Views on Corps

    Daravon, As Seen By Paco Jones, Windshield-Wiper: Computers, circuitry, the Matrix, all that great stuff. Not that it helps me a single bit, except when one of the kiddies just has to have one of their new game systems, or really, really needs some kind of beeping, buzzing, shitting and puking electronic doll. Me and my paycheck would've been a lot happier if they'd have stuck to grown-up stuff.

    Daravon, As Reported By Aristotle Wren, Managerial Director: Daravon, which has quickly begun buying up our market share in the computer research industry, poses a viable threat to the stagnancy erected by the other three 'Mega Corporations' that have lasted until now. The introduction of a workable Matrix design and their near-total control over the prototype and code release has solidified their position, but they're still very, very far from being the only ones in their field.

    Herculean Arms, A Perspective By 'The Rat,' Made Man: When you need a piece or you want something that'll cover your own ass, you pick it up at the five-and-dime. When you want something you can trust your life to, you go up and see Herculean. The showroom they have for their new models makes you want to start a revolution or something, but the stuff they sell to us working stiffs ain't half bad either. Come up with enough for a custom fitting, and they treat you like royalty while taking the order. That, my friends, is service.

    Herculean Arms, Press Report: Coming out with their new line of personal defense handguns, 'The Armistice' model of handguns has already set off a storm of applause and congratulations by the city's elite. Made to contour expertly with most body shapes, the Armisitice is vaunted as the fashionable answer to daily defense. Herculean Arms, noted best for it's weapons and armor production, has just recently stepped into the fashion world to cater to a growing need among executive bodyguards, and also for their bid to supply the city's power grid. While bids are still being counted, competition is fierce with Herculean's own advanced energy designs improving by the day.

    GoGoCorp, In Imelda Tvanich's, Mother of Six, Own Words: They charged an arm and a leg, fittingly, for little Jim's new lung when he got caught in that drive by. Haven't regretted a penny of it, even if they probably did the work on that spastic muscle-control of the bastardo who was firing the gun. You've got to take the bad with the good, and without GoGoCorp, those hospitals would probably go back to using leeches.

    GoGoCorp, Interoffice Memorandum: New line of prosthetic muscle is coming along nicely. Infiltrators from Top Star and Herculean have been rumored to be around the R&D lab, but reports are sketchy at best. Proceed carefully; we've got a lot of what they want, and none of them would be shy about taking it in ways other than stock meetings.

    Top Star, The Inside Story, by Robert Reech: From pg. 231, hypertext edition, 'Top Star, having had it's roots before the great international council, has certainly exceeded itself today. What can't be grown or made in most cities in shipped in from others by Top Star, who've maintained a tight control over most teledimensional technologies which allow for a speedy and very efficient freight business. One of the few large corporations to actually stick with the government, the contracts for providing the currency backing and security for the inner city is what makes them a day-to-day fact of life for every town, city, and country.'

    Top Star, Memo from VP Bakewell to VP Armstrong: Those bastards are bleeding us dry on the construction material shipment prices. If this keeps up, we'll end up hiring their own goons from them to stage a strike. Hell, we've been in the red -for five months- because of those bloodsuckers.