Mad Science


    Disappointed that the world is moving to more stable science? Do you yearn to create things without worrying if they might explode, or even make things that explode on purpose? Look no further! These rules allow true Heretics to utilize their skills even in the age of steam and magic.

    Instead of slowly building up a device, we'll determine the overall type from a chart. Then, you customize it to your wildest dreams, and get to finalize it without that tedious studying!

Special rules and restrictions are listed after the Category table!

Step 1: Category

    Make a roll on the following chart. If you simply MUST have an invention of a particular category, you may choose to force the issue if a different roll should result. Doing this has its price! All rolls from this point on, if you force the category, are at +5 difficulty (vs 16).

Roll Name Examples
1-30 Trivial A yo-yo, a mechanical doll that goes 'ma ma', a new tasty food.
31-45 Armor Articulated plate armor, Tesla Armor, Glare proof goggles
46-60 Weapon Geared sword, rockets, electrified swords, Explosives
60-71 Modifying Enhance your next creation with powerful add-ons!
72-80 Golem A mechanical companion. Note, only one 'true' golem may exist at once.
81-90 Drug Alter the user in new and exciting ways with the powers of science.

There are three ways to finish your make-plan and actually get something to show for it:

bulletCreating a Synth:

 Any finished make-plan can be turned into a Synthesis formula! It costs 1x the total number of invention points in xp to finalize in addition to all other costs. Drain is 4x the total number of invention points. The Formula itself will be determined by the wiz, in addition to skills. You start with 1 practice point in the resulting formula. The poor version will always exhibit a Flaw. All version will exhibit a Quirk. Societal based make-plans are at 1/2 xp cost!

bulletCreating a Blueprint:

Societal Inventions can be made a blueprint! Doing so eliminates flaws altogether, although the implementation must be done by a Staffer. Once you have the blueprint, you can pay the materials and gil (or anything else listed) as part of a +project to 'install' it. As long as you have a hold of the Blueprint, you can install it as many times as you want. However, without the blueprint not even the creator can install it. Mass Combat units must be done this way.

bulletCreating a Unique:

By far the most common means of finishing a make-plan, this one will have one quirk and one flaw to the design, but you get it at th resolution of the roll as soon as you finalize the invention. This is best known for creating one-of-a-kind weapons or armors. Drugs come with 10 doses with this option, and then they are no more.


   Once the category is rolled or selected, and you choose your method of finishing, find the appropriate section and follow the rules within.

    Remember, it is staffs option to assign any points you do not use to create negative effects for your inventions, sometimes over doing it can be just as bad as not doing enough! Do not assign points for the sake of assigning them, points spent with no apparent reason can be denied. This isn't true Science, this is mad Science!

bulletGolems have their own special rules, including rules for working together in a group to create them! Please make sure to read their section carefully should you get a roll for the golem category.
bulletFine-Tune can be used to improve inventions! Fine-Tune only works on a specific item, not the design for the item. Perform a (Applicable Skill)+Fine-Tune check. These are new points that may be used to improve that specific item. The improvements will fade at the end of the scene, often(60%) taking the invention with it. The points need not all be sent, and if the item is ruined and unique, you have a chance to repair it! Roll (Applicable Skill)+Repair, and you must get as many successes as points that were added to restore it to its former power. If you fail, the item explodes violently... somehow.
bulletA non-societal invention may be created as a +synth, though doing so requires as many XP as the invention uses in invention points.
bulletThe staffer is encouraged to add quirks and oddities to taste. This is mad science, so even the most sound principle might take a bizarre turn in its final creation. Only Blueprints are exempt from this, even synthesis recipes will have some telltale of the inherent madness.
bulletIn order to finalize an invention, as many gil as ten times the total invention points in the item must be expended.
bulletInventions can only be made once per 1d4 IC months. This time can be shortened for 10 XP per month.
bulletMoney can be spent to purchase a proper working space. Good work spaces lend to better designs. Labs may not be upgraded, the full price must always be paid.
Gil Effect
200 A small set of proper tools and supplies. The heretic has -1 difficulty to checks for the creation of new designs.
400 A room with supplies and an ample amount of privacy. The heretic will gain one success and has -1 difficulty to checks for the creation of new designs. Every design made has a 10% chance of wearing the lab space down to the next worst level.
800 A fair sized room with supplies and an ample amount of privacy. Specialized tools made to the heretic's specifications assist greatly in his or her work. The heretic will gain 1 success and has -2 difficulty to checks for the creation of new designs. Every design made has a 20% chance of wearing the lab space down to the next worst level.
1200 A large sized room with supplies and an ample amount of privacy. Specialized tools made to the heretic's specifications assist greatly in his or her work. The heretic will gain 20% success and has -2 difficulty to checks for the creation of new designs. Repair/diagnosing work done in this workshop is at -1 difficulty. Every design made has a 40% chance of wearing the lab space down to the next worst level.
2000 A huge and fully stocked lab, chock full of all the tools the heretic could ever desire, and perhaps a few they didn't think of. The heretic may purchase successes on designs at a rate of 50 gil per extra invention point, in addition to the 10% free successes and -3 difficulty. Repair/Diagnosing is at -2 difficulty. Every design made has a 40 + (2 per success purchased)% chance of reverting to the 400 gil model.

