Merchants' Guild


    Its principles started just years after Holy, with people navigating by chocobo, ship, remnant aircraft or just by foot from settlement to settlement, trading what they had for other things. Besat by bandits, bad weather, monsters, and other maladies, these travelers began to band together for protection, officially declaring themselves to be a guild in the year 172 AH.

    Now in the Empire, they supply all four continents with goods and commerce, much to the aggravation of the empire and church who both desire a boycott of supplies to the barbarians of West and the Satanists of the East. The Guild remains unchallenged though, because to lose favor with them means to suffer slow starving death as economy drags to a grinding halt. High ranking guild members are oft seen in courts all throughout the empire, pressing the needs and desires of the guild in local politics to further the goals of the guild as a whole.

Basic Principles

  1. The Merchants' Guild shall remain neutral in all conflicts and wars. No land shall undergo embargo for the reasons of warring with their neighbor and the Guild will never choose one side over another
        No soldiers will ever be transported into hostile territory.
  2. The Merchants' Guild is non-demoninational and will service anyone, despite religious beliefs or practices. Despite the pressure from the church, the guild has not and likely will not ever ban people from use for being unfaithful.
  3. The Merchants' Guild is known to occasionally break the law if paid enough money and it doesn't break either of the first two rules that they have (see above).
  4. To join the guild as a basic merchant is as simple as paying 5 gil and pledging to follow their rules ( see below )

Services and Costs

bulletProtection from the thieves' guild. Any faithful member of the guild will be last targeted by the thieves' guild as a rule.
bulletTeleportation of a single person from one city to another on the same continent: 10 gil
A single person to another continent: 20, 30 if it's to the southern or northern continent
+5 for each additional person
1 gil per pound for inanimate goods, 1.5 if to another continent.
bulletGuild members pay half price for all services rendered. 
bulletThe Merchants' Guild, since it has loyal merchants the world over, can keep any business in supply cheaper than any other competitor and be sure that it gets there despite climate or conditions thanks to their monopoly on teleportational magic.

Oaths and Swears

Oath of Joining - Said by basic merchants joining the guild.

I will pursue my profit. I will provide a quality product at the lowest price to my customers without delay or hesitation. Neither sickness nor bad economy will stop me in my goal to be the best merchant I can be. No outsider competition will stand in my way. I will greet those of the guild as brothers and we will work together in our plans. What I see in guild halls is none's business but the brothers of the guild. I will respect the thieves, for their business is as mine, and they provide a fast cheap product. I will never supply flawed goods or shoddy workmanship for I would rather suffer eternal blindness and be forever unable to work.