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[Outside]: Between Mysidia forest and the City(#3363R/J)

The plains between Capitol City and Mysidia Forest, ringed with small patches

of densely grown 'islands' of trees.

Far to the West you can still see the Cities Eastern Gates, guarded against monsters and intruders, to the East looms the green unknown that is Mysidia. Grass rolls across the plains, many colorful flowers sprouting from the green and occasionally a gnoll breaks

the flatness.

If it weren't for the knowledge of constant threat of monsters, this would be quite the idyllic place.

A long road starts at the gates here, chocobo trails and carts winding off around Mysidia forest in the distance. A small road sign pointing away from the city states that this path leads one towards the rebel city of Drominham.

Another road leads to the south, it is merely a dirt path, leading deeper into the Mysidia Forest. You best be careful, you might get hurt, as there are monsters out in the forest that are out to eat you or do more horrific things.

Obvious Exits: [D] Dungeon, [M]age's [G]uild, [S]outh along the Wall,

[R]oad to Drominham, [F]orest clearing, [C]ity gates

--Contents of [Outside]: Between Mysidia forest and the City--

Players: [OOC] Nuku(#235P/BJXC!/W4)

Things: Autumn Mist(#2180T/) (Flying with 0 people on deck.)


=>rp <Nuku churrs, "Alarms go up in either city, citizens are hustled into their homes and military is mobilized. Those with communication crystals can find out that the world over all the major population centers are being approached by shambling mounds of the dead and strange moving shadows.">

Arriving from the city, Damaa walks along with Ryais, though the young enforcer is having to resist the urge to break into a run. Once free she looks left and right quickly perhaps looking for a good place to climb and shoot from.

Off in the distance, the incoming horde can be heard, approaching tho bear the touch of light in them(The people with White/day affinity who are glowing). They can't be seen from this distance through the pitch darkness that's enshrouded the world.

Thirteen keeps her sword ever at the ready, perched on one shoulder, and sticks near to Cyrus. It is, after all, her job to protect kings and such personages. Still, without knowing what she's up against there isn't much else she can do.

His Highness exits the city followed by several would-be heros and warriors. "If you love this city.. you will protect it with your life!"

Duster looks utterly confused, staring around trying to figure out how a person moments before in drominham, in doors, ended up out here

Running into the court yard, alerted by the sounds of priests and guards, Anolyn runs up, barefoot and vestless as he attempts to get dressed after his quick run from the baths. He looks around curiously to assess the situation.

Stopping near the king, the Grand Inquisitor raises his muzzle to scent the air. A dismal smell indeed, he looks to those gathered. "Fires, well need them quickly before whatever is coming arrives. Move swift as you can." He shouts to the guards that did not flee from the strange darkness and those hero's that gather.

Fenrin grits his teeth a bit and draws his spear, ready to defend and live up to what he swore to do.

EmberWyld shakes her head faintly at what's going on, and sighs. This wasn't going to go well, she knows that much.

Terial draws her Katana, standing ready in her armor. She looks to Cyrus "Should you succum to that blade, I must warn you I have orders to take it from you... I am not being rude, but I know it can corrupt it's wielder if they do not have the will..." She scratches the back of her head, being sure Thirteen hears this "I will not strike to kill, only subdue."

Alynna takes some time out to align her sword with white power, commenting, "Well gee, the dead are on the move tonight.."

With no trees close by, Damaa settles for standing a little farther back, an arrow already drawn and knocked for all the good it would do. She stays close by the Grand Inquisitor and the King.

Thirteen sends one of her guards back to the barracks, with orders to mobilize all Crimson Guards on hand. "Get the in the streets on patrols, in groups of ten," she mrowls. "And send word to the military."

Thirteen sends a second guard, with orders to get to each airship in the city no matter who owns them, and tell them to get airborne with as many civilians as possible -- especially children -- and put to sea forthwith.

Silverleaf's allready up in her airship, near her guild, ordering them to set up as many white-based wards as she can get them to do. Also many mages prepare them selves for battle, with apprentices ready with smoothies and ethers

Anastasius looks to the King. "M'Lord, I would advise getting the guards that we have into a wedge with any archers behind it in a firing line. Those of us who can fight will help reinforce the edges but I believe it would buy some time..."

Duster is trying to be behind all of these folks, and as close to kiga as he can

Alynna steps forward, preparing for battle, or if she's given other orders, to do that.

The wall is soon lined with glowing people, the various white magi lined up as they are to deliver their healing spells. Great piles of wood are stacked up, peircing the darkness to an extent and allowing people to move around without stumbling over themselves.

Fenrin walks over towards Silverleaf with his spear drawn, his face still looking tense. He looks up to her and simply says, "Good luck."

EmberWyld's wings stretch forth as she glides upwards into the air, ascending in preparation for combat.

Thirteen glances between Kiga and Cyrus. Mmmm. She resolves to keep an eye on both, as best she can.

Looking about to his city guards, Cyrus raises a hand. "If you are inexperienced in combat, today you get to learn. Get a weapon and get to your appropriate unit. If your mage.. get to the top of the walls. Follow the orders of the High Magus, and the Guild Leader. If your experienced in combat, follow the order of either myself, Commander Thirteen, Stratigiest Anastasius, or the Grand Inquisitor."

The ground shakes softly, then again... Something large is approaching.

Anastasius nods to Thirteen. "Commander I believe I will allow you to make the calls today...if you need my advice just let me know. If we all try to give commands it will only confuse the men..."

Thirteen nods to Anastasius. "Thank you," she mrowls, dispensing with formalities for the sake of brevity. "Your wisdom and suggestions are always welcome."

Kiga rallies her men, a brace of winged snipers and heavy Royal guards, arriving from Drominham on Chocobo in this showdown of light versus dark.

Looking about to his city guards, Cyrus raises a hand. "If you are inexperienced in combat, today you get to learn. Get a weapon and get to your appropriate unit. If your mage.. get to the top of the walls. Follow the orders of the High Magus, and the Guild Leader. If your experienced in combat, follow the order of either myself, Commander Thirteen, Stratigiest Anastasius, or the Grand Inquisitor." (re)

Anastasius turns his attention back to the King as he draws his own blade. "Sire, what are your orders of me?"

