Religious Orders

    The church isn't as unified as many would care to think. Its origin is a patchwork of smaller religions, drawn under one banner for the good of their prospective people. Though the church has grown significantly more tightly bound than the separate orders could have ever hoped for, the tapestry retains its brightly colored patches and varied beliefs. The religious principles on the previous page are values that at least 80% of the orders agree with and thus, are promoted by the church as a whole.

    This page will outline a variety of these sub-factions and what their unique spiritual perspective is. If you are a priest, you may choose to join one of these orders, or remain the first of them, the general practitioner. Either is perfectly acceptable.


General Practitioners (Priests)

Patron: God
Favored Weapon: Staff
Domains: Faith, Justice, Healing, Protection, Luck

    General practitioners are the most common sort of priest. Raised in a unified church, they picked and chose from the various beliefs, mostly standing behind the overarching principles of the church as a whole. They tend to get along easiest with any other order, though lack much in the way of specialized ability. They are welcome in just about any imperial community, provided they don't displace any ordered priest that already has been operating there. In doctrine, this order follows the previous page to the letter.

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Merciful Order of the Citadel (Guardians)

Patron: Alexander, the holy city
Favored Weapon: Shield
Domains: War, Justice, Holy, Protection

    To citadel priests, life is a constant struggle against the evils of the world. They are often great warriors, marching at the front of any battle against rampaging monsters, destructive spirits, and even people of great proven evil. To die fighting these evils is the purest way of life. However, they should not be confused with berserkers. There is no honor in dying foolishly.
    Citadel priests often care little for politics, and are thus found wide spread, working with other priests. Many become paladins, taking up the sword full time to follow the call of their patron and strike down the darkness of the world and protect the innocents that reside there. Citadel priests are often at odds with the Kalmites.
    Citadel priests follow very close to the general teachings of the All-Father, instead simply reinterpret them. They do not believe in capital punishment for any being, save those trying to kill them or their charges. Even heretics to the Church are not harmed, save for the confiscation of their creations. Considered too soft by some of the more fanatical orders, Citadel Priests truly believe that Judgment is reserved for the All-Father.


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Kalmites (The Furious)

Patron: Ifrit, the flaming spirit
Favored Weapon: Whip or Great Sword
Domains: Fire, Destruction, Glory, Chaos

    It is said that the original Kalmites existed in the ancient town of Kalm before the coming of Holy. They witnessed the fury of God first hand and it burned so deeply into their soul that they and all their future incarnations would rise to this order over and again to continue the rage they feel against those that caused it.
    This order, though lesser in number than most, is very loud in politics. They call for the burning of heretics, the dismemberment of rogue mages, and other extreme measures to root out people who abuse power. They do not share the peaceful inclinations of the church as a whole, often hunting down their chosen 'sinners' and dragging them out for public execution. The Kalmites do not get along with Citadel priests at all.


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Covenant of Gaia (Earth Maidens)

Patron: Gaia, the planet mother
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Earth, Plants, Animals, Monsters

    A warm, if eccentric, order. The maidens promote harmony with the planet that hosts civilization. They warn that man kind has angered Gaia in the past, though it is not too late to get her forgiveness. They are the most likely to be seen consorting with monsters and beasts, and thus are very much at home in the rebel city of Drominham.
    The maidens have never agreed with the policies towards monsters, though this has lessened in recent times due to the kinder policies that they have successfully had instated. The maidens are most at home in more rural towns and suburbs, assisting people there cope with the rigors of the elements and nature.
    Maidens despise heresy and will go at great lengths to punish a heretic above and beyond what is required of church doctrine. They dislike mechanical things in general, and will usually avoid them, even if they are deemed not of heretical nature.
    Despite the name, men can join this order.

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Penitent of Midgard (Monks)

Patron: Midgard, the lost city
Favored Weapon: Unarmed
Domains: Knowledge, Mind, Travel, Peace


    Midgardians feel a great sense of loss and sorrow for the coming of Holy. They feel that they must shoulder the burden of the sins that caused it to come to be, and spend their time leading a spartan life of contemplation and communion with higher beings.
    The Midgardians tend to vary slightly from priest to priest on their faiths, but as a whole, they agree with church doctrine. They spend most of their time considering the very same doctrine, and are valued as philosophers and thinkers. They travel from city to city, offering wisdom and insight to every day problems. Occasionally, often in the capital, they will pause their endless travels to stay at a library and study there for a few years.
    Midgardians do not collect or amass wealth. They also do not accept tithes above and beyond what is needed to clothe and feed themselves. Unlike other clergy, their resources are no better than a commoner.

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Walkers of Shadow and Dust (Jesters)

Patron: Kefka, dark harbinger, eternal jester
Favored Weapon: Black Magic
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, War, Madness

    A warm, if eccentric, order. The maidens promote harmony with the planet that hosts civilization. They warn that man kind has angered Gaia in the past, though it is not too late to get her forgiveness. They are the most likely to be seen consorting with monsters and beasts, and thus are very much at home in the rebel city of Drominham.
    The maidens have never agreed with the policies towards monsters, though this has lessened in recent times due to the kinder policies that they have successfully had instated. The maidens are most at home in more rural towns and suburbs, assisting people there cope with the rigors of the elements and nature.
    Maidens despise heresy and will go at great lengths to punish a heretic above and beyond what is required of church doctrine. They dislike mechanical things in general, and will usually avoid them, even if they are deemed not of heretical nature.
    Despite the name, men can join this order.

