Project: Alexandra the Doberman Cop

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Project: Alexandra the Doberman Cop

Postby TigerStripes » Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:31 pm

Developer: Stripes
Commissioner: Savriss, though another donator did a one-time contribution towards this project.
Status: In-Production
Completion: Bad Alexandra (~66%), Good Alexandra (~55% of required content w/more optional)

NOTE: As this project's main quest is still in production, it contains spoilers. When possible, some details will be obfuscated or omitted, but key elements are revealed herein.

IN-PRODUCTION: Portions of the content which are partially completed and being expanded upon now or in the future.
NEXT: The content planned to come out with the current donation.
PENDING: The content which is part of the overall plan and will eventually be produced as the project is completed.
POTENTIAL: Extra content which may or may not be made. Some of these might be made while fulfilling the main PENDING content or as random improvements, but otherwise would need specific interest to be created.
DONE: Content just added.

Rough outline:
Alexandra the Doberman Cop is a long-term project broken down into two main paths, the Good Cop and Bad Bitch options. This selection is done based on how the player chooses to first interact with her when she's roaming the city as a 'monster'. The Good Cop path deals with gaining her trust and helping her convert the police station where she used to work into a usable safe house for survivors (sane and semi-sane). The Bad Bitch path deals with her corruption and conversion into a slutty pet for the player.

Progression History:
<Extensive additions predating this document. Here are the noteworthy additions seen since Jan 2014.>
Jan 4, 2014: Stella, a new NPC, can optionally be moved between the Library and the Police Station (if open).
Feb 27, 2014: A side-quest to effect repairs on the station added.
Apr 6, 2014: A task to gather medical supplies, includes another potential resident for the Police Station - Paula the Vixen Nurse.
Apr 11, 2014: A character moment between NPCs over coffee. A mechanic for going on patrol for Alexandra as a task added.
Aug 3, 2014: Automaton Task 2 added.
Oct 19, 2014: Survivor Group task added. Tasks reordered to place this one before Automatons 2.
Nov 14, 2014: Return to 'Survivor Group' for stragglers.
Dec 8, 2014: Dynamic option menu for conversing with Alexandra.
Dec 8, 2014: Additional repeatable sex scene w/Master Mind.

Project Details:
The Alexandra project contains several large components which have been successively built and added upon, with more additions planned. Here's a breakdown:

1> Doberman Cop creature: This was the initial starting stage for Alexandra, her roaming as a half-insane monster. Instead of seeking sex, she's trying to impose control on this city gone wild and it's taken its toll on her. A defeated player gets calmed down with some humanity returned and libido decreased, but will also be fined for credits if they resist her. How the player reacts to her will dictate her NPC outcome:
- Should the player resist, defeat and have sex with her, her level of control will decrease. Doing so repeatedly causes her to show signs of instability and growing arousal until she finally snaps and succumbs to becoming an NPC pet at the library. This is the Bad Bitch path.
- Should the player surrender immediately upon meeting her, they can try to make friends with her. Being successful at this unlocks her as an NPC and opens the Police Station location. This is the Good Cop path.

2> Bad Bitch: The first path option created and fleshed out for Alexandra, it will be the smaller of the two in the end, but contains a large amount of material nonetheless. It is more focused on raw sex than character building and game growth. This path is largely self-contained and complete, though there's room for more additions. The commissioner has more elements planned for her. Among its content are:
- Corrupting the Doberman Cop to the point of succumbing to being the player's sex pet.
- Creation of the Bad Alexandra portion of the NPC.
- Numerous options for sex with Bad Alexandra.
- A mechanic to impregnate her, resulting in changes to her appearance and sex scenes.
- A mechanic to track the messes on her fur from her most recent sex session. These show up in both her general appearance and during sex scenes.
- One-shot dialog scenes delving into Alexandra's back story, from her perspective as the Bad Bitch.
- One-shot dialog snippets and short scenes on Bad Alexandra's opinions of the other NPCs at the Library/Bunker.
- Content w/Fang: Fang can interact and have sex with Alexandra. The player can opt to prevent this with Beta Fang, but cannot stop it w/Alpha Fang. Either result grants a minor feat reward.
- Content w/Sarah: Alexandra and Sarah talk about their litters of kids and then have a one-time sex scene.
- Content w/Amy: Alexandra and Amy have fun together. - by Wahn
- POTENTIAL: A sex menu option for threesome sex w/Sarah after their scene together.
- POTENTIAL: More interactions and threesomes w/other NPCs.
- POTENTIAL: A scene where we see Bad Alexandra active on her guard duty, assaulting and/or sexing up some creature that gets too close. It could even be expanded to make a new NPC plaything for Alexandra (large project requiring significant revision), a recurring 'victim' (simple project) or an actual threat (variable mini-quest).

3> Good Cop: The second path option for Alexandra, this one is still well under construction. This path is focused primarily on quest-type content, city exploration and NPC rescue. Sex content with Good Alexandra is planned, but will only come after the crisis-point at the Police Station. Among its content and planned content are the following:
- Befriending the Doberman Cop through surrender and charisma check.
- Creation of the Good Alexandra portion of the NPC.
- Creation of the Police Station location.
- Creation of a task mechanic to manage a mix of quest tasks, general tips and information and unique tasks for Good Alexandra.
- One-shot dialog scenes delving into Alexandra's back story, from her perspective as the Good Cop.
- IN-PRODUCTION: A quest storyline, largely built from a progressive series of tasks.
- IN-PRODUCTION: Increasing emotional connection between Alexandra and the player, opening up sex after the completion of the quest storyline.
- LONG-TERM UBER-GOAL: Develop Good Alexandra and several other female NPCs into a team working to help the citizens of the city and deal with monster threats, à la Charlie's Angels. Would probably be first built as a 'special ending' if all members are met and helped to a sufficient point, though in-game content could also be made.

