Synthesis Guide

    Synthesis is the process of creation. The new synthesis method has largely replaced the old style of hammer, forge, and hours of work to create one item. Though some cling to the old ways, you are obviously not one of them, and we'll teach you how to embrace and thrive in the new land of synthesization.

Note: All words between [ and ] are things to type. Do not type the brackets.

What is a recipe?

    All things created by synthesis have a 'recipe'. A recipe consists of what materials are needed along with what element must be applied to those materials to create the desired item. Some few items share the same recipe. In this case, you must use the recipe with that specific desire in your mind, or risk getting the other item.

How do I learn recipes?

    There are several ways to learn a recipe:

  1. The most commonly used and easiest is simply to know about the object you wish to make. If you want to make clothing, pick up Crafts/Tailor, and you will intuitively pick up more and more clothing related synthesis recipes as your skill increases.
  2. You can pay for them. Find a synthesist who knows the recipe you desire, and make an offer. If they accept, they can easily tell you what the recipe is. Once you try and succeed at the recipe, it is added to your list.
  3. Experiment. Try different combinations of materials and elements and you may find something.

What recipes do I know?

    Type [+synth #list] and all the recipes you know will be listed out, along with your chance of success for each one. If you want specific information on a recipe, type [+rpinfo (name of recipe)]

How do I use a recipe?

    First, make sure you have all the ingredients you need. Many of the ingredients can be purchased from the commodity market. Type [+market] to see what is available and the estimated price for all things. Type [+market/buy (name)=(amount)] to purchase some supplies.

    Once you have the ingredients, simply type [+synth (name of recipe)]. If you don't have the recipe on your list yet, but know it, perhaps from buying it, you have to type in the full recipe, for example, [+synth Fire:Iron] or [+synth White:Brass Ingot+Paint] to create the item. Once you succeed, it will be in your list and you can create it by name.

I keep failing my synths, what am I doing wrong?!

    Don't panic. Everyone has a hard time when they're first starting. Synthesis has its own set of skills separate from those on your sheet. These skills are displayed along with your recipes in [+synth #list].

    It is recommended, to start, you make recipes that you have at least a 51% chance of success in. To increase your odds, you can buy and use an elemental crystal from the market. As you succeed in making things, your skills will raise and you will find yourself failing less often on simple items.

    There are, reportedly, items in existence that improve your chances more extremely than elemental crystals.

Why is my chance for success red?

    You have learned all you can from the recipe at this time. Whenever a synthesis skill reaches a whole new point (1.0, 2.0, 5.0, etc...), it becomes frozen for about a week. During this time, no amount of practice will raise that particular synthesis skill. This does NOT mean you can't continue synthesizing, it just means that you won't gain skill from the endeavor.

Why is my chance for success in ()'s?

    You have mastered the basics of the recipe and have a 80% chance of success. Beyond this point, all that will change is your chance for masterpiece items. The number shown between the ()'s is your masterpiece percent chance.

My recipe requires an object I don't know how to make. How can I get it?

    You need to visit the synthesis market. Type [+smarket], then type [3], and then enter in the name of the item you need. It will give you a suggested amount of gil to offer for the item, and you can enter in how much you're willing to pay. If some other synthesist wants to, they can fulfill your order, getting the money and giving you the item automatically.

    The synthesist market is a good place to check on frequently. You can sell your goods here to PCs and NPCs alike that desire for synthesized objects and are willing to pay cash for them.