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Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

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...I couldn't find a B-based synonym for school, AUGH!

--Er, I mean, GREETINGS, my twisted termites, my wanton wordsmiths, my... baudy bookworms (Curses, I should've used book!)! I see a lot have developed an interest in writing for Flexible Survival, but it's clear that many of you are ill-educated in the ways of perverted prose! For that reason, I have begun building a series of tutorials explaining how best to present your tainted text! Let's begin, shall we?

Chapter 1: Player Loss

Player loss, the content wherein the player loses to a monster and their sordid fate is described in shamelessly exacting detail. While this isn't the first thing the player or the writer encounters, it's what you'll find most players will pursue. There's also a lot to talk about regarding it, so that's where we're going to start.

Subchapter 1-1: Basic Sex Trees

The "Sex Tree" is the protocol that determines what scene the player experiences in a given encounter. In most cases the tree isn't particularly big and often merged with the "Sex Pool" unless the monster has a very large selection of scenes and they need to be separated.

Let's start by talking about the baseline expectation for an encounter in terms of scene number:
  • Males: ~3
  • Females: ~2
  • Herms: ~3-4

This is, of course, not all the scenes an encounter can contain, but we'll go into more gimmicky content further down the line.

The standard sex tree for Males is as followed:
Code: Select all
to say malemonsterplayerloss:
   if anallevel is not 1 and (cunts of player is 0 or anallevel is 3) and (a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds or (anallevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Anal player catching scene.";
   otherwise if cunts of player > 0 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
      say "Cunt player catching scene.";
      say "Oral Player Giving scene.";

For Females:
Code: Select all
to say femalemonsterplayerloss:
   if cocks of player > 0 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
      say "Cunt player pitching scene.";
      say "Oral Player Giving scene.";

For Herms (Herms are a little more complicated, this assumes a versatile herm with the maximum of basic scenes, dominant herms that will not cunt catch are basically identical to males):
Code: Select all
to say hermmonsterplayerloss:
   if anallevel is not 1 and (cunts of player is 0 or anallevel is 3) and (a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds or (anallevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Anal player catching scene.";
   otherwise if cunts of player > 0 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
      say "Cunt player catching scene.";
   otherwise if cocks of player > 0 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
      say "Cunt player pitching scene.";
      say "Oral Player Giving scene.";

Now then, let's break this down and explain why this tree is the way it is:

  1. Anal Tier: This tier entails any anal content for the encounter, and applies to both males and females on the receiving end. anallevel determines whether or not the player wants this content.
    One means no anal content, so it must not be 1 for the scene to fire off. 2 is normal, meaning males are fine with it but don't go crazy. 3 is more, and if a female has more anal active, it's a clear telegraphing that they want the content as well, so the scene makes sure players have no cunt unless anallevel is explicitly at more.
    This also, of course, also applies to monsters who are keen on "Power bottoming", and such a check would be thus:
    Code: Select all
    if anallevel is not 1 and cocks of player > 0 and (a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds or (anallevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):

    This could also be considered a gimmick scene, but we'll get into gimmick scenes later.
  2. Vaginal Tier: This tier entails any cunt content for the encounter, and applies to females catching, or males pitching, or herms in either position.
    For herms, determining if your monster is keen to do it is something you must consider. More dominant herms may not be inclined, while more reproductive ones will be more willing to consider it. Herms -- as versatile as their assets are -- are somewhat "Hetero-sapphic" in their popular useage, meaning they will only interact in a "Straight" way (they will not penetrate males) or in a lesbian way (Herms are generally a way to introduce male genitalia into a scene without any actual males, but this line of discussion is wholly irrelevant so I'll leave it at that).
    There's also some matter of whether the player/monster will fit, but I'll get to that in a bit.
  3. Oral Tier: This tier entails the monster receiving oral sex from the player. It is at the bottom because it's guaranteed, no matter what the player is, that they can have this scene without any conflicts. It's about as basic as sex can get.
    In regards to herm monsters, you'll probably want to default to cock oral, since it's the most "Apparent" organ when visualizing the scene. Nobody's saying you can't have both, of course, if you're willing to do the extra work.

While this is a key template to start from, it's not set in stone, you'll just want a good reason for doing something different. When considering a different scene, ask what purpose the scene your replacing fills. For example, the oral scene is a basic scene that can be experienced by any player configuration, so as long as it adheres to that purpose you'll be fine. However, your scene may simply be too peculiar to replace with these basic segments, which leads to the next matter of expansion...

Subchapter 1-2: Gimmick-expanded Sex Trees

Perhaps you're keen on fetishistic content that you want to apply on top of a monster. Hard or soft, it's considered a "Gimmick" scene -- something unique that the monster provides from other ones. The basic gist of this matter is that you want to apply it "on top" of your existing encounters, gimmickies first.

There's two "Tiers" of gimmick scenes, we'll call them hard and soft. Hard scenes are extremely contextual and require some very key attributes, and it's mostly reserved for "Touched by Madness", but any quest-based scene or more complicated works usually fits here as well. Soft scenes can vary wildly, from the "Hardest" (Vore/UB/WS) to the "Softest" (Rimming/Spanking).

But how does this apply to the sex tree? Here's an example:
Code: Select all
to say malemonsterplayerloss:
   if "Touched By Madness" is listed in feats of player and (a random chance of 1 in 5 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds)):
      say "Touched by Madness Scene.";
   otherwise if vorelevel is not 1 and (a random chance of 1 in 4 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds) or (vorelevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Vore Particular scene.";
   otherwise if anallevel is not 1 and (cunts of player is 0 or anallevel is 3) and (a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds or (anallevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Anal player catching scene.";
   otherwise if cunts of player > 0 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
      say "Cunt player catching scene.";
      say "Oral Player Giving scene.";

As you can see, the tree has bloated up a bit with a few lines of new if statements. The top one--the most gimmicky--is a TBM scene while below that is a standard vore scene. Consider variables that dictate the accessibility of content when writing these if statements (like vorelevel and unbirthlevel).

But why on top? Well, this is mostly so that certain attributes can more easily augment the chances of an encounter. You'll notice that the Kinky feat allows a second roll for the content to happen. Here's what happens if you put that same vore scene at the bottom:

Code: Select all
to say malemonsterplayerloss:
   if "Touched By Madness" is listed in feats of player and (a random chance of 1 in 5 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds)):
      say "Touched by Madness Scene.";
   otherwise if vorelevel is not 1 and (a random chance of 1 in 4 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds) or (vorelevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Vore Particular scene.";
   otherwise if anallevel is not 1 and (cunts of player is 0 or anallevel is 3) and (((a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds and vorelevel is 1) or a random chance of 1 in 5 succeeds) or (anallevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Anal player catching scene.";
   otherwise if cunts of player > 0 and ((vorelevel is 1 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds) or a random chance of 1 in 4 succeeds):
      say "Cunt player catching scene.";
   otherwise vorelevel is 1 or (a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds):
      say "Oral Player Giving scene.";
      say "Vore Particular scene.";

Now the encounter is a lot more confusing and bloated, as I now have to reduce the roll chance for every other encounter if vorelevel is not a 1. Worse yet, vorelevel 3 or Kinky can no longer augment your chances (Not without making the tree completely insane). This is why you want your gimmicks on top.

But wait, there's more!

Subchapter 1-3: Advanced Sex Trees

First off, you'll notice -- beyond a few things like anal and vore level -- that none of these encounters have any sort of size requirement. This is actually kinda silly when you think about it, especially when you consider how massive the monster or the player can get, in both assets and sheer size. Let's break it down, shall we?
  1. Gimmick Tier: Requirements are highly contextual here. For example, with vore, you probably want players to have a scale of 3 or lower for the scene to fire off. TBM usually requires some ancillary feat to figure out that you want the weird scene, like Mpreg.
  2. Anal Tier: Since there's no "Anal size" here, scalevalue is used instead. In most cases, this only comes into play if the monster is very well endowed. Note that if the player is twistcapped, then they can get away with more extreme penetration. In terms of player penetrating the monster, simply consider the limits of what someone could take with a certain cock size (Cock length is a value, in inches, so it's easy to determine), you can "Stretch" the limits of what someone can reasonable take, but it's ideal not to completely break the rules here.
  3. Vaginal Tier: There's a bit of over-complication right now with cunt value, since you have cunt width and cunt length. For simplicity's sake, just ignore cunt width and use cunt length as the meter for limitations. Otherwise, the same applies as above.
  4. Oral Tier: No limitations! Isn't it great? Even an extremely well-endowed creature can be attended to in this manner.

Now then, I'll give you a male monster example of how this plays out:

Code: Select all
to say malemonsterplayerloss:
   if "Touched By Madness" is listed in feats of player and "Mpreg" is listed in feats of player and (a random chance of 1 in 5 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds)):
      say "Touched by Madness Scene involving mpreg.";
   otherwise if vorelevel is not 1 and scalevalue of player < 4 (a random chance of 1 in 4 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds) or (vorelevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Vore Particular scene.";
   otherwise if anallevel is not 1 and (cunts of player is 0 or anallevel is 3) and (scalevalue of player > 3 or player is twistcapped) and (a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds or (anallevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "Anal player catching scene with a really well endowed monster.";
   otherwise if cunts of player > 0 and cunt length of player > 13 a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
      say "Cunt player catching scene with a really well endowed monster.";
      say "Oral Player Giving scene.";

Whew, this tree is getting some pretty big if statements! Thankfully, that's about as big as they'll ever get, any bigger and you're probably doing something weird.