Category: Trivial

    Make an Artistry+Make-Plan+Make-Plan+Make-Plan vs 5 check, the number of successes is the number of invention points that can be spent on advantages on the following chart to give your creation abilities and define what it is.

Cost Name Details
1-7 Animate (Walking) Your creation walks, how amazing. For one point, it awkwardly stumbles along with an effective dexterity of 8 and half normal movement. For 3, its dexterity becomes 12 and normal movement is achieved. For 5, increase dexterity to 16 and it can move 50% faster. For seven, 25 dexterity and double speed. Dexterity only applies to movement actions.
2-14 Animate (Flying) Your device can fly! Pay two points per multiple of normal human walking rate it can traverse, up to 4 X. Increase cost by 2 if it can hover. Increase cost by 2 if the device can fly indefinitely. Increase cost by 2 if the device can lift off from a standing start.
1-3 Artistic The item has aesthetic appeal, visually. It's painted a nice color, or is shaped in an interesting fashion. 1: 12 appearance, 2: 16 appearance, 3: 20 appearance
4 Taste Your device tastes great! Increase cost by 4 if the device can be tasted without destroying it.
4 Nutritious The consumption of your device is actually good for you and provides a meal's worth of satisfaction.
6 Amusing Your device can keep someone occupied for hours on end. Maybe it's a puzzle, or a toy of some sort. Either way, so long as the user is interested in this manner of device, they can waste large amounts of time with it. Grants -2 difficulty to staying alert while on watch, but all perception checks are at +2 difficulty due to the distraction.
1-20 Sound Generation Your device can produce sounds of some kind. A simple beeping or clicking is worth one point. Speech is worth 4 points if obviously fake, 6 for normal human voice and 8 for one that's actually attractive. The ability to play a song is worth 4 points. Double the cost to make the voice especially loud, audible over a fair distance. Double the cost to allow the sound to have one of these qualities: Hypnotic, Sleep Inducing, Infuriating, or Commanding. Device must cost at least six in the end to have a quality. See quality descriptions at the bottom of the page.
1-10 Temperature Control The device can absorb or produce heat. Pay one point for every ten degrees of difference it can make, up to 50. Double the cost if it can both heat and cool an area. The device can influence up twenty yards of space plus triple its own dimensions.
2/12 Useful Your item actually has a practical use! Used for this purpose, it grants +1 success to a roll, then is destroyed. For 12 points, the device survives.
5/15 Remote Controlled The device can be controlled, activated, and deactivated from a distance. For five points this is done with an actual remote control. It may be unique to the device, or wired into one remote you use for multiple things, but this must be decided at time of design. For fifteen points, the item obeys spoken and telepathic commands. Either variation has a range of 50 yards.
10 Explosive Your toy has a tendency to explode. While this can be ordered, via a push of a button or use of remote control, this also has a habit of happening all on its own. Any time the object is used, +dice 1d5, on a 1, the item detonates instantly. The item deals +dice 4d5 fire damage to everyone immediately besides it.
1-6 Sweet Smelling Your device has an appealing scent. See artistic for basic rules, apply to scent. +3 points to add either Hypnotic or Sleep Inducing quality to the scent. Depending on the device, the scent may be controllable.
5 Transforming Your device has two shapes. It gains no new abilities for changing, though some of its traits may only be available in one form or the other.
1-5 Sticky Your device is clingy and has 5 times the cost in strength for the purpose of remaining attached to the desired object. If the item is specifically magnetic, it gains +5 additional strength, but only against metals.
1-10 Size Your device is quite large. Ten points gets you something the size of a ship.
1-5 Durable Most trivial inventions have 5 to ten hit points, yours has much more! Every point of durable grants an extra ten hit points.

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Category: Armor

    Make a Crafts/Armor+Make-Plan+Make-Plan+Make-Plan vs 5 check, the number of successes is the number of invention points that can be spent on advantages on the following chart to give your creation abilities and define what it is.

Cost Name Details
1-10 Armor Class Quite basically the armor class of the weapon. The armor will have five times the cost in raw armor class.
3 Exotic Material Your armor is made of moonsilk or crystal instead of leather, cloth, or metal.
3 Comfortable Your armor is just plain cozy. If the material type would normally cost discomfort, due to heat or other factors, reduce the penalty/damage by half.
5 Articulated Your armor is filled with gears, gyros, and other devices. Reduce the effective weight of the armor by 30% and all dodge/parry attempts while in the armor are at -1 difficulty.
3 Durable Your armor suffers half damage from any breaking attempts made against it.
2 Spiked Your armor grants you the equivalent of 15 points of Quills. For +4 points, add the Poisoned quality to the quills. See the bottom of the page for quality information.
3 Disguised Your armor appears to be something else. Maybe normal clothing, maybe a different type of armor.
1 Pockets Your armor has pockets, nice for tucking things into.
6 Aura Your armor has a glowing field of some kind of energy, usually electricity. The armor gains the Poisoned quality, though applicable to whatever energy is employed, and activated whenever attacked.
4 Stately This armor has the design and make, even the feel of something belonging to a hero of the ages. This is expensive to purchase, but use is +1 success in politics, bluffing, and appearance based checks.
5 Unstable The armor is quite unstable. Whenever used to soak, +dice 1d2, on a 1, the soak is halved, on a 2, it is doubled.
3 Light The armor is only half its normal weight. This does come at a price, as the armor takes double damage from breaking attempts.
3 Heavy The armor is heavy, +30% heavier. As a bonus, the user simply cannot be tipped or knocked over.
5 Terrifying Something about your armor is ghastly. Armor gains the Terror-Inducing quality which is active against all who fight against you.
3 Metamorphic The armor will always fit the user, shifting to match whatever form they should assume.
5 Reflective The armor is especially shiny, applicable to metal or crystal armor only. Any magic cast at the wearer has a 50% chance of rebounding on the caster.
2 Glowing Your armor glows. This makes sneaking harder, but it also provides a light source. If a planned expenditure, the inventor may define how to turn it on and off.
10 Flying Your armor has the power of flight. Be it from a heavy jetpack, huge flapping mechanical wings, or some other contrivance. Increase the armor's weight by 20% and it grants the user 15 effective points of the Fly skill. A called strike to the back(+2 difficulty) that deals at least 10 points past soak will break the flying mechanism. Such strikes deal 10 less points to the wearer, successful or not.
5 Invisible Your armor is completely invisible to anyone but you. This does not grant the wearer any invisibility.
5 Explosive The armor can explode with the press of a button. It usually(80%) explodes outwards, dealing 8d5 damage to everything in five yards of the user. If the roll fails(81-100), the user takes the damage as well. This is fire damage, and the armor is destroyed.

