Gaia's Wrath

Gaia's Wrath

No stat/skill/school/anything may be risen over 10 due to this chart. In order to raise from 8 the maximum bonus has to be rolled. This chart is only for the event that someone is exposed to drastic amounts of magic in too short a period of time. It's the result of Magic overexposure.

Random chart of OOPS.

Great big chart of Good Stuff

Roll Result
1-5 The character gains 1d20 XP
6-9 The character immediately attains a new job!
10-14 The character gains +1 to his/her Magery
15-19 The character gains +1 cap in any basic skill of their chosing
20-25 The character gains +2 to any 1d6 skills.
30-35 The character gains +2 to any 1d4 skills.
36-39 The character gains 4 points in Politics.
40-45 Character's Appearance increases +3
46-50 Character gains a memory of a past life. (The life of a person who once lived.)
51-55 The character suddenly finds themselves with growing musical talent. +3 Performance.
56-59 The character finds that they can always tell where there home is no matter how far away they are. (Within the same realm) They will always sense that there home is in that general direction. +1 survival.
60-65 All the copper on the character's person changes into Silver at the time of exposure.
67-69 The character gains a mundane job. They start remembering things from other peoples lives for 1d10 weeks+2. It is very confusing a the memories of now dead people wander into your head but the character will learn something useful from the chaos.
70-75 The character gains +1 strength.
76-79 The character gain a monster job
80-85 The character gains a monster job
86-89 The character suddenly knows the location of a treasure once hidden somewhere on the mainland. They know with crystal clarity where the location is being able to sense the presence of the treasure with in 1 mile. They however don't learn what lays between where they are and the treasure.

Please roll on the random chart below. (1d10)

  1. 10 miles distance.
  2. 50 miles.
  3. 100 miles
  4. 500 miles
  5. 800 miles
  6. 1000 miles.
  7. Across the ocean and then 1 mile inland.
  8. 10 miles inland.
  9. 100 miles inland.
  10. 1000 miles inland. (Why even bother?)
90-95 The character becomes immune to poison.
96-99 The character can choose a status ailment to become immune to.
100 Roll twice ignoring this result.

Great big chart of OK Stuff

Roll Result
1-5 The character's skill in Melee increases +3
6-9 The character's skill in Brawl increases +3
10-14 The character's skill in Archery increases +3
15-19 The character gains the ability to see in the dark (20 feet)
20-24 The character gains the ability to detect magic (15 feet radius.)
25-29 The character's fur all falls out 1d4 day later. It happens overnight while they sleep and when they awaken the fur has changed itself into gold. (If melted down it can be made into 1 gil for every foot of height they have. The fur will regrow normally and never do it again unless they roll 5 or less on 1d100 then they are permanently bald over there entire body. Those without fur are not effected. Human can only gain a maximum of 1 gil worth of gold from there hair.)
30-35 The character gains the ability to detect gems (15 feet radius.)
36-39 The character suddenly finds themselves drawn to the ground by a hungry feeling. If they bury themselves in the ground they will gain 1d2 hit points an hour until they are fully healed. They must double there intake of water and they feel tired and run down if they stay inside to long without direct sunlight.
40-45 The character gains the ability to levitate for 1d10 rounds once a day.
46-49 The character spontaneously reproduces a-sexually splitting into a clone of themselves. The clone is a complete and total clone including all knowledge. However both the original and the clone are knocked out by the process and never know of each others existence if no one else witnesses the event. The clone is teleported 2d1000 miles away.
50-55 The character finds themselves turned to stone but can still move. (Can be cured by a soft potion. +3 to Stamina and +3 to strength while they are stone.)
56-59 The character gains the use of one language of there choice both reading and writing. (There is a 2% chance of it being the Ancient language.)
60-65 The character's reproductive potency is multiplied by a factor of 20!
66-69 The character gains the ability to leap 60 feet. There is however a loud BOING made by the action.
70-75 The character's ability to research is doubled. Reducing spell research and other forms of research time by half.
76-79 The character finds themselves able to flawlessly remember every thing they have read (Non-magical information only.)
80-85 The character gains +5 in distract.
86-89 The character gains the ability to heal others for 1 point per current Job Level, three times a day.
90-95 The character gains 20 votes
96-99 The character gains 10 votes.
100 Roll twice ignoring this result.

