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Base Stats: Go from one to 50. Every five points above twenty, which is average, is +1 success to actions related to that stat. Every five points below is -1 sucess.

Strength - Your physical ability to move things around and exert force. Swinging a sword hard, pounding metal with a hammer, moving rocks, and other physical exertions require strength. Wearing heavy armor also requires strength and stamina.

Dexterity - Flexibility, speed, agility. A character with high dexterity will show an aptitude with juggling, swinging swords accurately, dancing, and other feats of agility. 

Stamina - Toughness, Health. Stamina determines how much abuse a character can take before becoming seriously injured. It also determines how much endurance the character has during long or hard activities before growing tired. Willpower can sometimes extend stamina (pushing yourself past your limit). Stamina is injured with the installation of biological modifications. If stamina is reduced to zero, you don't survive the surgery/process. Very sad.

Perception - Your ability to notice things quickly and thoroughly. Sherlock holmes had a high perception. Snipers and bowmen also need high perception to have good aim. It is much like the mental version of Dexterity.

Intelligence - Your ability to think things through logically to a reasonable conclusion. This does not denote how quickly you come to the conclusion, which is a combination of Intelligence and Perception, but more of how accurate your conclusions tend to be. It is much like the mental version of Strength.

Willpower - Your ability to resist mental tampering and mental fortitude. A person with high willpower can ignore impulses to flee and tend to take things head on with little hesitation. It can also be a measure of how stubborn someone is. It is much like the mental version of Stamina

Magery - Your connection to the ambient magic of the world. Those with high magery have the potential to become very powerful mages. Magery is damaged with the addition of cybernetic additions which hamper the flow of energy through the body. When magery drops to 0, you begin to die of cancer, organ failure, and basically rot from the inside out. It's very similiar to what happens to those who venture into space.

Appearance - Your physical attractiveness in the eyes of the average person. Attractive qualities in the Empire for males include broad shoulders, defined muscles, clean clothing, either clean shaven, or thick bearded, but not inbetween. For females, if non human, long tails, fair sized chest, large hips and blue eyes are the current 'appealing'. Human females are found to be attractive if a bit taller than the male, and have small feet. Yes, this can sound a bit odd, but to each their own. Your own characters measure of beauty can vary.

Cyberspace - When dealing with the online world, Intelligence replaces Strength, Perception replaces Dexterity, and Willpower replaces Stamina.


Basic Skills

Basic skills are the vast majority of skills. It's what you learn in books, on the streets, and from your teachers. Any skill that isn't a physical adaptation or magical talent, it's a basic skill.

Skills go from one to fifty, with fifty being complete and total mastery and twenty being proficiency.

Skills also have subskills. For example, the melee skill is your ability to swing around a weapon, any weapon, but melee/swords is specific to swords. If you do NOT use a subskill, you suffer a +1 difficulty. No subskill can raise above its host skill in rating. So, if you have 10 melee, you can have, at most, 10 melee/swords.


Tiers - Tiers and professions are your friend. They say what sort of training/experience you've had growing up and moving along in your career, whatever it is you do. We have these professions, and sub-professions, available.

bulletCorp - Working Stiff, Accountant, Troubleshooter, Supervisor.
bulletGutterpunk - Cutpurse, Fixer, Bruiser, and Dealer.
bulletWirehead - Ganger, Soldier. Cyber Cowboy - Hacker, Programmer, Security Specialist.
bulletMercenary - Beat Cop, Bodyguard, and Killer.
bulletMage - Blood Mage, Sacrificial, Faith Harvester, Materia User, Mentalist


Weapons and Armor

All weapons have two primary stats, damage potential, and stopping power. Stopping power is the ability to punch through defensive armor. If a weapon has superior stopping power to an armor's shielding potential, then it can apply its full damage potential and can inflict criticals. If the stopping power is less, but no more than half, the chance of criticals is eliminated, but full damage can commence. If lower than half, the entire attack is for naught, this weapon is simply too weak and pathetic to bother this armor.


