 7:26 am

Guys & Gals,

Was hoping someone very familiar with the FS Single Player Game would take a look at my recent game ending and let me know if the behavior I experience should be happening.

Just two questions regarding Perk: Bouncy Bouncy and Breeding True:
If you look at the end game you'll note that the character's cup size is only A cup. The size decreased after each time I did "lesson solstice". Also, all the children are pure blood dragons. However, only 2 of the pregnancies originated from Orthas. The rest were random encounters. I had the character set with +Fertile & high heat.

All in All a terrific play through. Just thought those 2 behaviors were a little odd.
Would love it if I could play in the browser and have the graphics show. It seems to run much faster in the browser, but graphics on or off doesn't produce images so I think it's more fun to use downloaded copies.

Thanks for all your hard (no pun intended) work.

My ending text and saveword (very bottom) included below. I played the game using a downloaded copy (very recent source downloaded on Friday) with the Zoom interpreter.

Game Over!
In Scenario: Caught Outside, You have achieved a score of 2426.
You've achieve the rank of: Baude Warrior!
Your performance was so excellent, we'll give you a little... help, for your next run through. Type "I am a pro" to gain 200 XP. It only works once per character.

Strength: 16, Dexterity: 20, Stamina: 17, Charisma: 15, Perception: 22, Intelligence: 16.
Humanity: 96/100, Morale: 37, HP: 131/131 Libido: 73/100, Hunger: 6/100, Thirst: 12/100.
Level: 20, XP: 205/210, Feats: Always A Pussy, Survivalist, Curious, Spartan Diet, Bouncy Bouncy, Unerring Hunter, Lil Better, Booster Feats, Martial Artist, Breeding True, Black Belt, Natural Armaments, Know Thyself, Like Attracts Like, Microwaved, Submissive, Strong Back, Dragon Tattoo, Strong Psyche, Magpie Eyes, Fertile, Litter Bearer, Roughing It and Rapid Healing

Looking over yourself, your body is covered in black feathered and silver furred skin. Your face is that of a crow. You have a black beak and sharp eyes, but a pair of vulpine ears as well. A somewhat extraordinary red baseball cap rests atop your head. Around your neck is a fuzzy silk collar, made with silky-smooth material and feeling nice to the touch. All you can think about is how wonderful it feels. Your body is an unusual amalgamation of corvid and vulpine. Your upper body is predominantly avian, with large wings at your back, taloned hands like a bird. Meanwhile, your lower body is more vulpine, with fox-like legs and footpaws. A great contraption rests across your back, with many valves and pipes. It looks more like a steampunk jetpack than anything else. Still, it has the Zephyr logo displayed boldly. You hold an aluminium garbage can lid in your off hand as an improvised shield. A simple shirt with no sleeves and a baggy pair of shorts are currently your outfit of choice You are carrying a/an spear just in case of trouble. You have a fluffy fox tail attached to your rear. It is silver-furred with ebon feathers forming its darker tip.
A private peek shows that you have a sizable 10-inch-long black shaft. It is erect and leaking precum. Underneath it hangs a set of lemon-sized gonads. Also, your cunt looks average, and further probing shows it to be 6 inches deep and able to stretch to 4 around. It is hot and dripping juices.
You have 6 breasts on your hybrid chest. The first pair looks dainty A cup and curves out 1 inch from your chest. The second pair curves out 0 inches from your chest. The rest jostle for space 0 inches from your belly.
You also feel an intense need to be on the receiving end of a good, hard fuck because of your presently heated state.
Trailing behind you come your children.
One is a pure blood Dragon.
One is a pure blood Dragon.
One is a pure blood Dragon.
One is a pure blood Dragon.
One is a pure blood Dragon.
They all are as alert and human as you are, taking after you eagerly. Despite their age, they are already grown to young adults, both physically and in apparent emotional and mental development.
Accompanying you, you have a level 20 gshep.

You emerge from your harrowing experience with your mind intact, with your Vulpogryph form and Vulpogryph face.
Your unnatural black feathered and silver furred flesh makes you stand out in a crowd. You find it difficult to keep friends outside of other infected, even after you're declared safe for contact.

After you freed her from the doorway where you found her, Christy was eventually found by the military. They examined her until they discovered that she was no longer infectious, then they left her alone. Christy struggled for months to control the extreme lust that the infection gave her, but in the end she decided to embrace her new, slutty nature and she became a very famous porn star. You visit the dragoness from time to time and enjoy the company of her and her lustful co-stars.

