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Re: Project: Amy

Postby Savriss » Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:17 am

In most of the stuff I've commissioned, I've tried to leave obvious leap-on points for other people to commission stuff that they like and I am not interested in pursuing; Alpha Fang being especially one of these in that I've tried to ensure there is at least a display of the potential plots regarding both Alexandra and Amy. However, once that option is presented, my further commissions are almost universally spent on expanding stories for an alpha PC (Angie is the obvious exception to the rule here) .

There is some content laid out for future commissions between Carl and Amy and I have some ideas for interactions between Carl, Fang and Alexandra.

I don't particularly imagine Amy as being dominant, while she may become more confident in a higher role I imagine her as both cooperative and conciliatory. I am considering scenes with her standing up for herself and still offering a hand in compromise.

Beyond the initial choice of dominant or submissive, there is no mechanic for switching the NPCs. I agree that one would be nice but I can imagine that would cause lots and lots of variable issues. However, I can see a scene named 'Too many alphas' in which everyone is dominant and the a confrontation erupts, with the PC having to influence one or more library members being knocked off a dominant role and into a submissive role. I also think having a weighting system where some NPCs, if left to long without the PC choosing, will shake out the pack order themselves, with ensuing scenes to inform the PC when they return.
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Re: Project: Amy

Postby JohnWangJohnson » Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:46 pm

Is there anything to mention as updated regarding this project?

Either more stuff written, mapped out or planned?

I have to admit I'm quite curious how you're viewing the hierarchy thing at the moment.
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Re: Project: Amy

Postby Savriss » Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:49 am

Hey there,

I've not given much more thought to it since last we spoke, Christmas being what it is. As January rolls out, I'm going to be starting with small commissions for Nermine and Alexandra but heading into February, I'll be looking to expand other projects, Amy included.

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Re: Project: Amy

Postby Samsquatch » Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:18 am

I think it would be interesting to explore Amy's mental development. My impression of her is that she's naturally curious and is developing into a real intellectual. Her interaction with Snow complimenting her mechanical skills reinforces that. I think it would be interesting to develop that further. Perhaps have her ask the player about things she's only read about in books, leading to a series of trips outside with the player to "show her the world." The player might explain various things to her (perhaps with varying dialogues based on the player's intelligence). Maybe she can work together with Snow to do something more industrious? Maybe set up a workshop where they can tinker with old radios or something? Meredith, being a scientist herself, might be a good candidate to tutor or shape Amy's development as well.

Some characters have a sliding scale that goes between intellectual and horny, where one seems to take away from the other. Amy is a memorable character because she is both, and that's kind of sexy. Actually, if she had some librarian glasses for a scene, that might be pretty interesting.
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Re: Project: Amy

Postby lanaroady » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:33 am

JohnWangJohnson wrote:
Savriss wrote:I think it just is lower in my priority list.

Fair enough.
After all, there is the scene where Fang takes Alexandra in dominance over you.

Which would be fine with me as a placeholder for more stuff later if it was something other than a one-off.

...And if it's not a one-off piece of content now then I'd love to know how I missed that but that's a separate point.
I'm way more intrigued by your pack order suggestion and contemplating how to include that.

Thinking about it, couldn't the pack order thing be a means of manipulating Carl and Fang into different dominance states than they're currently at? I mean, most canine pack animals do seem to generally trend towards an alpha female rather than an alpha male as the dominant leader. Seems there could be something there.

Pack order could also be used to determine frequency of this or that inter-canine-follower sex scenes. The lower on the pole you are, the more often others are fucking that follower rather than being fucked by them - in terms of dominance. ...That'd necessitate varying versions of npc on npc parts of sex scenes which would probably be a nightmare.


If the carl was right then why we are in a need to manipulate the fact ? as you can clear seen on sex scene there
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