Anolyn looks pretty darned scared. He looks over to Cyrus and looks confused. He moves to get ontop of the wall, looking down to the ground and out to what is coming. He has no clue whats going on, but he knows it's his duty to help. He stands there shaking and looking around. "What do I do?"

In a page-pose to you, Silverleaf would really really like to have megaflare right now where she could just pop it off like a normal spell @>@

One guardsman brought a crystal with him, and him and his friends are gathered around, listening and watching what's going on in another city. If you listen you can hear, 'They're at the gates, they're huge! The people are falling ill, I'm not sure we'll ever see the sun again!'

Hearing someone ask the King what they were supposed to do, Anastasius snaps his head around. "What do you specialize in?"

Anolyn swallows hard. "Monsters." he says looks confused. "I've studied it all my theory. But never in practice." The last part comes out embarassed.

Cyrus looks to Anastasius. "Your a student of Ironhall. Your objective is to kill as many of the enemy as possible." Cyrus pauses as he feels a trimmer. "Make sure you don't die."

"Right." says Ryais as he draws his tremendous weapon from his back letting it settle with it's own weight partly into the earth. The grand inquisitor flexes his neck, rolls his one shoulder with a wet pop causing him to wince slightly. He curls back that arm once again, nods. "Should be okay." He mutters hefting the weapon from where it stands in the ground to place it atop his shoulder for the moment. "Life just got more intresting."

Anastasius then notices the guards with the crystal and barks and order to put the bloody thing away. Sighing, Anastasius trys to regain his composure quickly.

Alynna starts to walk through the crowd, towards the direction of the tremors, approaching whatever is coming.

Silverleaf looks around "Anyone with any kind of disease-healing spell, status-affect removing type spells, stay to the back for now, those with holy, holy2 and white, make ready. Those with meteo, fire3, and flare, also make ready. I want our best defensive mages to spin us up one hell of a ward against any kind of status-affect, also activate the guild's wards.

The crystal ball gets tucked away and they guards disperse nervously. One person looks up, and points, "The stars are dissapearing!", he points out,and indeed, off towards the horizon where the sound is coming, the sky does seem to be turning black.

Looking to Thirteen, Anastasius speaks quickly, "Commander, I would suggest that the men not look at the news from other is not going to be good for the moral for them to see what they are about to face...I don't think it is good for anyone's moral for that matter..." With that Anastasius' voice just trails off.

Thirteen turns to those outside the gates, a strange, motley crew. "Organize into three ranks," she declares, "Fighters in front, Mages in the second row, archers in the back taking shelter by the walls. Fighters will be responcible for keeping the enemy back from the other two rows, mages will attack at range and heal the fighters when necessary. Archers pick off what you can."

Michael alights beside Ryais, his fur fading from a dull grey to a glowing white in color, and wings rustling lightly as they glow allt he more brilliantly. "What'd you do this time, Sir?"

Kiga barks several orders to her Calvary, sending the Royal Guard to join the troops of the Capital to join them. Then calling to send the snipers up to join the mages atop the wall itself for a better position from which to aim assuming a target presents itself.

Thirteen looks to Silverleaf. "Guildmistress, you see to the mages, as is best."

Damaa moves once again getting into position with the other archers after a glance at Ryais....a good thing she was found at house instead of at the gate earlier...She takes a breath and then draws back the bow, an arrow knocked signalling that she's as ready as she's likely to get.

Terial stands to Cyrus's side, staying silent as she keeps her blade ready. She stays with the king...

Duster tries to keep up with kiga, looking worried.

Anolyn closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He spreads his hands and fingers into the air and leans forward on his toes so that the wind surrounds him.

Fenrin, as usual, is torn. Of course, he is a mage, but at the same time he is a soldier - a guard. Thusly, he decides to walk into the middle of the orginazation, ready to fight with his magic and attack with his spear.

Sighing heavily, Cyrus reaches to his back and draws forth the Masamune. "Of the time.. I need this power. Now is the time." His Highness moves to the front standing beside the High Magus. "What do you think it is?" Cyrus asks to Alynna.

Anolyn blinks a little and looks back to the group. "There is only 1 monster...and it's big enough to blot out the stars...I can feel it." He points to the direction it is coming. "

Amazingly non plussed at the moment, or perhaps just hiding it well for the moral of the men. Ryais glances back a moment eyes seeking someone who he hopes is in a safe place before looking back to the task set before him. "What did I do. Hmmm, keep pondering that statement for later."

Straightening up to his full height, Anastasius looks to the King. In a very calm voice and with eyes cold as the air around him he states, "M'lord, I am taking my leave. I will do what I can to slow them down. If I fall, you know what to do..." As his words finish Anastasius executes a semi-bow and then trots to the very front of the line where he gauges the spread of thr troops and prepares to do as he must.

Thirteen nods to Anastasius, and Ryais. "You two, stick by me... If we see an opportunity, we shall go on the offensive."

Kiga moves to the rear, stepping over to where Cyrus is for now.

Michael scritches the top of his head, as if having a terrible itch. He flexes his wings again, then lets them vanish away in a poof of brilliant sparkling magic. (white, of course)

Duster follows Kiga, "M'lady whats happening?"

Anolyn moves to the rear as well. He only knows about monsters and how they work, not actually combat. He quickly darts towards the back.

Kiga murrs, "War Duster. Bloody conflict..."

Duster winces, "what should I do M'lady? I'm no healer, nor fighter, nor mage...

The night walker becomes vaugely visible due to the torch light, stomping closer. (If you've seen the anime with the huge wolfs, you've seen the night stalker). Spotting one of its target, being the lighted up Alynna, It starts to reach forward with a midnight black hand for Alynna.

Anastasius notices an individual standing infront of the first row. In a calm voice he says, "You may want to get in line...This gets ugly in a second..."

Thirteen bellows, "Everyone stay in your ranks!"

