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The fine art of paying attention to what's around you. While this may sound like perception, it's not the same thing. A perceptive person may notice something naturally, an Alert person makes it their business to notice things and is used actively. 

Suggested Subskills: Ambush, Searching, QuickScan, Reactions


The knowledge of magic. How it functions, flows, moves. How to deal with it. Mages find this skill invaluable in their arts. Others find it useful for keeping an eye on the magi. 

Suggested Subskills: Awareness, Shock, Research, Investigation, Magipong


This skill covers a wide range of activities such as climbing, running, swimming and various sports. It can see use in many physical activities that aren't covered by other skills.

 Suggested Subskills: Climbing, Running, Swimming, A specific Sport


The knowledge of how to use your body to inflict grievous harm against something else. Be it with punching, kicking, throwing or locks. 

Suggested Subskills: Wrestling, Boxing, Karate


The overall knowledge of quality control and general principles behind the manufacturing of various things. This skill is useless without subskills which actually define what you specifically know how to make. Suggested 

Subskills: Tailor, Armor, Melee, Ranged, Brawl, Guns, Masonry, Pottery, Weaving


The art of defending oneself from bodily harm. This is most commonly used for countering attacks with various mundane weapons, including fists and feet, but proves largely ineffective against magic.

Suggested Subskills are: Dodge, Parry, Melee, Brawl, Ranged


With this skill, one can read the emotions of others. Highly empathatic people tend to make good shoulders and at higher levels will emulate the emotions that they feel around them subconsciously. It can also be used to read someone's motives, to notice deceptions and falsehoods. 

Suggested Subskills: Lies, Comfort, New People, Emotions


A very important skill in such a massive and important city. This skill denotes knowledge of basic mannerisms and nicetudes in a polite environment. This skill coupled with Empathy can help to form a good first and lasting impression on the character's host or guests and is especially invaluable in court settings. 

Suggested Subskills: Street, Court, Common


The basic knowledge of how to upkeep and mantain a farm, homekeeping usually helps in this endeavor. 

Suggested subskills: Chocobo, Agriculture, Sheep, specific types of food.


Myths, Stories, and long tales. A character with this skill has heard many forms of stories and tales and managed to pick a few useful tidbits from it. When encountering an odd mystical phenomena or monster, a check can be made to see if anything useful is recalled. 

Suggested Subskills: Monsters, Mystic Sites, Mystic Phenomena, Cults


The simple commoner's skill of up keeping the average home and keeping a happy household. From cleaning to cooking to arranging supplies.

 Suggested Subskills: Cooking, Cleaning, Hosting, Groceries


Sherlock Holmes! You excel in taking stock of a situation and putting together all the pieces to come to a logical conclusion. Very useful in mysteries such as murder, or just to find out where a secret passage may be hiding. 

Suggested Subskills: Forensics, Passages, Riddles.


The art of guiding other sentients. A needed knowledge for those of power in the military and for many of the enforcers within the city. It can be used to guide troop movements, calm a crowd, and keep large groups co-ordinated. In a situation where co-ordination could help, a capable leader can make an intelligence+Leadership+Leadership/(Subskill) check and add the success margin to everyone's checks as a rolling bonus for the duration of the maneuver. 

Suggested Subskills: Armies, Riots, Parties <-- Small groups, Inciting


The knowledge of how languages work, their commonalities and separations. With a perception+Linguistics check you could determine what language is being spoken, even if you don't know the language yourself. Subskills denote specific spoken languages. To be able to read and write, Writing of at least 1 must be taken. Writing subskill does still go 1-25, 1 means you can read 'INN', 25 has you writing full scale novels. Suggested 

Subskills: Writing, Elven, Dwarven, Westernese, Wutain


Specific knowledges of various obscure and secret things. This skill is useless without specific subskills to denote what is known. Please do not buy lores in things without a reason for knowing about it. If you're unsure about something, ask a staffer. 