Hit Points - Stamina times three plus the special skill of Raise-HP times two. Simple, no? If you run out of hit points, you collapse and pass out. If you fall to a negative amount equal to your stamina, then you die of shock. You can die before hitting this level due to criticals. Hit point damage reflects bruising, pain, and blood loss.


Special Skills - Magic spells, physical adaptations, and strange abilities all fall under the umbrella of Special Skills. Special skills are easier for some professions than others, depending on the particular special skill. They are rated one to fifty, like basic skills and stats and are more expensive than basic skills.


Criticals - Criticals are specific damage incurred from worldly trauma. Being burnt, shot, slashed, falling, having things fall on you, etc. Criticals run the gamut from taking a few extra hit points of damage to a broken bone to instant grisly death.


EMP - Oops, you got hit with an electro-magnetic pulse.. and you have cyberware. That's got to sting.. You take twice as many hitpoints in damage as the stamina penalty worth of cyber in you. You also take an 'A' electricty critical for every twenty points of damage (round up).


AI - Artificial Intelligence. The pinnacle of computer technology! AI is available to purchase at variable levels, depending on who's doing the buying. The base model available to anyone can be programmed to have an effective rating of 20 in one or more skills. Corps can easilly order models with skills at fifty, and illegal models exist exceeding human potential. The higher the rating an AI has, the more limited it is in what it does. AI do not experience emotion, though some are trained to respond to it.


Hitting Things - So you have a gun, or a pipe, or a fancy schmancy ripper and you want to teach that perp a lesson about bar-room etiquette, eh? Let's assume it's your turn.

bulletMelee: If you're using a club, a ripper, a pipe, or any other sort of handheld impact based weapon, it's melee. If you're standing out in the middle of an open field, you would +check Dexterity:Melee/(appropriate subskill)+(any bonii you have from tiers). This is your to-hit. If you fail this roll(0 succs), then you just flat out miss. If you botch(-1 succ or less), you take an A unbalancing critical, loser. Modify your difficulty (which is usually 7) if the playing field is advantageous/deterimental to the process. It's harder to swing a sword on oil slicked ground.
bulletYour victim can try to dodge, rolling Dexterity:Defense/Dodge. If they meet your succs, they get out of the way. If they get at least half your succs, the severity of any critical scored is reduced by one grade.
bulletIf your opponent is holding something of their own, they could try to parry you. Parrying works like dodging for the most part, with one delicious extra, if their Dexterity:Defense/Parry beats your to-hit by over 50%, then you lose your weapon and it goes flying 1d10 yards in a random direction.
bulletFirearms: What, you're shooting the bastard? Now you're talking my language. First, figure out how much cover your target has, if any. If your target has no cover at all, your difficulty is already reduced to 6. If they're within the point blank range of your weapon, reduce it by another one. If in long range, increase by one, if in extreme, increase by two. Use this chart for cover:
bullet25% Hard Cover or 50% Soft Cover: +1 difficulty
bullet50% Hard cover or 100% Soft Cover: +2 difficulty
bullet75% Hard Cover: +3 difficulty
bullet90% Hard Cover: +4 difficulty
bullet100% Hard Cover: .. Try again.
bulletSo you make your roll, let's say the idiot is right in front of you, without any cover at all. So, +check Perception:Ranged/Shotguns vs 5. We are using a shotgun, they're fun, and make a big mess. Your succs are a to-hit, just like melee. If you fail(0), you missed, ha ha. If you botch, your weapon acts up and is unusuable for the encounter, I do hope you brought a spare. Stuck weapons can be fixed with 1d3 rounds of work and a successful Intelligence:Crafts/(Type of gun) vs 10.