--One last thing, however! If you have a really big selection of scenes to choose from, it's probably best to pull the sex pool from the tree so you can see things easier, here's how that works:

Code: Select all
to say malemonsterplayerloss:
   if "Touched By Madness" is listed in feats of player and "Mpreg" is listed in feats of player and (a random chance of 1 in 5 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds)):
      say "[tbmscene]";
   otherwise if vorelevel is not 1 and scalevalue of player < 4 (a random chance of 1 in 4 succeeds or ("Kinky" is listed in feats of player and a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds) or (vorelevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "[vorescene]";
   otherwise if anallevel is not 1 and (cunts of player is 0 or anallevel is 3) and (scalevalue of player > 3 or player is twistcapped) and (a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds or (anallevel is 3 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds)):
      say "[analscene]";
   otherwise if cunts of player > 0 and cunt length of player > 13 a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
      say "[cuntscene]";
      say "[oralscene]";

to say tbmscene:
   say "Touched by madness scene.";

to say vorescene:
   say "Vore Scene.";

to say analscene:
   say "Anal scene.";

to say cuntscene:
   say "Cunt scene.";

to say oralscene:
   say "Oral Scene.";

As you can see, this bloats up your encounter vertically, but it also makes referencing content much easier. If you end up with a very big tree, it'll no doubt become a pain to wade through it and find what you're looking for, and this helps alleviate that. Just be sure that the "To say" routine calls upon a name that's very specific or you'll create conflicts([catcunt] may already be used, and if not, someone might try using it in the future).

But all we've talked about is trees, man. Well, then, let's get wet, shall we?

Subchapter 2-1: Sex Pools Introduction

I shouldn't really need to explain to you on how to write sex, you massive pervert! I bet you're already brimming with ideas so lewd your family'd probably disown you for them if uncle Steve wasn't clearly masturbating to it on the other side of the table (Still a better thanksgiving than usual, at least). That being said, there are a lot of rules to abide by and tools to use when doing this, so let's get elbow deep into this jizz-stained turkey.

Subchapter 2-2: Setting and Content rules

I'm not going to explain FS's story to you in detail, you could dig for that yourself. Suffice it to say, unless you're doing something really out there, you should be okay, but here's the crash course:

Everything has gone to shit, what few unbroken condoms remain have grown to the size of skyscrapers and are making it very difficult to enter and leave buildings--...Oh, wait, sorry, I'm being told that such a thing hasn't been written... Yet. But in seriousness, there's a nanite plague and it's basically a facilitation of all bizarre and weird stuff happening. Something nonsensical in the world? A nanite did it.

There are some supernatural, cross-dimensional shenanigans going on in the periphery, but "proper" magic is certainly not in the fore of your experience, so you generally want to avoid it unless you do your research and talk to a senior writer about it. Additionally, nanites, while the vehicle, are never the fore of an encounter either. They're a means to an end, not a goal, and you simply use them to get what you want.

Otherwise, it's a straightforward, modern post-apocalyptic survival setting, so the restrictions are fairly loose.

As to what sexual content these scenes may entail, there are, perhaps, even less rules when it comes to what you can and cannot write. I don't recommend any underage content, as... Suffice it to say, it's not a thing you'll want to do.

Otherwise, you're free to be as depraved as your heart's desire! We can get away with this via "Fetish Levels", an adjustable knob that allows for the restriction of content for players who aren't into it. We'll get into that momentarily.

Subchapter 2-3: Basic Content Guidelines Breakdown

When writing player loss, it's important to understand that the player cannot generally interact with the scenes; the player loses, they get a block of text, end of encounter. This is somewhat counter-intuitive to an interactive medium, made more complicated by the fact that this is what the player wants (Dominant players want to be empowered with choice, but submissives do not). To alleviate the fact that the player cannot interact with the scene, you can compensate for this by having the scene interact with the player, and this is achieved by acknowledging their attributes in a way that feels satisfactory.

But enough of that, let's go into detail about each scene and things to be mindful of:

  • Introduction: This is the opening paragraph for an encounter, and is usually placed on top of the tree so it can be the lead-in for any scene, but you can also have a special introduction for each scene.
    When building an introduction, you need to only consider two things: Did the player submit, or did they lose (They could've thrown the fight, but you can generally lump that in with loss)? Identifying this difference is key for building a scene's context. For simplicity's sake, you may have the monster completely ignore either option, but you at least want to understand that the player does care. Generally, you can identify a player who submitted by having more than no HP, since a player who's lost has none or less. There's also a "Fightoutcome" variable, but this is easier to memorize.
    Here is a simple example of differentiating a scene for loss and submission:
    Code: Select all
    [if hp of player > 0]Choosing to surrender[otherwise]Too weak to fight[end if] the monster, it approaches and pins you to the ground.

    I call this a "Token Referential". It's extremely simple to do, and achieves your goal very easily. You'll want to be using token references by default, but on occasion you may want to invest more deeply in a certain aspect to give an encounter more character. You can certainly expand the scene to be a different paragraph or two, but most heavy references for this material are peppered in with throughout core scenes.
    Basically, a player who has lost will fight at every turn, against the monster's and their own, uncontrollably growing need, and when they comply they've succumbed to it. Submissive players, however, are more compliant and obliging towards their need, and will -- if not eagerly -- at least not give any trouble when forced to do something. Here's an example:
    Code: Select all
    [if hp of player > 0 or player is submissive]Bracing yourself for what is to follow, you moan[otherwise]Struggling to escape their hold, you cry[end if]] out as the creature penetrates you.

    Note that, when engaged in sex, players who are submissive may be compliant even if they lost the fight, so consider the "player is submissive" addition when creating these in-line if statements.

    And that's mostly it for this segment. You may be tempted to write a "As they consider their options..." line if this is an introduction that goes at the front of all scenes, but be weary of making this feel too artificial. It's a small point, but worth highlighting.

  • Vaginal Tier: We're starting with the cunt-particular scene, even though it goes below any anal scenes, because a lot from this category can be applied to that as well.

    First off, consider how many cunts the player has. 99% of the time you'll just make a token reference, such as:
    Code: Select all
    the monster penetrates[if cunts of player > 1] one of[end if] your cunt[sfn]

    This technique gets the point across that the player does indeed have multiple cunts, but the scene will only be about one, and from there you can simply refer to it as a one.

    It's also worth noting that this is the optimal time to brush up on your "plural commands" (Found here).

    There are cunt width and cunt length variables to enrich the detail of the penetration, but I generally recommend just using cunt length for this. You don't want to be bogged down in a lot of needless complexity trying to use both.

    During sex and player orgasm, it may be worthwhile to highlight the player's cock, if they have any, in place of cunt-particular orgasm. This rewards herms with a greater reference to their attributes, and it "Makes sense" since the cock-particular orgasm is more outwardly apparent than cunt. Here's an example:
    Code: Select all
    Brought to bliss, your [if cocks of player > 0]unattended dick[smn] fires off your [cum load size of player] load impotently into the open air[otherwise]stuffed pussy squeezes tightly against the invading flesh[end if].

    Finally, you need to consider the monster's "priorities". The baseline for all monsters is sex, and this is perfectly fine, as it allows you to explore how a monster uniquely interacts with the scene. I bring this up because your monster might have a reproductive focus. I generally don't advise this because it's hard to do anything "Interesting" with this; when every monster just wants to fuck you, then it becomes about their personality and quirks, but when they want to reproduce then it makes an otherwise delightfully absurd premise needlessly pragmatic.

    There are other problems with it, but that's all you need to know for now. However, if you're keen to it, you might want to consider locking females/herms into this so they don't get the oral scene, and that's done simply by removing the roll in the sex tree.

    Oh, also, don't forget [impregchance] at the end.

  • Anal Tier: Like I said, much of the practices from the Vaginal tier can be applied here -- in fact, if you're feeling particularly lazy, and you've written a good cunt-particular scene, don't be afraid to copypasta it and simply remove all cunt references with ass ones. Look, people want the scene to be good, not original -- the only people who might see both are anal-happy ladies anyways and they may simply just be happy to not be getting pregnant. Most of this will detail what different stats the encounter uses.

    You can only have one asshole, so don't worry about references to multiple. There is also no "Anal size" attribute, so instead scalevalue is used. For this, consider what would be "Reasonable" for a person of average (3) height to handle, and if it's unreasonable, for what size would it be?

    I should also bring up "Twisted Capacity" or "Twistcapped", since this is the only way to "increase" your "Anal size". Players who are twistcapped can be expected to handle sizes they normally cannot, and handle ones that would normally strain them with ease. I have provided an example. In this case, let's assume that the monster has a cock length of 12 inches. Now, let's be reasonable here, a normal person would be seriously strained by a foot-long dong, but a twistcapped player might be fine:
    Code: Select all
    [if scalevalue of player > 3 or player is twistcapped]body easily managing[otherwise]body quickly strained by[end if] the impressive intrusion

    As we can see, players simply larger than normal or with the twistcapped attribute are illustrated as having no issue, whereas players who lack either will have trouble.

    Player genital references are more imperative in this situation, but also be mindful that the monster could be riding a neuter, here's using the above example for player cunt, adapted for player anal:
    Code: Select all
    Brought to bliss, your [if cocks of player > 0]unattended dick[smn] fires off your [cum load size of player] load impotently into the open air[otherwise if cunts of player > 0]unattended puss[yfn] ache[sfv] against the open air[otherwise]genderless body writhes with an insatiable need[end if].

    Now, I'm familiar that some writers may not be keen on writhing M/M content, and if you're absolutely unwilling to add anal content, that's... Totally fine. There are some pitfalls to this that I'll talk about later, but -- simply put -- as long as male/neuters have the oral option, you'll be fine skipping it.

  • Oral Tier: Player sucks monster's dick/eats monster's cunt. Easiest scene for you to write since it can afford little to no player references.

    You still want to produce basic references ([bodytype of player], etc.) where you can, and -- ideally -- you should reference the player's genitals, but they cannot be essential for the scene to function. That's all there really is to be mindful of.

And that's all you really need to know when writing specific sex scenes. There's more below for fetishistic content, and there's also info broader design dos and don'ts, so I'd advise looking through that as well.

Subchapter 2-4: Fetishistic Content Guidelines Breakdown

This entails a wide array of all the weird stuff you might encounter. Note that this only encompasses "Charted Territory", if you're doing something that isn't in the game anywhere, a more specific discussion must be made.

Also, in pretty much all cases, the "Kinky" feat will increase the chances of these scenes from happening. Just to keep in mind.