EmberWyld's forearms swing up as she notices the stalking beast, giving a snarl as she releases a small burst of flame from the left armguard. "Damnit." the Non-Mon states, drifting closer to the ground as her wings ignite into actual flames.

You page, "You're free to make a folk-lore check" to Anolyn.

His Highness moves to the front. He spots the shadowed hand moving for Alynna. "Magus! Look out!"

Fenrin nods in Thirteen's direction and readies his menacing-looking spear before looking over to Alynna, blinking...and wishing there was something he could do.

Thirteen hollers at Alynna. "Alynna! Back, now!"

Anastasius curses to himself as he sees the beast reach for the individual. Doing the only thing he can think, Anastasius steps forward and slashes at the hand.

Anolyn raises a brow. "Oh, my..." There is a slur of about a hundred words not known to most people here. All in his own language. "That's the Nightwalker." he informs Anastasius. "One touch from it can cause all manner of deaseses and death....You need to attack from a distance."

Alynna halts in her tracks, and turns quickly, running away from it at a medium pace. She raises her hand towards the creature, looking back at it as she flees, trying to cast off a spell while in reasonably close range..

Damaa's head snaps to Anolyn for a moment, "Yell that man!" She snarls and looks back towards the creature, waiting for it to get in range to shoot.

After slashing at the hand to buy time for the individual, Anastasius screams back to whoever just mentioned attacking from a distance. "I could have used that information about 30 seconds ago!"

The blade hacks into the incoming hand which only makes some rank ichor spray out onto the brave man. Where the fluid lands skin darkens and toughens, taking on the unhealthy countenance of death.

You page, "No" to Silverleaf.

Thirteen raises a hand. "Front rank, withdraw two steps, mages and archers attack!"

Kiga lifts her arm and barrels are aimed. Dropping it, she yells back to the snipers on the wall, "Fire!" A crackling thunder of shots are made as the riflemen shoot almost as one into the towering creature's body...

Terial seems annoyed "Well, this doesn't help us... It's more of a Mage's battle."

Thirteen hears the order to fire from Kiga. "Anastasius, Drop to the ground!"

Michael draws his weapon and does take a step back, his fur fading from the brilliant white to an inky black in color. He doesn't want to attract unneeded attention.

The spell suceeds in at least making the hand falter. The white magic spell GLOWS with a blindingly ^white^WHITE^normal^ light, eliciting a low gurgling sound from the creature.

Screaming partially in pain, partially in rage, Anastasius hears the order he is given and hits the ground.

The inquisitor remains standing next to the general. Content to wait for her orders, he's a commander in his own right but knows to let those better then him work the field as needed.

"Anyone who comes into with this evil spray.. see a healer immediately!" shouts the King as he follows the orders of Thirteen taking several steps back.

Fenrin shoots his arm out towards the creature, casting a small curing spell to add to the mix of the others'.

Silverleaf calls out "white mages, cast holy and white at the creature, give it everything you got, Time-magi, red, and black magi, follow it up with Meteo and fire3!" from where she stands up in the guild. Suddenly the voices of the mage's guild white-magi can be heard chanting and a huge amount of white aligned energy can be seen flowing from the various balconies of the mage's guild.

Not to leave the fighters with nothing to do, the sound of... rain is heard. But that's no rain. By the light of the bonfires, skeletons can be seen falling from the back of the walker in a hail, shattering on impact, but starting to rearrange quickly in neat rows of undead force.

EmberWyld blinks upon hearing the fire from the walls, and gerks, narrowly having moved through the area when the shots went off towards the beast. The fire dragon continues to swarm around the monster beneath her, showering it with unpleasant heat from her forearms.

Thirteen looks over her shoulder, at the city walls. "On the gates, send healers out here quickly!"

Duster moves to load his own rifle, the forefather of those the snipers use.

Taking a quick breath, Anastasius stands and sprints with all speed he has in his legs to re-join the ranks of the fighters.

The ground is splattered in drops and gobs of the walker as it's pelted with a combined assault of bullets and white magic, its forward progression completely halted. This does little to stop its little friends, the army of the dead marching forward with cold and precise military formation to strike the fearful living with envy.

Michael rests his sword as he stands just to the left and rear of Ryais, also waiting.

Damaa mutters for a moment to herself, "closer....come on you ugly son of a...." She looks only for a second to Thirteen then back to the beast awaiting for the order to fire.

Looking to Thirteen, his face paler than before he mumbles, "Wrap the spots that the beast spilled on me..."

Watching the undead forces arrange themselves, the King moves forward to take out a few of the units. "The Void take you!"

Thirteen reaches out with two hands, to grasp Anastasius and haul him past the front rank. "See a healer," she mrowls, giving him a polite but firm shove towards the rear, and turns to face the undead once more.

Thirteen nods to Damaa. "By all means, fire."

Kiga calls back to her riflemen, "Aim for the big ones, fire at will!"

Anolyn stands in the back reading through all manners of books. "Light...Light will hurt it.." He says to himself. "And day...and the sun." He says shaking his head, unable to find much else. "This thing doesn't pop up every day...there isn't much info on him." He says shutting the book looking back at the healers as he runs over to try and help, though as the undead start, he changes course again, to attempt to help. Anything that comes in at him, he can possibly use to fight them with.

Apparently some of the soldiers are working on their own, or under guidance of other officers, large boulders zoom over the wall with the familiar sound of trebuchets firing, colliding into the beast and makig it stagger. A shout is heard from in the city, "Wind, Reload, prepare the next volley!"

**TWANG** And an arrow lodges forwards from Damaa's bow while she grits her teeth...hopefully normal weapons will hurt it also....

Anastasius sighs, realizing that he has basically been told to leave the fight, Anastasius sprints to the nearest healer and barks an order to heal him quickly.

Thirteen's ears perk towards Duster. "Excellent idea. ...See to it."

Alynna runs quickly back to the second row, coming up with a truly insane idea, and starts to cast it..

