What is New

bullet04/2/2004: Added the Example Unit page to make mass combat smoother.
I forgot to note the existence of the Mass Combat page.
bullet03/14/2004:Updated the Profile page.
bullet1/16/2004: Updated the Profile page.
bullet1/5/2004: Added the Mad Science page for a better alternative system for heresy.
bullet1/1/2004: Happy New Year!  Also, a page that lists EVERY SINGLE special in the game has been made at http://scworlds.net:8765/Specials that is updated live and can be filtered for class. Enjoy.
Just couldn't stop myself. Merit and Flaw listing page added as well.
bullet12/26/2003: Created a banner for linking to the site.
                  Synthesis Guide created.
bullet12/12/2003: Added Synthesis Explained to the logs page.
bullet12/11/2003: Added the features page.
bullet09/25/2003: Shifted to www.scworlds.net, though scross.homeip.net will still draw up the page.
bullet05/02/2003: Job Listing is updated, woo!
bullet04/18/2003: System Mechanics updated, fixed an error that said spells could be called shots.
bullet04/14/2003: Added several articles to the Oracle.
bullet04/09/2003: Added a new log, Barbarian's Tears, a play, to the log section.
bullet04/08/2003: Added the Magic Taint page.
bullet04/05/2003: Updated the Oracle.
bullet04/04/2003: Updated System Mechanics and the Oracle.
bullet03/21/2003: Added Oracle articles page and a site map.
bullet03/21/2003: Slake added to the profile page.
bullet03/11/2003: Iron Hall added to the guilds page.
bullet02/27/2003: Wounded lands, a write up on the northern continent, added.
bullet01/30/2003: Wutai posted to culture page.
bullet01/29/2003: Player Profiles updated, Advanced Combat Moves updated, Night of Tears added to logs section.














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