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Project Overview

Postby Wahn » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:36 pm

Since it was asked for the suggestion box, here is a little list of projects from my perspective:

Active Projects on my end:
David+Brutus (wip)
Nermine (subby with Jackalman)

Ready to pick up again (got ideas and so on, but with my timetable fully booked with commissions, it'll take bonus hours or a comm to get to these)
Satyr Frat (more satyr fun, and also lets bring in the nymphs)
Gorillas (public/group lockerroom fun)
Centaur Herd (Jill and maybe Sandy as chars)
Spartans (more events, maybe a group in which someone slowly turns)
Spidertaurs (more Zephias & his catch and release soldier, events with Aelias)
Carl (a playfully dominant Carl [during sex] was once proposed for example, to take care of submissive players)
Chris the orc (breeder/warrior/human paths)
Santa Claws + Christmas Elves
Elijah (good/evil)
Mike + Human Dogs (walks in the park, dog-sitting, quests)
The Farm (Anthony, Corbin, Wendy)
Fiona the catgirl (interactions in the bunker, quests)
Trevor Labs underground (the master, etc.)

Inactive projects without further plans currently (to my knowledge):
Tristian & his bro

Limbo (hard to pick up on, since they are WIPs by others)
Shawn+Duke (one of our newbie writers started on really impressive content for them, but sadly hasnt had time to continue since)
Farm Gryphon (same as above)
Farm Catgirl (ditto)
Equinoids (not sure about Stripes plans)
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