fixing a save

fixing a save

Postby ironroar » Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:11 pm

ok so in a nutshell when alexandra reset in one of the last patches i tried to get her back with the next one, but something got f'ed up, anyway if anyone knows how to edit a save to make corrupt alexandra pure with unlocked police station i could use the help, this is actually a repost on account of something went wrong with the origional anyway heres the save,

heres part 1 :

* //30DE802D-8D13-4E0D-9D84-BF7AA850224D// txsave

part 2:

* //30DE802D-8D13-4E0D-9D84-BF7AA850224D// txsave2

part 3 :

* //30DE802D-8D13-4E0D-9D84-BF7AA850224D// txsave3
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Re: fixing a save

Postby TigerStripes » Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:40 am

ironroar wrote:part 2:

* //30DE802D-8D13-4E0D-9D84-BF7AA850224D// txsave2

I checked your saveword and the appropriate value does seem to be in the correct position. I did add in a null value for Elijah's interactions, as that seemed to be missing. Otherwise, it seems like you've got it set such that you'll just have started with Good Alexandra. If it doesn't work, let me know. Also, make sure you always load from a fresh game when using your saveword.
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