It's of great difficulty to discern if an individual bullet or arrow is stopping or hurting the beast, but the concentrated fire is supressing it nicely. The undead have entered melee range with the warriors, and the sounds of clashing metal, and the screams of the falling living can be heard.

Anolyn looks around. "Which way to the bells." He offers, volunteering for such a thing.

Terial unleashes her first strike onto the closest thing to the king...

Silverleaf yells out. "Time mages, hit the enemy army, behind the second rank with Meteo!" she calls out and they too begin to chant, before the skies open up and rain down meteors at the hoard of undead. " She then waits a minute for the white mages to recharge, and orders the red and black mages to cast fire and lightning3 at the walker. "Those callers that can summon Alexander, team together and start your ritual!" she orders and looks back at the goings on, before signalling her airship to begin opening fire at the skeletons.

"Alynna! Organize the mages into one big cast." Cyrus turns just in time to lay waste to three skeleton soldiers with a side swing from his no-dachi.

Thirteen stops ordering the men and women of arms about, and turns to face the incoming undead. She shifts her mighty blade to her right hands, then draws her other one with her left hands, and sets herself to battle. She requires a fair amount of space, swinging to massive swords about, but brings her blades to bear on anything without living flesh that comes into her circle.

After what seems like an eternity, Anastasius assumes the healer to have finished and he sprints headlong at the undead horde. Letting out a battle cry and cleaves with his blade at the nearest unndead.

EmberWyld finally disengages from the walker, backing away towards her owner's airship. Forearms lock together in order to form one, wide, gaping hole, to which she fires forth some big-ass fireball from within for the Walker!

Alynna gets orders, and obeys them. Abandoning her insane idea, she starts to collect all the mages together in a group... "White magic, lets do this... form a pyrmaid, cast 45 degrees upwars, in that direction."

Anolyn quickly starts to sprint into the church, scurryingup stares as he isn't a fighter, and isn't really a mage as all things are considered. He is a monster mage, without monsters, it makes it hard to do anything. Quickly he scrambles up towards the belfry.

Kiga launches her own strike into the walker, drawing back on a phantom bow, an arrow of fire appearing and shot away into the huge Walker...

Alynna gets in front, and starts lining mages up behind her. (page me if yer joining in)

Fenrin moves to the back a bit, raising a hand into the air and casting his own spell to help the main cause.

Terial watches as she gives her own strike towards an undead minion, doing so in a fluen overhead motion to her enemy's body with the katana's blade. She keeps an eye out for the rest of the forces and waits for anything else to come close. (Already rolled (Points up)

Alynna forms the triangle behind her, still taking mages for a grand blow.

Duster looks to kiga, then bows slightly and bolts to wards alynna, he is, if ntohing else, at least a minor white magi.

Anastasius pivots sharply cutting again. Looking around quickly he realizes that the line has exploded into a hectic brawl.

Alynna addresses all the mages, "Form a triangle behind me! If you dont have white magic, use lightning. come on.."

"Hold the line!" shouts the King.

Thirteen continues to battle at the undead. "Keep them back from the mages!" she bellows at the top of her lungs.

"Hmph." States the Inquisitor as the formation of undead moves in close enough for even the General to strike. He unshoulders his weapon with a shrug, walking forward into the ranks of those fallen that walk again. The massive weapon is wrough low, like a scythe wreaping so much grain.. a wide ripping blow designed to do exactly what the general now orders. Ryais enters the frey proper.

While the mages struggle for orginization, the undead masses plow forward into the warriors. It's not that the living are fighting badly, but they're outnumbered. Another volley of boulders sail in from over the wall, knocking the creature upside the head, and almost sending it tumbling. Ryais, with his intensely glowing blade, seems to be hewing the undead like butter before a hot iron.

From the wall among the archers is the snap and pop of the riflemen picking their aim and firing into the target-saturated field.

Anastasius lets out a loud shout, "Commander, how does the line look on your end?" Quickly shifting his weight he shoves a skeleton backwards.

Duster begins to whisper prepping his own spell.

In a page-pose to you, Anolyn wonders if you got my page, I know your swamped.

Alynna wonders why few mages has come into formation, and yells out for the other mages to join...

You page-pose, "Nuku will spoof as appropriate. :)" to Anolyn.

Damaa knocks another arrow to follow the first while people are still scrambling about, her eyes switch to the oncoming dead before she again aims to the Walker with a frown before shaking her head and aiming at the skeletons.

Thirteen whirls her blade into another undead, the ground shuddering beneath the impact as she batters more than cuts. "Bent!" is the only breath she spares in response, then, "Front rank, retreat two steps, straighten, and advance!"

Michael readies his sword and follows Ryais in. Instead of taking wide swings, his weapon, although as long as the Grand Inquisitor's, is light and swift, easily hacking through the undead and readily swung again and again.

Silverleaf calls out to her mages up in the tower again. "hit them with alternating waves of white, time and fire-magics." she says quietly and looks around "help the soldiers out with the oncoming army, keep on hitting that walker with your white magics. Try and buy the mages on the ground time to get off their spell." she says. Another bright flare can be seen from the mage's guild as more white beams lance from it to strike the large creature. Next the sky opens up again, sending meteors crashing into the second and third ranks of the oncoming hoard of undead. This is also followed by massive lightning strikes hitting at the front ranks and only targeting single undead, but there are a lot of them, suddenly a massive volley of fireballs is unleashed, sent hurtling into the undead below as all the cannon on the airship opens up, sending vast quantities of grapeshot into the undead hoard as well. Silver in the meantime begins her own chant, hands raised above her head.

EmberWyld, seeing the walker thoroughly pelted by others, looks down to the skeletons, and growls. Wheeling around with her glowing wings of fire, the dragoness turns her anger on the shambling hordes, and begins to rain down an explosive volley of fire and re-dieing upon them.

Hearing the Commander's orders, Anastasius falls back a few steps and squares up with the man next to him as he continues slashing, kicking, and punching the horde before him.

Cyrus looks around for the nearest chocobo, he didnt' care if it was his.. but if he could draw the attention of the skeletons, his city might stand a chance.