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Category: Weapon

    Make a Crafts/Weapons+Make-Plan+Make-Plan+Make-Plan vs 5 check, the number of successes is the number of invention points that can be spent on advantages on the following chart to give your creation abilities and define what it is.

Cost Name Details
1-8 Weapon Power Raw weapon power. Cost=WP.
2-6 Vibrating For every 2 points spent, there is a 20% chance per strike of dealing an extra 50% damage as the weapon hack-saws into the target.
5 Poisoned The weapon is poisoned, gaining the Poisoned quality, see the bottom of the page for quality information.
1-5 Blood Letting Weapon has a 10% per point spent chance of causing the victim to bleed for one point a round until subjected to a curing spell or a medicine check with as many succs as points spent.
3 Breaking For blunt weapons only. 50% chance of shattering a limb on each strike. Victim suffers +1 difficulty to all physical actions, cumulative. A curative spell can remove the penalty at a rate of 200 HP per +1 difficulty. Rest will also do it (When all health conditions are healed, the penalty is gone)
4 Invisible Your weapon has been rendered invisible due to your amazing science! It's harder to attack with(+2 difficulty) but even harder to dodge or parry(+5 difficulty).
3 Collapsible Your weapon is built to be foldable. You can condense it into a small tube that fits easily in a pocket.
2 Firearm Your weapon is a fire arm of some kind. It has a base range of 30 yards and can fire once every other round.
2-5 Shattering Firearms only: Whenever you land a hit, you inflict 1d(points spent) points of damage to the victim's strength and dexterity as shards of the bullet lodge in them. This damage can be cured with curing magic or a medicinal check with as many succs as points spent.
5 Bouncing Firearms only: You're a strange fellow. After firing, whether the bullet strikes or not, it bounces and strikes at a random person in the area (+random), though they are at -2 difficulty to dodge it. If this shot hits, it will bounce again, at another -2 difficulty to dodge, repeat until it misses.
2-6 Sleek Firearms only: Default firearm range is short, 2 points makes it long, 4 makes it far, 6 makes it extreme.
4 Light Decrease the WP of the weapon by 2, but decrease its strength requirement by four.
2 Jamming Firearms only: Your weapon has a 50% chance of not exploding when it should. If this happens, it jams instead, and must be unjammed with 4 successes on a repair check.
4 Terrifying Massive twirling blades, hissing sounds, escaping steam, and those strange grinding gears! Your weapon is terrifying! It gains the Terror-Inducing trait that applies to any fighting against you.
1 Space Your weapon has a tiny nook for a very small object to fit in. If this space is empty, the weapon deals 1 less damage than normal.
10 Money Driven Your weapon can be fueled by expensive things. You must decide at the time of design if this is coinage, gems, or something else. For every 20 gil fed into the weapon, it deals one extra damage on its next strike. If 100+ gil is fed to the device, it will affect all enemies in its area of effect with equal intensity. Any time the weapon is fed, there is a 10% chance it explodes, dealing 4d5 damage to the wielder.
4/10 Double Action Firearms Only: The firearm may be fired every round. For ten points, the firearm can be used more than once a round, if the user is capable of such things.
3 Sticky The weapon is attached to you, well, not literally but it really likes being near you. When you should loose the weapon due to disarm or related things, +dice 1d100 and under 50% it does not get knocked out, instead, your arm just hurts a little, inducting a -1 penalty to attacks for 1d2 rounds
4 Explosive Firearms Only: Your bullets explode on impact, dealing 2d5 fire damage to the victim and everyone next to them. If your gun should explode, or you roll 1 on a d20 (Which you roll once per attack), the gun will create a huge fireball centered on the user, causing 10d5 fire damage in a 10 yard radius, and destroying the gun.
2 False The weapon looks really sturdy, but in truth, will shatter the first time its used, 100% of the time. Useful for your enemies.

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Category: Modifying

    Make an Intelligence+Fine-Tune+Fine-Tune+Make-Plan vs 5 check, the number of successes is the number of invention points that can be spent on advantages on the following chart to give your future creation additional powers or traits! This can only be used on your next make-plan, getting Modifying twice in a row will be wasteful!