  • Touched By Madness: While there's no narrative reasons in your way, I advise against writing any "TBM" scenes, as they adhere to a fairly strict ruleset. With a bit of work you could convince me to add one, so I'll give you a more in-depth breakdown.

    If you were to, say, have a vore scene, the difference between it just being a vore scene and being a "TBM" vore scene is marked by sheer, overwhelming excess. Players have to really go out of their way to get a TBM scene, so you reward them by dumping a LOT of complexity and volume. As the name implies, the content needs to be insane. I'll go more into scene size further down.

    There is often ancillary feats that the player requires for a TBM scene to happen. For example, all anal unbirth scenes require the player to have Mpreg. Because TBM can really be "Anything", there needs to be another check in place to ensure what the player actually wants, and this is that.

  • Bound States: Before we get any deeper, I should mention Bound States. Currently, much like TBM, only I do these scenes. The reasons for this is largely because how complex from a coding angle these scenes are; I have to hand craft a combat menu explicitly for the scene. Of course, the abstracted nature of these scenes means that I can skimp on actual text, and the complexity of these bound states (From the standpoint of how much time it takes for me to make) can range from very simple -- most vore ones -- to extremely mind boggling -- the orgy ones.

    A bound state template will eventually be produced, that players can look up. For now, however, just don't do it, bro.

  • Vore: Vore content is adjusted by vorelevel. 1 is no vore, 2 is standard vore, and 3 is more/full vore.

    We are currently at saturation level for vore, meaning that you cannot have vore accessible at level 2 unless it's very clear that's the monster's core gimmick. If a monster has vore content at level 2, level 3 will increase its chances of happening. If it's accessible at three, "Kinky" will instead increase the chances of it happening.

    Vore damages hunger and thirst, I recommend approximately 3 hunger and 5 thirst per loss. Too much and the player really suffers for it, but there needs to be a tangible illustration of the negative effects. This, of course, doesn't apply if the monster has a gimmick that interacts with the rule (such as the Sierrasaur, though that's a bound state, so it's not a perfect example).

    Player scale is also imperative to consider. The nanite plague can certainly handwave a creature of equal height to the player eating them, but the infection has to be pretty intense. I'm very much the person who wants a very good reason to casually break physical limitations. My rule of thumb is that monster with a scale of 5 can eat a player with a scale of 3 or lower.

  • Unbirth: the variable for unbirth is "UBlevel", the numbers are the same as vore.

    We're at saturation level with unbirth, so the things I mention in vore also apply.

    Unbirth does not normally damage hunger and thirst. Instead, it rolls for additional infection.

    Player scale considerations also apply.

  • Watersports: the variable for WS is "WSlevel". The numbers are the same.

    We're near saturation level for WS, so we can afford more content at the level of 2 unless it's particularly hard.

    There are no unique mechanics to consider for watersports, other than possibly infecting the player a second time.

    There might be some temptation to make WS fill the oral slot. This is ill-advised.

  • Anal: The softer of the fetishes we have on display, it is detected through "anallevel".

    Anallevel has quite a history to it. When I entered the scene, there apparently was some issue with introducing anal content into the game. Simply put, male players didn't like getting buggered by male monsters to get certain, male strains. Anallevel was conceived by Stripes and myself as a way to alleviate this issue, and has since been the template for every other fetish dial.

    Anallevel 1 asks for less anal. Sometimes, this is unavoidable, but should be used whenever possible.

    Anallevel 2 means it's acceptable for male players to receive anal content.

    Anallevel 3 is where things get interesting. Females can access anal content at this level, and it's the barrier for harder anal content (Such as rimming). Unlike with penetration, rimming has no concern for the catcher's scale, though pointing out a big size difference makes things fun.

    Anallevel 3 will also augment the chances for it to happen in a scene which only requires anallevel 2. Anal fetish scenes require "Kinky" to augment the chances.

Subchapter 2-5: Final Content Guidelines

This final subchapter details the rules that encompass all scenes. No exhaustive lists this time, since we're mostly talking about one thing here.

Before that, though, it's also worth raising a fairly straightforward matter of scene size. There's no hard restriction on how large a scene can be, but be mindful that dumping a lot of text on a player casually is considered wasteful. Ease them into it, make them earn a mountain of prose. Otherwise, just build them as big or small as you feel appropriately adheres to the Rule of... Hmm...

...Ah, Hm, OKAY. I get it, you probably glazed through this entire, mountainous wall of text the first time through, so I'm going to hit you with the one thing you must know when writing smut. And that is "The Rule of Sexy".

Games have a Rule of Fun -- that is, before you can hit the player with an interesting story or interesting characters or open the discussion on the metaphyiscal nature of whatever your game must, must be fun (Or, more broadly speaking, engaging). End of discussion.

By that same extension, every lewd craft you conjure from the tainted depths of your depraved mind must be enjoyable in some way. Don't worry about whether or not other people find it enjoyable so long as you do; if you build it, they will come(snrk).

I bring this up because if, at any time, you're writing something that you don't feel is "Sexy", then you're much more likely to be right than if it does. That won't stop everyone, but you've lost touch with why you're writing the content in the first place and those who do get something out of it are much in spite of your counter-intuitive efforts, not because of them.

When you're writing non-interactive smut, this isn't generally an issue but it quickly becomes one when you have to account for every possible choice the player might make. What I'm trying to say is that, if you're a straight guy writing an RPG with mutable genders for both the monster and the player, you can be sure as hell that you'll have to pump out the gay smut, else you're failing to meet the expectations of the system you set out to create.

This works both ways, of course. If you're a gay male, you should probably build the base of your game around the context of pure M/M sex, else be prepared to be neck deep in scissoring.

It's important to emphasize this because Flexible Survival is very much a game about freedom. So much so, that the game probably asks that the developers be more "Flexible" than the players. This, of course, doesn't extend to the matter of fetishistic content (Though, you'll have to abide the fact that it does indeed exist and players will consider that context), but it does extend to basic sex. What I'm trying to say is you're going to struggle if you're not at least slightly bisexual.

And that, obviously, not to say that pure straight/gay writers are not allowed to produce content for the game(I mean, fuck, if you seen half the weird shit I've written, I think we can abide a writer who simply doesn't like it up the butt), but it is a handicap you'll need to work around, and so I'll go into detail.

Now, monsters in FS are generally considered bisexual as a standard rule of thumb; they're sex-crazed horrors, find them a hole and they'll fill it. A monster or two is commissioned against this rule, but these are rare exceptions. This doesn't necessarily extend to NPCs, who are much more lucid and attached to their sexual identity. However, if an NPC seems too involved to create, consider a female/herm creature (for M/F keen players). A herm can conveniently skirt around any anal penetration while still also providing all the fun options.

However, regardless of your choice for how you design a monster, avoid, at all costs, from creating a "Snub" scene. A snub scene is any scene that refers to the player's gender (or possibly other attributes) in a negative context. I don't care if they concede to having sex with them anyways, this is the single most un-sexy thing you can possibly do, even if it's very mild. Here are some examples of how it might be seen:
Code: Select all
Sneering at your lack of a cunt

Code: Select all
Annoyed by the lack of a dick for her to ride

Code: Select all
"Hmpf, come back when you're a woman!"

Code: Select all
"Now be a good little slut and turn female for me next time we meet."

Code: Select all
"I generally don't go for males, but I guess I'll make an exception this one time."

As you can tell, in most cases, these are done by males snubbing other males, but it does sometime happens to females. I kid you not, this is the main reason I started writing for FS, as I had gotten sick of countless encounters where a monster slapped you down because you were male and telling you to come back when you were female but I'm gender-locked so even though you might have sex with me it never comes across your thick skull that I'm never going t--AUGH.

Deep breaths, deep breaths... That was a year or so ago, and I've stamped out most of these instances, with no intent of seeing them come back. Now... I can understand your desire to telegraph the direction where the players can experience the "proper" content, but this isn't the same as making an endboss's weakspot a glowing red sore. You're basically telling the player how they should be playing the game, and -- infuriatingly -- apparently that way is to not be gay.

I certainly know that people who write these things don't intend any malice, but it's pivotal you understand the meaning of your mechanics. And going back to the "Rule of Sexy", writing a snub scene wasn't particularly enjoyable for you, so how is it going to be enjoyable for the person on the receiving end on it?

This leads into a more broad point I want to make. Specifically, when interacting with the player through your scenes (Which is what you're really doing here), never scold them simply for the way they look or the assets they're carrying, always celebrate it. If your encounter was made with a specific player design in mind, don't point out what they're missing, simply celebrate what content they can experience, even if it's just one simple oral scene.

Flexible Survival, more than anything, is about inclusivity. We're the most depraved developers, the most widely welcoming wellspring of wildly wanton writing on the web. And we'd like to keep it that way!

Well... That's all for chapter one! In future chapters, we'll talk about things like NPC design, player victory and how it differs from loss, and writing all the fluff around the smut.

Monster Design
[Chapter 1] --- [Chapter 1: Stripes Input]
[Chapter 2]
[Chapter 3]
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

Postby Xenophiliac » Fri Aug 15, 2014 9:50 pm

Man ideas are weird.
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

Postby Blue Bishop » Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:04 pm

Xenophiliac wrote:

Well Boy howdy I sure have pie on my face now.
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

Postby Xenophiliac » Fri Aug 15, 2014 10:09 pm

Well Boy howdy I sure have pie on my face now.

Don't feel too bad, it took me a few redirects to find
Man ideas are weird.
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

Postby TigerStripes » Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:55 am

I'd say to go with 'Baccalaureate' as this is the beginnings of 'higher level education' on FS writing.

Thank you Blue Bishop for producing this. It is a good guide for helping new devs step beyond the basic starting point of the creature template to richer scene sets. While some of it is more advanced than I'd suggest they get working on at this point, it does show them a direction they can head towards even if they aren't ready to tackle some of it quite yet.

I'd just like to add some notes to the new folks out there to help clarify and expand on some of the material covered.