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Knights of Sword and Shield (Paladins)

Patron: Odin, spirit of war and honor
Favored Weapon: Lance or Sword
Domains: War, Honor, Justice, Glory, Protection

    Almost universally paladins and holy warriors, this order focuses on the martial needs of the church. Often acting as judges and negotiators in conflicts, the Order is just as quick to lead armies into battle if things can't be worked out. Many of the Order is abroad in the Western lands, attempting to convert barbarians by word or by force.
    A priest of the knighthood will never strike down an unarmed foe, no matter how vile. They will also accept surrender if offered and bring an opponent to justice, even at great personal inconvenience. If a Knight is told to follow someone, like a king or general, they will follow them until released from their duties without question.

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Disciples of Sister Ray (Heretics)

Patron: Sister Ray, grand war machine of pre-Holy
Favored Weapon: Heresy
Domains: Technology, War, Stealth, Mind

    A minor order of heretics. Disciples find themselves persecuted whenever they become too bold in their sermons. They are only at home in the rebel city of Drominham, but find themselves drawn to New Junonsburg(The capital) despite the inherent danger.
    Being priests, they are looked at very oddly for their choice in faiths. Their disregard for the church doctrine on technology often gets them in trouble. Disciples, thusly, are often over-compensating by doing as many publicly good deeds as possible to counter-balance the inherent stigma against their calling.
    Disciples, predictably, have a fondness for heretics, priests or not. They will often attempt to recruit compassionate heretics to their order and teach them the ways of God, and Sister Ray. They also have a deep passion for archeology and are often found digging up ancient technology for study and worship.

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Harbingers of Vengeance (Mtezeko) (NOT assimilated into the church)

Patron: Nanaki, Mtezeko hero.
Favored Weapon: Claws and Teeth
Domains: Destruction, Chaos, Mind

    Hailing from the barbarian continent, this order is actually older than the church itself by a great amount and has thus far resisted all attempts to tame it. It is honored by about 20% of the barbarian natives, most of whom are Mtezeko, in whole or part. Their forefathers created the strange disease that now grips mtezeko, allowing them to spread their traits by bite or claw.
    Their doctrine is almost entirely alien from the church, promoting the giving up of all trappings of humanity and returning to nature whole sale. They are fanatics as a whole and considered very dangerous. They have no qualms with self sacrifice to further spread their message and especially love targeting Imperials.

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The Followers of Shekhina

Patron: Gaia (Shekhina) and God
Favored Weapons: The shepherd's staff
Domains: Community, Creation, Holy, Healing, Sun

    A sect within the Church, the cult of Shekhina believes that as man and woman are required to create life, and as such, God and Shekhina (Gaia) are both equal, and it was through the union of God and Gaia that life was born. This group believes that the union between lovers is sacred, and an act which can do no wrong, as life is a constant in the world, proof of the union between God and Gaia.
    To the Followers, the belief in only one God is seen as a crime, demeaning the sacred union, and the sect is constantly attempting to promote their stance within the church quietly. A curious belief of this sect is that the lifestream is a byproduct of the joining of God and Shekhina, as it promotes raw change and spontaneous life. It is forbidden to 'anoint' oneself where the lifestream is strong, though the sight of the location is considered sacred and a place for wisdom.

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The True Sons

Patron: All Father
Favored Weapons: The scepter
Domains: Glory, Knowledge, Holy, Sun

    Another sect within the Church, the True Sons believe that only the All Father should be allowed to create life, and that any union is profane and a show of weakness. As only the All Father is needed to create the wonders of the world, and Gaia is the result of His work, the act of procreation is fit only for beasts, and humanity should rise above such, reaching a transcendant state of parthenogenesis -- the creation of life through oneself and no other.
    This sect is attempting to guide the church away from the mingling of souls, with the belief that such weakens each soul and guides it away from its transcendant state. The True Daughters are the female branch of this sect, and believe in the All Mother as the symbol of sacred rebirth.

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Order of the Phoenix (Ancients)

Patron: Phoenix, the eternal
Favored Weapons: Magic
Domains: Fire, Rebirth, Healing, Community, Magic

    It is said that every member of the Ancients can trace their reincarnational path completely to the point of the order's founding in 104 AH. Like the Kalmites, they predate the formal church, and had a fair amount of popularity, despite their continually low amount of membership. The fact that every priest has to be proven to have been a member in a past life prevents any efforts to swell their ranks.
    This Order is responsible for the modern beleifs concerning reincarnation and rebirth. They alone have the power to trace spiritual blood lines and to divine the nature of one's past lives. It is said, however, that they use this gift very sparingly, and only when their patron, the great fire bird Phoenix allows it.
    In the church, the order serves largely as book keepers for genealogy, tracking both physical and spiritual links through the ages, especially for royal families. They have a fair amount of clout in church politics, with each member considered revered to some level for their proven spiritual purity.

