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Postby etienne » Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:23 am

The gender of my player character is: male
Feats my character often/always has: Submissive, Kinky, Horny Bastard
Does the character usually use Automatic Survival? Yes. (I originally wrote this in a rush and thought AS was something other than what it was.

I prefer creature gender to be: male
When winning a fight, I like as its aftermath: Receiving anal, or being "tricked" into anal play (similar to the Incubus scene where you take his mouth but he plays with your ass).
When losing a fight, I like as its aftermath: Anal, heavy Dom/sub tones, wrestling, NC
The following creatures I like the most (why?): Wrestling Wolf, dominant, muscular, cocky; Spartan, dom, muscular, masculine; Hypno Geeks, mind control
The following creatures I dislike the most (why?): The latex fox and wolf, but they're usually submissive so that may be why.
This creature or infection could use an update (multiple possible, say what you think needs work): Orc Warrior could use more variety, as they're very muscular but there's little muscle worship play. The loss scene with Mul also cuts out the training which itself doesn't seem to have much effect on any play mechanics. That said, these do have a high word count, so it may be low priority, idk.
I'd love to see as new creature: A correctional facility officer or warden enemy. More mind control elements.

I always/often bring home/visit these NPCs: Onyx, Elijah (for the extra content, not for Elijah himself), Skarnoth, Chris (usually corrupted to Orc Warrior)
Threesomes and/or extra scenes between these bunker/library npcs would be awesome: Onyx + Chris (dom stallion / orc breeder; subboi / orc warrior), Onyx + Chris + Player (dom stallion / Orc Warrior sharing the PC); Skarnoth + David or Brutus
The following NPCs I like the most (why?): Krampus and Chase, because they have a lot of variety and are domiant.
The following NPCs I dislike the most (why?): Diego, because he's a lot of work with little pay off for someone wanting m/m and D/s content.
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