Suggested Subskills: Holy(the big one), WEAPONs, Followers of Mako, Magitechnology, Elemental Crystals, Mathematics, Ancient History, Conspiracies, Spirits, Tantric, Shinra


In such troubling times, the skill of patching people back together comes in very handy. Magic isn't always at hand to assist in this process due to Magic null zones and the fact that the person with magic could be in a state of mana shock or injured himself. If someone is critically wounded(0 or less Hit Points), a successful medicine check + 10 or so minutes will stabilize them and bring them up to 0 if under. 

Suggested Subskills: Field, Emergency, Surgery


Knowledge of how to swing or poke with sharp pointy things or large dull things to cause harm unto others. This includes any weapon that is above three inches in length and isn't thrown or fired. 

Suggested Subskills: Swords, Daggers, Staffs, Maces, Polearms, Axes


The general knowledge of how to please a crowd. This can be done in many ways, ranging from dancing, to singing, to stand up comedy. This skill can be used on individuals just as readily in many situations. 

Suggested Subskills: Dancing, Singing, Comedy, Tantric, Specific Instrument.


Your finger is on the pulse of upper society. This skill implies both knowledge of what's currently going on in the elite, who's dating whom, and where the lines of power are drawn. In many ways, this is the Streetwise of the upper crust. Inside an actual Political situation, such as court, this skill will keep you informed. Other skills such as Empathy, Subterfuge, and Etiquette will help you act on this information. 

Suggested Subskills: Foreigners, Scandals, Verification, The Wars, Rumors


How to use thrown or fired weapons to inflict grievous harm upon those you don't like. This skill includes bows, slings, thrown spears, throwing knives, muskets, and most anything else that is used at a distance. The stat used for striking with a ranged weapon is Perception. The damage done is the success margin of striking(minus any defense attempts)+the WP of the weapon used. 

Suggested Subskills: Darts, Daggers, Guns, Bows, Crossbows


From Chocobo to Dragons, if it has a back, you know how to ride it and get it to go from place to place. Though more exotic beasts may not clearly understand basic commands, you may, at higher levels, be able to get them to move. 

Suggested Subskills: Chocobo, Dragon, Wolf, Carriage


Being the renaissance and all, there's a lot of new thoughts to structured methodology and non magical solutions to many problems that have been solved with magic before. Of course, there are limits to this renewing field and it will be a long time before automatic weaponry and cars come around. People who wield this skill are watched with caution and scorn. 

Suggested SubSkills: Magitechnology(Restricted!!), Steamtech, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics


The art of keeping a place secure, or breaking through though same measures. Setting and removing tracks, locks, and other booby traps and hindrances. 

Suggested Subskills: Locks, Restraints, Deadly, Hindrances


The fine art of NOT meeting people or making friends. This skill includes lurking in shadows, camouflaging techniques and stalking procedures. Rightful domain of Ninja and Assassins.

Suggested Subskills: Stalking, Shadows, Camouflage, Ambush


You hear what's the scoop. You may just listen in on the market place, or read one of the few starting news productions, or even be a part of the news yourself. This talent also includes knowledge of how to act on the street, to not get robbed, swindled, or worse. 

Suggested Subskills: Common Sense, Rumors, Verification, Black Market, Scandals


The primary skill for a swindler. Using this skill, one can mask emotions and true intention behind a cloud of misdirection, fast talking and false expressions. An emphatic person can challenge someone using subterfuge to a contested roll to see if they notice something, but unless they manage to double the person using subterfuge in succs, the results are iffy at best. 

Suggested Subskills: Fast Talking, Poker Face, Tall Tales, Intimidation, High <-- Used for Extortion, Kidnapping negotiations and other 'delicate' situations.


Survival is the knowledge of how to rough it in the wilderness. With an Intelligence+Survival check, each 2 passed by means one meal or one portion of water secured from the local area. One roll can be made an hour. A like roll can be used to construct a basic shelter. If someone has over 30 Survival+Intelligence, it can be safely assumed they can feed/shelter themselves. 

Suggested Subskills: Forests, Plains, Mountains, Sea, Deserts, Arctic