System Mechanics
Up Gaia's Wrath


Now that you have your character sheet all done, I'm sure you're wondering how to put it to use. Before we get into the nitty gritty of the system, let me remind of a few basic RP principles.

A) If you don't need to roll something, don't. If you and someone else are willing to assume that something does or does not work, don't bother rolling for it. When everyone agrees and has decided, there's no need for such things to slow down the story. Especially minor magics fall into this category and are known as Cantrips

Cantrip - Cantrips can be cast without check or bother because they're extremely minor in impact. Using fire to light your pipe, for example, is a cantrip.

B) If you don't see a rule or ability that you need for your character, come to me (Nuku) or Ice. and we might be able to work something out. Reasonable requests are very rarely turned away.

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That aside, let's see how some things work.

Your basic roll is Stat+Skill+Subskill. To do a roll like this, try typing +check Perception+Crafts+Crafts/Sewing.

Your total in all these things is added up, then divided by 5, this is how many dice the program will roll with 20 sides. For every dice that comes up 11 or greater, you gain a success. If you roll a 20, 2 successes are gained instead. If you roll a 1, you lose a success. The total successes are shown. You can use the chart below to see how well you did.

  1. Your shirt barely fits, it feels like it has a draft, and has offensive clashing colors!
  2. Well, it fits, but it still feels bad, and your choice of colors leaves much to be desired.
  3. Not quite so drafty, it's workable, a bit dull in the colors, and it won't last very long.
  4. Workable, average. Nothing really special about it.
  5. Hey, you put my initials on it, thanks!
  6. It's made to last, and looks pretty good too
  7. It feels nice to wear, durable too, good job
  8. Wow, it looks great, feels great, how can I repay you?
  9. Fantastic! I couldn't ask for much better than this, like a dream.
  10. Are you sure you made this? It's perfect in every way.

Hit Points - Hit Points are a measure of how much damage and abuse you can receive before your condition worsens. You receive more of these for having high stamina, and the raise-hp special skill.

Critically Injured - Upon reaching 0 Hit Points, a person is said to have become Critically Injured. In this state they can do little else but gasp out a few words of agony, if they're even still conscious. If left alone, they will die in a round, +1 for every 5 points of Stamina and Willpower. To assist someone in this state, either a medicine roll equal to or greater than the number of hit points they are in the negative must be rolled, or a Raise spell successfully cast. In the case of medicine, they will be restored to 1 HP, and still in a world of pain, but stable.

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Initiative Phase - To determine who goes first in any round. Everyone involved should do a +check of Dexterity+Alertness+Alertness/Reactions. If someone ties with someone else, the one with the higher total of stats goes first. If THAT ties too, then they go at the same time. Before you start, everyone announce what they're doing in reverse order. That is, the person who goes last announces what they want to do first. If someone is casting a spell, the initiative modifier, if any, is applied directly to their initiative succs for the purposes of going first or last, but not for declaring (Besides, we don't know you're casting until you declare, right?)

Main Phase - Now everyone takes their action, from best roll on to worst. If someone is interrupted in the middle of an action before their turn, they can try to do something else instead, but have 1 less success to it each time they have to change their mind in the same round.

Haste Phase - If anyone has extra actions, repeat the main phase over again, first declare from worst to best, then act from best to worst. Do this only for those with the extra actions, repeat until everyone has used all their extra actions. It is recommended, for speed, that you keep the initiative roll you did at the start of the round. But if desired, you can reroll for each haste phase.

Allowable Actions -

Attacking - Attacking with fists, a sword, a bow, anything held or tossed. Type +weapon, if you have one, type +weapon/attack (number)=(any bonuses you may have from your professions/the current situation), for example, +weapon/attack 1=0, to swing your first weapon with no bonus. If you are attacking with your fists, use +attack/setup.
    Once you have done this, type +attack, it will inform you of how many succs you had to hit, and the proposed total damage. The person you are attacking is entitled (if they haven't used up their one defense a round) to do a defense +check (example, dexterity+defense+defense/parry). The successes on this defense take away from both the to-hit succs AND the damage inflicted. If the To-Hit is reduced to 0 or lower, the attack was deflected/dodged/whatnot, and does no damage at all.
    Assuming a hit, if the victim has no armor or special skills that would grant AC of some kind, they take the damage left (+spend HP=amount). If they do have an AC rating, from natural or artificial mean, they can roll it now, and take the successes away from the damage. At least 1 damage will be inflicted.
    The new +weapon code uses multiple subskills. If you are using a long sword, for example, your score in Melee, Melee/Swords, and Melee/Long Swords are all important to swinging well.

Talking - It's perfectly acceptable to speak in combat. Messages of a sentence or lower don't count as an action and can be done at the same time as another action is being performed. More than that and it does, taking up your entire action to get out the words.

Picking things up - Picking things up can apply a negative modifier to initiative, Use this chart to determine the extent of the penalty in successes. Picking things up count as an action.

  1. In a belt pouch or scabbard at the ready. On the back ready to grab over the shoulder.
  2. The pouch or scabbard is closed at the moment. The item is right at your feet.
  3. The item is a foot or two away, or is in your backpack which is currently open
  4. The item is up to Dexterity / 2 feet away or it's in your backpack, which is closed, but it's on the top
  5. It's in your backpack, which is closed, and it's buried. The item is up to dexterity feet away

Any more than this, and it will take the entire round, forfeiting all other actions and finishing at the end of the round, just before the start of the next.

Movement - A character can move up to Dexterity / 5 feet in a round without taking an action to do it. If the character wishes to run, they can cover Dexterity / 2 feet, but it counts as an action. A character with the special skill Fly, who is flying can cover Fly / 4 or Fly feet.

Magic - Announce that you're casting. Apply the initiative modifier to the amount of successes you got in initiative for going first or last. This has no effect on declaration order at all. Being Knocked out will cease a magic spell, as will being muted in any way.
    Offensive spells can not be defended against via Defense basic skill. If the victim has AC towards whatever element the spell is (or physical if it has none), they may roll the AC and take the succs away from the incoming damage, down to a minimum of 1 damage for a hit.

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Combat Modifiers - Things you can do to a magic or normal attack out of the ordinary

Subduing - You don't always want to kill the thing you're attacking. If you're aiming to subdue, reduce the damage done in half, but the character cannot be killed from it. If reduced to 0 HP in this way, the character will remain at 0 HP without the chance of dying from Critically Wounded status.


    If you are unsure of a roll in a situation and can't find a rule about it, make one up! If you think another roll would be better suited for the circumstances and those present agree, go for it. Many abilities are a little vague because there are so many ways they could be originated or employed, so, it's up to you to go with what feels right and what will help enhance the story you're helping to make.