One Pair Feat and Rabbit Packs

One Pair Feat and Rabbit Packs

Postby Dragsooth » Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:58 pm

So, I have the one pair feat cause I don't like having more then 2 nipples/boobs and apparently, it blocks me from any interaction with the Rabbit Pack you find in the High Rise District. I guess they can give you multiple boobs if infected, but why can't it just NOT give me multiple boobs and not block me from content? Is there anyway around this without not getting the perk? Is this intended? Is there any other things that you can be blocked by if you have those type of feats (ex. Just One, One Pair, Modest Organs, Passing Grade Chest) I understand not being able to get certain sex scenes with no boobs or small genitals, but not I don't see a reason why you can interact with the Rabbit Pack and just... not grow extra nipples...
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Re: One Pair Feat and Rabbit Packs

Postby TigerStripes » Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:48 am

Dragsooth wrote:<rabbit pack>

The Rabbit Pack infection is a very strange one. Essentially, it fragments you into several 'clones' of male or female gender, one for each sex organ you possess. But your brain can't handle this mental and perspective division. In an attempt to compensate, your mind tries to trick itself into believing that those bodies are instead united into one body with the combined sex organs. As each female bunny'd have her own breasts/nipples, this means this combined being your confused mind clings to has the combined total number of breasts. Any other sex scenes you experience while in this state become your mind's imagined attempts to understand that various sensory inputs from the multiple bunnies as if all are part of your one body (likely of herm gender rather than separate males and/or females). As those multiple breasts could be groped, it feels like you've got multiple rows of breasts being played with. Handling it this way is an imperfect solution that at least allows the inclusion of this different kind of TF into the game at all.

From the perspective of the rabbits finding you, having either 'Just One' or 'One Pair' makes you an unusable candidate. 'Just One' prevents multiple cocks/penises, and so breaks the division mechanic. 'One Pair' was included as a blocker to round things out, as you'd expect breasts on each of the female bunnies. While one could argue they'd instead be cuntboys, it'd take a fair bit of revision to scenes and endings to properly convey that for the various possible combinations this'd add. Alternatively, having the 'One Pair' feat could mean that each female has one pair of breasts and you feel them all as one, which'd probably take less tweaking to manage, though I think some adjustments would still be needed.

As an Easter egg, go to the Concert Hall as part of Leonard's Quest when you're looking for a violin to get a special variation if you have either of these feats. It even gives a creepy glimpse into their minds on how they think of a player in such a state.
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