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A former Blade, Cole arrived at the capital where he worked for Alouicious St. Cloud awhile. After putting on a ring and being struck by a gender changing curse he became the Queen-to-Be's bodyguard. Shortly after her wedding, he departed for a week of training and meditation. Upon returning his body seemed changed, his fully human form now bearing cat ears.

Cole has not been seen for some time now. It's unsure what became of the man.

Artwork copyright Jen Quick of Estrigious Studios.

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A former field commander for the church, Ryais gave up his position and took a lesser rank to be closer to home and the capital. Renown to be a master swords man and tactician, he is perhaps more so known for more simple things. His work as a scribe and paintings for the noble houses.

Xander Gregminister

A mysterious youth who's been seen around for some time now, he looks exactly like the Prince. He disappeared a few years ago, only to return with a strange new look, with the fall of Atma Weapon. It is rumored he is from the future, and has come back to save the Empire from his Father, Cyrus Gregminister. Throughout the years Xander has been known to communicate, and trade, with the Weapon Master spirit, Gilgamesh. Upon his return he gave up his legendary blade to forge one of his own, so that he may finally finish what he came to do. Now it seems he has some strange connection with time fluctuations, when he's present.

Artwork Copyright 2004, Michelle D. Hoeffener, Character Copyright 2003 Anthony M. Jarvis


Arinnya is a long-lived esper who is about 950 years old, with some odd breaks in between for life.áá She's currently serving in the esper courts as chancellor, and runs a inn and tavern in the surburbs of the capital.

Forra Descren

An orphan, wandering spearman from a razed farming village far away from the capital city, Forra refers to himself as a 'Hyrann'. Of course he knows little about this race, which appears to simply be some sort elven eared raccoon-human hybrid, having been far to young when he was told by his real parents. Of late he has been showing the odd natural, illusionary ability though, but it seems to be nothing more than a little monstrous blood in the family line.

After the death of his adoptive mother, or 'Auntie' as she preferred he call him, he was sent away from the village in which he had found a second home by the man who had taught him to use a spear as if it were a glaive, to find himself. Forra seems to have done just that by now, too, having become an enforcer ( after a small, but prolonged and rather unfortunate charge of cowardice, now cleared ), and taken up the running of the Dragon Inn and Pub in New Junonsburg's Commoner's Market alongside his fiancÚ Sari, and her adoptive brother Ka'jin.

Kibou and Hana Scars

Now Hana and Kibou are a strange pair, mostly since they seem to only be one person. Born outside of wedlock to a widowed farmer's wife and her brief but loving Esper partner, a man calling himself Reson, the twins have spent most of their life simply as Kibou, the farm boy who never seemed to be lonely at all thanks to his intense but obviously imaginary friend Hana, who seemed to have a problem with touching iron and going into houses without specific invitation. However with the collapse of the farm into poverty, their mother Anna Scars sent Kibou, now a talented and promising young archer, away to find his fortunes in the Capital City of New Junonsburg. Shortly after his arrival in the city, it was explained to Kibou that the many oddities about him, such as his aversion to church bells and holy symbols, resembled in many ways the effect such things had on many of the Esper people, the fae folk living inside the forest outside capital city, and so he had decided to go there in search of answers. By this point Hana had begun to show herself again also, Kibou who had until this point forgotten the sister inside himself becoming quite a bit happier to discover her once again after she had made his body into her own during a particularly intense battle.

Today, Kibou and Hana continue to display many strange traits including the inability to touch people without pain, and live as rangers and Wardens of the Esper Forest, taking into the Court of the Forest as Commoners by right of their Half-Esper body. They have been present during most of the battles and abuse leveled at their people by the new Emperor Elliot, and thus strongly oppose him, always ready to act in defense of their home as Hana's Esper domain, Protection, often rather brusquely instructs.


A former noble, the son of a politician from Wutai, Slake was lost at sea and ended up in the barbarian lands where he learned to fight in the war against the empire.


Khvan is a Tarutaru, a magically gifted race who physically resemble children ( sort of ). He grew up studying in the mage's guild and is talented with many time spells and indirectly offensive magics. He is also known for having constructed a golem that when at rest resembles a tower constructed with living trees and stonework normally used in building. This mobile treetower serves as a home for Khyvan and a powerful offensive weapon.

Taross Blackburn

Her full name is Lady Taross Josephine Ambrai-Blackburn-Trypnotk, but she rarely uses her full name except when it's Important.

She is one of the more public members of an old noble house in Capital City, and also one of the more 'eccentric'. Dressed as she is, the classical garb of the Gambler is obvious, and if the clothes weren't enough, she also owns an airship with a casino in its belly; The Black Chocobo.

Taross is mostly a down-to earth person, even when up in the air in her ship, and in times of trouble she tries to offer a stable and optimistic image for people to turn to. She is also known to have sliced a man in half with her odd choice of weaponry.

All in all, she just tries to live in a big and tumultuous city with her wedded partners and two daughters, even if that means occasionally having to defend that lifestyle more harshly, surprising everyone with something new almost every time.


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Now just a spirit, she answers the calls of those with a playful heart.

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[Picture removed at artists request]


Master Bestial Sorcerer of the mages guild. She excels in the art of blue magery, the study of monstrous magic and how to control it. She hails from the semi-rebel town Drominham, but seems to be quite Empire loyal when asked about it.


Shadowy figure, natural born user of the Shadow Walking technique, they say he has extensive ties to the underworld, but nothing has been proven just yet..

Bhodi appears to have retired, seen around the noble Kwaidan Kurosawa more often than dealing with the underworld.

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Bahumat, once mate to Kaelyn and now a Royal Pet and
bodyguard for the royalty of the empire, he
voluntarily chose slavery knowing full well his
lifespan greatly exceeds that of his 'masters' and
their civilization.

Bahumat has since remarried a dragon by the name of Kiatsa and has sired another child. He resides in Drominham and plays a part in local politics by whispering advice to the ruler, Kiga.

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