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The stage is that of winter, an endless field of white in all directions, music begins to play, somber and quiet as a voice speaks from nowhere, the announcer, "Winter comes but once a year, with its chill breath and pristine embrace of the land, a long slumber as a weary traveler at night", a visage of Shiva softly blowing, sending out bits of snowflakes and breeze.

The sun, or the imitation of it, raise up slowly into the sky as people dance onto the stage, some are rabbits, either costumed, or just born that way, of pure white fur, prancing about, and others deer, even a monster, all doing the wintery dance as the snow falls down quietly from above, "All wait patiently for the new beginning, for soon spring was to return to the sleepy land"

The ground opens and up comes a creature wreathed in flame, "Ifrit, patron father of warmth rouses, welcoming the world to its new cycle and shedding its coat of white", Ifrit reaches down to the edge of the white and starts to roll it up, carrying it off stage with him to reveal under it a green pasture, the bunnies bounding off stage to be replaced with a few foxes.

A creature steps onto the scene, looks like an imp, but with blue skin and an icicle hanging on his nose, "I will stop spring from staying this year and make sure it's always winter, it's far too warm, and I hate foxes", giving one of them a sound boot to the backside*yerf!*

The imp walks and the scene changes with a pulled curtain and a few quick prop shuffles, a dank smelly cave, "Oh great mistress of winter", the imp beseeches, "Why do you not make it stay winter all the time, the land is so much prettier when it's white instead of green, don't you agree?", The throne that he addresses turns, with Shiva seated on it.

Shiva shakes her head slowly, "I cannot do that, Puck, you know as well as..", the imp cuts in, "Ya ya ya, the natural cycle, well to hell with that, I'm tired of having to be miserable half the year", he almost shouts, looking mightily angry about the whole thing.

He stomps off with Shiva frowning at him, though the scene remains focused on the ice mistress who leans over towards an ice nymph, "Keep an eye on him, I feel he will do something most foolish", and the small female nods and slinks off, the actor is a pudgy hedgehog morph from the looks of it.

The curtain falls for a few moments for a scene change, raising to reveal a room, with a table in the center, upon which lies a crystal ball. There's a simple bed and a dresser with mirror on it. Outside it seems is pretty high up as only the sky can be seen through the narrow window. A sagely looking person sits at the table, peering into the ball when there's a loud thumping at the door.

He raises to his feet and moves to the door just a second too late for it to swing open on its own and Puck to storm in, "Seer, I demand your services", holding out a bag of gil in the man's face. The sage, who is human ahems loudly, "All in due time, close the door, have you no manners? Have a seat, tell me what you want"

They're both seated as the imp growls and grumbles profusely, "I want to find the rod of snow, where is it?", he demands, slapping his palm against the table. The seer hmms and looks to the bag of gil, then to his ball, peering, "If you're in such a rush, let's see", waving his hands as it glows and glimmers in a sparkly fashion for the audience's amusement.

The orb flashes and he nods, taking the bag of gil, "The thing you're seeking can be found in the volcano of tyra, dead center of the lava", he cracks a smile, "Good luck getting to it". The imp slams his fist down, "How do I get it, tell me", but the sage just shakes his head and starts to count his money, "Sorry friend, I'm closed for today"

The imp departs in a huff, walking all the way along through what seems to be a desert, sweating chunks of ice and water onto the sand as he goes, muttering all along the way about how great the world will be once it's always winter and white will be the only color seen for miles around.

A scene change, the imp standing at the proposed lip of the volcano, peering down as little streams of red are sprinkled to simulate the intense heat of it. He's going 'hmmm' to himself and circling around slowly

In a sparkling of blue confetti, up comes the hedgehog snow nymph, smiling, "Do you truly want the rod?", she asks of the Imp. The imp glares at her, "Of course I want it, servant of that damned ice mistress"

The nymph giggles softly, "Very well then, simply walk out and get it, the fire won't harm you, just don't look down", and she vanishes again (lowered below stage by a trap door). The imp gruffs, "Probably trying to just kill me", he crosses his arms indignantly

The imp finally gives a shrug and leaps in (hops into the red circle), walking towards the rod in the center with a hand held up to ward away the heat. He seems to melt a great deal, but not as fast as one would expect, hurrying to the rod and to the other side with it in hand.

He holds up the rod triumphantly over his head with a cackle, "Now it will be winter forever", and the ball on the tip glows, *poof*, suddenly it's winter again! all around him snow and white and he bounds off giddily

The hedgehog pops out from behind the curtain and bounces in front of the crowd, "And so puck lived happily ever after! But what he didn't know is that he didn't cause winter, instead it moved him to where there's snow", and out peeks another head, a polar bear, waving to the crowd as the curtain falls and people clap.