Great big chart of It Could Have Been Worse

Roll Result
1-5   The character grows another eye. (Player's choice where) (+3 to perception rolls based on sight)
6-9   The character doubles in body fat. (Can be worked off)
10-14   The character's fingers grow abnormally longer.
15-19   The character's skin/fur/scales change to a random color.
20-25   The character's skin/fur/scales change to a random pattern.
26-29   The character loses all sexual potency but not drive.
30-35   The character grows black, white, green, brown or black fur from a random limb permanently.
36-39   The character's pupils change into a random shape. (Squares,stars,hourglasses anything)
40-59   The character grows wings that can't be used until they buy the power of flight.
60-65   The character will gain 1d10 inches in height over the next 12 hours.
66-69   The character grows one of the sexual organs of the opposite sex somewhere on their body.
70-75   The character becomes a strict herbivore. Meat of any kind will make them ill.
76-79   The character must eat meat and only meat or become ill. (Raw is preferred)
80-84   The character attracts insects like a flower in bloom no matter how often they wash.
85-89   The character will become unable to sleep well. They will be hunted by dreams of lives lived long ago. They will begin living two lives. One that only exists in the realm of dreams and one that exist only when they are awake. The dreams will not be remembered and when asleep the character will not remember there waking life. The character will always wake feeling just a tired as when they went to bed unless they are sedated some how into not dreaming. The emotional state of the character may be effected by the other life however. The person may always wake up happy or they may live out the life of a slave and wake up in a quivering ball of fear every time. (player's choice)
90-95   The character emits a very sexually stimulating fragrance that only attracts trolls. To every one other than a troll the character smells normal.
96-99   The character finds themselves lost a great deal. Add 1d10 days to all travel time.
100   Roll once here then once on the Great big chart of DAMN!

Great big chart of DAMN!

Roll Result
1-5   The character grows an extra tail. (Non-Magical for all you Kitsune)
6-9   The character forgets 1d10 random years of their life.
10-14   The character finds that their hair/fur is falling out. Baldness will result in less than 3 months.
15-19   The character must stop and count any amount of small objects that fall on the ground. Seeds, copper-pieces and so forth. Even in combat.
20-25   The character grows feathers from behind their ears.
26-39   The character finds themselves having the growing desire to eat worms and other small insects.
30-39   Double all future mana shock results.
40-44   The character must stop and howl at the full moon, whenever they see it. Even in combat.
45-49   The character must be invited into any house or building before being able to enter. Without an invitation they take 30 points a round while within the structure as the spirit of the house hurt them.
50-55   The character quadruples in size while they sleep returning to there normal size over the time of one hour after they awaken.
56-60   The character loses the desire to reproduce totally. Sexuality becomes a strange and revolting subject to them.
61-66   The character becomes color blind and tone deaf (-5 to any artistic expression using these factor.)
67-69   The character is gripped by a overwhelmingly powerful desire to mate with a random type of non-morphic animal every 6 months.
70-75   The character quadruples in size permanently. (+4 strength -4 Dexterity)
76-79   You grow a separate head from where ever on your body you would like. (roll 1d100 if under 50 then the head is evil and want to kill you. If above 50 then the head is friendly and will help you as best a head can.)
80-85   The character shrinks to half his size. (-4 stamina +4 Dexterity.)
86-89   You are entranced by bright light as if Slowed. (Fire places, looking at the sun, candles in a dark room are good examples.)
90-95   The character's body loses 1 HP a round when exposed to water.
96-99   Make up a random mental illness. Example: The character feels that they must take all shiny metal objects they see and store them in a bag they must keep with them at all times.
100   Roll again and roll once on the Great big chart of This CAN'T Be Happening.

Great big chart of This CAN'T Be Happening

Roll Result
1-5   Character falls in a coma for 1d10 weeks awakening to find themselves 1d10 years older.
6-9   The character grows an extra finger that is totally useless.
10-14   The character sprouts fresh flowers from their back as well as a nice lush lawn of grass once a week at random.
15-19   The character is blinded.
20-25   The character's ears grow 1d10 times their normal size.
26-29   You have been chosen by a spirit of some type to it's pet. The spirit will talk to you all the time demanding favors and trying to teach you tricks. The spirit will only be disposed of by (A) entering holy ground which blocks the spirit from following you. (B) Having a Caller banish it. The spirit will be of no use whatsoever refusing to help and being generally obtuse. If attacked the spirit will vanish and reappear 1d10 hours later.
30-35   The character's body is half changed into a separate species. (Lower half or upper half players choice.)
36-39   The character's body becomes 'Taur. (Having the lower body of a non-morphic animal and the torso as it is.)
40-59   The character's hands (1d2) change into non-anthro paws of a random species becoming useless.
60-65   The character's legs change into the legs of another species. (Take a -3 to dexterity for 1d10 weeks +4)
66-69   Appearance drops by 3
70-75   The character's arms change into useless leathery wings like that of a pre-historic bird. The wings replace the arms making them useless. Flight can never be achieved however.
76-79   The character grows lung or other organ on the /outside/ of there body, but the organ are fully functional.
80-89   The character's head or single limb doubles in size. (-4 to Dex)
90-95   The character grows two extra eyes on their forehead which never actually see any thing but are always open and looking about independently of all the other eyes.
96-99   The character's sexual organs enlarge to 3 times their normal size but the character becomes unable to have offspring.
100   Roll twice ignoring this result then roll once on the Great big chart of No not that! Anything but that!

