Magic Taint

    During the process of learning magic, initiates are quick to notice a slight altering of their personal auras. Where as your average man is neutral to the ways of the elements, a mage invariably begins to lean in one direction or another, as if drawn by invisible forces. Most times, these alignments coincide with the mage's desire for learning. Sometimes it goes off in a tangential direction, and rarely it goes directly against the mage's wishes, fouling their works in a most dire of ways.

    The farther a mage progresses in their studies, the more sharply this affinity of the elements manifests itself. In some few, the taint escapes from the aura, manifesting into the physical world. In such cases, the mage's body and actions display characteristics of their element(s) boldly and directly. Hands crackle with bolts of lightning, the wind seems to carry through the hair, features become block like. Depending on the element, this can be revolting, appealing, but always a bit exotic.

    For the vast majority, however, the taint remains internalized. There it assists or detracts from the mage's working, depending on if they work in harmony with their internal energies or attempt to oppose it.