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Founded in the year 580 AH, The Holy Church of the All Father, known simply as 'The Church', provides spiritual sanctity and comfort to over 95% of the population. This page is devoted to providing more detail into this religion and its practices.

Basic Beliefs 

  1. There is only one god, most commonly seen as male, but sometimes 'All Mother' works just as well. An all powerful and all knowing being that oversees the workings of the universe entire. God is ultimately forgiving, but not always within the space of a lifetime. Death is the ultimate karma payback.
  2. Any other 'god' is a flawed and imperfect perception of god. Those who believe in multiple deities are simply overwhelmed by the majesty of the all father and have to break it down into smaller pieces for ease of thought. There is no sin in this as long as one remembers that in the end, God is true and final.
  3. Leading a life of great sin and evil will cause someone to be reincarnated as a monster, and forced to live life in the warped and mutilated form until such time as put to the death by a more righteous man, at which time the soul will be free to attempt reincarnation again.
  4. All return to Gaia upon death. Gaia is the planet, and should not be confused with God. Gaia is not a God, but a creation of god, as we all are. We all share and mingle in Gaia in our death before one eventually reincarnates in a new form. Virtuous and good living leads to higher planes of being. Sin and evil leads to monstrosity. 
  5. Slaves are people destined to serve. In this existence, their soul has a chance for deep inner contemplation and reflection. It is said that a lifetime of proper slavery will cleanse and strengthen the immortal soul, preparing it for a higher existence. Because of this, Slaves are to be treated with respect, even as ordered. Tis noble to be humble, after all.
  6. All good children of god will find time in their lives at least once a week to come to church and join in the communal praising of god and thanks giving for the world he has provided for us.  In addition, it is thought to be good to say thanks in prayer once a day in the solitude of ones home. Tithing should be done when it is possible, but it does not behoove god to have you give up your last gil to him.

Views on the Spirit World

  1. Spirits are souls without physical form. They hold the capacity for both good and evil just as anything with a physical form. They are not to be confused with God or as a God as they are not without death, even if it does not come as easily to them as us.
  2. Spirits of light and good are to be given assistance when called for just as any good person should be given assistance. Their goals are the same as ours. Those of darkness and evil should be banished and warded off, lest they corrupt you with their presence.
  3. Some spirits, like people, are created with the purpose of serving. These spirits are never to be harmed, for they are holy in the eyes of God. Should the man that a spirit is serving be pure of heart, the spirit will be a boon to the world. However, callers of dark persuasion should be hunted immediately, for the spirits they come in contact with will be a curse, a blight upon the world.
  4. There is a world much like our own, the spirit world. God knows of this world, as he created it. It is not our part to enter this world unless in death. To force entry to the spirit world is blasphemous and will weigh heavily on the soul. Spirits can be called to the physical world for brief periods without divine retribution.

Of Church and State

  1. The church is the ear that hears the word of god. The empire is the hand, that achieves its will. Working in concert, the church and empire can bring about the desires of god and prosperity for all of humanity.
  2. Both church and empire are holy in the eyes of God. (In actuality, the two do fight for position and power, but they keep it out of public light)
  3. To question either is blasphemous even in thought and should be repented for immediately along with the expunging of such notions before they can do harm to yourself or other citizens.

Views on Magic

  1. Magic touches upon the raw power of God's creation. It is capable of amazing good and terrifying evil. Because of this, the use of magic should be watched and monitored carefully for signs of Corruption. Because of this, the church fully supports the existence of the Mages Guild.
  2. Those who use magic for evil are even more vile than monsters and should be treated with ultimate prejudice. Kill on sight, questions reserved for later. If such a being can somehow be restrained without risking the life of a virtuous man, his crimes should be explained to him. If he is truly repentful, he will give up all ties to magic and finish his life in peaceful co existence with the world. If he refuses, Death is the best thing for all.

Views on Technology

  1. Technology is a smote in the eye of god. A defiance of his grand order in the highest scale.  While he deems to tolerate it, know that all acts of technology will ultimately result in failure, pain, and possibly death. No tears should be shed for the man killed working with such heresy.
  2. A man who works science in public risks the lives of everyone around him. Provide him with nothing, do not speak to him. The less contact you have with such people, the less likely you will be hurt when their devices fail them in God's anger.
  3. Above all else, any technology made to imitate the workings of the living being are the highest of technological sins. Such a creation should be destroyed immediately, and its creator imprisoned until the weight of his sins is realized by him.

Views on Paladins and Knights

  1. Paladins are the shield and sword of the Church. Holy warriors, accepted as god with the task of protecting the innocent and the holy. A paladin may never be charged with the crime of murder unless he is first proven unworthy as a paladin for no paladin may strike down an innocent man, the blade will not cut.
  2. No god fearing man should strike at a Paladin. A paladin should be housed and fed when possible in their journeys, for they are likely on a mission to keep you safe from the darkness, and this kindness should be returned.
  3. Paladins will assist Guards and Enforcers when possible, assisting them in the capture of dangerous criminals. As a rule, Paladins prefer to bring in such criminals alive, but will not hesitate to deal out death should the offender threaten an innocent within their sight.

Views on Marriage/Romance

  1. Marriage creates a permanent tie between souls. When people enter a marriage, they are bonding much deeper than the physical. They are fated to be wed in every incarnation they will ever experience. As rocks, trees, animals, birds, and fish, in each one, they will find one another and know the happiness of love.
  2. Because of this incredible longevity, it is urged strongly that all be sure of their commitment before entering a church with the intent of entering such a deep relationship.
  3. A marriage may contain 2 to six different people of both male and female gender. At least one of either gender should be present as a marriage without fertility is cursed from the beggining. Since fertility has expanded to allow cross-species child raising, the taboo on cross-species marriages has dwindled away.
  4. Outside of a marriage, one should not have sex. Sex is a minor form of bonding and those who are not of the carnal circle risk damaging their soul if they bond in such a fashion without the deep bond of marriage in place.
  5. Inside marriage, sex with others is both illegal and spiritually unacceptable. Damage is done to both the sinner and his partners when another is taken to bed who is not of the marriage. Those of the carnal circle may copulate with married individuals without risk.
  6. Carnal Circle - Those of the carnal circle are people who offer sex as a profession, prostitutes. All prostitutes are licensed and registered with the church. In the process of getting the license, they are put through several cleansing and alignment rituals that, reportedly, makes the soul of the individual 'slippery' and adaptable. They become unable, in this incarnation, to bond with anyone. Thus, they can have sex outside of wedlock, and with those inside of wedlock, without risking damage to either's soul or their own. Many such prostitutes also report a lack of fertility, but this is of little surprise as the bond is said to be how a soul is called into a female.

Views on Sex

  1. As noted previously, sex outside of wedlock is frowned upon. Adultery is outright banned, legally and religiously.
  2. Different 'forms' of sexual intercourse are permitted, there is no religiously established 'best' way to go about it.. When a priest can be coaxed to talk at length on the topic, the general response is that each married group should find what works best for them and is the most comfortable.
  3. Sex should not be done excessively, it's a deeply spiritual moment and should not be abused or overused for risk of tiring or damaging ones soul in the exertion. Those of the carnal circle are supposedly resistant to such spiritual fatigue, since their spirit is not actually bonding during the act.
  4. Sex is a private act and should be kept that way. To have it witnessed is generally considered to be a tainting act, and can corrupt the souls of those being watched.