Chapter 1>
It is worth noting that this represents one of several general patterns for how creature scenes can be arranged. New creatures, especially by new devs, are by no means required to have this level of content, but it is desirable in the future to be able to expand them to reach such levels. There are other ways to spice up the content of a creature and to make them repeatedly interesting, but this one simply represents a basic, standard setup that works for the average critter. It will be influenced considerably by your creature's disposition to such things. As mentioned, creatures looking to be fucked will have a slightly different breakdown from those looking to be fucked, for example.

As well, anal scenes and the like aren't necessarily required for male/herm critters, but having it increases the diversity of the encounter and so having something else to replace it would be nice. Also, expect that someone out there will really want to see anal content with your critter if it's male/herm if you don't put it there. Similarly, the 'oral' position need not always be oral sex. It can be another other form of foreplay or non-gender-specific sex act, such as jerking off onto the player, dry humping, foot play and so on. This ensures there's always something in case the other scenes aren't randomly selected. It also provides something for neuter players, which are rare, but should have at least some fun available to them from time to time. This could also be some kind of no-sex option, but those are generally less desirable because they might not provide the fun players come to the game for. Having such a no-sex option be fun/quirky/amusing/exciting in some other manner will help make up for this.

To put BB's breakdown in more basic divisions:
Code: Select all
to say malemonsterplayerloss:
   if <special conditions for scene> and <random chance of selection>:      [first tier]
      say "Scene that plays out only if special requirements are met.  Anal sex (based on anallevel), vore (based on vorelevel), UB (based on ublevel), feat specific stuff (Submissive/Dominant/Twisted Capacity/...) and so on.  This may also include a gender requirement or restriction as well.  Generally, the stricter or more complex the requirements, the higher up it should be to allow it a chance to trigger.";
   otherwise if <player gender selection> and <random chance selection>:      [second tier]
      say "A scene specific to a particular gender requirement, be it for male/herms only, herms only or females/herms only.";
   otherwise:      [third tier]
      say "A more general scene, such as the player giving oral, that represents the catch-all when the requirements and random rolls for the above scenes don't succeed.";

There can be several iterations for any of these three tiers. For example, if your creature is eager to give oral as their victory, there could be two (or three) second-tier scenes to cover these variations. The third tier could then be used for the creature making the player give it oral for a change or for some other type of fun. Similarly, a creature could have a couple of third-tier level scenes, such as 'foot play' 'player gives oral' and 'jerk off onto the player'.

The odds for random selection can and should be adjusted, especially as more possible scenes are added, so take a moment to think of how likely any given scene you're making is to come up under given conditions. Those higher up need not be more likely than those below and (in the case of the more fetish-heavy) often shouldn't be. The more likely you make the higher up ones, the lower the odds become that everything below will ever be seen by the player.

Again, I want to emphasize that this sort of breakdown of scenes into tiers like this is just one way your loss scenes can be structured, but it is definitely one of the better ways when it comes to provide a general variety of scenes for players to encounter. Brand new creations, especially those from new devs, need not meet this level of variety right away, though improving your critter through later iterations to provide this sort of increase is what we're hoping to see. If you're making something new, having one or two scenes will do for now and you can come back later to add a few more later to spice them up and renew player interest in your creation. This way you don't burn out trying to do more scenes than you're ready to write in one go and you can tweak and improve it overall on your next update with fresh, new ideas. Blue Bishop's done a lot of work to expand the content for a lot of critters and there's plenty more to do, so try not to put more on that plate for him to someday fill in.

Subchapter 2-4>
There's several other fetishistic categories that can be made use of in the game. The first of these is another strong fetish while the rest are more generalized. These latter are special, as they tend more to be used to influence/modify the second tier scenes, but can also be used to make what can be considered either low-end first tier or high-end second tier scenes.

Oviposition as a loss scene is generally less applicable than most of the other fetishes discussed, as it is generally more driven through impregnation and egg-type birth than via sex scenes. When applied to a loss scene, we're generally talking about the victorious creature depositing its eggs into the player - an extreme and bizarre fetish. Such scenes should then end with the player expelling the eggs somewhere and (in the case of females/mpreg-males) potentially becoming pregnant if they don't get them all out. These kinds of scenes should be rare given their more extreme content. A setting will likely be made for them if enough content of this kind appears, but I don't believe one exists as of yet.

The first of these are the Dominant and Submissive feats a player might select. These are recorded among the player's feats, but a shorthand for checking on them has been created [if the player is submissive] and [if the player is dominant]. In this way, they can be inserted into a say statement to cause adjustments if the player is particularly dominant/submissive. But beyond that, they might open up whole new scenes and forms of sex play with the creature - even during player loss. The submissive feat is more geared towards player loss than dominant is, and therefore is much more obviously useful in it and requires a little less explanation on how it might be applied.
- If the player is submissive, their reactions to being beaten by the creature and being sexed up might be enough for the creature to act differently enough towards them that a new scene variation is made. Examples include the creature becoming more tender and sensual now that it has a willing partner, or it might become even more dominant as it enjoys the player's submissive responses. Some males who generally don't opt for anal might enjoy dominating a subby male player enough to fuck them (provided anallevel conditions are met). Generally speaking, this sort of thing is a 'reward' for having the Submissive feat and should be a little longer/more detailed than the standard equivalent.
- If the player is dominant, this can also sometimes play a role in the player loss, though much less frequently. Aside from emphasizing how the tables have turned on the player as they're put in the submissive position or tweak scenes where the player fucks the creature after losing, it might rarely open a different scene. If the creature is one that is looking to receive a fucking more than giving one, has a generally submissive disposition and/or fights to get the player too worked up to continue resisting their advances, a dominant player might react differently or more strongly than the standard player once they can no longer resist and their arousal overwhelms their tired will. As above, if these reactions are different enough, a special variation for this scenario could be made. For example, if an amorous female creature defeats a male (herm) player and he can no longer fight her off as he's too turned on and tired to maintain control, when she offers herself to get fucked, his dominant urges could take over and a dommy scene occurs that is somewhere between player loss and victory. Another idea might be to have the dominant player, aroused to the point of losing control, instead struggling to be the one on top when the sex breaks out. This could then result in a 'dominance fight' of wrestling and fucking to see who ends up on top. The player, having lost the fight, would probably come out the loser, but would at least get in a few good thrusts here and there.

Another, which Blue Bishop talked about more in its application with other fetish choices, is MPreg. MPreg is tied intimated to anal sex and is another of those options for increasing the odds of anal being selected. If the player's made it a point to select MPreg, they are clearly interested in anal sex. But it is not just limited to this and providing possible impregnation after the sex is done - it can be used to provide new scenes of its own. As with Submissive, the victorious creature might react differently if they're able to sniff out or otherwise sense the player's hidden male womb. Some males/herms, especially those keen on breeding, might mount an MPreg-capable male when they otherwise wouldn't do so. Such scene would generally emphasize this fact, playing up on the fact that they're going to breed the player, how virile they are and/or how the player is kinky/strange/slutty for having this ability. Crosschecking with anallevel/submissive/kinky can be used to influence how likely such a scene is to come up. There is a series of shorthands to check on mpreg for the player, the most general being [if the player is mpreg_ok] - checking to see if the player can generally become male-pregnant. The others are listed below with the other pregnancy information.

Similar to the above is impregnation/heat as a fetishistic influence to the scenes. A creature (generally male/herm) might react differently if they sense the player is fecund and ripe for impregnation. This might be done by checking if the player is in heat or more generally checking if the player is able to be bred right now. As with the above, this can be used to make small tweaks to a scene, but can also be used to open up new special variations. A herm enemy might choose to mount a player if they smell they are in heat even if they are generally motivated by getting fucked themselves. The victorious stud might pound the player longer/harder or emphasize how they're going to knock up a fecund player. A virile male might even fuck the player a second time if unsuccessful in their first attempt to breed their victim in heat. These scenes might place greater emphasis on breeding, the player's loss of self-control (if in heat) and/or the virility/enthusiasm of the creature fucking the player. Alternatively, a creature might 'go easy' on a player who's already pregnant, opting for some gentler form of loving - either out of kindness or as a means to tempt them into being their mate once their womb is ready to be bred again.
Here's a list of the checks for pregnancy-related statuses:
if player is impreg_now or if gestation of child > 0 | is the player is currently pregnant?
if player is impreg_ok | can the player become pregnant in general? (not sterile, has cunt/MPreg)
if player is impreg_able | can the player currently become pregnant? (impregnable and not currently pregnant/parasite)
if player is mpreg_now | is the player is currently male-pregnant?
if player is mpreg_ok | can the player become male-pregnant in general? (not sterile, has MPreg)
if player is mpreg_able | can the player currently become male-pregnant? (male-impregnable and not currently pregnant/parasite/Velos-blocked)
if gestation of child > 0 and gestation of child < 10 | advanced pregnancy
if gestation of child > 0 and gestation of child < 20 | pregnancy is showing
if gestation of child > 0 and gestation of child < 30 | early pregnancy (not showing, but faintly aware)
if gestation of child >= 30 | very early pregnant (no signs yet)

Subchapter 2-5>
There's a couple of ways you might deal with difficulty writing M/F or M/M content if it's not your cup of tea.
- The first is through some basic substitution to alter a vaginal/anal sex scene to create the other. While not ideal, changing between words like cunt/vagina/pussy/womb and ass/rectum/anus/bowels and tweaking some phrasing can allow you to make a suitable replacement for the scene type you're less interested in writing. Since the original was made to be sexy, much of this will carry over. This can also help reduce the workload when making content and provide a more consistent feel for the creature/NPC's sex scenes with how much they are (dis)similar affecting this.
- Find someone to do it for you. Partner yourself up with another of the devs, preferably a new one as the seniors have a lot to do these days, and have them do the parts you don't care to or have difficulty composing. You can then return the favour for them if they need help with the opposite or just to provide a few alternate scenes for something their making. As you can tell from the scope and diversity of the content already in the game, this is a project of cooperation and collaborative efforts. If you have ideas for someone else's active project and would like to make an additional loss/victory scene for them, pitch it to them and see what they say. You may know your own projects the best, but that doesn't mean you can't relax or broaden your ideas to accept the additions of others to them. In fact, to work on this game, you must accept that that can and most likely will eventually happen, maybe while you're still here or maybe once you've moved on.

