Synthesis Explained

Thirteen enters, wearing her usual demeanor, and accompanied as always by her guards.  She pays the admission for herself, and four her guards to avoid any hassle, and even tips the guy taking the admission fee.


Thirteen expends 30.00 gil.


Tamaka        |[       Noble       ] |[      Commoner     ] |[13/24/25]


Name                  Caste              Life Style         App/Emp/Sub


Tamaka        |[       Noble       ] |[      Commoner     ] |[13/24/25]


  Notes: 445 gil, Short Desc(A short male dragon, wearing a loose, hooded tunic, black leather pants,


and a leather backpack.), Fertile, Brilliant and Glimmering Aura


Thirteen      |[       Noble       ] |[  Lavish Nobility  ] |[16/14/11] Mage/Licensed


  Notes: 566 gil, Vibrant Aura, (<<White)


Phoebe        |[       Noble       ] |[       Noble       ] |[18/10/ 0] Mage/Licensed


  Notes: 257 gil, Short Desc(A tall, esoteric figure, dressed in silver, white, cream, and black.  Mage


Guild symbols glitter on her vest.), Brilliant and Glimmering Aura, (<<Fire<<White)


Alindra       |[       Noble       ] |[       Noble       ] |[25/ 0/ 0] Mage/Licensed


  Notes: 447 gil, Fertile, Brilliant and Glimmering Aura, (<<White)


Machite       |[      Commoner     ] |[      Commoner     ] |[12/13/ 0] Mage/Licensed


  Notes: Short Desc(A human dressed in a crimson robe. He has brown eyes, brown hair and a lanky


physique.), Vibrant Aura, (<<Fire)


Jordan        |[       Noble       ] |[      Merchant     ] |[15/ 0/ 0] Mage/Sorceror


  Notes: 950 gil, Short Desc(Tall, fairly attractive.  Young.  Carries with him a tall, Sorcerer's


Staff.), Vibrant Aura, (>>Fire)


Nuku          |[        Pope       ] |[      Commoner     ] |[12/20/25]


  Notes: Vibrant Aura, (>>White)


Tamaka expends 5.00 gil.


Jordan expends 10.00 gil.


The skinny little squirrel taking the entry fees thanks each person that passes him, directing them towards the public auditorium(which we will use this room for), "Enjoy the lecture."


Machite moves along through the lobby, bobbing his head toward and displaying his license as he moves past the squirrel, a small smile on his face as he moves.


The auditorium is reasonably filled today. A fair number of people are interested in this 'synthesizing' thing. A large number of them are not all-together pleased looking artisans and craftspersons, perhaps displeased at something that is replacing their old ways, but they're here regardless.


Thirteen thanks the squirrel, and strides off into the auditorium.  She takes a seat at the front, and her guards array themselves in seats around her, then politely lower their pikes so as not to interfere with anyone's view.


Tamaka walks into the lobby with a hand over his pack, eyes looking amongst the crowd with a slight inquisitive tilt of his head. He rubs his chin with his other, approaching the squirrel, and then dropping the fee allotted. He nods his head, gives a faint smile, gold tooth shimmering, and then walks to the farthest seat in the auditorium, keeping far out of sight.


Jordan makes his way in, quietly.  He glances around with mild interest.  He's heard of this before, it seems... but always thought it was a tall tale.  His fiery eyes shift from person to person, as he moves to his seat.  As always, he sports a somewhat cocky smirk on his face.


At the front of the auditorium is the speaker's podium, and on it can clearly be seen crystals of different colors, each one reflecting the light that strikes it in quite an attractive fashion, drawing the eyes.


Machite finds himself a seat, the man quietly brushing back a straw piece of dusky brown hair as his eyes move to the crystals. He smiles again, clasping his hands in his lap and peering up at the jewels intently.


The lights dim all throughout the room and an illusion springs into being. It's easily seen as an illusion as you can see right through it to the other side. It looks like a human in very archetypal mage attire, speaking to the audience, "Thank you for your patronage. Please cover any speaking orbs you have with you, and keep speaking to a minimum unless you are asking the instructor a question. Food and drink is permitted in this auditorium."


The lights return as the illusion blips out of existence. Out steps a rather renowned red figure. Some of the lower born in the room tense up and give dirty looks, but overall he seems to be accepted. Lio, grand human magic scholar and researcher, steps to the podium, "Good day one and all."