Cost Name Details
15 Holy You've certainly done your research! This invention is out of some legend or story from the Holy Texts themselves! Your average church goer will not doubt that even the minor problems are from the imperfection of legends found to be real, and no one but a trained Heretic or Engineer can identify it as such. (+check scan, difficulty 18)
10 Heretical Genius! You've diguised your heresy as... heresy. While this does little to protect you from the Inquisition or agents of law enforcement, it will practically guarantee that people will not disturb it! It wards off tinkerers and agents of investigation, making it much more likely to simply be destroyed if found, no questions asked.
12 Ancient Rust, dirt, ground down gears, all the telltale signs of being out in the wilderness for far too long. This makes it much easier to pass off that you found the weapon instead of making it, placing the blame on some elder race or freak occurance of plate tectonics. This cannot be used with Cutting Edge, obviously.
30 Cutting Edge A true breakthrough in modern science, this would make even those pesky church engineers jealous! For 1 year after creation all numerical values the device has is doubled! This means WP, Attributes, Range, etc. One year after the creation, however, its potency has been worn down, and the values are returned to normal. WP and AC still have the natural caps of 10 and 50, respectively.
1-5 Sharp Your weapon is very deadly! If it already does damage, it does (points)x10 damage in addition to what is listed! If it isn't a weapon, you can use it for one with the same flat damage (get creative!)
1-10 Beautiful How wonderful! This shoes you really care about what others think of your invention. While it does not effect what your device does in the least, it gains an Appearance of (points)x2 for the express purpose of impressing people! This does not stack with other attributes that give App. Remember everyone like chrome.
1-10 Acceptable You've managed to disguise your project somehow in a way that is acceptable to most! Either you've cleverly hidden any traces of explosives or sharp objects, or you've designed it like something out of a holy book or past artifact! There is a (point)x5% chance (one roll) of your invention being completely acceptable! This cannot be used with anything that purposefully is made to explode, or otherwise is obvious (such as Heretical).
20 Inspiring Prototype A true inspiration to others, this device doubles as a blueprint! The finished device will create a blueprint of its final form that can be applied to other inventions at half point value. The modifying results, unfortunately, are not part of the blueprint.
1-10 Haphazard Points put in this arn't used at this time, they are applied at the final creation of your invention. Your great foresight has allowed you to stockpile needed parts and the like... unfortunately, they don't all fit correctly. Any device with a chance to fail or break has a 50% chance of exploding violently instead of simply breaking. If it was an otherwise safe invention, it now has a (points)x2% chance of failure whenever used, dealing 1d10x10hp damage to everyone around it
5 Stimulating Buzzers, small electric shocks, weights that spin around without balance, the device gives some form of tactile feedback. While this can be used either for good or evil ideas, the extra stimulation can prevent either [sad] or [hyper] status effects.
35 Legal A true masterpiece of mad science, it actually makes the minimum requirements to be a legal invention! It unfortunately cannot even have the possibility of exploding to take this, but any invention with this is A-OK with the church as a product of modern engineering. Perhaps you swiped a copy of the books on safety, or you know someone on the inside.
15 Magical Study Magitech much? With this, it doesn't matter! You've tapped into some form of obscure magical theory to provide for the primary power for your device, as long as its not too outlandish, it'll pass basic muster as a(n) (un)safe magical creation. An engineer from the church can still tell the truth, as can anyone with Magitech > 5.

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Category: Golems

    Golems are interesting beasts, and most likely will be built in phases. When you design a true golem, you get 5 chances to add points to it, each seperate make-plan adding on a new part or improving a current one. Only one true Golem can exist per inventor, but more then one Inventor can work on a golem! When working in a team, average out the number of points created per inventor, and multiply the result by the number of inventors -1.

If you already have a True Golem, and have made 5 rolls already, you can use this choice to reinforce your golem. By spending 100gil, you will add 5 Raise-HP to your metal buddy, without having to worry about quirks or oddities cropping up in the process.

Roll Crafts+Make-Plan+Make-Plan+Fine-Tune vs 5. Mages can attempt this as well! Unfortunately, magic is not as easy to work with, and only 1 mage can work on their own golem. It automatically gains the 'Magical' modifier from the table. For this, the roll is Arcana+Arcana/Research+Arcana/Research+Magery vs 8.

Power - All golems must have a power source. Golems may have multiple power sources, allowing them to operate under greater stress or if one should fail.