While I feel less strongly than BB on the matter of snub scenes, his points are very valid and should definitely be taken into consideration. Another way these scenes fall short is how the creature fights the player with the same vehement zeal as always, but decides they don't want them the moment the fight's over because there's a dick/cunt involved or there is no dick/cunt involved. Generally, one would expect the creature to have an idea of the player's gender before that point. And so, if undesirable, why fight them at all? There are some means and explanations around this, but otherwise it'll ring false or just be frustrating. Some ways this might be better dealt with (possibly until you can add suitable material) is to shift the focus towards stuff like driving the player off, maintaining their territory, proving they're the stronger one, defending their claim to any males/females in the area, etc. Rather than saying the player's gender is unsuitable, providing a reaction they might have towards anyone of that gender can provide some logical ground for why the creature chose to fight the player rather than for sexing them up.
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

Postby Blue Bishop » Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:27 pm

Chapter 2: Monster Creation

While this is technically the first thing you do when creating an encounter, your investment in this segment is largely during conceptualization, and occupies the smallest part of your development. That being said, it's certainly a very important aspect to handle, so it's worth addressing.

I'm using "Monster Creation" as a broad catch-all for the other, non-sexual content surrounding your meaty centre. This Includes the encounter description, infection strains, stats, and endings. Nonessentials, such as item drops, will be addressed in a future chapter.

Subchapter 1-1: Encounter Description

This entails the first paragraph or two you receive whenever you start an encounter. Of all the really essential content for an encounter, this is perhaps the easiest.

At the meta-level, your player is some manner of twisted tourist, and requires the encounter description to identify how they regard the monster. If it's not what they're into, they'll see them as a combatant to deal with or avoid, otherwise they'll see it as something to readily succumb to.

For this reason your description needs to be concise and brief, no more one to two paragraphs. Thankfully, there's no alt text, no backend wizardry, no design shenanigans to draw your attention away from the scene, it's your monster boiled down to its purest, simplest form that the player can easily identify and get excited about.

Subchapter 1-2: Combat Description

While your encounter is the core of the establishing the encounter, the monster's combat stings -- those single-sentence descriptions of their attacks -- also play a fairly important role in establishing a monster. Perhaps your monster is playful and cunning? Or perhaps they rely on raw strength? What weapons would they have at this disposal?

You'll need to produce a [one of][or][at random] cycle of ~4 stings, and it generally doesn't need to be pulled out into its own to say routine. Avoid overly violent or gruesome stings (Unless that's the core gimmick of your monster), your monster is trying to subdue the player, not kill them.

Most players might miss this segment, but if you're willing to invest a little extra work here, it can add a certain richness to the encounter without bloating it up.

Subchapter 2-1: Lists

The game has a lot "Lists" to help categorize encounters and apply broad effects to them, the way these are written are usually thus:
Code: Select all
when play begins:
   add { "Monster" } to infections of X;

First off, let's list off the currently used Banning lists, replacing X with the entry.

  • Males: guy
  • females: girl
  • Herms: hermaphrodite
  • Silly/Goofy: humorous
  • Furry/Anthropomorphic: furry
  • Demonic: hellspawn
  • Feral/Bestial: feral

There is also a humanoid banning list, but it has yet to be worked on.

When you add a monster to one or more of these categories, they are removed at the start of the game when the player bans them. It's meant to tailor the game around what content a player wants. These lists are fairly straightforward, so let's get to the more interesting stuff:

  • Internal genitals: internallist
    This has the effect of hiding the player's balls. No matter how big your balls get, they never encumber you. On the flip side, you can't use the ball crush feat (Cock smack's fine, though).
  • Fire Breathing: firebreathlist
    If the player has the right feats, they can breath fire! ...I think, anyways, I never actually used this. I imagine it does this. . . Your monster can also breath fire, but that's for later.
  • Knotted Cock: knotlist
  • Blunt/equine cock: bluntlist
  • Barbed cock: barbedCocklist
  • Racial list: avianlist/avianpredlist/latexlist/vulpinelist/caninelist/equinelist/insectlist/felinelist/reptilelist/taurlist

As you can see, it's fairly exhaustive! Be sure that your monster is properly categorized when implementing them.

As an aside, I should note the distinction between avian and avianpred. Avianpred is only really used for quest reasons, but don't be afraid to categorize your monster as both if it feels appropriate.

Subchapter 2-2: Using Lists

With all these lists, you might think it'll be fun to reference them if the player is a part of one! How does one go about using them, however? It's fairly simple:
Code: Select all
You grind your [if cockname of player is listed in infections of internallist]crotch[otherwise]balls[end if] against the assailant.

, or
Code: Select all
You [if cockname of player is listed in infections of knotlist]tie yourself with[otherwise]hilt yourself in[end if] the creature's eager hole.

, also
Code: Select all
Your [if skinname of player is listed in infections of latexlist]latex skin absorbs[otherwise]skin tingles as it touches[end if] the plastic object.

This is a fairly advanced technique, but it allows for some subtle yet distinctive alt text. Consider it where you feel it's appropriate, but don't go overboard or you'll start to go cross-eyed!

Subchapter 3-1: Player Anatomy Nodes

Before we talk about transformation scenes, let's quickly break down each body part that can be changed:

  1. Face: While this does entail the face area, it also entails the general head and neck area.
  2. Body: This covers the torso, legs/feet, hands/arms, and any extraneous addition (Such as wings).
  3. Skin: What is the player covered in? Flesh/Feathers/latex/etc.
  4. Tail: If the player has a tail, it is described here.
  5. Cock: If the player has a cock, it is described here.

It's important to realize these distinctions when creating transformation text. For example, if you have a gelatinous monster. I can look like the creature... But instead of gelatin, I could be covered in feathers. Conversely, I could be something completely unrelated, like a dragon, but gelatinous in texture.

This also means to not go to 11 on the weirdness scale when it comes to appearance. It doesn't need to be humanoid, but if you have a pile of featureless sludge, where does my head/tail/cock go? You could consider weaving a very complicated explanation for this, but the game itself simply doesn't support such a thing in its structure of displaying player description.

Now, that's not to say you can't have a really weird monster, just make sure it isn't infectious. More on that further down.

Subchapter 3-2: Player Transformation scenes

Anatomy Descriptions are broken down into two segments. This covers the transitive description from the player's old appearance into their new one.

First off, be wary that your player could be anything, anything, before they become your monster. For this reason, be wary of assumptions. You might be inclined to not mention that the appearance you've assumed is largely human, but you need to when I was previously a walking squid-monster.

Anyways, moving on, you'll find that the scene for the transformation is procedural, and starts with the same line before the scene itself. Be wary of this and work the scene with that in mind. Here are those stings:

  1. Face: Your face feels funny as [scene].
  2. Body: Your body feels funny as [scene].
  3. Skin: Your skin feels funny as [scene].
  4. Tail: Your ass feels funny as [scene].
  5. Cock: Your cock feels funny as [scene].

Note that the infection scene doesn't need to be one sentence, you'll just need to work around the opener. Here's an example of how to do that:
Code: Select all
Your ass feels funny as [it begins to change. Transformation description].

Just be mindful that all of these stings also provide the ending period, so don't end your scene with one.

Subchapter 3-3: Player Appearance Text

After your appearance has changed, this text is what you encounter whenever you look at yourself. Similar to transformation, the scenes are nested in a static sting that you have to work around. Here they are:

  1. Face: Your face is [scene].
  2. Body: Your Body is [scene].
  3. Skin: You have [scene] skin.
  4. Tail: [scene]
  5. Cock: You have a [cock size desc of player], [scene] cock.

While the same general rules of design apply here, it's important to emphasize brevity for these scenes, especially cock and skin, since these are occasionally used in sex scenes to quantify the player.

You'll notice that the tail one is very different. This is because it's designed such that, if you leave it blank, then no tail will be described. For this reason you'll have to construct a full sentence if your strain does have a tail, and it's the only time you end the scene in a period.

Subchapter 3-4: Bodytype and bodydesc

Additionally, when the player assumes the body strain of a monster, their [bodytype of player] and [bodydesc of player] change.

Bodytype entails the general species of the strain. So, if it's a bird, say avian. A racial noun is also sufficient. So if it's an eagle monster, then it'd be:
Code: Select all
now type entry is "[one of]avian[or]eagle[end if]";

These are used with some frequency, so randomization helps negate repetition.

Bodydesc, on the other hand, describes the build/structure of that body. As examples, a monster can be lean, bulky, muscular, feral, amorphous, flowing, curvy, voluptuous, powerful, etc. This occupies the body descriptor entry.

Subchapter 3-5: Concluding Remarks

Keep in mind that, while the monster is trying to make a copy of themselves through the player, the duplication is not exact, and how exact depends on the intent of the monster.

Even more exacting duplications are not 1-1 comparisons. When creating a monster, be mindful that a very massive/feral creature creates some absurdities in manoeuvring the city or interacting with objects. This is an inevitability of the game's design, but it is something you want to mitigate as much as possible.

An example is the Feral Sea Dragon/ess. Which are entirely aquatic monsters that cannot be running around the city itself... And you can assume their appearance. This is mostly handwaved by saying that the infection hasn't fully run its course, and it only does at the game's ending.

It's something to really be mindful of when making weirder encounters.

Subchapter 4-1: Combat Stats

Hoo boy, okay. I'm gonna be honest with you, combat stats are really not my thing; I don't make many unique monsters, and when I do I just ask Stripes how it should be statted. He's got a system, just don't ask me what it is.