Thirteen leans back, and shifts the weight of her armor a little, as the ethereal speaker starts his presentation.  At the mention that food and drink is permitted, she holds out one hand, and a wineglass promptly appears in it, full of wine.


Alindra leans back and crosses her legs, watching...


Gearwyrd      |[      Commoner     ] |[         0         ] |[15/ 0/ 0]


Tamaka puts a hand into his pack, scrounging the leather flap open and dipping in, retrieving a pair of objects. A smaller bag, and a book and quill. He immediately starts writing, pulling a piece of dried meat from the bag, taking it into his mouth and chewing it.


Mumbling something in another language, it sounds perky, albeit chattery and annoying, as if he were speaking to himself.


Machite simply shifts his feet slowly, glancing toward the man on stage for a brief moment before his gaze returns to the crystals settled next to him.


Gearwyrd heads inside, trying to clear his head for a moment so he can focus on the lecture as he goes to find a place to sit, failing that he'll just have to find somewhere against the wall to lean as he also appears ready to take notes.


He reaches and picks up the red colored crystal on his podium, lifting it so that everyone can see it, "A new era. How often has man desired to bring his dreams to reality with mere thought? Is that not the principle of magic itself? The pursuit of happiness and fulfillment is what propels us forward. This, though so very small in appearance, is the largest breakthrough since red wine.", a sales pitch if you ever heard one, but most low cost lectures tend to throw that in there somewhere.


Glancing around, Jordan finds himself... yawning.  However, to those who know him.. it's not unusual.  He watches Lio with a slight smirk, upon recognition.  "This may be more interesting than I thought..." he mumbles aloud.  His fiery eyes dip down for a moment, then around the auditorium.  Time will tell.


Alindra leans back and continues to watch curiously.


That squirrel appears from the back, wheeling in a cart full of.. well... stuff.. Flour, chunks of metal, raw cotton, various beakers and vials of all manner of shape. "With this assortment of scrap", speaks Lio, "I will create things of value for you all, and show you how you can achieve the same results, with practice. Synthesizing is almost instant, and requires no tools. It can be done naked in the forbidden lands, though I would not recommend testing the theory.", the various artisans look displeased at the talk, an almost universal crossing of the arms and low murmuring takes the room.


Tamaka continues writing, like an attentive scholar. His tail sways with excitement, actually hitting upon another seat, jarring the occupants. He turns and frowns to those sitting beside, hunching over. "Much sorry, not realize.. Keep to self, neh?" He starts writing again, getting looks for the interruption.


Machite nods his head at the words, seeming to have already figured this out. He his eyes shift to the cart, scanning the junk within it as if trying to figure out what everything is and how much of it there is.


Thirteen sits quietly and calmly.  She retains her usual expression, that being quite unreadable, and watches the mage Lio as her continues in his demonstration.  As her wine glass empties, it refills itself.  ...To the observant, her guards might seem more interested in watching the crowd, than in watching the presentation.


The helpful assistant collects all the crystals but a blue one, and replaces them with the bag of flour and a tall glass of what appears to be ordinary water. "Ladies of the room, how tired are you of having to knead dough? It's tiring, and your hands are dirty when you're done. Then you have to move all the way out to the pump to wash up, and you haven't even finished cooking, how wasteful.", he takes the water crystal and holds it a few inches above the flour and it begins to hover.. then spin in place. Lio puts one hand on either side of the crystal, as if holding it in place with invisible strings. The crystal slowly dissolves, becoming a floating orb of water that draws up the glass of water and the flour both, mixing them together in a big gooey ball in front of him as he peers at it, "Simply envision the perfect dough, and the crystal does all the dirty work for you."


Alindra watches the spinning orb curiously.


Gearwyrd's eyes widen at the sight of the magic crystal doing nearly all of the work involved in the task, though he has to ponder how practical it is to produce these crystals despite their practical uses.


Machite continues to peer intently at the crystal, giving a faint shake of his head and sitting up a bit straighter in his chair.


Alindra hmms a bit with a pondering look.


With a few rings of light, and then a flash, and the magic seems to be gone, leaving a nicely formed mound of dough on the podium. He raises his hands to be looked at, "Fit to take the hand of the king.", he declares. The squirrel, being an industrious sort, places a red crystal and a hunk of what appears to be chocolate on the table. "But what good is just a pile of dough?", to which one of the artisans angrily shouts, "Parlor tricks! Who are you trying to fool!", drawing more murmuring from the crowd.