Cost Name Power Details
5 Coal Engine 5 per coal unit per scene A very unwieldy and cumbersome engine that requires constant feeding. The coal fed to it only allow it to produce power for a single scene, then it must either be fed again, or allowed to deactive.
2-10 Clockwork Engine cost The golem has a power source of gears, springs, and pulleys, providing a small amount of power, but is very reliable.
1-5 Capacitor Stores two points of power per cost A battery. It collects power when the golem is producing surplus energy and releases it when the golem needs it. The points stored are only enough for a single round.
5-25 Magitech Harness 1 point per
5 points of the user's
(stamina+magery) / 2
per 5 points of cost
The golem has a hollow space inside of it, allowing a user to guide it from within. While this is going on, the golem can draw on the users magical output and physical stamina to power itself. Note - The initial installation of this engine must be done as a magitech, not a golem result.
2-20 Steam Engine 1 per 2 points of cost
Requires 1 water per
2 points of cost per
Cheaper to fuel than the coal engine, the steam engine is not as powerful. A golem meant to operate in water can be made to intake water as needed for 5 extra points. Note: Distilled water increases power production by 20%
5 Solar 5 if sunny, 3 if cloudy
1 if very cloudy,
0 at night.
The golem is covered in shiny panels to absorb the powers of the sun. Besides providing +10 AC vs fire assaults, it provides a marginal amount of power.
10 Lunar 8 at full, 6 at gibbeus
, 4 at half, 2 at
quarter, 0 at new
Your golem absorbs the power of the moon through your amazing understanding of science! Unfortunately, this power is not stable and fluctuates with the cycles of the moon.
40 Soul Stone 30
+ 1/2 soul's magery
The golem has a captive soul stored within. The golem will have a quirk(100% chance) after the installation of the soul stone, usually related to the soul's last life.
30 Magic Core 30 The engine has an elemental core installed, providing a nice amount of power constantly. When installed, the chance of quirk raises to 40% for that design phase.

Drivetrain -  Most useful golems have some method of movement. Different drive trains have differing weight, cost, and effectiveness. When a drive train is selected, the amount of power it has must be decided, which is also the amount of power it consumes when active. A golem may have more than one propulsion system.

Cost Name Power per Dex/Str Details
10 Wheeled 1 per dex
1 per strength
Wheels, from two to four in number.
15 Legged(4) 1.2 per dex
0.8 per strength
Four legged motion.
15 Tracked 2 per dex
0.5 per strength
Tracked motive systems give the golem simple tracks.
20 Legged(2) 1.0 per Dex
1.2 per Strength
Human like two legged movement.
25 Float 0.5 per dex
2.0 per strength
Maybe a large fan, maybe just a chunk of floating rock. Either way, your machination takes to the air.

Communication - How do you relay your orders to your golem? Multiple communication modes may be installed, though any past the first are 'secondary', costing twice as much and not as eloquent as the first as the golem is not optimized.

Cost Name Details
5 Control Panel The golem has buttons, dials, levers, and all manner of controlling devices attached directly to it. The user must manipulate these to issue commands to the golem, and the golem may not communicate in kind besides flashing warning lights.
10/20 Remote Control The golem may be controlled by a remote control. At ten points, the remote control runs by wire up to fifty feet away, at twenty, it works without the wire, up to fifty yards. If the remote control is damaged, the golem has a 20% chance of becoming aware and independent, 20% chance of going berserk, and a 60% chance of simply deactivating.
SPCL Voice See the sound producing trait in Trivial. Double all costs. Purchase of this trait allows the golem to both speak and understand one language that the creator knows. The golem can be instructed to only accept orders of the creator, or to listen for a password or for a particular item.
30 Telepathic The golem can communicate with others telepathically. As above, the golem can be set for various levels of security. Telepathy ignores language barriers.
+10 Silver Tongued An add on for voice or telepathic options. The golem can speak with an especially pleasing tone, allowing it -2 difficulty to social actions that rely on it. Must be purchased -with- the trait it's adding on to.
1-10 Tamper Resistant The golem requires 1 to 10 more successes to control with control-technology by unauthorized users.

Brain - What good is communicating with your creature if he doesn't understand? At default, a golem will follow orders to the most exacting letter. They will not compromise, or adjust for shifting situations. If uncommanded, they will stand there calmly while you're ripped apart. Not an ideal servant on some levels. Perhaps you'd like to endow your creation with some intelligence?

Cost Name Details
1-25 Sensor Array The golem gains the ability to perceive the world around it beyond what the heretic informs it of. It has a perception score equal to the points spent here.
1-25 Will A sense of self and a bit of stubbornness. On top of the usual 5 successes that all golems receive against mental assault, you also have a willpower rating equal to the cost.
10 Animal Brain Your golem has the intellect of a dog, cat, or some other beast. It has an effective intelligence of 4.
15 Imitative Brain Your golem thinks like a person, sort of.. His intellect is bland and two dimensional. He has an eight intelligence.
20 Child Brain Intelligence: 10, the golem now has enough intelligence to form a personality for itself. Better keep an eye on it. From this point onwards, the golem can and will take initiative on matters past basic defense.
30 Average Brain Intelligence: 15, the golem has a clear and present personality, which may have its own quirks and failings like any person. This is the minimum level of brain for a golem to be PC.
50 Genius Brain Intelligence: 20, the golem may be smarter than you are, and it's always thinking. Best to keep a short leash, or who is the master may change.
100 Master Brain Intelligence: 30, the golem is now independent. If you treated it well and/or offer it an attractive incentive, it may continue to work with you, but it's unlikely to accept being considered a mindless servant. Of course, you -did- put in that self destruct, didn't you?
70 Creativity This enhancement nulls the usual golem restriction of uncreativitiy. Of course, it also means the golem may think up new ways to wiggle out of your orders.
40 Self Awareness Can be added to any brain under master (Who gets it for free). This add-on allows the golem to comprehend its own existence.
1-25 Brawl Training The golem has an effective brawl skill equal to the cost of this upgrade.
1-25 Melee Training The golem has an effective melee skill equal to the cost of this upgrade.
1-25 Ranged  Training The golem has an effective ranged skill equal to the cost of this upgrade.