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Binsinyo (Wutaiins) (Enemy Order)

Patron: Leviathan, king of the ocean
Favored Weapons: Heresy
Domains: Water, Community, Destruction, Justice

    Hailing almost exclusively from Wutai, the Bisinyo lead a simple life of worship, purification, and leadership of their people. The Bisinyo to not hold mass except on specific holidays, believing that worship should be done individually. Their territory is easy to spot with its large number of small shrines that dot the country side for anyone that would need of them. The Businyo do not acknowledge God in any more than a cursory fashion, exerting most of their time and energy on more local spirits.
    Leviathan is their patron, great and terrible king of the ocean. It is said that is Wutai falls from its true path, Leviathan will rise and devour the continent in a great wrath. Leviathan is a wise ruler, however, and guides his people, through his priests, to glory and prosperity. Binsinyo have no objections to heresy and embrace new technology without difficulty.
    The Bisinyo both will not and can not be converted. Every attempt by empire or church to infringe upon Wutai has been violently repelled with merciless efficiency. The church holds the Bisinyo as heartless demons and heretical to the core. The average Imperial citizen is taught from a young age that the Bisinyo devour children and sacrifice their elderly to dark spirits and dreadful beings to earn their victories.

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Seekers of the Light (Seekers)

Patron: Prometheus, bringer of flame
Favored Weapons: Unarmed
Domains: Knowledge, Peace, Mind, Magic

    The Seekers are an order than has existed for centuries, but has recently gained stature due to the urgency of the hunt for weapons to use against Wutai, should it become necessary. Dedicated to the discovery and preservation of knowledge of all kinds, many of their members have joined the Holy Magi as well. While they have occasionally gotten into trouble with the other parts of the church due to their somewhat relaxed attitude towards heresy, the fact that they do not use the knowledge save to report it to the rest of the church has generally worked in their favor. They believe that no path should be unexplored, lest something within it prove of value to the greater good. Some members prefer to remain in one city or area, spending years within a single library or investigating a single ruin or type of creature.
    Others will always be on the move, intent on picking up the seeds of different possibilities in order to pass them onto those who might wish to focus more exclusively. Many prefer the arcane over the mundane, and some will try to learn from other beings instead of from investigation of a text or artifact, but none will pass up the chance to bring a new piece of information into the order's common knowledge, as long as they can be assured that it will be preserved. They do not generally believe in combat, though individual members are free to act as they will. Death brings a loss of information and potential for advancement, regardless of what is killed, and violence can burn bridges and alienate those who might otherwise share their knowledge; thus peaceable solutions are always preferable.
    The Seekers' magnanimity often results in their being accepted by those who would otherwise scorn the Church, and they offer some solace for any scholars who fear that their work may be lost to history or the whims of a fleeting leadership.

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Domains: Domains grant inherent abilities, bonuses, and sometimes points in various skills/special abilities/magical components. Any priest may have two domains from the order they follow. The use of ANY domain ability requires a holy symbol. In order to untap a domain's power, you must have a number of acolyte tiers as the level of the domain divided by 5, in addition to actually being that level or higher.

bulletThe number of domains one may have is zero to start.
bulletAdd one if Acolyte is the first job a character has
bulletAdd one if they have acolyte tiers.
bulletAdd one if they have the spiritual perk.

Animals: -2 difficulty to any roll involving a natural animal (Non-monsterous).

bulletLevel 5: Can use Animal Call at their level in rating.
bulletLevel 7: +50% to dodge/soak/resistance rolls against natural animals.
bulletLevel 15: Priest gains a powerful(Rating 25) animal companion that will remain at their side, loyal until death. If the animal should perish, it can be replaced after a year.
bulletLevel 20: No natural animal will attack the priest unless antagonized by the priest or their friends.

Chaos: +2 to the target succs any time they inflict a status.

bulletlevel 5: ability to inflict 'Confuse' status on as many targets as are in their sight that they wish for 3 MP/target, +resist/will vs 10 to throw off
bulletLevel 10: immunity to sad, and hyper statuses.
bulletLevel 15: immunity to confuse and berserk statuses
bulletLevel 20: Ability to put one's self in the Confuse status. While in this form, +20 to all attacks and dodges against enemies, +40 to yourself and allies.
bulletLevel 25: Gaia's Wrath control. Any time a priest is affected by wrath, they may check twice and decide which they will accept.

Community: -1 difficulty to social, politics, and leadership checks involving their defined community and its well being, management, or direction.

bulletLevel 5: Gain a rating of 20 in Command-Rabble
bulletLevel 10: A unit under the direct guidance of the priest has a 50% chance on top of any other of ignoring a morale worsening situation.
bulletLevel 15: Gain a rating of 25 in commanding-presence
bulletLevel 20: Gain 1,000 G monthly stipend that can only be used towards community projects and/or projects with direct benefit to the community. This money comes about through donations, lucky happenstance, and other minor fortunes that will pepper the project that the priest blesses.
bulletLevel 25: For expenditure of gaining 1 point of Lower-MP, the priest may banish any disease entirely from their chosen community. It does not prevent the disease from returning, but will remove all occurances of that disease currently ravaging the people.