Alindra looks towards where the shouting comes from.


The man who shouted is reasonably well known. He owns a smithy in the commoner section of town, north side. The fact that he hates this whole concept is also not a secret.


Jordan gives a very noble-esque 'golf clap', and smirks all the more hearing the shouts. He seems more focused on the lecturer than the topic.  This synth-stuff seems easy enough.


Machite frowns faintly, glancing toward the noise and shaking his head toward the man.


Thirteen's ears perk up towards the angry shouting, but that's the only indication she gives that she's noticed, or cares.  She remains the paragon of etiquette, politely watching the demonstration.


Lio, being as much a showman as he is a scholar, continues without even a pause. He places the red crystal over the lump of dough and the chocolate, and it begins to spin as the last, only this time it bursts into flames, the light flickering across the room. Again, the ingredients are drawn inside and are bathed in the heat as it begins to reform under Lio's watchful gaze, becoming.. cake like. In only moments, a chocolate cake is born, looking plain, but smelling quite good.


Thirteen leans forwards slightly, as the cake finishes forming.  She perks one eyebrow at it.  "A cake it may be," she mrowls judiciously, "But all of the best food that I have eaten, has taken hours of preparation, and a chef's personal touch.  Do you assert that this cake is just as good, with only seconds of effort?"


He waves towards the cake, "I do. Though the crystal may hasten the process, and replace the need for an oven, it is still within my hands that it becomes delectable, or a horrible mess. Let it be known, synthesizing requires practice, just the same as any art, you will not create splendors your first time.", he hands the cake off to the squirrel, who dashes out to the audience and begins offering pieces to everyone.


Gearwyrd looks over towards the cake, "Does it taste real? And what about more sturdy items that take more time to prepare." He isn't too convinced either, he could just be using some light and shadows to replace the components with a cake that was already made elsewhere.


Jordan smirks at the Lady Thirteen's question.  Since when hasn't magic topped the mundane ways of doing things.  He rolls his eyes, and then returns his gaze to Lio.  He takes a piece, if offered, and nibbles on it... "Mmm.." he murmurs, quietly.


Machite nods his head slightly at the man's words, taking one of the slices of cake and gingerly biting.


into it.


Cyrus         |[  Royalty/Monarch  ] |[       Noble       ] |[15/11/20]


Tamaka seems to wake from his note making, blinking a few times, staring with disbelief that a cake can be made with mere combination of items. He continues to write, more speedily..


Thirteen accepts a piece of cake, and with a fork, slices off a small, properly lady-like morsel, and gives it a try.  She chews and swallows, but what she thinks of it remains unclear.


Cyrus gives you 5.00 gil.(silent)


The cake is a reasonable one. Not a masterpiece of gooey perfection, but in no way bad either. Average, but it's average chocolate, and most people never get to eat chocolate, being a luxury item, so, taste sensation none the less. "Since there are skeptics in the audience, would someone care to try the next demonstration? If you've had prior experience with synthesizing, that would be preferred, but I'll take anyone."


Of course, that same man raises a hand, "I'll show you all it's a bunch of blarney, chocobo feathers being pulled over your eyes!"


Machite hrms, raising his hand after a moment and turning his head upwards once again.


With a choice between the belligerent man or the more neutral Machite, the choice is clear. Lio gestures for Machite to step forward while two spools of thread are placed on the podium, "Have you ever sewn before?", Lio asks.


Machite gives a faint shake of his head, shifting to his feet and slowly making his way to the stage. "No, I haven't." He replies simply, taking a stand a few steps away from the man.


A finger is raised, "You will today!", a yellow crystal is set down, "Take the crystal and hold it up as I did, imagine a square of cloth, how it feels, how it moves, how the threads wind back and forth through it.", he instructs, "Envision it with all the different ways you can imagine, and the crystal will follow your thoughts and bring it to reality."


Alindra watches the event quietly from where she's sitting.


Gearwyrd folds his arms and smirks quietly, watching very careful about what happens. All these little tricks have been producing mundane items so far.


Machite nods his head slightly, taking the crystal into his hands. He looks at it for a long moment, raising it up and focusing on the two pieces of grass near him.


The threads are sucked up into the crystal as it spins and sparks begin to fly, the thread reaches out, trying to bind together as Machite imagines, but his thoughts are apparently not clean enough, and one thread begins to unravel, and lands on the podium in a mess of tiny fibers, fairly ruined. The other descends peacefully, unharmed, "As I said.", Lio speaks, "It does take some practice."