Great big chart of NO, not THAT! Anything but THAT!

Roll Result
1-5   The character becomes the opposite sex.
6-9   The character's limbs (1d4) change into a random species. No two are the same.
10-14   The character loses 1d4 job levels in their main profession. If they reach level 0 or less they fall into a coma for 1d4 days.
15-19   Character gains Dragons breath! They can breathe fire for WP of 4 in a 20-foot cone. They just can't tell when or control it in any way. Every time they speak there is a (Vigor x 4%) chance of the weapon firing.
20-25   The character is changed into a non-morphic animal, which is a mixture of 5 random naturally occurring animals. The change takes place over the course of 1d4+1 weeks (If already non-morphic they become morphic)
26-29   The character loses 1d2 abilities from monster if they have any.
30-34   The character will draw energy around them like an aura. (Fire, lightning, chi, Black magic are all examples the player chooses one to be cursed with.) If the caster nears a source of the energy it will gather on him. It leaves him unaffected but will cause their level in damage to all that he/she touches. (see +who2)
35-39   The character grows 1d10+5 feet in size over the coarse of a month and is immobile until they have enough XP to raise their strength by 3 points. (+3 stamina -3 dexterity.)
40-45   The character grows an extra, fully functional, organ inside themselves. (Very painful this will keep you in bed in agony for 1d6+2 days)
60-64   The character goes deaf over a week time period.
65-69   The character goes blind over the course of a week.
70-75   The character loses 1d6 skill-points from their sheet.
75-78   The character loses the ability to speak permanently over 1 weeks time.
79   The character loses 1d4 job levels in random professions
80-89   The character turns all money into wood for 1d4 years with in one-inch radius.
90-95   The character grows snakes from a random part of there body. (2d20 of them) and has no control over them. (Non-poisonous. -5 to Appearance)
96-99   The character can be possessed by any spirit that happens by at random until he is cured with a blessing from a priest with holy 15.
100   Roll twice ignoring this result.

The not so great big chart of Death.

Roll Result
1-5   The character takes Vigor points a day in damage for 1d10+5 months. (Fever and vomiting)
6-9   The character loses 1d100 years of there life span.
10-14   The character attracts a harmful form of energy to him/herself. Lightning bolts, fire, or black magic spells (Player chooses one) will have a 30% chance of turning from their target and hitting the character instead.
15-19   Character must now eat 5 times their normal supply in food to live, yet never gain much weight.
20-25   Character changes into a random perfectly normal non-anthro creature (Player chooses which animal the character will always change into.) when hit with cold water. To change back they must dip themselves in hot water.
26-29   The character's body fat doubles every day until they reach 50d20 pounds in addition to there normal weight.
30-35   Character is changed into a tree under the light of the full moon. A perfectly normal, immobile tree.
36-39   The character sprouts poisonous snakes from a random part of there body that really aren't happy. (Poison does vigor / 5 points of damage a round for 4 rounds per bite. 1d20 snakes form from random locations of the body.)
40-59   Rain damages the Character for 1 point a round. Hail does 2/round. Snow does 1/2 rounds.
60-65   Character is turned to stone. (Can be cured by 4 soft potions or target-null+break roll of 8 succs)
66-69   The character loses the ability to heal naturally. They can /only/ be healed by magic.
70-75   Character's limbs, head, torso, tail and reproductive organs change into a random yet all different species.
76-79   The fur is changed into a random form of rock or metal (1d10)
  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Copper
  4. Granite
  5. Quartz crystal
  6. iron (magnetic)
  7. iron (Non-magnetic)
  8. Sand
  9. Ruby
  10. Platinum.
80-85   Character's body oozes poison from it's skin causing 2 points of damage a round to any one who touches the character as well as the character themselves.
86-89   The character grows 1d12+2 limbs of a random type from a insect. This takes 2d4 weeks and causes 2 point of damage a day as the body mutates.
90-95   The character's limbs grow are made useless and withered. Each of them changes into a different animal's limb. The character can not walk under there own power and have Strength rating of 1.
96-99   The character dies in a horrible writhing mass of flesh. It mutates into many strange and hideous creatures over weeks of agony until finely the character dies or they just pop off and die in a few days of agony as their insides twist about themselves trying to be to many things at one time. (Player's choice)
100   Roll twice NOT ignoring this result.
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