That being said, I can still tell you a bit about each stat, what they do, and how they inform the player of the monster:

  1. Strength: Strength loosely relates to the damage of the monster, it also informs us of the monster's brute strength.
  2. Dexterity: Dexterity determines how easily the monster can hit you, and how hard it is to hit them, it also informs us of the monster's articulation or agility.
  3. Stamina: Stamina loosely relates to how much health the monster is, monsters with high stamina are identified by their resilience.
  4. Perception/Charisma/Intelligence: These have no impact on combat, currently. That is not to say, however, that they never will, so don't leave them blank! Don't go crazy, just ask how much these relate to your monster (You can probably imagine they wouldn't be particularly high).
  5. HP: How much health your monster has. As a basic rule of thumb, consider making HP *2.1 that of the monster's stamina. Unless it has weirdly high endurance.
  6. Level: This is mostly to make sure that the player doesn't bump into a wildly powerful monster early on unless they're hunting for them, it also dictates how much XP you are awarded when winning (or losing) to them. Stats should be scaled proportionately to level, but to what degree is beyond me -- you'll have to wing it.
  7. Weapon Damage [wdam]: This is how much the monster hits for. Consider it as half the monster's strength.

Of course, expect this to be adjusted upon presenting it. What matters more in your first draft is you capture the "Essence" of your monster's power, more than have it perfectly balanced.

Subchapter 4-2: Anatomy Stats

This is an area I'm a bit more familiar with, as it entails the exact adjustments an infection will make to the player's appearance, they are as followed:

  1. Cocks entry: Determines how many cocks the infection will give the player.
  2. Cock Length: Determines the length (Approximately in inches) of the player's dick the infection will make.
  3. Cock Width: Was intended for cock thickness early on, was changed to ball size. Don't let it trip you up! It's usually around half of cock length.
  4. Breasts: Determines how many (pairs) of breasts your infection will give you.
  5. Breast Size: Determines how big said breasts are.
  6. Male Breast Size: I'm not even sure if anyone uses this stat! It's ideally used for "Shemale" builds, but it's generally disregarded.
  7. Cunts entry: Determines how many cunts the infection will give the player.
  8. Cunt Length: Determines how deep your cunt is. It's more broadly used as a means to determine how pliable the hole is.
  9. Cunt Width: This is "Technically" used for how wide your cunt is, but it's not frequently called upon, for simplicity reasons. Simply put it at around half player length.
  10. Libido Entry: 0-100. When you're infected by a monster, this is the libido level you're pushed closer too. Try to avoid a crazy high number unless a really excessive libido is a gimmick you're going for.
  11. Scale Entry: When you take the body infection of a monster, you inherit their scale. A scale of 1 in approximately 1-2 feet, 2 is 3-4, 3 is 5-6, 4 is 7-10, and 5 is 11+.

These stats also represent a basic illustration of the monster's anatomy as well, but you can understand that some monsters don't represent their stats for one reason or another (The Sierrasaur, for example, is a scale of 5, but he infects players to a 3).

Subchapter 4-3: Sex and Area Entry

These require some more focused discussion.

First off, Area Entry dictates where your monster will appear. It's very important that:
  1. It is probably referenced
  2. The area is thematically appropriate to the monster, and
  3. The area isn't overpopulated

For (1), it's a matter of knowing what a zone is "Called", and it may not be its actual. Red Light District is simply called "Red". Do your research to make sure it will appear where you want it to.

For (2), every zone has a very specific "Theme". The outside is very basic, early introduction to the content in the game, for example, while the Beach is very aquatic. Consider the zones available and which one best represents the theme of your monster.

Finally, for (3), make sure the zone is not horribly bloated before adding even more content to it. Moreover, not only do we want an even spread across zones, we want each zone to have an even balance of monster genders. Now, this isn't as big an issue as the other two(there's no "Limit" to the number of monsters in a zone), but it's worth being mindful of when determining where to place a monster.

As for Sex Entry, this stat affects what gender a monster will trend the player to, there are 4 possible entries here:
  • Male: Male
  • Female: Female
  • Herm: Both
  • Do not Affect genital stats: nochange

Herm is probably what'll sneak up on you, here, everything else is fairly straightforward. Keep in mind that this entry is overridden by gender locks. So even if you made a monster that makes the player female, you still need things like a cock entry description since not all players will be using that appearance as a female (Though, don't be afraid to describe the infection as feminine, since this has no bearing on actual gender).

"nochange" can really be any line of text, but that particular name illustrates to other writers of your intent. A null sex entry means that the monster will still alter the player's appearance, but not their genitals in any numerical fashion.

Subchapter 5: Miscellaneous Stats

Okay! All the stats I missed:

  • Magic Entry: This... Um... Okay, I'll be totally frank, I have no idea what this does. Really, just ignore it.
  • Resbypass Entry: Researches are infection-immune, this ignores that immunity. You need a really good reason to turn this on, so just keep it off.
  • Non-infectious Entry: Turning this on makes a monster not infectious. You libido also doesn't passively increase when loosing to monsters with this on. If your monster is really weird in its physical design or the encounter is special in some peculiar fashion(Like, it's not sex related), you'll want it on.
  • Noctournal Entry: This is usually blanked out, ensuring that monsters will appear regardless of time. True means they only appear during the night, and false means only during the day. This is rarely used, and it's fairly rigid (You can't, for example, make a monster simply more common during the night) so be wary when using this.
  • Altcombat Entry: This is usually used for special attacks the monsters can use like fire breath or the like. These require a bit of setup and you'll want to talk to a senior writer before trying to give your monster one. Otherwise, keep it at default.

Subchapter 5: Endings

Endings are contextual descriptions of the game's conclusion. They are separated into two endings: "Succumb" and "Survive". Here is what an "Ending Tree" generally looks like.
Code: Select all
when play ends:
   if the bodyname of the player is "Monster":
      if the humanity of the player < 10:
         say "Succumb Ending.";
         say "Survive Ending.";

Succumb happens when your lose all your humanity, or have barely any humanity when time runs out. You have near-complete freedom when writing a succumb ending since there's almost no fear of conflicts; don't be afraid to get creative, just be wary of something that really breaks from the norm and talk to a senior writer about it. When writing a succumb ending, consider the intent of the monster, and how the player fits in that.

Survive happens when you reach the end of your time limit. Unlike succumb there are much more stringent restrictions on what you can and cannot write for the scene. How the player's infection affects the player when returning to a relatively normal life is only a small piece of the larger tapestry of rescued NPCs, and the consequences for certain, completed quests. The player is strong enough to function normally in society, but consider the influence of their infection and how they have work around it, either physically or mentally.

Finally, you'll notice the endings are based entirely on the strain of the player's body. Everything else is irrelevant. Succumbs assume the player is pure, even if they are not, so don't fret over it. For survives, you may consider a trivial sting for skin or head, if they do something really weird (like the pewter consort), but you may want to talk to one of the staff beforehand.

And that's it for now! In the future, I'll go into player victory and some more advanced techniques. For now, however, I hope you found this insightful!

Monster Creation
[Chapter 1] --- [Chapter 1: Stripes Input]
[Chapter 2]
[Chapter 3]
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

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reading guides like this, is what gets my creative juices flowing. i just wish i could adapt to writing projects in a "little by little" fashion and not kill myself.

some roadblocks for beginners might be ending scenes. there's a lot of places where i doubt myself but here might be it for me.

also "all foes are bisexual" well i only fuzzily kept that in mind, but forget "the other side" to things as they are completely not my preference. how hypocritical of me =/, but if its not fun to write... well i took that phrase to heart and feel a lot better about writing.
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

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Thank you for all these advices. It actually motivates me to review and rewrite everything I already made.
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Re: Blue Bishop's Baudy Schoolhouse

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Chapter 3: Player Victory

You know, I was actually quite hesitant to write this chapter of the tutorial, largely because Player Victory content (Sexual content following players defeating a monster) is... Well... a SPIRALLING BLACK HOLE OF GAME DESIGN DISSERTATION, FROM WHICH NO FREE TIME ESCAPES.

As you can guess, this is a very particular subject which requires a lot of dancing around the matter and little, you know, practical advise that might help you design this type of content. But let's dig in, shall we?

Subchapter 1: Complications in Design Philosophy for Player Victory Interaction and Stuff

Okay, the last chapter was very dry and concise. That's not going to work for this subchapter, so we're going to shift tone to something a lot more casual and loose.

This topic is also the least helpful for you in designing player victory, though it is certainly very... Interesting. So feel free to skip it if you want to get to the point... And keep your sanity intact. Ya dig?

You've probably noticed that there's less player victory content than loss, and part of this is demand and cost-to-value. The general consensus is most players who play FS are submissive (Though certainly not all), and you can get away with a monster with no player victory sex much more than player loss sex.


--Er, sorry, calming down, calming down... As you can see, this particular question is one which demands a lot of my headspace... And my capslock key, apparently.

In Chapter 1, I briefly mentioned how Player Loss is an opportunity for you, the writer, to interact with player. Well, Victory is an opportunity for the player to interact with the game in interesting ways.

Thing is, "Interaction" demands a robustness of options in order for it to be considered genuine, otherwise it's pretty much identical to Loss except the text is framed slightly different. So... Give the player a lot of options, yes? Well, yeah... And no.

Okay, you may want to cover your nearby valuables in garbage bags because I'm about to blow your mind all over your room. Ready?

Okay, so Player Loss is you interacting with the player through the game, right?


You're also interacting with the player by choosing what options the player has for interacting with the game.

Okay, okay, let me try to explain that in better detail. The game's breadth of interaction with a given encounter is contextualized around the perspective of the creator, creating the potential for a spike in player/player-character dissonance when the context is -- okay that's not helping.

Hmm... Alright, let's talk about another game. Since this is about players in a dominant position, let's talk about the game that places player dominance more to the fore than any other piece of interactive porn out there: Slave Maker

Don't worry, you don't have to download and play the game to stay on the same page, and there won't be a quiz after (Though our Paddle Mistress would still like to see you after class), but it does illustrate my point in one small way.

Now Slave Maker indeed has a very robust breadth of choices for the player when interacting with their slave, but if you peer very closely, you'll notice there's one interaction missing, one which I decided to point out on the creator's forums...

