Typos and Bugs

Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby MetreMaidPlayer » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:25 pm

running version
Flexible Survival
An Interactive Fiction by Nuku Valente
Release 57 / Serial number 150314 / Inform 7 build 6L38 (I6/v6.33 lib 6/12N)

Run into a bit of a problem. Was playing a game using Windows Gluxe interpreter and windows crashed out on me. Fortunately I had a save going,

121}5}121}120}123}172}108}490}1}-1287}8}Female Husky}Female Husky}Female Husky}Female Husky}Female Husky}5}1}1}2}0}0}36}28}2}1}journal}0}0}0}0}Bunker}1}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}000100B}0}0}0}0}3}4}0}0}1}0}0}0}0}0}0}0}0

but now I cant seem to find the garage demon event in the Capitol. Its what I was working on when my system crashed. I had gotten to the part of getting the mask when it all happened.
Right now in the game I am able to go retrieve the mask, but I don't have the garage in my nav points, cant do the garage demon event, and so am now stuck. Not sure it its something that can be replicated
or therefore fixed, but thought I would put it out there

*Small edit. Also just noticed that Yolanda is no longer at my bunker after reloading. Its minor, but not sure if its intended. Just to throw that out there
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby kharn » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:29 pm

Since the last update I can't seem to have any scene other than handjob appear for Garrett even though I fulfill his requirements about being a gryphon with a cock when before that it worked fine.

Edit: Release 57 / Serial number 150325 / Inform 7 build 6L38 (I6/v6.33 lib 6/12N)
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby TigerStripes » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:14 am

kharn wrote:<Garrett>

I was setting up the new scenes to show up sequentially, but messed up a bit along the way such that they'd only appear once. I'll send a patch and everything should function again. As well, Garrett will want you to be 100% male for the non-handjob scenes and there'll be small differences between being 100% gryphon and not during those scenes.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby kharn » Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:05 am

Garrett works again although it seems I have to trigger both type of hand job scenes to trigger anal scenes. Although not sure if its just me, but the endings for the Hermaphrodite Blue Gryphon doesn't seem to fire off if you don't have Denise even if I have fun with Timothy and Garrett for each day until rescued.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby TigerStripes » Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:55 pm

Getting the 'male gryphon' version of any scene guarantees advancement to have access to the next scene in the sequence. Otherwise it's a 50% chance at each stage to advance to the next.

As for the endings, they all seem to be there and active. Timothy has a variable 'timothymated' that is incremented each time you have sex with him while being a "Hermaphrodite Gryphon" (body). If that is 3 or more at the end of the game, then your bond with Timothy's strong enough to be drawn back to Qytat for the special endings. Were you playing as a researcher or with a permanent infection that might be preventing you from having a H-Gryphon body while playing with Timothy? If you do not get timothymated up to the necessary level and don't have Denise, then you'll only be getting the most basic H-Gryphon ending (which is succumb only and short). Garrett does not have any ending material yet. I doubt I'll be able to do too much with his endings, as it'd be a nightmare to add another whole new level on top of all the current gryphon endings.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby cptn1002 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:06 am

I have found a few bugs. They are mostly related to impregnation content. Using the github repository, I have also included a possible fix for each bug. This may be intentional, but the github repository does not include the code for impregchance, ovichance, etc. This made it a bit harder to find the bugs.

* Herm Hyena: PC victory sex (vaginal) cannot impregnate the PC. Add [impregchance] to line 37 and 39.

* Purple Gel: Cannot impregnate female players (works for herm). Add [impregchance] to lines 148 and 177.

* Toy Store: This event uses the old latex fox scenes and a relevant scene cannot mpreg. Add [mimpregchance] to line 25

* Tigress Hooker: Relevant scene cannot mpreg. Either add 'otherwise [mimpregchance]' to a new line after line 240 OR add [mimpregchance] to line 232

* Feral Wolf: Relevant scene cannot impreg. Add [impregchance] to line 102.

* Denise: Relevant scene cannot impreg. Add [impregchance] to second to last scene line 128.