Manipulators - Hands, tentacles, claws, and other devices that allow your golem to interact with the world around. More than one manipulator may be present, but which manipulators are active or not must be decided at the start of the round, and it requires a power distribution action(defensive) to alter the decision. If there is insufficient power, all manipulators can only exert the percentage of power available in strength and dexterity. For the expenditure of +50% power per manipulator, the robot may use more than one manipulator in the same task at the same time. For called shots, manipulators have as many HP as their cost. If these points are lost, the manipulator ceases functioning until repaired.

Cost Name Power Details
5/15 Gripper Claw 2 A basic gripping claw. It is not capable of fine manipulation besides grabbing and possible turning. It has 15 strength and 5 dexterity. For ten extra points, the gripper claw can be magnetized for ease of gripping metallic objects, increasing its strength by 10 for such tasks.
10-20 Attack Claw 4 The attack claw is a sharp striking instrument at the end of a stiff arm. It strikes with the current dexterity of the golem and deals 1 damage + succs + 1 per point spent over 10 in physical damage. Add 5 points to add the Poisoned quality to the claw.
1-20 Grasping Tentacle 1 per 3
points, 1
The grasping tentacle is another crude manipulator, capable of grasping, turning, and clumsy fumbling. It can hold things and squeeze things with great strength(2.5 times the cost). If used to crush something, it deals its rating in damage every round, assuming it gets a grip on the target.
5-20 Hand 4/6/8 A basic hand, on a basic arm. At 5 points, it has 10/10 str/dex. For 10, it has 15/15, and at 20 it has 20/20. The hand is capable of basic manipulation.
15 Fine Hand 3 The fine hand is weak(8) but very dextrous(30), and is capable of fine manipulation. A golem equipped with a fine hand is ready to do mechanical work, medicinal work, and other feats of delicate touch.
15 Injector 2 Not so much a hand of any sort, but just a device to administer a drug. The manipulator can be equipped with any sort of potion or heretical drug, which it may then attack with. A successful hit for any amount of damage injects the drug.
20 Fan 10 A high powered fan attached to either a stiff or flexible arm. The fan will exert a 30 strength pushing force on anything within 100 feet of it, though the strength lowers steadily across the distance to 1 strength at exactly 100 feet and 0 beyond it. Anything failing its strength check to oppose by 2 or more is knocked off its feet and sent flying out to 100 feet.
10 Shield 4 A flexible arm with a stout surface of metal plating for deflecting hostile attacks. The shield will, provided its powered, attempt to block any and all attacks in its facing. It would require at least two shields to cover all sides of the golem, and a third to cover from air-borne assaults. The shield provides a +check 30 against physical attacks and half so much against magic.
40 Moonsilk Hand 14 A strange hand that operates like the hand manipulator, but is constructed mostly of moonsilk. Whenever a magic assault is directed at the golem that the hand can reach, there is a 75% chance that the hand intercepts and nulls the attack, taking all the damage itself while reducing the power of the spell by 80%.

Armoring - A golem is a sensitive piece of equipment. Its manipulators are easy targets, and the destruction of an engine could shut it off. This is thoroughly unacceptable. Several forms of armoring are available to protect various areas of the golem, some powered, some not. Only one type of armor can cover any one type of system. Two manipulator armors cannot be stacked, for example. Energy based armoring can be turned on and off with a power distribution action.

Cost Name Power Details
10 Iron Body Armor 0 Simple iron plates that cover the entire base body of the golem. They provide the golem with +check 40 soaking against physical assaults. They do not protect manipulators or successful called shots to engines.
15 Iron Engine Armor 0 A tough case of iron around the vital engines protects the golem from immediate shut down on a lucky hit. The golem profits from a +check 40 against such attacks.
20 Magnetic Body Sheath 5 An add-on armor that can be placed on top of physical body armor. Metal based assaults have a 30% chance of missing entirely despite any rolls.
25 Crystal Body Armor 3 Weighing down the golem significantly, cuasing more energy to be spent, the crystal armor provides excellent protection against physical and magical assaults, lending a +check 40 vs 8 against either. Crystal armor will also ignore the first 4 points of damage from any assault.
30 Basic Reinforcement 1 per engine This add-on attempts to extend the armor properly to completely cover sensitive inner parts of the golem. Any attack attempting to bypass the body armor has a 30% chance of hitting it despite roll. In this event, the attack is considered against the body of the golem.
40 Advanced Reinforcement 2 per engine This add-on attempts to extend the armor properly to completely cover sensitive inner parts of the golem. Any attack attempting to bypass the body armor has a 50% chance of hitting it despite roll. In this event, the attack is considered against the body of the golem.
50 Complete Reinforcement 2.5 per engine This add-on attempts to extend the armor properly to completely cover sensitive inner parts of the golem. Any attack attempting to bypass the body armor has a 80% chance of hitting it despite roll. In this event, the attack is considered against the body of the golem.
40 Ancient Oil Deterrant 1 A strange armor for engines. Whenever an engine is attacked and hit, this defensive device will spray the offender down with a sticky oil like substance. The victim may attempt to dodge but needs 10 succeses, minus one per yard of distance, minimum one, to get out of the way. If struck, the oil will ignite, inflicting 3d5 damage and giving the [Immolate] status.
80 Grounding 5 Several heavy wires drag off the golem, touching the ground. Whenever struck by lightning, the energy is drawn off through them, preventing harm to the golem. In system terms, the golem no longer takes double damage from electric sources unless they are elevated more than ten feet into the air. This is an add-on and does not interfere with other armor.
50 Moonsilk Casing 1 per 10 points of damage The moonsilk casing is heresy taking a magic idea and running off with it. This shroud of moonsilk can be thrown over other armor to shield the golem from mystical assault. For every point of energy devoted to the moonsilk casing, 10 points of mystical interference are nulled every round. This protection is good against all magic attacks against the golem.
40 Electric Deterrent 0 Requires at least one capacitor engine. Whenever an offending being touches the golem, it may discharge one or more of its capacitors into the culprit. This inflicts as twice as much damage as points of energy spent.
60 Mythril Body Armor 0 So light, and yet, so protective. Mythril armor provides a +check 60 against physical attacks against the body and ignores the first six points of damage from each strike.
80 Adamant Body Armor 10 The ultimate, and heaviest, of all armors. Adamant armor simply voids 80% of incoming physical damage. Getting back up again if knocked over requires either 40 dexterity or a combined 60 strength. The golem can use multiple manipulators to achieve this.
10 Sympathetic Armoring 3 Only for the most mothering of heretics. All damage the golem should receive is taken upon by the heretic instead. Since this counts as body armor, the damage will not be reduced in any way. Hope the heretic is tough. Note - The initial installation of this armor must be done as a magitech, not a golem result.
15 Basic Manipulator Cover 1 per active manipulator Though it weighs them down a bit, it grants the manipulators +50% hit points, making them tougher and less likely to break.
25 Intermediate Manipulator Cover 1.5 per active manipulator Adding a bit more weight to the grasping instruments of the golem, they provide even greater protection, doubling their hit points and causing them to shrug off the first point of every assault.
40 Adamant Manipulator Cover 2 per active manipulator Encased in a solid adamant case, the manipulators are thoroughly protected from a hostile environment. The manipulators ignore the first four points of any damage and have tripe their normal hit points.