Creation: Creation priests find the art of synthesis very compatible with their own ways of thought and find themselves very adept at it, gaining a rating of 50 in Lore/Elemental Crystals.

bulletLevel 5: Creation priests are good at weaving the flesh for spirits to imbue. All summon durations are doubled.
bulletLevel 7: They may bless a couple, insuring that their next union will result in offspring.
bulletLevel 10: The priest has an inspiration, and gains the synth skill of their choice at a rating of 5.
bulletLevel 15: The priest may septuple (times seven) a given amount of food and water, allowing more people to be fed, or fed for longer for the cost of 20 MP. They also gain a rating of 10 in synthesization if they were under 10. If the priest already has 10 synthesization, they may pick a new synth skill to gain a rating of 5 in.
bulletLevel 20: A creation priest may conjure beasts to assist them in any given task. For 1 MP per rating and 5 MP per modifier, they can custom design a creature of up to their level in rating that will last until the end of the scene. This creature lacks a soul and is non-sentient.


Destruction: For twice the MP (at least 8 total), you may level adjust the total damage done by a destructive spell/special.

bulletLevel 5: Gain a rating of 20 in the basic elemental component of your choice (fire, air, earth, lightning, etc.)
bulletLevel 10: They may spend 5 MP per additional target to spread the effects of a destructive spell/special, each target is affected as if solely targeted.
bulletLevel 15: When using detonate or any other self-damaging destructive special, the priest takes half damage. Also, damage is never spread over an area, but is applied fully to all within so long as the spell costs at least 10 MP (additional MP may be spent to satisfy this)
bulletLevel 20: Gain Detonate at rating 20
bulletLevel 25: Character gains War Devil perk and inflicts FULL damage with offensive spells/specials in mass combat. If the character has war devil from any other source (War Domain, buying it), they gain +50% HP and deal double damage in mass combat, becoming an unstoppable titan of death.

Earth: Half damage from earth element, and +50% success/damage when using earth specials/spells.

bulletLevel 5: The priest has an effective rating in Colossus equal to their level.
bulletLevel 10: May use any ability that would normally affect undead on earth creatures, allowing them to be harmed/affected by holy texts and water.
bulletLevel 15: The priest absorbs all damage done by earth, healing instead of being harmed
bulletLevel 20: The priest gains 25 in Sandstorm and can use it against up to 5 targets if so desired.
bulletLevel 25: May conjure a rating 25 Durable Slow Demon that takes the form of a large earth elemental. This costs 20 MP and lasts for the scene.

Faith: Priests of the faith domain find it easier to use their spells on those who share their religion. Those loyal to the church are affected +1% per level, and those of the exact same order are +3%/level.

bulletLevel 5: The priest has an effective rating in Divine-Presence equal to twice their level, up to 50.
bulletLevel 10: Hostile spells against the NON faithful gain the +1%/level bonus.
bulletLevel 15: The priest may use Sanctify.
bulletLevel 20: Positive statuses cast on allies who are faithful are double duration, and if applicable, double strength, this includes semi-statuses like protect, shell, and wall. Priest gains 5 caps in the positive status component of their choice.
bulletLevel 25: The priest may select a new domain, even if their patron does not usually offer it. The benefits of this domain only apply to the faithful and is limited to level 10.

Fire: Half damage from Fire element, and +50% success/damage when using Fire specials/spells.

bulletLevel 5: The priest has an effective rating in Inspire equal to their level.
bulletLevel 10: May use any ability that would normally affect undead on Fire creatures, allowing them to be harmed/affected by holy texts and water.
bulletLevel 15: The priest absorbs all damage done by Fire, healing instead of being harmed
bulletLevel 20: The priest gains 25 in Hellfire and can use it against up to 5 targets if so desired.
bulletLevel 25: May conjure a rating 25 Fire Durable Demon that takes the form of a large Fire elemental. This costs 20 MP and lasts for the scene.

Glory: Character takes half damage whenever taken in mass combat for any reason.

bulletLevel 5: Priest has an effective rating in Commanding-Presence equal to their level.
bulletLevel 10: Anyone submitting to the priests direct leadership, in personal or mass combat, receives -1% damage per level from all forms of damage.
bulletLevel 15: Once per day, when facing a superior opponent, the priest may call on his faith to strike a terrible blow. Add the priests level to the succs to hit and the total damage. This action costs 10 MP but CAN be used if not enough MP is present.
bulletLevel 20: Priest gains War Devil perk. If the character has war devil from any other source (Destruction Domain, buying it), they gain +50% HP and deal double damage in mass combat, becoming an unstoppable titan of death.
bulletLevel 25: A unit under the direct guidance of the priest gains fanatical morale that cannot be swayed.