...There's no Anal Pitching option for the slave -- that is, a male, hermaphrodite, or female (With a strapon) slave cannot engage in anal sex with the player character or another slave with that slave in the dominant position -- even though there's a Cunt Pitching and an Anal Catching one.

Why is that? It's certainly a fairly niche option, one that many players won't really benefit from, but when the main appeal of this sort of setup is the notion that you could do anything with a slave, the omission becomes glaring and egregious.

This also feeds into the theory of the "Hermaphrodite's Sin" -- a term I just pulled out of my ass right on the spot, YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

The "Hermaphroditie's Sin" is when a Herm exists entirely because straight men want to observe the act of hetero sex while simultaneously objectifying women and sapphic sex. So, putting male genitalia on top of the female's allows complete removal for the need for men to be so much as in the periphery of the frame.

This is surprisingly common, I've found. It's relatively rare for a male to be anywhere in the proximity of a herm, and doubly so for that male to be on the receiving end of any sexual activity.

The furry community, as a whole, bucks this trend, so it actually shocked me when this portrayal was found to be systemic in Japanese smut, during my times researching their interactive content. But... There it is.

Of course, I most certainly am not deprecating the original creator of SM for this omission. They made the game they wanted to make and it probably never even dawned on them to create the interaction until it was much too late in development for them to amend it easily. Or, hey, who knows, I might have to story completely wrong.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the creator wasn't empowering you with a true freedom of choice, so much as the freedom of choices they think you will make, and this artifice becomes glaring when you're put into a situation where you're not allowed to make the choice you want to make. And the worst part? This is unavoidable as far as our current understanding of the design goes.

We've all committed this crime. Of course, it's impossible to encompass the entire breadth of interaction, particularly if the grand sum of your sexual interaction with other monsters is simply to poke them in the butt and then run off giggling like an idiot, but let me ask you this: Considering the sheer volume, the sheer excess of the most deranged smut we have at our disposal, how often are you allowed the option to simply kiss someone. Think on that for a moment.

So the question, then, is... How do you fix this?


Ah... Yeah, as you can imagine, I don't have a proper answer on that! But I'll figure it out... Eventually. . .

For the time being, I've tried sticking to maintaining an air of ambivalence and consistency, and provide the most obvious interactions:

  1. Oral Receiving (Cock)
  2. Oral Receiving (Cunt)
  3. Cunt Catching
  4. Anal Catching
  5. Cunt Pitching
  6. Anal Pitching
  7. Oral Giving (Cunt)
  8. Oral Giving (Cock)

Of course, you can immediately see the issue with this method; namely the sheer cost for offering just the baseline level of content (Though you can certainly cut corners by simply copy-pasting certain, relatively similar scenes). But, honestly, this is the cheapest form of a "robust" selection you can go with.

If you're a very keen observer, you can speculate that the Sierrasaur and Pewter Consort encounters were supposed to get player victory relatively shortly after their initial release. Yeah, well, there was some snags...

You see, those two were experiments. For player loss, I experimented with "Bound States", which was ultimately considered a resounding success. However, for player Victory I attempted a new approach...

Basically, in this new approach, you'd pick a body part to interact with directly, get a "Foreplay" scene which detailed the area in question, and would then lead into a list of core sex scenes that flowed naturally from that body part. So, for example, focusing on the head would lead to oral receiving options.

You can see the earliest example of this experimentation in Doran's Player-dominant, player-giving-oral scene. The idea was that the technique would be refined and expanded across an entire encounter. It, uh... Ended up being shelved and I ended up having to work on other things.

The problem was the approach was simply too much, both for the writer and the player.

For me, the degree of work required was quickly reaching the point of obscenity -- and not the kind we're all keen on here.

Not only did I have to write a fairly robust foreplay scene for some, what, I think it was 4-5 assigned body parts (These weren't just cheap lead-ins, they had queries regarding particular actions and the degree of attention from the player)? -- But I then had to write connective tissue for each transition into each scene from each body part (For example, if you targeted either "Body" or "Genitals", you had access to cock riding, but the scenes needed to detail the transition from which place you were focusing on, into that scene). It was absolutely unfeasible from a pure cost standpoint to use this technique for anything that wasn't an NPC -- which generally demands a robust selection of scenes anyways.

As for the player, while it's your job to "Reward" players with a wall of text and not "Assault" them with it, and while Victory is certainly a good place for that, it was still going way overboard. Again, I was making you interact with the world in a way I "Wanted" you to do, and apparently that interaction was very obsessive.

Even though I offered plenty of options for the player to "Get on with it!", the best case scenario would be... That the scenes were dramatically inconsistent with design techniques players have encountered everywhere else in the game, which is more damning than anything else. There's a reason Bound States try very hard to at least somewhat resemble the game's combat system, even if they're completely different things.

And, well... That's it! I'm certain I could come up with an approach that is sufficiently elegant -- balancing cost and robust interaction -- but I simply don't have the time right now to really do the R&D to figure it out.

Perhaps we should get to a topic that might actually help you instead then, yes?

Subchapter 2-1: Tone, Motivation, and Focus

Okay, before we go into the actual crunch, we should probably discuss the fluff -- matter of what the player is actually doing here. It's kinda a big deal that we get this right, but this is most certainly a place where you don't want to force the player into doing something they don't want to do -- it's one issue to limit the amount of things a player can do, but it's a game design sin to play the game for them, especially in a way they might not want.

First off, let's be really clear here, if we ignore the -- although very important -- distinction that this is entirely fiction, the player character is ostensibly practising rape here. This is fine for a monster to do, because it's a monster (And the player isn't technically raped since the player consents to play the game), but it's an extremely un-heroic thing for the hero of the game to be performing. This needs to be handled with a fair amount of consideration, and if done right you can get around the problem with relative ease.

  1. Vulnerable: Both the player and the monster are simultaneously -- either overtly or subliminally -- a slave to their basest desire. You'll almost never force a player into sex, but the implication of the mere option to have sex with them illustrates this vulnerability. Consider highlighting it, either by illustrating the player's weakened willpower, or how quickly the victim is in obliging you. This is the most commonly used technique, and since accessing this content requires some libido, it never completely comes out of left field.
  2. Succumb: In the very rare occasion that the player is forced into sex, very little issue arises. Again, it's poor design to do this (Since it makes it identical to loss), so you need a really good reason to do it.
  3. Fair Play: When the monster is defeated, they willingly offer themselves as a reward for your victory. In a world of rampant sexual domination, it's fair to assume some treat this as "Law" than mere "nature". Because the monster is clearly consenting, there's no issue.

Once you get past this initial hurdle, we move onto more broader player behaviour.

One thing to avoid, when writing, is to "Play" the character. Again, you might be in the mode of writing the scene such as how "You" would engage in it, but the player isn't you and you're taking control away from them.

This primarily manifests in behaviour/personality exposition. Always be more focused on describing the scene and less about the player's particular regard for it. That is not to say, of course, that you can't presume a player's response to a certain situation, but only if the response is fairly obvious and even then you'll want to write in the broadest strokes possible. Hm... An example:

As you approach the feline, you forcefully pin it to the ground and pull its ass up, exposed, into the air by its tail.

You'll notice that this scene suggests a very aggressive nature from the player. Now, that's entirely a valid action, but it's unlikely that all players are this way. Player loss can at least distinguish between submission and failure, but we have no such luxury here.

Instead, we need minimize player demeanour. Players don't really notice that their character isn't behaving exactly the way they want until they do something totally wrong, so we can get away with downplaying their input by a little.

As you approach the feline, it's made to lay down and raise its ass up into the air for you.

What you'll notice now is that the scene is lacking in character. It had some character before, your character, whether it was appropriate or not.

But, instead of how their character is behaving, players are much more interested in the object before them, so always focus on enriching that object.

A good question to ask yourself is "What is the player perceiving right now?", and dig through to find the things that are most effective at "creating the aesthetic". -- Don't go overboard, however; keep it brief unless the player is seriously investing to get the scene and you know they want volume.

As you approach the slender feline, it purrs obligingly as it's made to lay down, spine curving upward to expose its eager, furred ass for you, tail waiving idly in the open air.

This expansion simultaneously characterizes the creature and creates the aesthetic for it. It's also longer than our first example, but it seems within acceptable ranges.

And that's most of what you need to know starting off. This is also technically applicable to player loss, but in that case there's a little more focus on the player's responce (Which, again, you can identify with submission or loss).

Subchapter 2-2: Further Interaction in Sex

While, again, the option to volunteer for sex certainly distinguishes itself from loss, Victory needs to ask more of the player's input to remain distinct from its loss counterpart, and this is generally done by in-scene consent checks.

Obviously, you can't account for the seemingly infinite breadth of every bizarre action a player might perform at any time during sex, but you can at least hit the most common options that spring to mind naturally from any given design. The easiest and Broadest example that applies to most scenes:

  • All Sex:
    - Foreplay/Lubricate?
  • Cock Particular:
    - Pull Out before Orgasm?
    -- If yes, avoid release/aim release away?

If you're catching, pulling out has the gameplay ramification of avoiding pregnancy, and subsequently makes it the most glaring option a player would want. The other options are purely cosmetic and less pertinent.

As you can imagine, every consent check you offer the player will expand the scene by a considerable amount, but my experience in writing interactive smut has taught me a great number of cost-saving measures that you may be able to exploit.

First off, foreplay usually has very little -- if any -- effect on the main scene. Really, it's just a "Please sir, can I have some more?" option for players; a means for you to "Reward" the player, as I've said a couple times before. Here is a layout example for you:

Code: Select all
to say victorysex:
   say "The enemy is defeated! Foreplay?";
   if player consents:
      say "Foreplay!";
      now tempnum is 1;
      now tempnum is 2;
   say "[if tempnum is 1]After foreplay[otherwise]Immediately[end if], you have sex!";

As you can see, the foreplay scene is merely a branch, but regardless of your choice the core scene is identical, save for a tempnum variable adjustment that you can use if ever you need to subtly reference that, yes, you did indeed do that thing that one time.

tempnum and tempnum2 are variables you can freely use without consequence. It's "Polite" to set them back to zero at the end of the scene, but don't worry about breaking anything if you forget!