* Tainted Centaur: Relevant scene cannot impreg. Add [impregchance] (x2 for consistency) to line 119.

* Knight: Relevant scene cannot impreg. Add [impregchance] to line 171 and [mimpregchance] line 183.

* Gargoyle: Relevant scene cannot imrpeg. Add [impregchance] to line 27.

* Hydra: There are two impossible to pass 'if' statements that check if the player has more than 3 and 5 cunts respectively. The max without save editing is currently 3. There is a similar pair of if statements the line above that use the number of hydra heads instead. Assuming this check was meant to be the same between these similar scenes, 'cunts of player' should be replaced with 'hydraheadcount' twice per line on lines 32,37,44,49,56,144,150,156,164, and 178. An alternative would be replacing the check for greater than 3 and 5 with greater than 1 and 2.

* Dracovixentaur: Female players can get a male only scene on PC loss and can avoid a scene altogether erroneously. Replace losetoDVtaur2 with losetoDVtaur1 on line 44 and replace 6 with 5 on line 42.

The following two issues may not be bugs at all. They might be intentional choices of the writer.

* Doran: Doran cannot get the player pregnant and this is not explained. To fix this, add [impregchance] to lines 289, 760, 762, 782, 784, 1022, 2725, 2731, 2753, 2764, 2777, 2883. Add [mimpregchance] to lines 314, 680, 682, 702, 1053.

* Elijah + h/m Brutus: This scene has 5 mpreg chances. This seems higher than intended since there does not seem to be anything special about this scene compared to any others. All other scenes with Elijah and one other character have 2 impreg/mpreg chances. I would remove the two mimpregchances from line 486 as well as lines 493,494,495 to even this out.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby TigerStripes » Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:08 am

cptn1002 wrote:<impregnation issues>

Thanks for spotting these. I'll apply the necessary fixes. And the code for impregchance/ovichance and their ilk can be found in the story.ni file (in the Inform folder) - that's the main code of the game itself.

* Herm Hyena: Found and fixed.

* Purple Gel: Found and fixed. Also added [mimpregchance] for Blue Gel w/anal.

* Toy Store: Moved the [impregchance] outside of the if clause, thereby affecting both males and females.

* Tigress Hooker: Found and fixed.

* Feral Wolf: Found and fixed.

* Denise: Found and fixed. Also changed to [ovichance].

* Tainted Centaur: Found and fixed.

* Knight: Found and fixed.

* Gargoyle: Found and fixed

* Hydra: Values changed to > 2 and > 4. These are set up such that it becomes more likely to become impregnated if you have more cunts that get filled all at once. The possibility for higher values may come later and may even be possible now with certain items (not 100% sure on that). The choice between cunts or hydraheadcount is based on which is the lesser of the two (thereby setting the number of fucked holes).

* Dracovixentaur: Found and fixed.

The following two issues may not be bugs at all. They might be intentional choices of the writer.

* Doran: That's very interesting. You'd almost think that might mean something.

* Elijah + h/m Brutus: Wahn'd have to weigh in on this one, though 5x seems excessive unless it's numerous repeated fuckings.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Wahn » Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:40 am

TigerStripes wrote:* Elijah + h/m Brutus: Wahn'd have to weigh in on this one, though 5x seems excessive unless it's numerous repeated fuckings.

The firs two of those were copies that I forgot in the code (removing em now), the other three are chances for different NPCs - Elijah gets two, Brutus one as they switch off fucking the player.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Ishim » Sat Mar 28, 2015 12:56 pm

Game version
Release 57 / Serial number 150326 / Inform 7 build 6L38 (I6/v6.33 lib 6/12N)


Male Player, Chocolate Lab First Time Submit Scene

The amorous confectionery stimulates you inside and out until finally it shoots its white chocolate cream into your mouth and rear, and you pump your hot cum into it in return.

Not sure if it's intentional or not but shouldn't it be "The amorous confectionery canine stimulates".

Also it in the sentence it says "shoots its white chocolate cream into your mouth", but there is no mention of how that happens in the scene.