The options for defense against firearms is limited. For the most part, your best defense is just not being there. Thusly, Dodge is the primary option.
bulletThe difficulty of dodging depends on how much cover there is around you and how close you are to it.
bulletThere is no cover, the best you can do is drop flat: +4 difficulty
bulletThere's cover, but you'll have to run and dive to get to it: +3 difficulty
bulletYou don't have to run, but you will be diving: +2 difficulty
bulletJust step back: +1 difficulty
bulletJust duck down a little: Standard.
bulletIf your cover prevents you from moving without leaving it, well, you'll just have to hope it does its job and forfeit your dodge.
bulletLike melee, a complete dodge nulls the attack, and if you get at least half, you reduce the severity of an incoming critical by one grade.
bulletBrawl: What's wrong with you boy?! Ok ok, so you want to punch or bite or something, or maybe you have some nice cybernetic claws, or you're one of those animal folk. Look up at Melee, works exactly the same, but with Brawl instead of Melee. There is a vital difference. Instead of losing your weapon on a good parry, the melee'er gets to attack you if they parry and beat your to-hit by over 50%. The kicker is, you don't get a dodge. It pays to be armed.
bulletVehicular: Ok, so you're driving along, and some asshole bumps into you. In the old days, you'd just flip him the chocobo, but not anymore. Your brand new Herculean StreetSweeper 120 is waiting for a test run! Now, if you were aiming at a person, you'd go at it with the normal firearms rules, with a +1 difficulty for every 30 MPH you're moving in comparison to the target. But let's assume we're still aiming at that other car. For one, cars are large, so -1 difficulty right off the top. Cars don't have 'cover', per se, but instead of armor plating over vital components. The armor itself will have what difficulty modifier it has. If the car has no armor -at all-, you get another -1 difficulty.
bulletLike firing at a stationary object, your relative speeds matter. If you're both side by side at about the same speed, no problem, but if you're zipping away, sideways, or towards the guy at any great speed, the shot gets tricky. For every 30 MPH of difference, +1 difficulty to the shot. Fortunately for you, many mounted guns come with targetting systems.
bulletNow, the other guy might want to make your shot harder. You can't 'dodge' in a car so much as make it a pain to get a lock on you. The victim, if he's doing such a thing, should roll Dexterity:Drive/(Car/Vehicle Type) vs 12, every success that he scores is +1 difficulty to your shot. If a defensive move is made, another roll has to be made, the difficulty being the car's 'daredevil rating'. If the driver fails this check, the car is out of control and zooms in a random direction for the round. If botched, the car crashes immediately into the nearest object and takes a 'B' Vehicular critical.
bulletRamming with Vehicles: Sometimes you need to make the message personal. In this case, your to-hit is Dexterity:Drive/(Vehicle type). Your victim's only option for salvation is getting the hell out of the way. Dexterity:Athletics/Jumping vs 9. The attack is considered crushing and does +1 damage for every MPH you were moving. If the target was wearing an exoskeleton or something equally as resilient, your vehicle also takes an A critical from impact. The mark of the crushing assault is the tonnage class of the vehicle. Being hit by a bike isn't the same thing as a tank.
bulletIf you feel like ramming another vehicle, it's a contested roll, meaning the to-hit and dodge are the same thing. A miss could mean bumping into something, know the terrain. The bonus damage from speed is -relative-. bumping someone side-to-side has an effective MPH of 0, and won't do horrible amounts of damage. Smashing into someone head-on will do incredible amounts.. to both of you.

Feats of Strength: To make a feat of strength, compare your strength to this here chart. If your strength is at or higher than what you're trying to do, you can do it. Easy no? If you want to try it anyway, roll Willpower vs 12. Every success is 5 more points of strength for that instant. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. This roll may not be repeated in case of failure.

10 Break a pencil, crush a soda can.
15 Break a flimsy chair
20 Break an average chair
25 Batter down your average wooden door
30 Punch a hole through a wood wall.
35 Throw a man five yards
40 Break a two by four
45 Force a maglock (requires a contested strength vs rating of the lock)
50 Break open a metal fire door
55 Flip over a small car
60 Break a three-inch lead pipe or punch through a cement wall
65 Rip open a steel drum
70 Punch through 1" sheet metal
75 Throw cars(2 tons)

 Furries and hybrids: They existed quite commonly before 1300 AH, but now they're a little more rare. If you want to be an animal person, you have three basic options open to you, each with its own upside and downside. It should be noted that you are an effective minority, so a few slurs may ruin an otherwise peachy day.

