Project: Stables Repairs/Upgrades

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Project: Stables Repairs/Upgrades

Postby TigerStripes » Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:21 am

Original Developers: Sarokcat and Verath
Current Developer: Stripes (but open to others)
Commissioner: Savriss has donated some time, but there's loads of work here if others want to chip in.
Commissioner: Others have donated towards various updates and improvements to Onyx in particular.
Status: Waiting
Completion: Unclear

NOTE: As this project deals in part with repairing/updating a section of older content that was never fully completed, its level of completion is unclear.

IN-PRODUCTION: Portions of the content which are partially completed and being expanded upon now or in the future.
NEXT: The content planned to come out with the current donation.
PENDING: The content which is part of the overall plan and will eventually be produced as the project is completed.
POTENTIAL: Extra content which may or may not be made. Some of these might be made while fulfilling the main PENDING content or as random improvements, but otherwise would need specific interest to be created.
DONE: Content just added.

Rough outline:
The Stables is based off a project idea created by and with a lot of initial writing input from Verath. Sarokcat helped with the coding and did a lot of the later writing, but was unable to complete it before his departure. It provides an equine-centric area inspired by the 'Golf Store' background event during which the player hides from a group of equine slavers. It contains a quest to free a prisoner (Onyx) and a means to become the ruler of the hotel-brothel that is the Stables by progressively gaining a permanent Nightmare infection. There are several NPCs in the location dealing with those quests.

Progression History:
<Extensive additions predating this document. Here are the noteworthy additions seen since Dec 2012, broken down by related sections.>

Jan 22, 2013: Giraffe added to provide herm and added variety to monster population.
May 13, 2013: Anal scene added to Donkeyman.
Aug 22, 2013: Submissive player ending for Donkeyman.
Sept 1, 2014: Titty-fuck player loss scene added.
Dec 6, 2014: Conditional cross-contamination for the Donkeywoman. Also special player loss scene for male Donkeyman player against Donkeywoman.
Dec 13, 2014: Victory sex for male Stables-equine players against the Mareslut.

Stables Events:
Some minor updates and corrections, but no significant updates since 2012.

Onyx - NPC/Quest
Dec 31, 2012: Post-rescue M/M content for male-Onyx at the bunker.
Jan 29, 2013: Post-rescue M/F content for male-Onyx at the bunker.
Feb 2, 2013: Addition of Velos musing upon Onyx.
Apr 6, 2014: Mechanics and variables for Onyx revamped and added to saveword. Dom-player sex scenes added.
May 21, 2014: Post-rescue female Onyx at Palomino added.
This complete's Onyx's arc, though more scenes can always be added.
Nov 14, 2014: Post-rescue subby male version added w/a few sex scenes.

Oct 27, 2014: Sex, impregnation and MILFy goodness with the Stablemaster player.

Aug 30, 2014: Added sex between her and the Stablemaster player.
Dec 5/6, 2014: Additional sex scenes w/Stablemaster player.

Stables Quest - Stablemaster/Nightmare:
Nov 27, 2014: Early portions of the quest have been tweaked and revised
- Leather duster is now an armour item.
- The early stages of the quest up to the completion of the 'Hardware Fort' event have been tweaked for improved function.
- Early quest events now open and close as needed.

Project Details:
The Stables project contains several large components which have some degree of interaction between them. The main parts listed above will be broken down separately, though there is some overlap and connectivity between Daisy to both quests.

1> Monsters: The stables began with an initial starting set of 5 monsters (Horseman, Mareslut, Stallionboi, Donkeyman and Donkeywoman) to which only the Giraffe has been added to date. There had been an independent project to make a (Feral?) Hippogryph creature (created by experimental cross-infection) by a fan, but it never saw completion and the forum reset has resulted in the loss of the minimal data and the contact name of the fan dev.
- POTENTIAL: Add player victory scenes against the creatures still lacking in this area.
- POTENTIAL: Revive the Hippogryph idea. An interested writer/dev can content me about the details I recall to help provide a starting point.
- POTENTIAL: Add other critters to help further populate the area. Some notes on the current creature breakdown for the area can be found in this posting.

