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Re: Suggestions Wanted

Postby Genesis1016 » Wed May 31, 2017 4:39 pm

checks to prevent certain encounters if your form is technically their leader.

such as, horsemen challenging you in the stable and asking you who you are, when you're the freaking stablemaster and a nightmare
herm hyena's when you're the matriarch

The encounters shouldn't be completely warded, but I don't see why these creatures would attack you if you're their boss. maybe throw in some dialogue, like "oh fuck, it's the boss" or maybe if you're horny enough trigger a win scene.
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Re: Suggestions Wanted

Postby dravus » Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:33 am

given the introduction for the shrinking shrooms

it seems a waste not to give already present vore NPC's some further kinky play....Christy for example could eat the player or unbirth them while shrunken as a bound state
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Re: Suggestions Wanted

Postby wolfbandit » Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:02 pm

umm id like to suggest that Grant be given some options of topping you when you are the matriarch or leader of the hyena gang. I know that he tops you when you aren't but I find it strange that instead of being an option to be top or bot, when your not a herm, you just top when leader when your a guy. it would also be kinda cool if he could become the leader or so if you I don't know help him out or let him be leader. (just something I came up with a bit later after I wrote this, it could be kinda cool if there was an option to help Gina be leader and/or have there be some kind of competition between Grant and Gina over who leader, you choose who to help or to let be leader)

I noticed that the Egyptian wing only inhabitant (I cant think of the name for the life of me currently) sorta sends you on a quest of sorts but I don't know exactly what to do on it or where to go or any of that and I tried all sorts of things to figure out whether the quest is done or is simply not finished.

also id like to suggest that Doran the dragon in rocky outcropping be given more options like perhaps different types of vore maybe? seeing as how your able to modify his body, I think it would make sense that he can devour you like with say his cock or his ass. seeing as how there are some scenes already in place that could give a hint of that possibly happening or could at least lead into that.

BTW I know that my account is new but I been playing this for years and watched it developed and I still love it and I'm sure that in time I can offer more suggestions or point out a few things like this, however I am new to the community and I hope I'm not stepping on anyone toes so to speak
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