4> Police Station Quest: This is the main thrust of the events taking place at the Police Station and Alexandra's attempts to set it up as a shelter with the player's assistance.
- Food Supplies: Alexandra's first task for the player, she tells them the police station shelter needs supplies to feed rescued civilians.
- Automatons 1 (Jimmy): The player is sent to investigate the Automaton activity in the Capitol Building area. Jimmy the Corgi is rescued, resulting in the station's first citizen.
- Medical Supplies (Paula): A trip w/Alexandra is made to gather medical supplies, during which a survivor named Paula may be rescued from some of the hospital staff as they turn her into another Vixen Nurse.
- POTENTIAL: Revision of Medical Supplies fight to allow for game over/loss of Alexandra to the Horny Doctor.
- DONE: Survivor Group: Searching the Urban Forest locates a large group of mostly-human survivors who'll need escorting to the station. Adds more background material to room descriptions and dialog for the various NPCs. Population is dynamic - potentially growing, shrinking and/or becoming increasingly infected by events and player/NPC activity.
- Automatons 2 (Prisoner): Further investigation of the Automatons leads to an advanced model with (smug/evil) personality to be captured and incarcerated in the lockup to prevent further misdeeds.
- PENDING: Task 6: Unknown task before things come to a head with Automatons 3. Should contain passing mention of spotting an Automaton in the area of the Police Station upon return. May or may not result in another NPC or general population increase. Could also be a red herring.
- PENDING: Automatons 3 (Raid): A mass of Automatons suddenly advance upon the police station to rescue what turns out to be their leader/creator/puppetmaster. The player must fend off the 'zombie horde', then charge to the jail cell to face the master Automaton. Failure at any point results in game over as the police station is taken over. Fleeing results in the loss of the Police Station and all its current inhabitants. Success results in saving the station, a tangible reward (armour/weapon?) and opening up sex w/Good Alexandra.
- PENDING: Sex (finally) with Good Alexandra as the coming crisis leads her and the player to realize how much she's come to care for the player.
- PENDING: Endings for the Good Alexandra path based on partial or full completion of the quest as well as failed completion during the raid.

5> Other tasks: These are other tasks which are intermixed with those for the main quest. They exist to space out the main quest content with other events, add other sources of NPCs and muddy the waters further on what's building up in the story until it comes to a head.
- Hints about other locations and NPCs in the game to help players find content they've not seen and to flesh out the world. These mainly focus on the key NPCs which tie into the main storyline and into other NPCs even if they don't end up at the Police Station.
- Repairs: A task to make repairs and fortify the police station to be a better shelter. It is not a required task for the quest, but its level of completion will affect the difficulty during the final raid scene.
- Patrols: Repeatable - Alexandra asks the player to patrol around the area for her.
- POTENTIAL: More variation on patrol scenes, including coming across some supplies (for the shelter), one-time special scenes and rescuing another survivor from monsters.
- POTENTIAL: Other tasks. A few would be false leads while others would result in new NPCs or other forms of reward.
- DONE: Survivor Group idea reorganized to be Task 4 of the quest tasks. See above.
- POTENTIAL: A task coming from a false lead, resulting in an ambush by some creatures hoping to catch Alexandra.

6> Ancillary content:
- Coffee background scene w/Police Station NPCs to provide a character moment.
- POTENTIAL: Other background scenes w/Alexandra and/or NPCs at the Police Station.
- POTENTIAL: Expand the Police Station with more rooms and content, both to spread around the NPCs and to make it into a fuller location. Other potential rooms include the jail cells (needed for quest), the police chief's office (for sexing w/Alexandra), the weapons' lockup (inaccessible, but mentioned), the evidence lockup (inaccessible, but mentioned), etc...
- PENDING: Optional fun w/Alexandra and Jimmy once she's had sex w/the player.
- POTENTIAL: More sex scenes and interactions for Jimmy. As it's outside of the commissioner's interests, this will only get random additions unless otherwise supported.
- POTENTIAL: More sex scenes and interactions for Paula.
- POTENTIAL: Ending for Paula which results in a good ending for non-pet Sarah (similar to Candy helping her).
- Stella: An NPC who contains a mechanic to place her at either the Library or the Police Station and move her between them. She was a project for a separate commissioner.
- POTENTIAL: More scenes and interactions for Stella w/the Police Station and Library populous as part of expanding Stella as a project.
- POTENTIAL: Provide other suitable NPCs with Stella's ability to swap locations. Best assigned to new NPCs, though may be possible with a few existing ones. This should be limited to saner NPCs and non-sexpet NPCs, as the player would not want to introduce them to Good Alexandra.
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Re: Project: Alexandra the Doberman Cop

Postby Savriss » Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:25 am

Alexandra is being pushed forwards, with more quest details and people to fight. The branches will continue to widen, with both good and bad versions getting more quests, sex and affects on the game world.
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