Healing: Whenever you cast a healing spell (Cure) on someone, every negative status ailment they have has a 1% chance per level of fading away.

bulletLevel 5: 2% less per level succs needed to overcome negative ailments or diseases of any kind.
bulletLevel 10: Once per scene, the priest may expend as many MP as their level to completely rejuvenate a person, so long as they are alive. The person is restored to full HP and MP with all negative ailments removed.
bulletLevel 15: The priest may expend 10 MP as an action to repeat the curing spell they cast the round before. New targets, if in range, may be selected. All rolls are the same and the same number of succs are assumed to have been rolled.
bulletLevel 20: So infused with positive energies is the priest that they are constantly regenerating, gaining 1d(level) hit points back a combat round if they are injured. This ability turns off if the priest is below 30% MP.
bulletLevel 25: Resurrection. If the target has died within the minute, no more, the priest may voluntarily accept as many points of lower-MP as the level of the target to revive them from the land of the dead.

Holy: When casting a spell with 100% white element, one additional target may be indicated for every 6 levels.

bulletLevel 5: For double the cost, any spell cast by the  priest may be 'purified', making its element 100% white.
bulletLevel 10: Specifically unholy enchantments and items may be destroyed by spending 20 MP and touching the item/anchor point. Particularly hardy items may require additional MP or may lash out at the priest while they dissolve, inflicting damage. Legendary (Or just plot hinging) items may require more than the simple spending of MP, though the judge should at least give a strong hint as to what steps to take.
bulletLevel 15: Dark Aligned creatures (not people) may be disrupted. Spend as many MP as desired,  up to your level, and +dice (number of MP)d5, the number indicated is white damage to the target.
bulletLevel 20: You are now immune to hostile white energies. White creatures will regard you as an ally and not attack unless provoked.
bulletLevel 25: You may command white creatures with the expenditure of 1 MP per its level, lasting until the end of the scene. The creature will remember what you ordered it to do, and may try to exact repayment.

Honor: When the priest speaks the truth, all know it. This is in accordance to the priest's knowledge. They can speak misinformation, if they believe it to be true.

bulletLevel 5: The priest may add their level to any attempt to discern a lie.
bulletLevel 10: For 15 MP a question, the priest may force a target to answer the next question they ask truthfully. The target may choose to not answer at all, but suffers for it, losing half their remaining HP and MP. This ability fails utterly on any target with over 10 points of no-mind, or the chaos domain.
bulletLevel 15: The priest may add their level to any resist check that would otherwise result in them breaching an oath or promise.
bulletLevel 20: Gaeas, the priest may give a quest or mission to the target, though it must be accepted. Once accepted, the quest cannot be abandoned, or the target will suffer the priest's level as a penalty to ANY AND ALL rolls until the quest it taken up again and/or completed. As a positive side effect, any attempt to magically sway the target from his mission through mental magics will fail. If the quest is not accepted from the start, the priest will know.

Justice: Followers of the justice domain receive a Mog whos rating is always equal to their level. This mog can recite the unpunished deeds of any person it is directed at, but it only works on crimes that are known by at least one person who is not friendly to the target. A crime with no living witnesses will not be reported, nor will crimes that have already been paid for.

bulletLevel 5: If the priest is charged with tracking a specific criminal, they can attempt to use their faith to guide them to the quarry. 1 MP must be spent every minute, while they wander towards the target, assuming the target is in the same plane. If the target is not in the same plane, the priest wanders randomly. The priest will move at about 1 MPH. The path is not straight, making it difficult to guess where the culprit is just from watching the direction the priest moves in.
bulletLevel 10: In the pursuit of an outlaw, the priest may level adjust any +check relating to reaching the criminal.
bulletLevel 15: Pardon, A priest of the justice domain may, at any time, redeem a criminal, marking one of his crimes as 'paid', and thus no longer accountable, put to the past. Irresponsible use of this ability CAN result in the entire domain being lost without refund.
bulletLevel 20: Bonds of Justice: Once subdued, a criminal can be bound with the priest's mog, who wraps around the victim tightly, preventing any action but moving, and even preventing spell casting. There is no resistance to this effect, but it can only be used on a sleeping or subdued target.
bulletLevel 25: As per the level 5 ability, except 20 MP may be spent for the priest to get an unerring sense of the target's location and how to reach it, granted in an instant flash of divine inspiration.

Knowledge: Knowledge priests may reroll a failed lore or folk-lore check once, taking the better result.

bulletLevel 5: Unearthed Arcana, the priest may select any lore, folk-lore or arcana subskill to gain at 25 instantly. Also gain 2 caps in the same basic skill.
bulletLevel 10: Linguist, the priest gains two linguistic subskills, one at 25, the other at 10. Gain 2 caps in Linguistics.
bulletLevel 15: Divine Knowledge: The priest may, at any time, pay X MP to simulate a lore or folk-lore skill at X rating. This only lasts for the duration of the roll, and provides a flash of insight.
bulletLevel 20: Master Linguist: Priest can speak, read, and write any language they come across as fluently as a native.
bulletLevel 25: Font of Knowledge: As per the level 10 ability, but it lasts for the remainder of the day, allowing as many rolls as required. The priest can even draw on topics they wouldn't normally think to look into (Judge discretion).

