Saveword/Export Progress Help!

Re: Saveword/Export Progress Help!

Postby Wahn » Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:29 am

KiWolfGirl wrote:Is there a way to check the content on the discord without actually using discord?

Well, you don't neccessarily need to install the program, there's a browser site too through which you can connect...

The export files are generated in the same folder where your FS game file is btw. This means you should not be installing FS into the access-protected Programs folder, as Windows will stop the game from creating files there.

As for other general questions for the export: You can still edit the files, what is in them is Ascii-Number encoded text and actual numerical values too. I've shared an Excel Makro on the Discord that people can use to translate the files into something human-readable, if you want to check out your data...
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