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Category: Drugs

    Make a Crafts/Drugs+Make-Plan+Make-Plan+Make-Plan vs 5 check, the number of successes is the number of invention points that can be spent on advantages on the following chart to give your creation abilities and define what it is. Every 5 points in Alchemy is +1 invention point. If a drug is NOT created synthesizable, then the invention comes with 10 doses, though these are the only doses the heretic will ever have, barring re-creating the drug later.

Cost Name Details
1-10 Strength The strength of the drug, whatever it may be. The victim must +resist/stamina against twice the cost spent here to fall victim to the drug. It is possible for positive drugs to be resisted.
1-5 Delay Your drug can wait. For one or two points, it can delay for that many hours, above that, in days. The delay must be assigned at design time.
4 Cut Your drug is effective in cuts and can be used on weapons. Only the first 1d3 strikes with the weapon are effective.
6 Touch Your drug is effective with mere touch.
8 Cloud You can blow your drug out in a cloud 5 yards wide. Anyone caught inside that breathes falls victim.
4 Tasteless Your drug has no tell tale scent or taste to give it away.
1-10 Damage Your drug is a simple but effective poison. If the user fails to resist the drug, they must +resist/stamina against the cost here or lose a health level immediately. If the level is lost, continue rolling until one succeeds, or dies. The target for each roll drops by 2 after the first, to a minimum of 1.
5 Controlling The drug has the Commanding quality. See the bottom of the page for quality information.
5 Sleep The drug has the Sleep-Inducing quality.
20 Bio-Alteration Your drug is a marvel of modern technology! Just a sip and the user undergoes a wonderful change. The new form must be decided upon in design time and cannot be changed. It is possible to give or take up to 10 points of attributes, and they must balance. Change lasts for the scene.
10 Permanent The effects of the drug are permanent, if possible. Damage cannot be made any more permanent than it already is.
5 Distracting Causing terrible migraines, flashing lights, and other maladies, the victim of this drug is at +2 difficulties for a day.
2-6 Explosive The drug explodes in contact with air, inflicting 4d5 fire damage on everyone within 2+points spent yards. Any other effect the drug has is still effective if drug is cloud based.
2 Coloring Anything the drug is applied to changes to a color. The inventor decides on the color when this trait is purchased.
1-10 Healing The drug will restore the user, giving back 10% of their HP per point spent.
5 Paralyzing If the victim falls victim to the drug, they cannot take any actions for 1d5 rounds.
5 Monster Blood You've mixed in some monstrous blood into the drug. The victim will become a strange and terrible beast for the remainder of the scene. The exact abilities gained are stable to each person, but every person has a different beast within. Has no effect on actual monsters. 10 + 1 for every point under 30 in humanity% chance the victim becomes berserk and cannot discern friend from foe.
1-5 Boosting The drug can boost the named stat by the cost for the remainder of the scene. If used with the permanent, the stat's 'opposite' is lowered (STR/INT, CON/WIL, DEX/PER). A user can only be permanently affected in any particular stat once.
5 Chameleon Your wonder drug renders the skin capable of altering hues to adapt to the background, granting -1 to -3 difficulty to hiding checks, depending on how much clothing is worn.
8 Malboro Breath The user is afflicted with the most terrible of breath, capable of inflicting almost any negative ailment. The negative ailment is random, and has the same strength as the drug that inflicted the malboro breath.
5-10 Corrosive The drug is harmful to non living targets. It will burn through materials, inflicting the cost times two in damage to them, ignoring any resistances to damage the material may have.
5 Fire Breathing The user of this drug can exhale a cloud of gasses that ignite upon exposure to air. The effect is a cone of 20 feet in which 6d5 fire damage is inflicted. This ability can only be used once per 1d10 rounds.
8 Fertilize Effective only on females. Subject immediately becomes pregnant with the creature defined in design. Can be used to create biological golems. If the creature defined is larger than the mother, the mother must +resist/stamina once a month against the intensity of the drug or suffer ill effects and/or lose the child (Which may be a good thing). You're a sick man.
10 Freezing Any victim of this drug becomes frozen over in a sheen of blue ice, remaining stationary for 2d5 rounds until they thaw. Fire attacks will deal no damage and reduce the time by 1 per 5 points of damage inflicted.
5 Inebriating The drug causes the victim to become intoxicated, losing half their intelligence and suffering +2 difficulty to actions while talking with a slur and stumbling about. Lasts for a scene.
10 Combustion The victim ignites in a cheery flame for all to enjoy. They take 10d5 fire damage, soakable, though without armor. If the person is killed by the combustion, they and their equipment are reduced to ash.

