Second only to mundane fighters in number, Knights make up a large group in any fighting force worthy of the name. This is not to say that there are Knights everywhere. It takes a special spark to learn beyond the basics of Knighthood, to tap into the latent power within yourself and channel through your sword into devastating result. However, almost all who enter this path do so on thier own initiative. Anyone who can afford to pay for the lessons has a good chance of eventually figuring it out.

Most knights work under employ. The money it takes to upkeep themselves and thier equipment is simply too much for all but royals to manage, and they must usually rely on the very same person who gave them the training in the first place to pay the bills.

Species is usually of little consequence to a knight other then the requrement for hands or the equivelant there of. Tails of far, no matter how prehensile, have proved lacking in a knight's training and just don't seem to have sufficient control to employ the art.

Almost any academy that trains mundane warriors has at least a class or two to train Knights, for a price.

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