Hope Recording

This information was obtained in the bunker, Hope. This is a holographic recording..

An image of a man. His height is hard to determine due to the fact that the actual image is only two feet tall. His skin is dark and he has a black beard. On his hat is a red berret. His hands are held behind his back. He begins to speak with a somber look across his face
"I leave this recording for two reasons. I pray that I will watch this at a later date and remember that what I have done was successful and that we can live outside this prison of our own design once again. But.. I am a man of logic.. above a man of my heart. I know that our chances are slim."
He sniffs once, appearing to be holding back tears in a proffesional manner.
"But, even should we perish here in our hole.. Your listening to it proves that what I have done was not completely in vain. As I speak, the last vesitges of our civilization lies in ruins. The world has awoken and wrought its revenge upon those that have caused it so much pain. Holy has done its grizzly duty..."
He lowers his head, facing the ground. A tear seen slowly running down hhis right cheek
"My son... Kyle, lies dead in his bed. He has succumbed to the curse of gaia. The very wrath of our world stricking us down one by one. Our very humanity is being robbed from us.. My.. changes have left me unable to do any more typing of my logs and thus I am here speaking into this system. Maybe it's better that way"
He brings his hands around, but they are not hands. Instead stunted paws, completely incapable of prehensile movement take thier place.
"This is my punishment for helping hurt our planet.. Please! Do not repeat this mistake.. for the sake of whatever civilization you hold dear, for the sake of your loved ones.. Cherish the world you live on. Treat it with the respect it deserves.."

From off the camera a voice is heard, "Sir.. Julie..", The man's expression changes into abject horror as he kneels down and holds out his arms. A small girl in a pink military uniform falls into his arms and hugs him weakly. Her hair looks to be long and brown in color. Her feet are bare and can be seen easilly to be reptillian on the left and avian on the right. She coughs a few times before bringing a deformed mouth over to his and kisses him. They hug quietly for a moment before she seems to go limp in his arms. He gently lets her down to the ground, crying aloud, bringing up his vestigial paws to cover his eyes.
"And now the world has claimed my daughter! I have nothing left to live for.. Damn Cloud, Damn his Avalanche, his work has doomed us all! Our attempts to stop the process of the world's revenge have all met with failure... We have determined that it will be three to five centuries before the world returns to dormancy.. By then I fear the human race will be all but extinct."
He reaches towards the screen and awkardly presses a button. The holograph vanishes from sight but his crying can still be heard. Suddenly a shout interrupts the soft sound, "We're under attack!". Gun fire is heard, followed by several explosions. Soon after the screeches of what you would imagine are large beasts. Static starts to cover the sounds until only it remains....

No corpses were found in the bunker.
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