The orgasm segment is a little more complicated:

Code: Select all
to say victorysex:
   say "You have sex! You're about to orgasm, pull out?";
   if player consents:
      say "Make a mess of the creature?";
      if player consents:
         say "Bukaka-kakake!";
         now tempnum is 1;
         say "Okay, Mr. Nice guy.";
         now tempnum is 2;
      say "Standard Orgasm";
      now tempnum is 3;
   say "Satisfied, you [if tempnum is 3]pull yourself free[otherwise]step off[end if] of them, leaving the creature[if tempnum is 1] to clean themselves of the mess you made[end if]!";

While I do highly advise the "pulling out" element, everything else I've shown here as examples are entirely up to you, and these are obviously not the only things you can do in-scene.

Having any player victory at all is certainly better than none, but, if you really want to maximize the all-important "Interactive" element of player victory while also not getting too lost in an endless sea of possibility, you'll certainly want to consider these techniques.

Subchapter 3-1: Basic Victory Sex Tree Design

Alright! We've kept the boring technical stuff for last, but certainly not for lack of its importance!

First off, we need to consider the baseline conditions for victory sex. Players who are unaroused generally should not be asked if they want to have sex. Getting aroused enough is certainly the easiest it's ever been, and this ensure the player isn't bogged down by consent checks when farming monsters. The if statement is generally thus:

Code: Select all
if libido of player > 39 or "Dominant" is listed in feats of player:

Players generally need a libido of 40 or higher to get access to your victory sex. Note that current design philosophy dictates that players shouldn't be below ~25 libido, ever, once they get up to that point. Not fully implemented across the entire game, but be mindful of it.

You'll also notice that the game ignores player libido if the player is "Dominant". This feat was added quite late into the game, so there's some difficulty in quantifying it in a very direct way. Making it bypass libido requirements is very easy to do, and "Makes Sense" in the context of what the player's implicit desire is.

--Oh, and quick aside. Just because a player is "Dominant" doesn't inform you on anything about their character the same way "Submissive" does. I see you there, thinking you're so clever. Cut it out!

Now, I mentioned a couple times that -- while generally not advised -- you can force players to "Succumb" to sex. The ideal check for this is thus:

Code: Select all
if humanity of player - libido of player < 21:

In this if statement, the player's sanity and libido interact in such a way where you can get a net value out of both of them, and if that value is twenty or below then they are eligible. This way, player's need a libido of 80 at 100 humanity, or only 30 and 50 humanity. How very organic!

Obviously, you'll need more requirements than just this check. The Feral Sea Dragoness does sometimes force victors to have sex with her. But only if you have the FSD strain, this check succeeds, and you have a cock. Like I said, keep 'em rare.

Finally, you'll want a "Cocks of player > 0 or cunts of player > 0", unless you're really keen giving neuters anal catching or oral giving scenes. Keep on shining, you crazy, power-bottoming diamond!

But, this is just the check to see if the player want's to have sex, what's the actual tree for sex? I'm glad you asked, my indignant little imp! This is the most basic, ideal tree for victory sex:

Code: Select all
if player consents:
   if cocks of player > 0 and cunts of player > 0:
      say "You're a herm! Use your cock? Else use cunt.";
      if player consents:
         say "[cock scene]";
         say "[cunt scene]";
   otherwise if cocks of player > 0:
      say "[cock scene]";
      say "[cunt scene]";

Of course, this certainly doesn't allow for very robust interaction, but this is the baseline. Now, if you want real options, consent checks are simply not acceptable, which leads into...

Subchapter 3-1: Advanced Victory Sex Tree Design

Alright, I hope you changed your garbage bags, because you're about to get your mind blown a second time.

Ready? Are you sure, are you reallly sure?

Alright then... Here's your standard sex menu for a male critter!

Code: Select all
to malesexmenu:
   now calcnumber is -1;
   say "     What will you do?";
   let trixieexit be 0;
   while trixieexit is 0:
      say "[bold type]Choices:[roman type][line break]";
      say "(1) [if cocks of player > 0][link]Mount him[as]1[end link][otherwise][italic type]Male-specific interaction[roman type][end if][line break]";
      say "(2) [if cocks of player > 0][link]Have him suck your dick[as]2[end link][otherwise][italic type]Male-specific interaction[roman type][end if][line break]";
      say "(3) [if cunts of player > 0][link]Have him eat your cunt[as]3[end link][otherwise][italic type]Female-specific interaction[roman type][end if][line break]";
      say "(4) [if cunts of player > 0][link]Ride his dick[as]4[end link][otherwise][italic type]Female-specific interaction[roman type][end if] [if cunts of player > 0 and cunt length of player < 16][italic type]- Too small![roman type][end if][line break]";
      say "(5) [link]Ride his dick anally[as]5[end link] [if scalevalue of player < 3][italic type]- Too small![roman type][end if][line break]";
      say "(6) [link]Suck him off[as]6[end link][line break]";
      say "[line break]";
      say "(0) [link]Nevermind.[as]0[end link][line break]";   
      while 1 is 1:
         say "Choice? (0-6)>[run paragraph on]";
         get a number;
         if calcnumber >= 0 and calcnumber <= 6:
            say "Invalid Choice.";
      if calcnumber is 1:
         if cocks of player is 0:
            say "[bracket]Invalid interaction: You don't meet the criteria[close bracket][line break]";
            say "[Scene_1]"; [Anal Pitching]
            now trixieexit is 1;
      otherwise if calcnumber is 2:
         if cocks of player is 0:
            say "[bracket]Invalid interaction: You don't meet the criteria[close bracket][line break]";
            say "[Scene_2]"; [Oral Receiving Cock]
            now trixieexit is 1;
      otherwise if calcnumber is 3:
         if cunts of player is 0:
            say "[bracket]Invalid interaction: You don't meet the criteria[close bracket][line break]";
            say "[Scene_3]"; [Oral Receiving Cunt]
            now trixieexit is 1;
      otherwise if calcnumber is 4:
         if cunts of player is 0 or cunt length of player < 16:
            say "[bracket]Invalid interaction: You don't meet the criteria[close bracket][line break]";
            say "[Scene_4]"; [Cunt Catching]
            now trixieexit is 1;
      otherwise if calcnumber is 5:
         if scalevalue of player < 3 :
            say "[bracket]Invalid interaction: You don't meet the criteria[close bracket][line break]";
            say "[Scene_5]"; [Anal Catching]
            now trixieexit is 1;
      otherwise if calcnumber is 6:
         say "[Scene_6]"; [Oral Giving Cock]
         now trixieexit is 1;
         say "     You have some second thoughts and decide to turn them down."; [turn down]
         now trixieexit is 1;

Okay maybe that's enough silly pictures...

Don't panic! We'll get through this together! Piece by piece! This tree is actually intended for the Yamato Dragon's eventual victory content. I really need to get to that...

Firstly, the calcnumber thing is just to make sure the value isn't set to any of the possible options before hand, don't fret over it.

Immediately you'll notice a "let" and a "While". Using "Let" allows you to create a variable that only exists in that level of indentation or higher. It's generally for when you need a variable quick and on the fly. In this case, it's immediately used to create a "While loop", while loops are infinite loops that last until the criteria that created them is no longer met or if you use the "Break;" command. This is what makes menus "Stay" on a page until you make a choice.

After that, you see a large selection of length strings of text. These are, obviously, the options that will be displayed for the player. You'll notice that the cock-particular scenes have an in-line if statement to remove the link and explain why if you don't have a cock. Same goes for cunt. Obviously, you can still press 1 even if you have no cock, but we'll go into that in a bit.

You might think you can trim the selection of scenes to fit whatever suits your encounter, and... You can! ...It'll also make the tree an over-complicated mess, so I'm not going to teach you how to do it. This is much cleaner. There are also procedurally indexed lists (like with feats), but those are a whole other thing and these generally look better anyways.

You'll notice that the cunt and anal-particular penetration scenes have identifiers for if you're not well equipped enough. The cunt one makes sure the player actually has the anatomy before telling them if it's not big enough. No point in telling a dude that their nonexistent vagina is too small.

After that, a second while loop pops up, "While 1 is 1"... This will never not be true, so instead of somehow making one not one, it just breaks after it "Get a number". NOTE: This scene has 7 actions (0-6), as indicated by the "Choice?", segment, you'll want to change that AND the if statement below.

The way the system is structured, if you have too wide a number selection and you select a number that does nothing, it will just assume you want to exit, while if you make it too thin, you won't be able to access the scenes out of the number range. Simple, yes?

After that, there's a series of if statements asking for what that number you pressed was. 1 down to 6, else you choose to exit.

As you can see, there's an if statement making sure you don't fail the criteria. If you do, you're told so and booted back to the menu. If you are eligible, the scene is called up and tixieexit is made to no longer be 0, cutting the while loop. This makes sure no naughty players can't access scenes they're not eligible for by typing in its number.

The system is very modular, as you can see. Simply trim or expand the if statements to fit the size of your menu, just be sure to adjust the "Get a number" area appropriately.

And that's all there is to it! Of course, you pretty much must relegate your sex scenes to "To say" routines, since putting them in the actual tree makes adjusting either a pain in the ass.

Alright! I hope you didn't get completely lost with my explanation there (Or, otherwise, didn't feel patronized by it), and maybe you might be able to tame this beast to suit your creative needs!

Subchapter 56-132: I'm done!

I'm done! For now, at least... That's all you need to know about creating your monster, asides from the occasional, very contextual gimmickry. In such a case, I'm certain one of our senior writers will be able to help you personally with it.

I certainly hope this was helpful, 'cause I spent way too much time writing it up and even more effort trying desperately to be funny and make this remotely entertaining for you to sit through.

I wish you the best of luck in making whatever nasty, terrible horror from the deepest reaches of your tainted mind come to life!

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