2> Stables Events: There is a collection of events to encounter while exploring the Stables area. Some additions and improvements have been made to the initial set that was first released. The number of events is presently sufficient, though the addition of a few non-background ones would be acceptable.
- POTENTIAL: Review the 'hyenahorsemeet' event to ensure the scene variations for hyena gang rank still work.
- POTENTIAL: Addition of a few more non-background events. This is a low priority, especially until some more critters have been added.

3> Onyx/NPC Quest: The first of the two quests made for the Stables area, this one was only partially completed until recent updates and revisions filled in the post-rescue gaps. At this point, the content is pretty much completed with post-quest sex for all four outcomes for Onyx - rescued/stabled and male/female.
- POTENTIAL: Add more sex scenes and variations to the various possible quest outcomes for Onyx.
- POTENTIAL: Threesome scenes w/male Onyx and others at the library.
- POTENTIAL: Threesome scenes w/female Onyx and others at the Palomino.
- POTENTIAL: Threesome w/Daisy and a stabled (female) Onyx after becoming the Stablemaster.

4> Daisy: Daisy is a tie-in NPC to Onyx, but she also has a minor connection to the main Stables Quest. Her part in the Onyx quest is largely complete, as she should not become available for sex until after the Stables Quest is completed. At present, that post-quest sex content has not been written.
- DONE: Sex w/Daisy after becoming the Stablemaster.
- POTENTIAL: Additional sex w/Stablemaster player.
- POTENTIAL: Threesome w/Fancy after becoming the Stablemaster.
- POTENTIAL: Threesome w/Daisy and a stabled (female) Onyx after becoming the Stablemaster.

5> Fancy: Fancy is the NPC managing the main Stables Quest, being both the main source of information and the deliverer of each progressive stage of the Nightmare infection. She, like Daisy, should probably not become open to sex with the player until after completing the Stables Quest, though that may not be as strict - review of quest content would be required to make certain on this point. At present, that post-quest sex content has not been written.
- DONE: Sex w/Fancy after becoming the Stablemaster.
- POTENTIAL: Additional sex w/Stablemaster player.
- POTENTIAL: Sex w/Fancy for helping Onyx and Daisy by completing the Onyx quest.
- POTENTIAL: Threesome w/Daisy after becoming the Stablemaster.

6> Stables Quest - Stablemaster/Nightmare: This is the main portion of the Stables content, the driving force quest throughout the narrative. During this, the player (prompted by Fancy's desire for new management), encourages the player to take over the hotel-brothel as the new Stablemaster. While the main body of the quest is constructed, there is very little in the way of post-content material (sex as Stablemaster w/various NPCs). There is also a lot of repairs, streamlining and overall corrections to be made to the quest itself. Aside from new sex scenes, this is the bulk of the work to be done on completing this project.
- IN-PRODUCTION: Update quest fights to account for win/loss/flee properly.
- DONE: Change 'trenchcoat/duster' into an equipment item instead of a feat.
- PENDING: Review Nightmare infection ensure its working properly and functions w/updated gender locks, etc.
- PENDING: Review text of quest scenes.
- IN-PRODUCTION: Check and correct quest events to make them only open when needed.
- PENDING: Sex w/Slutslave.
- PENDING: Overall review of mechanics and systems, possibly altering variables to the quest data can be saved.
- POTENTIAL: Convert the Stablemaster permanent infection into a more semi-permanent system. This requires meticulous review of all other permanent infections to make sure they all account for this adjustment. Some forum notes on this are listed HERE and in the related messages around it.
- POTENTIAL: Improve/update/add variations to the 'training Slutslave' mechanic.
- IN-PRODUCTION: Post-quest sex w/various NPCs, as mentioned in their content.

Much of the above updates, both pending and potential, are open to anyone to work on. The exception to this is most of the material dealing with repairs or adjustments to the Stables Quest and the Nightmare infection itself and should only be undertaken by Wahn or myself, given their complexity and need to maintain functionality. The mechanics surrounding permanent infections and how they interact w/each other and the semi-permanent infections is very complex and should not be played around with lightly, lest multiple quests be broken in ways that cannot be found until the bugs start crawling out of the woodwork.

NOTE: I will set a few of the above to the NEXT status once I've had a better opportunity to review what I might get done with the time assigned. If you plan on working on one of these in the near future, be sure to let me know and plans can be adjusted accordingly.
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