bulletNatural:You're all natural baby. One of the rare bloodlines that remained true to its animal nature through the centuries. You chargen completely as normal. If you decide to breed, the child will be of the mother's species. You are assumed to have the biomods of claws and/or teeth as appropriate for your species, but no others. You do NOT pay stamina for these and they do not appear on your sheet.
bulletBio-Construct: You were created with a purpose. Gain +10 in one stat, and -5 in three others. The -5 may not reduce a stat under 1, but the +10 can push it over 50. You are sterile. Hell, you might not even have those parts.. You are definitely owned by someone who has a vested interest in what you do, seeing as you cost them a pretty penny. Like the natural types, you may have claws and/or teeth assumed. They won't appear on your sheet, and you pay no stamina for them. Your owning corp/group may decide on any one loyalty cyber/bio mod to have installed on you. You pay the magery/stamina cost.
bulletPost-Production: You were born human, and went fuzzy. Your reasons are your own. Chargen as normal, but you gain up to three points of these biomods: Fur, Balance Tail, Prehensile Tail, Claws, Teeth, Select Hearing, Hearing Amp, Smell Amp, or Select Smell. You must pay the stamina costs for these. For breeding purposes, you're still human. Note, you will probably (unless you don't want to) look completely furry, but the biomods you pick are the ones you actually gain advantage from. You can always buy others later to finish the package.

Stun: Many times criticals will stun you. Stun rounds stack up on each other, building and building. While you are stunned, you make all your rolls at +3 difficulty, making it harder to score succs. If you pile up more rounds than your Stamina or Willpower (Whichever is greater), then you pass out from the shock. While unconscious, stun rounds will pass at triple normal rate.

Defensive: Sometimes criticals will say you have to spend rounds 'in the defensive' or 'parrying' This means, all non-defense actions suffer +2 difficulty. To your advantage, you get -1 difficulty to defending yourself since that's all you're doing. If you wish, you can go defensive of your own will at the start of any turn.

Disarming: Disarming can be done with basically any non-explosive weapon. Machine guns, pistols, rifles, clubs, swords, what have you. To attempt it, roll Dexterity(or perception if ranged):(type)/Disarm vs 10. By type I mean the class of weapon, ranged or melee. Disarming with brawl is possible, but requires at least five points of Martial-Arts. As usual, if you don't have the subskill (disarm), then you suffer +1 diff and have to try at vs 11.  Assuming you don't fail, the victim has two options, roll with your force, or try to directly oppose it. At this time, the attacker should add the Mk. rating of his weapon to his roll as succs.

bulletIf opposing, the opponent does a Strength:(weapon class) vs 9 check If they fail by under 50%, the weapon is knocked aside and they'll be at -15 to their next attack with it. If by over 50%, the weapon goes flying. If they beat you by under 50%, they keep their weapon ready. If over 50%, and it was a brawling or melee disarm, they can push you back on your ass, giving you -10 for the next round.
bulletIf moving with the flow, a more difficult move, Dexterity:(Weapon class)/Disarm vs 11 is rolled. Same rules for failure, but, if succeeding by over 50%, the attacker will find their weapon disarmed instead. This only works against melee/brawlers. You cannot ricochet a bullet back to knock the gun out of a sniper's hands.

Yielding Initiative: Many criticals affect initiative. In this case, the victim of the critical must reduce their initiative, if it's not already low enough, below the initiative of the person who inflicted the critical. Let's say Bob and Joe get in a fight. Bob hits joe with an initiative yielding critical. Next round, Bob rolls 4 and Joe gets 5 initiative. Joe must reduce his initiative to 3, one under Bob, due to being shaken/unbalanced/whatever from the critical.

Selling Stolen Cars: So you jacked a car, did you? And now you want to get rid of it? Well, ok. The base price of a car is 15 eGil multiplied by its resource requirement. Consult this chart for modifiers:

Factor Multiplier
Every success on an Intelligence:Streetwise/Black Market vs 11 1.25
The car is only sold to corpers 2.0
The car is luxury. 2.0
The car can fly 1.25
The car flies independently 1.5
The car is not 'hot'. 1.25