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Project: Artemis the Rubber Tigress

Postby TigerStripes » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:19 am

Developer: Stripes
Commissioner: ...
Status: Waiting
Completion: ~95%

IN-PRODUCTION: Portions of the content which are partially completed and being expanded upon now or in the future.
NEXT: The content planned to come out with the current donation.
PENDING: The content which is part of the overall plan and will eventually be produced as the project is completed.
POTENTIAL: Extra content which may or may not be made. Some of these might be made while fulfilling the main PENDING content or as random improvements, but otherwise would need specific interest to be created.
DONE: Content just added.

Rough outline:
Stumbled across by the player, Artemis is a feral version of the Rubber Tigresses roaming the State Fair. Unlike most everything else in the city, she's inexplicably genderless. Endearing herself to the player, she becomes his pet. At first, she acts like a normal companion, providing combat support and the occasion sex/cute scene. But when the player rests with her around, something is off until it's revealed that she's engulfing the player during rest periods to fulfill her wants.

Progression History:
<Extensive additions predating this document. Here are the noteworthy additions seen since Jan 2014.>
Jan 1, 2014: Modded fun: more engulfing, masturbation, sex, resting and State Fair engulfing
Jan 12, 2014: Modded fun: more masturbation add-ons, 3rd engulf variation
Feb 11, 2014: Artwork of Artemis a lupine player added, shown during engulfing scenes.

Project Details:
The Artemis project is broken down into three main stages, the first two of which have been completed save for potential add-ons. She goes from her initial state, gaining and using the toys to modify her, and then all the modded Artemis content. While her initial state represents full content on its own and need not be advanced past, all three phases were planned from her inception as part of her overall arc.

1> Artemis the Basic Pet: This represents Artemis's starting state and deals with collecting her as a pet and discovering her engulfing ability. More on her character will be covered below. Among its content are:
- Event at the State Fair (in two steps) to 'tame' her as a companion.
- Basic pet content for Artemis, including description, stats, combat moves, etc...
- Random background scenes with Artemis acting like a feline, in part to endear herself to the player
- Random sex scenes with Artemis (oral/anal).
- 'cup stack' item which can be repeatedly fed to Artemis in cute scenes.
- Begging scenes for the plastic waste when the player uses a water bottle, dirty water or chips.
- Alteration and updating of the resting mechanic in general for application w/Artemis and others.
- Special mechanics for resting w/Artemis, resulting in the first engulfing scene and then repeatable engulfing rest scenes.
- Spontaneous engulfing scenes to appear among the random sex scenes.
- Masturbation while engulfed for Artemis to explore/enjoy having a gender.
- Sex scenes while engulfed (semi-randomized partners/genders).
- Special scenes for engulfment while at the State Fair (Rubber Tigress encounters).
- POTENTIAL: More background/sex scenes for her basic mode (which could be altered/expanded to apply in stage 3.
- POTENTIAL: Fight-specific content for Artemis vs Rubber Tigress combat.

2> Toys and Modification: In this stage, the player learns about and obtains a set of latex sex toys - a dildo and a pussy cock-sleeve. These can be applied to Artemis's body in a variety of arrangements, thereby granting her a gender. This is a transitory stage which is more connected to stage 3, but is distinct because of its reliance on all the non-modified material until the moment a modification is actually made. Also, as the modded Artemis reverts back to the unmodded state (with toys available for reapplication) upon saveword restoration, it straddles the two other phases.
- Mini-quest by Lisa with the reward of the sex toy set for Artemis.
- Modification scenes for the addition of the sex toys to Artemis.
- Post-modification sex scenes based on what new addition(s) was(were) made.
- Modification includes a standard male/female/herm arrangement.
- Modifications for alternate item placement with tailcock, cocktongue or pussy-mouth.

3> Modded Artemis: In this stage, new versions of Artemis's sex scenes become available based on her modification arrangement. Sometimes these open up new sex options (such as vaginal or player-receiving) and other times it is confined to add-ons or small variations to a given scene. As Artemis's gender configuration combines with the players during engulfment, these are significantly modified as well.
- Addition of new potential sexual scenes w/Artemis added to the list if her modded gender allows a match.
- Modded engulfment scenes.
- Modded masturbation scene w/random variations based on configuration.
- Modded sex scenes.
- Modded State Fair engulfment.
- PENDING: Modded State Fair sex scenes.
- PENDING: More scene variations for the more esoteric modifications.
- PENDING: More scene add-ons for the more esoteric modifications.
- POTENTIAL: More scene variations above and beyond the pending content.
- PENDING: Special succumb/survive endings for Artemis.

4> Artemis's personality: Unfortunately, much of the notes I shared with the contributor on Artemis were lost when the old forum data was deleted. As such, some details may be missing or need to be tweaked when they are remembered and added.
- Artemis, being genderless and animal in form, was ostracized by the Rubber Tigresses to whom she feels an attracted kinship. When first encountered, she views them as what she should be and desperately longs to be a beautiful tigress anthro like them.
- Despite being animal in form, Artemis is an infected human/mutant offspring, and is more intelligent than a normal animal. Living as an animal, she's not developed her intellectual abilities but is by no means dumb. While much of what she does is instinctual or at least not based in conscious thought, she is learning and thinking more as her experiences grow.
- Overall, Artemis's relationship is more one of mutual gain than pet and master, despite being portrayed as such for the player. From Artemis's perspective, being a cat, she often sees herself as the one in charge and as merely 'indulging' her pet 'human' (and meat puppet). To ingratiate herself to the player (as well as for her own instinctual amusement), she plays herself off more as a cute kitty cat than the predatory feline she's based on.
- Artemis feels very protective/possessive of the player, who is her first and only source of companionship, hence her drive to fight to protect them during combat. This is also why she blocks the player from infection during engulfment scenes with all other mutants except the Rubber Tigresses. Were the player to succumb as some other creature, she could end up losing them and would be bereft of companionship again.
- Lacking an easy outlet for her arousal, she is eager to seek out what relief she can get in the form of sexual play with the player. Discovering/realizing that she can engulf the sleeping player temporarily to become both anthropomorphic and gendered satisfies these long-held desires of hers to be gendered and to be like her kin. Repeated engulfment affects the player's mind, making them come to accept this as a normal part of their relationship even before the player first realizes what's happening.
- At the State Fair, Artemis will use the opportunity to engulf the player and stand as equals with the Rubber Tigresses she is attracted to. These scenes are special to her character and so are given their own, unique scenes.
- Once Artemis is modified, she is very pleased to have some form of gender of her own (even if it may be a more esoteric configuration), but still wants to engulf the player. This is both because she views the anthropomorphic as sexually attractive and because it helps her better enjoy her new sexual self-discovery. If the player is a different gender than hers, she also gains the added benefit of having a different gender at these times, increasing her options for fun.
- Artemis is omnisexual and gender-fluid, being quite happy as male, female, herm or esoteric and shifting between them. While her preference is towards playing the female role, it's all good to her and she'll just as happily try non-MF pairings and sexual play to broaden her sexual experiences and self-discovery. She is referred to by the female pronoun even with male modifications, though some sex scenes play up that 'her' gender's become 'male'.
- Once modded, her self-image improves considerably. She's more confidence in her interactions with the Rubber Tigresses of the State Fair, but remains just as eager to play with them, as she still views them as the sexiest things around by far.
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