Once rescue comes, taking everyone with a sane mind out of the city, Orthas comes with you. True to her word, she stays a part of your life, visiting often to check up on you and her eggs when her duties permit. You spend a lot of time together, and many eggs are laid, both into you and elsewhere, the dragoness quite proud of her expanding clutch. During this time, Orthas also learns that she can have a more conventional pregnancy if she holds the eggs inside of herself long enough, and finds that they grow significantly larger if she does so. She proves to be a fine parent and certainly makes up for her absences with considerable 'enthusiasm'.

As the soldiers are moving into the city to rescue those they can, Solstice comes up and tells you that she'll need to split for a bit and meet up with you later. As an "adventurer", she explains, some people in authority may not take to kindly to her track record with certain international governments or legal technicalities. She flashes you the contents of her backpack, filled with so many shinies that your half-corvid heart flutters with excitement. With that, she gives you a loving kiss and a grope, promising to get in touch with you once you're released.
After you're cleared by the military and given a treatment that you can already feel fading against your magically-enhanced infection, you set yourself up in a temporary household, knowing that your mate will be coming once the heat's died down. And true enough, she ends up at your doorstep a few weeks later. After some lustful lovemaking to celebrate your happy reunion, you start making plans and move into Solstice's lovely home. While not quite a mansion, it's certainly quite luxurious and has plenty of space for her new mate to move in, as well as any guests you may wish to have over to enjoy your company.
You start accompanying Solstice on her expeditions, making them much more successful with someone to watch her back. It doesn't hurt as well that the protection of archaeological sites and museums are rather low on most authority's lists in the new, chaotic world. Your home is soon filled with lovely antiquities and you are quite rich from the funds you gain from private sales to interested collectors. You always have loads of fun on these expeditions and always celebrate the wonderful sex when you get home. Soon, there's a healthy nest of vulpogryph pups running through the halls.

When the military evacuates the city, Nadia decides to stick with you, unwilling to part with such a fine mate.
Nadia's vocal talents draws much interest amongst lovers of the classical scene. While her tendency to be constantly pregnant limits the scope of her public performances, many drop by for a private one, or even just to hear her sing lullabies to her chicks.
Although Nadia's often willing to sing to calm others, she reserves the soft, arousing tones of her mating song only for you. Her body gradually adapts itself more fully to motherhood, growing more beautiful with each egg laid, and this only pleases the crowds more, paying great sums to have the exquisite bird sing for them. Yet at the height of her fame, Nadia chooses to quit the scene and settle down with you more firmly and concentrate on growing her brood. Her loss is keenly felt by the community of classical singers, but in the end they agree it's her decision to do so.

After your rescue, you manage to convince the distracted military that the little fox isn't a threat, and he comes with you out into your new life. Being a mostly wild creature, he doesn't really fit in anywhere that you take him however, and so eventually you decide to find a wilderness preservation to release him into, where you hear there are several other foxes for the little fellow to play with. Several years later though, you are surprised to find someone has left another little baby fox at your door while you slept, a roughly scrawled note just says "thanks mom," with a little paw mark in the corner.

After your rescue, you are able to convince the distracted military that the helper dog isn't a threat. He certainly seems quite normal to them and is an intelligent and helpful animal. Once you arrive at the safety of the military compound and disembark with the others extracted with you, you spot Hobo in the distance. He looks back at you once and, as if satisfied you are now safe, turns and continues on, perhaps to find another poor soul in need of his help.

I hope you enjoyed playing that as much as we enjoyed coding/writing it! It doesn't have to end here though! Come join other mutants and play in the Flexible Survival universe with us!
Once you have a character, click 'direct control', and we'll be there, waiting to give a hand!
Already have a MUD/MUCK/MUSH client? We're at port 2222

*** You waited for rescue. ***

In that game you scored 2426 out of a possible 2500, in 1612 turns.

Would you like to RESTART, RESTORE a saved game, QUIT or UNDO the last command?

You can hear Trixie's voice in your mind, whispering the reality spell for the world as it is...
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Re: questions about the game i played

Postby ssm0use » Mon May 23, 2016 4:38 pm

gonna repost this in Typos and Errors even though that may not be the case here.

- mouse
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Re: questions about the game i played

Postby Shoggoth on the Roof » Wed May 25, 2016 6:44 pm

Bouncy Bouncy will stop you from losing any extra breasts you gain (if you gain an infection type with fewer/no breasts), but it won't stop you from having your breasts shrink as the result of an infection. You need One Way for that.
A big monster like that on such a pointed roof... You may ask 'how does it stay up there, if it's so difficult?'

That, I can tell you in one word: tentacles!
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Re: questions about the game i played

Postby ssm0use » Thu May 26, 2016 5:18 am

Thank You
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