Machite nods his head slightly, glancing toward the ruined thread with a faint look of annoyance. He quickly covers it, smiling again and stepping back to his seat.


He slips Machite a crystal as he goes, "Keep at it, and keep this one.", making sure Machite leaves with the unharmed spool, "May I get another volunteer?", as a piece of raw ore is lumped up onto the podium, looks sorta ironish The unhappy man tries to use this as fuel, "See, nothing. Moment you have a -real- man step up, it all falls ta sheep droppings. What kind'of'a sword is it that hasn't felt the hammer and the anvil?!"


Tamaka raises a paw from in the back, looking over those in front. He seems very interested.. in his own way.. "Ooo! Pick! Want see!" The short dragon insists, almost hopping.


Machite murmurs a small thanks as he takes the gifts, tucking them away and turning his eyes to the next group of volunteers.


Lio waves Tamaka down, "A spirited one.", holding a red crystal for Tamaka to have, "I'll be you've never refined metal before, but we'll give it a try today, hopefully with more success than the last. Simple think on the nature of iron, and let the magic do its work."


Jordan raises his hand slowly, a smirk on his face.  He says nothing, but looks dead at Lio... he only wanted to try it to be near the incredulous pool of knowledge and magic he could sense within the scholar--master magician-- Lio.  He inhales deeply, and closes his eyes.. waiting to be called on.. Hopefully.


The dragon seems to tap his forehead a few times, looking confused. He does as told, and starts work with the crystal and materials, eventually causing a brief flash, and a average looking ingot emerges. He claps his hands and partially hops, looking pleased, like a tourist who just managed to please the locals. "Work! It work! Much please!"


A few murmurs of approval, but the unruly side of the crowd is getting all the more agitated as time goes on, whispering is the call of the day. "Very good, quite nice. If you'd like to keep your work, you may. I'll call one more volunteer before I resume the lecture.", pointing to Jordan.


Machite chuckles faintly at the antics of the dragon, folding his hands once again and taking a look over the recently created ore. He nods after a moment, gaze shifting to Lio once again.


Tamaka takes the item in both hands and walks over to his spot at the back, tripping once.. After a moment of pause, he gets up, trying to smile, then wipes his brow and sits down. He seems to loom over the object like some sort of forgotten toy, poking and examining it.


Jordan smiles, and stands.  He moves down the steps, and towards Lio, slowly.  So much he's heard about this man... His steps are measured and graceful.  About him he carries an air of warmth.  But not the cozy, cute sort... but the uncomfortable, intense kind.  His fiery eyes look back to the crowd and then to the instructor.  If only that emotionless face could show his... mild excitement.


"You have the look of a serious practitioner about you.", Lio notes, "I'm sure you'll have little problem with this." Two lumps of raw crystal, the non magical sort, are placed on the podium, "I want you to make that into an orb, using this.", offering up a whitish crystal, "Concentrate on the positive energy of it."


Gearwyrd finds a vacant spot somewhere near the edge of a bench and sits down there to get a better view of what's going on, waiting to see the person produce a crystal orb, the ingot was probably a bit too heavy to use any smoke and mirrors to make appear.


Jordan holds out two crystals, his eyes narrowed as each begin to glow.  At first they begin to glow a brilliant white, and even begin to hum.  The spheres float out of the sorcererís hands, and the white aura that was forming flickers and turns bright orange-red.  The magus' expression is less than surprised when the two crystals fall back to his hands... unchanged--ruined. Mmm, nothing says good morning like charred bits of crystal, "It was your first attempt, don't be discouraged. I'll have you know that even I couldn't get it quite right on my first try."


Machite watches the work, nodding his head slowly at Lio's words and glancing toward the two crystals.


Alindra hmms a bit with a pondering look.


A chart is brought up, showing all the raw materials used in the demonstration, with lines showing what their final product aught to look like. The color of the line shows what crystal was used, and the chart seems to go on past the first step to more advanced items, "As you can see from this chart.", Lio explains, "You can create almost anything by starting at the basics and working up. Even the cake.", pointing to the picture of a chocolate cake, "Can be improved.", moving his pointing stick to the picture of the cake with frosting and decorations.




Unfortunately real life called me away at this point. It's assumed the meeting finished without further Significant events, but with much grumbling from the peanut gallery.