Kiga runs back to where Alynna stands, looking about at the gathering of mages.

It's a quick scamper, the Wood elf moves quickly up the rouded stairs up the tower of the cathedral towards the bells, his feet carrying him as quick as they can and even a little bit quicker than he should. He pauses as he rounds a clearing of windows looking out into the melee. It's almost beautiful in a way. Like a painting. Lights springing forth from magical productions. Blues, whites, reds and yellows illuminating the sky and the army and battle below, acting like strobe lights to slow down the encounter for the Wood Elf who watches from above. He shakes his head once and quickly starts back in his dart up towards the bells.

Alynna looks over at Duster and Kiga. "Prepare, and synchronize to my cast. If you dont have white, use lightning... ready..."

Terial watches the undead surround the warriors about the front line and then looks to the king and Thirteen. She turns her attention back to the undead, a somewhat aggitated look upon her face. She then takes a step back to bring her sword down to the ground and then slash upward towards the oncomming horde, moving to strike the next boney assailant with as much persision as possible.

Kiga uses lightning, something she's well versed in.

Fenrin defends himself with his spear, pushing back the undead, gritting his teeth.

Duster nods, already having prepped his pitiful white skill.

Thirteen is the only person who doesn't follow her own order, most likely, standing out to battle the skeletons alone for the sake of her men. She takes a claw across the face, a sword wound here, and a rusty axe across an arm there. Bleeding, her armor buckling in two places, she sheaths one sword to better wield the other, with all four hands. She grimly holds the line until the men can come up beside her, and continues fighting.

Alynna then gets at least.. 10 mages, include Duster and Kiga, ready for the spell, and lets loose with her cast..

Sadly, the divine knight is but one man.. still like a rock in the torrent of a river Ryais continues to stem the flow of undead about him. His holy blade shattering bone and rending body alike. Those that watch with care or even pass a glance his way. Neath the cowl he wears his mouth moves, chanting the words of the all father praying for the souls he is returning to whence they came. The Grand Inquisitors blade continues it's deatly whirl of death gripped in taught in his hands. Comeing once again over head for a long swinging caress of what has been blessed by the father of all.

As he slashes another skeleton into pieces a quick thought occurs to Anastasius. Turning he quickly screams for a small group of archers to make a quick advance to the right flank and lay a suppressing fire down there.

The warriors form up into a solid line again and press forward into the attack, trying desperately to gain some ground against the seemingly endless tides of shambling creepy things. The mages chant in unison and their magic flows together in a haphazard casting. Alas these are not war-magi and don't have a lot of experience in group casting(which would explain the orginizational difficulties). Despite this, a blast of white impacts the creature in the chest and it starts to tip.... falling backwards. From nowhere, one of the mages gets out a scream, blood fountaining everywhere as he is slain without warning, then another!

Thirteen hears the order Anastasius gives, and though she can't see the strategic significance from where she is standing, she recognizes the other man probably does. She orders for the front rank to take one step forward, to press the attack and keep attention away from the Strategist's archers.

EmberWyld's earflaps perk at the noise coming from the mages, as she wheels around to look up at them, and then to her own magi leader. Feeling her heart drop with fear, the dragoness glides towards Silverleaf, determined to keep her from these unseen stalkers.

Damaa holds fire for a moment and she steps out of line grabbing a few of her fellow archer s before leading them to the right at the shouted order. Once there the Enforcer directs them to make a line and then they start releasing volley after volley, these one's aiming for the skeletons and not the overturned creature.

Letting out a scream to the men around him, Anastasius prepares to possibly send himself and the right flank to a very upsetting end. "Right flank, shift five steps right then begin a pivot and sweep the enemy into the center of the ranks...Archers lay down a suppressant fire in the middle as the sweep is executed..."

Silverleaf also continues to chant as she glows brightly and a large circle forms around her. She raises her arms and speaks loudly, dumping a large amount of her own mana into this single spell. The massive circle about her flares brightly as she finds her self again attempting to reach Bahamut in a desperate attempt to try and turn the tide. The young summoner's chant becomes louder and louder, the sound carrying, seemingly on the wind to those within range of the massive spell that is building, and building rapidly. Soon the summoner releases the pent up energies, calling out to the King of Spirits urgently.

Moving to mount up on a Chocobo, Cyrus readies himself for mounted combat. "Steady, girl. Steady. Ride!" shouts the King as Cyrus she gives the bird a squeeze in the side.

Anolyn is now finished with stairs but has moved on to ladders. Yes ladders. Who the hell would design a church like this? It's like a nightmare for those who have an aversion to hieghts, however to one who was raised in the trees, the Monster-Scholar continues to drag himself along. They have him an order...bells.

Anastasius smiles as he watches the Commander shift the center and then begins his advance to press the enemies flank in on itself.

Thirteen dispatches a skeleton, and takes a brief moment of relative peace to glance over her shoulder at the mages. "Alynna, Shout if you need assistance!" she calls over her shoulder, turning her attention to a rather uncouth skeleton attempting to claw out her eyes. She smashes it, and moves on to the next one.

Alynna screams out and quickly attempts to gather the spell up onto her sword to re-release, she raises her sword to the air with whatever she has left, being the target of her own spell... and jams it out towards the monster..

*bong bong bong* The church bells ring out, and the unseen assailants come into view as fiery outlines with foul disfigured expressions of hate come into view, seeking out the glowing magi with two dimensional limbs, apparently capable of slicing quite keenly. The skeletons falter at the sound of the bell, giving the entire front row a chance to catch up, dispatching a the closest undead before they get a chance to move again. The stalker impacts the ground, throwing everyone to their feet except the fiery outlines.

Aiming like the other archers about her, Damaa takes a step closer, her bow arcing up high while she releases another arrow into the fray, letting it join it's fellows in flight.

Shoulders burning with tension as he slings forward yet another ripping blow into the endless march of undead that press him. "Michael... pass back word." He shouts between breaths and as the skeletons stagger back a moment giving him the moment of breath he needed, "Burning oil, we can press them back into it. The trebuckets can fire if they have any, why are then not thinking!"