Luck: Once per scene, when things seem at their worst, the priest may denote one roll as succeeding. This roll will succeed in the best possible way that it can succeed, judge discretion.

bulletLevel 5: The priest has an effective rating in Fortune as their level.
bulletLevel 10: The priest has an effective rating in Jinx as half their level.
bulletLevel 15: Whenever struck with any status, they may roll resistance twice and take the better of the two rolls.
bulletLevel 20: Units on the same side as the priest, if the priest is a commander, have a 30% chance of ignoring any particular morale worsening situation.
bulletLevel 25: Once, when the priest should have died, they will resurface a few days later, unharmed. It will require at least a year and heavy sacrifice to the priest's patron to regain this ability.

Madness: Suffused with the stuff of chaos, madness priests tend to be very distant from the world around them. +2 difficulty to perception checks. Any spell cast by a madness priest will have a power between 80->120% of its normal power (+dice 1d41+79). Chaotic spells, that is, spells with random outcomes, are level adjusted for increased power.

bulletLevel 5: Faced with a scrambled or shattered object, be it a jigsaw puzzle or broken pottery, the priest can re-assemble it to its original condition with a 5 MP expenditure. To the priest, the object was always whole, and will deny any attempts to convince them otherwise. Attempts to influence a madness priest with mental magic of any kind is at +3 difficulty.
bulletLevel 10: Any spell can be infused with madness. The target of the spell has a 1% chance per level of gaining Confuse or Berserk, priest's option, on top of any other effect.
bulletLevel 15: Once per day, the priest may approach a troubling situation or puzzle with a completely lunatic solution. The solution should be role-played, and everyone present should give a 1->10 rating on just how odd, and yet feasible, the action is, including the residing judge, who then decides if it works or not. Good RP and novel ideas should be rewarded.
bulletLevel 20: The priest may infect others with a madness of the flesh. Once per day at most, and costing 3 points of lower-MP, they may subject a target touched with gaia's wrath.
bulletLevel 25: The priest is now immune to all mind effects. Their spells stabilize, becoming base power instead of wavering between 80 and 120%.

Magic: Priests of magic find their reservoirs of magical energy seemingly unending and begin play with 25 in Raise-MP.

bulletLevel 5: The priest may always attempt to counter spell, even if they have no defensive actions left. Priest also gains 2 caps in counter-spell.
bulletLevel 10: The priest may assist another spell in progress by forgoing their actions to pray for it, adding +1% per level to its effect.
bulletLevel 15: In a sudden flash of inspiration, the priest gains new magical understanding. Gain a component without a cost modifier to 25, and 5 caps in the component of choice.

Mind: Mind priests understand the thoughts of those around them.  They gain +3 caps in subterfuge, politics and empathy.

bulletLevel 5: For 2 MP, the priest can discern the emotional state of any one target in visual range. If the target has more no-mind than the priest has levels or is a higher level chaos priest, the attempt fails.
bulletLevel 10: Double all resistance rolls to shrug off mental effects or halve the attacking power, as is appropriate. Priest also gains 2 caps in Linguistics.
bulletLevel 15: Your powers of the mind extend to spirits, allowing direct communication with them, and anyone else, telepathically at absolutely no cost. This communication does not breach mortal language barriers, however. Priest gains 1 cap in linguistics.
bulletLevel 20: Gaesa, See Level 20 Glory, mind priest will also be made aware whenever the target ceases or resumes their quest.
bulletLevel 25: Priest is immune to any and all mental affecting abilities.

Monsters: A priest of monsters will never be attacked by a monster unless provoked. Those of monstrous nature who wish to supersede this must succeed a +resist/will against 15. This benefit can be extended over an accompanying party, but the priest will have 5 less MP per person so protected until they reach their destination.

bulletLevel 5: The priest gains a monstrous companion, this companion has one modifier and a rating equal to their level. It begins non-sentient, though this changes later on.
bulletLevel 10: The reputation of the priest has grown that monsters in trouble will come to seek out the priest if they are attempting to live in a city. If the priest is recognized within the city this occurs in, they can take custody of the monster, saving it from other possible punishment.
bulletLevel 15: Any ability that would normally function on undead may be used by the priest against monsters, allowing them to be affected by holy text, water, and other such things.
bulletLevel 20: The priest's creature becomes fully autonomous and sentient, as well as gaining a second modifier. The companion remains utterly loyal to the priest, immune to any supernatural method to sway the bond. The priest and companion may share senses up to one mile/level.
bulletLevel 25: By spending four times the level of the target monster in MP, a priest can banish it instantly into the wilderness, causing it to flee on the spot. Especially powerful beasts, like WEAPONs, may require up to double this amount, and it all must be spent at once.

