Traps suggestions

Traps suggestions

Postby darkheros » Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:10 pm

Well, I already saw the topic "Suggestions Wanted " created by Blue Bishop so I hope to help too with this specific thread!
I saw there aren't many "trap" when I explore, I think is a little strange in this "flexible" world. Is possible to create those things in the game? Like "unlucky" repeatable special events?

1)Trap name
2)Where the trap location( like the Urban forest, Grey Abbey library, a "special location", Outside, etc...)
3)This trap change the player?
4)difficult/level of the player/when the trap is activated in the game
5)You need to Struggle, "like Bloat/Sierrasaur sub-system"
6) A little description

Trap example:

Name: Hole in the wall
Where: Outside or explore/scavange event/anywhere
Change the player: Yes, depends on the beasts
Difficult:This trap come out after the player is level 3-7. Very Easy to escape, more difficult to escape after level 7.
Struggle: Yes(is a hole...)
Little description: You saw throught a hole in wall some food. If the player tries to get the food , the trap is activated(dex check) or the player can ignore the food/trap.
If the player is trapped and can't struggle, the "creator of the trap" return and rape the player. The player can struggle during the rape, but is more difficult.

I hope this thread can help! Now describe your "sexy" trap and enjoy
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