The 'Horned' Enforcer continues to fend off the undead with his spear, glancing over to people of intrest to see if they are alright are not. His jaw is clenched, and Fenrin looks as if he is very determined to, of all things, at least live.

The 'Horned' Enforcer continues to fend off the undead with his spear, glancing over to people of intrest to see if they are alright are not. His jaw is clenched, and Fenrin looks as if he is very determined to, of all things, at least live.

Thirteen glances over her shoulder at the sound of church bells, to check on the mages. She snarls, and bellows for Michael to take her position before turning to charge the mages, blade at the ready. She whirls it in a wide, advancing arc to catch one or two of the two-dimensional things and see if she can kill them.

Deciding to use the Masamune in a lance style, Cyrus holds the 7 foot long blade under his arm, as he rides the chocobo into the horde of undead. "Back to the Void with you!" shouts the Crimson King.

Anastasius keeps a close watch on the progress of his right flank as it begins to curl and press the enemy in on itself. Ducking he makes a quick slash at a skeleton that has just tried to remove his head.

Terial watches on as the king sets out upon a mount, somewhat annoyed. She had said she was going to stay close to him, but she isn't as fast as a mount, and she has her hands full for the moment. She is stricken in the chest by a club from one of the undead brutes, which she shakes her head. Her armor, thankfully, absorbed the blow. "Damn... How are these things getting past the front line???" She slashes horizontally, aiming to crush the bones of the skeleton that had stricken her armor. "We need more support. Archers, way aren't you supporting? She then looks to see the new assailents...

Terial watches on as the king sets out upon a mount, somewhat annoyed. She had said she was going to stay close to him, but she isn't as fast as a mount, and she has her hands full for the moment. She is stricken in the chest by a club from one of the undead brutes, which she shakes her head. Her armor, thankfully, absorbed the blow. "Damn... How are these things getting past the front line???" She slashes horizontally, aiming to crush the bones of the skeleton that had stricken her armor. "We need more support. Archers, way aren't you supporting? She then looks to see the new assailents... (repose)

The clouds part suddenly, look, the sun! The sun bursts through and down onto the battlefield. another thunderous crash is heard, that's not Bahamut.. That's Alexander. The city of light steps forward from the plains towards the undead army, throwing light over the entire battle. The night walker, already felled, starts to melt away under the sun. While good in the fact that it's dead, there's now a tide of icky disease causing gunk flowing out from its deathbed in all directions.

The melodic ringing of the church bells continues as the wood elf hangs from the ropes, being drawn up and down with them.

Michael gets thrown down from the shudder of the earth, despite the sudden bright bursting forth of his wings in an attempt to regain his balance. He quickly hops up and takes Thirteen's place, as ordered, but looks towards Ryais in some confusion.

EmberWyld leans over the edge of her owner's ship, and glances at the flowing ichor. That's not a good thing, is it? The female leans further, aiming one of her paws down at it as she attempts to burn it away with the fury of flames.

Fenrin blinks and walks slowly away from the river of pestilence, towards the gtes.

You page, "Yes" to Silverleaf.

Kiga uses a strange spell to out the unseen attackers cutting the mages down without being seen, flooding the area around her with bubbles. Countless bubbles hip-deep and spreading to taper off in a wide shallow mound... looking for phantom 'holes' in the mass of bubbles to aim for with a quick violent spell.

Anastasius makes a sharp pivot only to be slashed across his face by a claw. Kicking hard he shatters the skeleton and does not have time to worry about the gashes torn open.

Thirteen steps back from her initial attack on the 2-D assailants, and glances over her shoulder to assess the sunlight and the situation. Turning back to the monsters, she shouts orders once more. "Any mages, use Earth magic to dig a trench!"

Stopping mid ride, and gettign tossed from the bird, Cyrus flies through the air, hitting the ground with a large thud. The armor was designed to protect from being hit by mundane weapons, but after this crash, it may have been designed to deal damage as well.

Duster watches as well ready to blast the nearest asailent with something less polite than his healing magic.

The city of light hankers down, its column like feet stomping and locking down, ridges raising up exposing rows on rows on rows of small exposed holes in its pristine metal and marble surface, the entire construct glowing all the brighter. The undead have slowed down considerably under the light, and the outlines are starting to wither.

Anastasius screams to anyone who is in a position to hear him. "If the center does not hit this horde hard quickly my flank is going to fold over here!"

Alynna starts to suck down ether. Lots of it.

Fenrin looks over to Anastasius and nods, running towards where he is, desperate to help.

Duster slashes out at the nearest foe, a good blade making up for poor skill

Damaa chews her lip, momentarilly blinded by the light she ceases fire and shields her eyes grunting....with watering eyes the vixen looks towards the puddles, repositioning herself and directing the archers to do the same so that they wont touch it...only then, if the undead are still on the attack does she take up firing once again. Still trying to make sure that Anastasius and his men are protected by arrow at least.

With every passing second the right flank begins to be bashed harder and harder as the men become more exhausted from the push to sweep the horde into the center.

EmberWyld blinks upon noticing the king crash, and looks to her owner. With the city of Alexander now up in arms, she figures the unicorn will be fine, and leaps forth, diving down towards the Crimson King to give him a hand up, and to burn anything coming near him.

Alynna approaches the center where the hoarde of undead are being gathered..

Silverleaf promptly falls on herbutt, panting as she looks at the outcome of her spell... "Not exactly what I was aiming for, but, thanks for coming Alexander." She says with a slight grin, before wiping her forehead.

Duster has disconnected.

Terial jumps forward once more, making her next strike as she moves towards the center, and away from the front line, and goo comming forth. She cuts down whatever gets in her way, anything undead anyways.

Slowed by the sun, his prayers given answer. The divine knight presses forward with the troops beside him or not. Weilding his massive blade in increasinly slowed circles, he wades into the frey once again.. hold them back. No, perhaps not. The former knight turned Inquisitor works to break there line forming a point of holy fury as he delves into what remains of the those that oppose him.