Peace: Priests of peace, if they do not perform any hostile actions, will always be the last to be attacked in any confrontation. Healing does not count as hostile, even if done to an enemy. Trying to attack a peace priest out of turn requires a +resist/will against a target of 15.

bulletLevel 5: The priest has an effective rating in Peaceful-Aura of twice their level, up to 30 at level 15.
bulletLevel 10: Spending an action speaking calmly to a creature that can hear the priest, an attempt to calm a hostile being may be made. The priests faith lends extra weight to the attempt, however, if the preists' friends or allies plan to continue the attack, it will fail automatically. This attempt should be role-played. Judge discretion.
bulletLevel 15: With a sudden shout, the priest may call an end to a battle. Does not function in mass combat unless ALL units involved are within two squares of the priest. Anyone wishing to battle despite the call for peace must +resist/will against 15. This ability costs 15 MP. Hostile actions by those resisting will break the hold on those they attack, which could restart the battle.
bulletLevel 20: In order to attack a priest of peace of such a level becomes almost impossible, requiring the +resist/will be made for each and every hostile action, target 15. A failure ruins the rest of the planned actions against the priest for the remainder of the round.
bulletLevel 25: As the level 20 ability, but it extends outwards 1 yard per level, causing all hostile actions towards anyone to be stopped and thwarted, even if the priest is completely uninvolved, radiating such a powerful aura of peacefulness that all strife grinds to a halt with their presence.

Plants: The priest leaves no trails in the wilderness and cannot be hampered or injured by thorns, underbrush, and other forms of thick foliage. Spells directly related to plants are level adjusted for extra efficiency.

bulletLevel 5: The priest can use local plant life, if there is any, to get things done. Plants become animate under the command of the priest, having a maximum strength of his level. The plants can do anything feasible with the shape of the controlled plant.
bulletLevel 10: The priest can use effects that would normally affect undead on plants and plant based creatures.
bulletLevel 15: Priest gains a treant companion, a durable soldier with a weakness to fire that has a rating of his level.
bulletLevel 20: The priest can exhibit plant like traits. They may grow thick bark like covering, gaining a weakness to fire, but doubling their soak. They can grow thorns, dealing 1d(level) extra poison damage with every brawling strike. Other plant attributes are possible, judge discretion.

Protection: Priests of the protection domain automatically gain Equip-Any-Armor, and, as a whole, are quite comfortable marching around in heavy plate armor.

bulletLevel 5: For 1 MP/level, the priest may extend a barrier of protection over a single ally for the scene, granting them +1 success per 5 levels against any form of assault.
bulletLevel 10: For 5 MP, level adjusted, the priest can make a target immune to a target status ailment for an hour per level.
bulletLevel 15: The priest will, so long as at least 50% MP remains, take half damage from any assault.
bulletLevel 20: For 20 MP, level adjusted, the priest can make a target immune to the element of choice for an hour per level.
bulletLevel 25: For 50 MP, the target becomes utterly immune to all forms of harm for 1 round per 5 levels of the priest. A priest of Destruction domain may cancel this ability by spending 50 MP.

Rebirth: A priest of rebirth can look forward to their next life without fear. They will have complete recollection of this life in all its intricacies. This domain is one of the hardest domains to learn, but the devout will find that time is on their side. In system terms, they will have full XP in their next character in the event of death or reincarnation ability. Should a character profit from this or like ability, they must take the Reborn merit upon reincarnation.

bulletLevel 5:  The priest can, with scrutiny, identify someone as being a reincarnated priest of the Rebirth domain. This takes a full minute of up close study, including a hand on the target, precluding any other action at this time. There will be a 'feeling' if the target is Reborn or not. At level 20+, the priest can also make out hazy images, and with them, can identify the target's previous life. The target must be of sound mind and body, and not restrained for this to work.
bulletLevel 15:  The priest may clear all status effects from themselves at any time during the round by spending as much MP as the priest has in levels. This ability clears all status effects, both good and bad.
bulletLevel 25:  As long as you remain in good standing with the All Father (or your Patron God) you are effectively immortal. Sadly, you're also very much stuck. Whenever you die, you will resurface as a new person, but with memories intact and training in place. You will still be a priest with the rebirth domain. You will never truly die as long as you do not turn your back on your Faith. If you have 50mp when you perish, you may choose at that instant to explode in a fireball, damaging everything around you with (Your Level)d5 fire damage (at least 25d5), and reincarnate instantly.

The process of instant reincarnation involves a +rm roll (choose out of three rolls) a rename, and a change in IC editplayer information. A 'slow' reincarnation is still up for debate, as there is an issue with random physical stats causing tiers to not be qualified for, and all sorts of like madness, but will most likely involve the same +rm roll (choose out of three rolls), a rename, new IC editplayer information, and a reset of merits and flaws to accomadate the 'new' person.

Stealth: The priest has an effective rating in Cloaking equal to their level, up to 30.

bulletLevel 5: Priest gains 3 caps in Stealth and 1 in streetwise. In dramatic situations, priest may spend 2 MP for an extra success in a stealth check, without limit.
bulletLevel 10: Priest gains an effective rating in Shadow-Walk as their level, up to 30.
bulletLevel 15: Priest gains Night-Affinity of 20
bulletLevel 20: Priest gains Back-Stab of 20 and Ambush of 10. If they already had one or both of these, the priest instead finds 400 G per attained item falling into their possession over the course of a few weeks.
bulletLevel 25: Priest gains 25 pts of no-mind and cannot be caught telling lies through any means.