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Category: Societal

    Make a Politics+Make-Plan+Make-Plan+Make-Plan vs 5 check, the number of successes is the number of invention points that can be spent on advantages on the following chart to give your creation abilities and define what it is. Every non-heretic tier is +1 invention point here.

Cost Name Details
1-10 Impact How much of a difference could your device have on society if it were completely accepted? For 1 point, it may be a short lived fad, for 10, they'll be talking about it centuries from now, potentially.
1-10 Acceptance How heretical does your device look? Like it or not, people are intimidated by technology. Points spent here diminish the jagged edges, exposed gears, and other tell tale signs that make people uneasy. At 10, it looks quite innocent.
5 Profitable The device could turn a profit. Making and selling it or its product could net you some resources. Staff discretion.
5 War Device Your breakthrough has obvious military application. The military tends to be more forgiving of heretical edges, and they have money too!
5 Magical The device appears to be magical. This removes the stigma of a heretical device, but has its own problems.
10 Refining Breakthrough Your device makes a commodity more available. Maybe you made a new water pump, or a device to safely extract diamonds. Either way, the base price of that item will drop if your device becomes popular.
5 Heretical Sympathy A risky venture. Your item may NOT have any points of acceptance nor magical. If you can get it to gain use despite its obvious heretical nature, you gain sympathy for yourself and other heretics. Of course, you may also just be making a target of yourself.
10 Resource Breakthrough You've fine tuned some aspect of a resource. Rather similar to the refining breakthrough, however, instead of lowering the base price of a resource, you increase the amount of it produced by a resource. You can make mines produce more iron or forests produce more wood. As with the breakthrough, wide spread usage is needed to see any real effect.
1-10 Commodity Generator Your device creates a particular commodity. Be it water, exotic food, glass, steel, or something else. It simply needs to be placed in the appropriate place and allowed to work, producing once per OOC week. Staff discretion how many points are needed for a particular commodity.
20 New Science You have developed an entirely new branch of science. Amazing.
30 New Magic You have, somehow, discovered a new field of magic. You may not understand it yourself, but your notes are sufficient to spur a whole new area of magical insight.
10 Literacy Improvement Your device encourages reading. Perhaps it makes the process easier, or just makes more writing available to the common man. If your device reaches wide range use, literacy rates may climb a percent per Impact.
10 Anti Religious Movement Your device flies in the face of the church, you heretic! If it manages to reach wide spread use, the church will be weakened. Be wary, the church does not take kindly to your type.
5 Common Use Your device is not grand, it's just useful. Something almost every household could put to some sort of use. Maybe a new cooking implement, or a type of door.
10 Noble Use Your device is something a noble could put to use. Maybe an extremely comfortable chair that massages the person brave enough to sit in it.



Hypnotic - Hypnotic allows the device to entrance. Any victim must +resist/will to avoid entering a mindless torpor. Scoring below a 6 puts the user in a trance, where in they will stand still until struck or the device is removed for an entire day. Scoring below an 11 confuses the user, causing their actions to have random targets until the device is removed or ceases its hypnotics. 11 or above spares the user from any harm. 20 or better makes the user immune to any hypnotic attempt for the remainder of the scene.

Sleep Inducing - The device can lull victims to sleep. Anyone perceiving the sleep inducing effect must +resist/will and score 11 or better or immediately fall asleep, remaining so until struck or ten rounds pass. A user can only be affected by sleep inducing once a scene.

Commanding - The device can give a pre-programmed order to its victim. If they score 6 or under on a +resist/will, they must follow this command to the letter. Those who fail may be given additional commands, those who succeed are immune for the scene. This quality can be purchased multiple times for different commands.

Infuriating - The device can incite a terrible rage in its victim. +resist/will against 11 or lapse into the [Berserk] status and lose ability to discern friend from foe. A check may be made every round to recover from this state. Resistance must be made unless the device ceases its infuriating or the victim scores 20 or better.

Poisoned - The device can poison a victim. +resist/stamina, the amount under 11 is damage taken as poison damage, unsoakable beyond the initial resistance roll.

Terror-Inducing - Whenever the victim attempts to attack the source of the terror, they must succeed a +resist/will against 10 or falter and waste their action. The device must be visible and being used.