Silverleaf begins to suck down a few ethers rather rapidly, just in case she has to call on another greater spirit.

Alynna states.. "Troops, try to gather them together, in one spot. best you can." She braces to cast at them again.

Fenrin, after getting to a desirable position, slashes with his spear, hoping to inflict a nasty wound, at least.

Pshhht! Countless numbers of small micro missiles of light begin to pour forth from Alexander, bombarding the battlefield. Where they impact ground, man, or undead, they burst in a ball of pure white. Knocking soldiers down in a terrible slam, they're far worse to the undead, shattering their bones far and wide, and dissolving the river of disease where it touches.. Silence, other than the still ringing church bells, suddenly overtakes the field.

Anastasius feels his army get chipped, then he feels an object hit him in the head. He continues to fight for what he is worth but the right flank is tired and worn. Looking to either side at his men who are exhausted he screams, "One last push boys! Either we drive them back to hell or we go down trying!" With that Anastasius dives and tackles a group of skeletons.

Alynna looks up, looking for undead.. she was just about to cast hell on them...

Thirteen seems satisfied that the mages are in no further danger. She wheels around, and charges back into the main fray, bellowing for people to get out of her way. She gets pushed back by the explosions, and holds her blade at the ready as the dust settles, gazing out at the battlefield.

Duster is tossed ot his knees by the attack and blinks closing his eyes to the light...

EmberWyld lands with a thud near Cyrus, whether or not she's going to get plastered with the holy energy. Someone's got to drag his butt away from these undead things, and she tries to do just that.

Michael follows alongside Ryais, quickly slicing down the skeletons one at a time as they get close to him. The sudden burst of projectiles from the moving city errupts around him, again sending him to the ground amidst a flurry of divinly inspired feathers.

Cyrus lifting himself up, but gets knocked down again by one of the white missles.

Fenrin oofs and is shot backwards, landing on his hands ane knees before standing up again and dusting himself off, picking up his spear once more.

Damaa stumbles falling to a knee and then she calls to Anastasius, "Get out of there!" Her eyes dance with the light missiles, and she blinks trying to clear up the after image while looking to check on the Archers near her.

EmberWyld is about to help the King up when the blast sends her sprawling as well, right into a pile of dirty. Rugh.

Well.... all is quiet. He can say he was there. Laying on his back now, scorched by the very holy light he prayed for. Having a feeling he's been here before. Ryais tests his fingers through the searing pain, sword still held in a death grip in his right fist. Why oh why did he delve into the lines - well the moment was there to grasp. 'Sun spots' cloud his vision as he slowly tilts his head to the left.

Terial falls back, tumbling a few feet before she can get to one knee. She slowly gets to her feet, readying herself for anything else which might come to her. She shouts "By the All Father!"

Blasts hit all around the right flank. Men are thrown through the air and large pockets of skeletons just disintigrate into small pieces. As Anastasius pivots to order the men to get up the ground infront of him explodes and he is thrown backwards.

Thirteen withstands the initial few impacts, but that's it. She's well and truely sent sumbling after that, her sword parting company to tumble through the air and land with the first two feet of blade wedged in the ground. Ooomph.

Alynna gets knocked to the ground by the balls of white... grumbling, she's taken a mess of hurt today...

Alexander quietly vanishes to the land of spirits, taking with it the spirits of the chosen saints, leaving a stunned but victorious army behind. Those that died with a pure heart can be seen leaping from their dead bodies as spirits, white and pure, rising up to meet with Alexander before the great white city is gone.

Michael groans and sits up, rubbing his head with his left paw, sword still in his right. His fur has long since faded back to the brilliant white color, and the even brighter feathers about him begin to fade away. His wings remain however, and help him push back up to his feet.

Alynna wanders back, eventually, to find people to heal...

Kiga grunts, hunkering down, her own magic shield flaring with equal intensity upon near strikes of the White bombs falling everywhere...

Duster forces himself to his feet and hardens his heart. The dead are dead, he must work upon the living. he is a healer.

Fenrin finds that his left leg can't support his body and collapses on it, cursing, but grinning.

Laying prone on the battlefield, Anastasius struggles to breath. Making a self-check he realizes that he has a fractured arm, broken ribs, concussion, gaping hole in his throat....

Alynna limps off, one of her legs is either broken or badly sprained..

Damaa turns to the archers, "Get out there and get those men moving back so that the healers can check them. Now." She shakes her head and looks around, without anymore enemies facing them she starts moving forward, looking for a particular inquisitor.

The darkness returns, bringing with it the depressing stink of death and evil, but for now, the cities are safe.

Terial grumbles as she slowly stands herself up. She looks about the battlefield at anything which might be left, including weapons or any prizes the undead might carry with them. She knows her first job hasn't payed her much lately...

EmberWyld finally twitches and moves, attempting to sit up. It's hard at first, but eventually she starts to rise, and looks around to search for where Cyrus went. "Egh.. this wasn't my lifetime..," the Non-Mon mutters, feeling her armored body broken and battered throughout.

Alynna just lays down in the center of the field and notes at reasonable volume. "Healer over here.."

Kiga stands to look around, calling out to those still alive, looking for survivors amid the darkness...

Duster moves to the wounded, but tries to find those not badly hurt. his skills cannot deal with big wounds

Silverleaf sits up and looks over the battle-field and frowns, before suddenly smiling "wow, we lived." she says, and rubs her head, then her mouth, idly wiping away a bit of silver onto her shirt. She then frowns at the darkness. "Dammit, I'm not gonna be summonin' anything for a day or so." she mutters, then along with a hoard of white mages and healers wielding small balls of pure-white light above them, she joins the others on the ground.

Thirteen takes a moment, but she stands, and shifts the full weight of her armor, before seeking her sword. She walks... slowly. She doesn't walk with a limp, even though her armor is slick with blood, she just walks purposefully, as if refusing to admit she's injured. She finally finds her weapon, and sets about tugging it out of the ground.

Anastasius sends a runner to Commander Thirteen with a message. When the runner arrives he announces, "Anastasius would like you to come and see him when you are patched up and can talk fine.