Travel: A priest of travel has a 3% chance per level of avoiding any particular random encounter, if they do not desire it. The priest is made aware of the nature of the encounter through a vision and can choose to face it or attempt to circumvent it. If allowed to lead a group, all members benefit from his ability.

bulletLevel 5: The priest gains the Recall ability to the last city or town they visited, usable once per week per 5 levels. This ability requires ten minutes to activate. The priest takes half the usual damage from using this ability, though it is still quite painful.
bulletLevel 10: For as many rounds as your level per day, you may move without impedement despite any attempts to hold you back. Water reacts like air, slow and stop and break spells cease to hold you still, and the strongest webbing slides off you like water.
bulletLevel 15: The priest is able to resist the effects of weather and the environment, doubling the duration for holding their breath and going without food and water, as well as taking half damage from natural weather conditions and environment.
bulletLevel 20: Once per OOC week, the priest may transport themselves to a known city/town, and take as many as one extra passenger per 6 levels, along with their carried equipment. All those transported will arrive with 1 HP and 0 MP, so it is generally wise to transport directly to a friendly church and give them warning that you're coming.
bulletLevel 25: The priest is utterly immune to random encounters that they do not desire.

War: War priests enter battle with their unit in fanatical morale.

bulletLevel 5: Every mass combat round, there is a 1% chance per level of an insight into the location of a hidden enemy unit, the check should be made every round, only the judge knows if there are any hidden units to detect.
bulletLevel 10: All units on the same side as the war priest deal 1% more and take 1% less damage per level. The highest war priest in the army supersedes the bonus from any others.
bulletLevel 15: The priest gains the war devil perk. If the war devil perk is already attained through some other means, they now deal double damage in mass combat and gain +50% HP.
bulletLevel 25: The war priest may restore fallen soldiers in their unit by expending 1 MP per health. This is a completely free action. If the priest actually spends the entire turn performing this and the unit also forgoes its actions, three times as many soldiers are revived.

Water: Half damage from Water element, and +50% success/damage when using Water specials/spells.

bulletLevel 5: The priest has an effective rating in Inspire equal to their level.
bulletLevel 10: May use any ability that would normally affect undead on Water creatures, allowing them to be harmed/affected by holy texts and water.
bulletLevel 15: The priest absorbs all damage done by Water, healing instead of being harmed
bulletLevel 20: The priest gains 25 in Water and can use it against up to 5 targets if so desired without additional target/splash components. The priest can now breath water as well.
bulletLevel 25: May conjure a rating 25 Psychic Durable Demon that takes the form of a large Water elemental. This costs 20 MP and lasts for the scene.


Sun: The priest has the ability to generate an aura of light around their person, in a radius as wide as their Level in feet.

bulletLevel 5: For 5 MP, the priest is able reflect a beam of light towards an opponent, resisted with a +resist/stamina check. Should the opponent fail, they will be inflicted with the [Blind] status for the remainder of the scene. If the creature is undead, they suffer [Break].
bulletLevel 10 - User gains their rating in Day-Affinity, up to 30.
bulletLevel 15 - User gains Sunshine at 25
bulletLevel 20 - Here is dawn. The priest has the uncanny ability to bring a blinding dawn at any time of day or night, spending half of their MP or 20, whichever is greater, and sending a deluge of light upon foes. If undead, treat this as 20d10 fire damage for each undead in the scene. If target is not undead, +resist/stamina vs 20 or gain the [Blind] status. This lasts until the end of the scene and affects up to one opponent per 4 levels every round. The same enemy may not be targeted more than once every four rounds.
bulletLevel 25 - The sun itself heals your wounds, and cures your ails. As long as the sun is shining, you are inflicted with the [Regen] status.

Technology: Priests of technology suffer -2 difficulty to rolls involving /machinery/, not technology in general.

bulletLevel 5 - Priests get their rating in Scan, up to 10 if non-heretic tiers. If a heretic, they can get a max of 25 this way.
bulletLevel 10 - Ignition - By making tactile contact, and spending 3MP, a Priest of tech can bring to life a piece of machinery or electronics. This ability only activates it, the priest has no control over the technology.
bulletLevel 15 - During Make-Plan checks, increase your succs by half your Rating.
bulletLevel 20 - Posession - Priests of Tech, by spending 10MP, can inflict their will over a piece of machinery and technology. The machine, or its current controller, can makes a +resist/will vs 20. Should the +resist fail, the priest has control over the technology through force of will for the remainder of the scene. He only controls, and doesn't gain any knowledge about what the machine can do.
bulletLevel 25 - Dissembly - The Priest can spend 15 MP, and by doing so, releases some magical wave of energy from his body(EMP). Any electronics, or machinery near the priest in his/her rating in feet will instantly shut down, until reactivated.