Male Player With Sarah the Husky Pet

If she has puppies when your in the Bunker with her it tells you should check on her instead of having a scene of the player helping her is this intentional.

Also her starting description says she is lonely being the only husky around. If you change Coleen into a Husky Pet, have Amy, or Carl it stays the same and only changes if she has puppies is this intentional as well.

Male Player Shipping Container Event third paragraph third sentence

You pause to think of a way out of this before you’re completely buried in cheap, kitschy cuteness. And that is when you spot a black mass sliding across the ground from between two buildings. Startled, you try to move only to be swamped again with another way of huskies. The dark goo, probably drawn by the noise of you opening the container, moves closer and eventually flows into the pile of figurines. Deciding to at least try to escape, you try swimming through the growing mass of huskies as you seek to get away.

way should be wave

Same scene fifth paragraph

The cool, latex goo grips your cocks, stroking and squeezing them, making you release a moan of pleasure.

i only have one cock

Male Player with Fang and Carl and Fiona

If you get the catgirl Fiona to show up at the bunker after the first sex scene with her it only procs the ones with Fang and Carl. I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.

Male Player, M-preg feat, pregnant, Loss/submit to Shemale Smooth Collie

The bitch moves in as if to pounce on top of you before her nose begins twitching. She crouches down close to the ground after pushing you gently onto your back, her nostrils rubbing against your crotch as she inhales deeply. She gives a single lick across your folds, followed by a comforting growl as she nuzzles your stomach.

I'm male

Male Player Description of the Football Gorilla fourth sentence

A burly and muscular gorilla steps into your line of sight. He is dressed in football shoulder pads and wears a helmet, both painted in the local team’s colors. As the gorilla spots you, a smile spreads over his face and he drops on all fours, using his long arms as support as he quickly rushes towards you. “Hey dude, nice to meet’cha. I was hoping to fun into some hotties today - and there you are, lucky enough to meet one of your team’s stars. Yup, I’m in the Tenvale Wildcats - well, Tenvale Gorillas now, anything else would be silly. So - wanna have some fun right now, or should I show you some moves first?”

fun should be run

Male Player Football Gorilla submit scene First Paragraph

Okay then... everything for the fans.” “Your turn - show me what you got dude,” the gorilla grunts after pulling off the shoulder-pads and now
stands before you in his full naked glory.

Six spaces between the fourth and fifth sentence for some reason it doesn't want to show the spaces when i preview this.

second paragraph sixth sentence

You just hope that hope that it’ll at least be somewhat enjoyable and that he’ll let you go after getting his rocks off.

"hope that" is repeated

fourth paragraph third sentence

Despite having been forced into this, you can’t help but pant and moan the human-like shaft hits your prostate again
and again.

Should either be "pant and moan as the human-like" or "the human like shaft hitting your prostate"
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby TigerStripes » Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:24 am

Ishim wrote:<various typos and stuff>

Chocolate Lab:
Swapped 'confectionery' for 'confection' when using it as a noun. Swapped 'confectionery' for 'confectionary' when using it as an adjective. I had originally used 'confectionary', but it was changed by someone last year.
'confection' - (noun) a sweet
'confectionery' - (noun) generally other related meanings, though some definitions allow it to be sweet
'confectionary' - (adj) meaning 'or or like a confection' or 'of confectioners and their work'

Sarah the Husky Pet:

<puppies while in bunker>

Sarokcat did not create a birthing scene. That sort of thing is only a recent addition a few newer NPCs have come with. Assume she slips off into another room to birth in private, then returns with her new pups.

<description says she is lonely being the only husky around>
That section deals with her lacking puppies and dates back when there were only her and Coleen. I've tweaked it to give slightly different messages if any of the other husky residents are there.

Shipping Container Event:
Typos fixed.

Male Player with Fang and Carl and Fiona:
Wahn'll have to have a look at this one. He'd know what's intended.

Shemale Smooth Collie + MPreg pregnant:
I've made a variation to the scene to cover this possibility. Original material long pre-dates the MPreg feat.

Football Gorilla:
Typos fixed.
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