Kiga calls out, "Duster...!" Turning a bit, then calling again, hands cupped to her muzzle, "Duster...!"

Damaa crouches beside bodies, turning them over only to continue on her search for the two inquisitors. She doesn't bother to call once more, instead she moves forward slowly, checking on the slain both for those still alive (which she calls for a healer when she finds one) and for Ryais.

The darkness seems to part for EmberWyld as she finally comes into the light of the bonefires set by the gates, her paws still dragging the king along with. She looks around for a moment, and then notices Thirteen, giving a little grunt towards her. Anything else is, lets just say, painful right now.

Alynna mumbles, "who needs.. heale.." and passes out, finally the brunt of the spell she cast, essentially on herself, takes effect past her own resistance.

Silverleaf blinks quietly as she finds Ryais. She then tries to get him to stop. "Take some of these." she says

Michael makes his way towards Damaa at one of her calls for a healer, and nods towards her. "Evening, Damaa. How're you feeling tonight?"

Anastasius sees the Commander looking for him and he motions to her as best he can.

Ryais remains standing there mid field of battle. Unmoving, looking about blindly.. his ears still ringing from being pelted by a rain of holy spirits. The dark winds tug at his scorched cloak.. unsure what is going on as of yet. Such is the trials of such a war.

Damaa looks up at michael, "I'm hurt...but thats from a couple days ago, this man needs a healer....where's Ryais?"

Silverleaf blinks "Ryais." she says louder, hoping to get his attention this time as she approaches the man. Her little ball of pure-white light following with her and illuminating the area.

Damaa looks off catching Silverleaf's ball of light...oh there's ryais..

Michael is young and flexible. He deals with stress by ignoring it and trying to lighten the mood. ;) He nods towards Damaa, and points back towards Ryais. "I think he has to sneeze. Better get him a handkerchief."

The church bells have finally ceased, apparently someone told them to stop, or fatigue took effect.

Anastasius mumbles as loud as he can to Thirteen, "What is left of the right flank?"

"Gah.." protests the Grand Inquisitor as a ball of light comes near. He shys away covering his face with a metal clad hand.

Thirteen comes to stand, and then kneal, beside Anastasius. "There is... enough," she mrowls. "Losses are high but understandable. ...Your strategy was bold, Strategist, I am impressed."

Silverleaf oy's "Keep yer eyes shut." she says to Ryais and moves the ball behind her self so it doesn't shine directly into the inquisitor's face. She then shoves a potion into one of his hands "Drink it."

Kiga encounters a fallen Alynna by her aura of White, moving quickly to kneel at her side and check on the powerful spell caster...

Damaa nods and she sends a smile to Michael before turning and making her way hastily, despite her exhaustion, to Ryais side, "love?"

Wincing from the many wounds he has Anastasius simply nods. "It almost backfired...but I believe I now know what the spirits we saw before were from...It was a premonition of every man who died today under commands given by us..."

Silverleaf then adds to Ryais "Sorry 'bout yer burns and all, but calling upon th'most powerful white spirit I could get a hold of seemed pretty nessessary... I wasn't expecting Alexander to respond."

Michael kneels to tend to the wounds of the injured, binding them as best he can in the conventional way. Best not to use magic at the moment.

Duster looks to his beloved, "Queen kiga, are you alright?"

Something is pressed into his hand, a well known feel. He raises the potion deftly, letting the liquid do it's work. Once he can see again, and hear for that matter he looks from Silverleaf then Damaa. A nod to Silver, "It is over, let me go home. I'm tired." He walks over to his love shouldering his weapon again.

Thirteen grunts softly. "Do not be troubled," she mrowls. "If we had not given orders and organized the battle, I guarantee you at least twice that number would have died. ...If there had been no battle the city would be in ruins. You cannot prevent death in battle, only accept it."

Kiga smiles, "Of course I am you silly cat." She rubs his shoulder lightly, "Anything I can do? I'm fair with a restoritive spell of my own you know."

Thirteen leands down with a couple of potions. "Drink these."

Duster looks to alynna "shes out of it for now, but she should heal..."

Michael regains his feet and makes his way over towards Ryais again. His wings fade away with a soft white glittering as he approaches. "Well fought, Sir Ryais."

Anastasius nods slowly. "Aye, you speak with wisdom and truth Commander. I do not regret my actions, I only look to learn from them and see where we could have done things differently to have better taken advantage of our position..."

Damaa nods slowly looking around the battlefield silently then to Ryais, "I'll help you side is aching from the arrow the otherday and I feel bout ready to collapse myself.

Taking the potions offered him by the Commander, Anastasius raises one to his lips and sips it slowly.

Thirteen nods. "That is the correct thing to do now," she agrees.

Anastasius smiles at the Commander. "I shall rest here for now..."

Michael follows along behind Ryais and Damaa. Afterall, they live next door.

Thirteen offers the hospitality of the Del Ranessa Manor to visiting dignitaries from Drominham -- like Queen Kiga, for example -- and then rushes home since her player hasta sleep.

Anastasius looks around the battlefield and decides he will rest here and attempt to learn from what he just experienced....

EmberWyld glances around a little, and sighs..

Silverleaf continues to wander around, her little 'partner' floating along behind her as she lends aid where she can.

With a sudden loss of energy, Anastasius falls asleep propped up where he is, all motivation drained out of him.

Duster moves from person to person stabalizing people with his little healing power

Kiga applies her regeneration spell on any that need it, the spell easy and quick for her to cast... mending broken bones, torn flesh, and lost blood.

Duster looks to kiga, "i've expended everything I have, I need to get back to drominham.

Kiga murrs, "I'll stay at the Del Ranessa Manor for today, my men need to rest and the march home is long."

EmberWyld's tail flicks to the side as she looks around, trying to notice where her owner is..

Duster says softly, "I will have the castle ready for your return, and theirs. I will see to setting up whatever amenities we can"

EmberWyld's tail flicks to the side as she looks around, trying to notice where her owner is..