Typos and Bugs

Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Wahn » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:33 am

Ishim wrote:Bugs

Thanks for the report, this helps a lot in fixing such things :)

Museum: Struck the mention of Valerie from the text.
Bear: Updated his description with some ragged pants.
Kara: Just because _you_ don't know the stables doesn't mean she shouldn't. She can have been there, gotten her special stuff and be back by now, commenting about the place she was. Its not like she insinuates that the player was there, just talks about a location.
Giraffe: Fixed the gender issues.
Giant: I took out the pregchance from the blogjob scene. Seems like it was acidentally left in when copying the other scene and rewriting it.
Eric: Added in the missing line for hp state 14, that should work out now.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Coalsack » Sun May 07, 2017 10:13 am

After the buck-doe transformation, Susan keeps giving me the option of fuck my "pussy". Since I'm playing as a male (with male preferred), that makes little sense, is there an unused anal variant, or the option simply shouldn't appear?

The event of the hungry dog keeps repeating itself after completed.

The typo that list Christy as "dragoness" in the back alley "Hopefully, the dragoness..." doesn't recognize the dragon as male even after giving Christy the spicy sausage.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Coalsack » Tue May 09, 2017 9:07 am

Found a couple more:

In the sex scene where Larissa transforms into a male, one refence to her penis during the scene uses the player cock description, instead of Larissa's one.

"his enticing cock": Male Panda Larissa, Male Bird of Paradise player
"his mustelid penis" Male Bald Eagle Larissa, Male Ferret player
"his black, knotted maleness" Male Bald Eagle Larissa, Male "Herm" Gryphon Player

There's no option to progress further on the Gorilla team quest either if you choose to be a water boy/girl or if you managed to be a team member. This may be due lack of content, but the scene where the player joins the team as a member or as a water boy/girl repeats each time that the player enters the field. On the laundry boy/girl scene, is the laundry task the only option, or there is a bug that prevents further actions?

The "animalistic musk" self-smell associated with player in heat and Mpreg player in heat remains after the player did the heat-suppresion quest with Dr.Medea and selected said option.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Wahn » Tue May 09, 2017 9:59 pm

Coalsack wrote:Gorilla Scene Repetition

Oops, must have forgotten to set the variable so the scene counts as done. I'll fix it in the next update. There are no further scenes after the tryouts currently, except one laundry scene you can access through the talk menu.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Genesis1016 » Sat May 13, 2017 11:17 am


say " ...At first, she's a merely tolerates...
Could be: At first, she merely tolerates

replace all the inadvertantly with inadvertently

You're such a brave dow to keep going out there.

dow => doe

He says its perfectly nutricious and all of that, but it's all bland mush. If anything, it tastes more like medicine and anticeptic cleaners than food.

Nutritious and antiseptic

You do agre to be the little herm's mate."

Those jaguars don't bother me any more now that I've taught a few of them that I'm the big buck around here

She moans softly as her shaft tenses, and begins to fire, splattering herself with her seed as it arcs through the air in powerful streams.
shaft tenses and begins to fire

Her skilled fingers dip lower to caress your [short ball size] orbs in slow teasing as she bobs against you, working you to greater heights as the tingle of change sweets through you,
tingle of change sweeps through you

Ohhh... though I think I'm going to need a bit of a break before going again after that,' she says, brushing her fingertips across her stretched, swolled and leaking pussy


With this talent it's hard to keep yourself from cumming right then and there, but with some strength of mind you keep yourself in check. Sometimes she goes slow and tastes your [cock of player] cock, specially all the pre you keep feeding her.
With this talent, it's...
strength of mind, you
specially =>especially

you can see only an smile and those breasts being pressed against your cock.
only a smile

Feeling some vibrations running in your cock you know that she is amused with this occurrence. As you feel her saliva pooling beteween her boobies and your cock,
remove extra spaces before occurrence and beteween => between

You push her head against you groin

When you finally release her head she pulls back with a string of semen still conected to you penis wich she cleans quickly.
connected to your penis which she cleans quickly.

Thanks for the meal' you hear her say with a wink before you get ready to your adventures.
ready for

She transitions into a strong and sexy doe-buck that is an a attractive mix of the feminine and the masculine. <==multiple cases of this one
is an attractive

With easy she slides that dark cock in your tight pussy.
With ease, she

Her trusts get faster as she lets you get more used to her new size

Your pussy call's are answered as she finally penetrates your womb filling it with her potent seed.
pussy's calls

Susan asks, posing in the new lab coat she's wearing. It is a typical one, clean and white, though the back's been adjust to let her puff of deer tail poke out
been adjusted

Smiling up at your lover, you willingly spread your legs and raise you hips
your hips

You clench powerfully around her tool, coating it with your own honies.
not entirely sure, but should that be honey?

they seem to get in the spirit of things and join the girls in the fun.
get into

At first, she a merely
At first, she merely

The horny deer keeps trusting in your needy pussy.
thrusting into

Begging to be breed by that delicious cock.
Begging to be bred

your pussy orgasms tries to grip on her ebony rod as you feel yourself trying to pull her even more deep than she already is.
not sure how to fix here but some options I guess:
your pussy orgasms as it tries to grip onto her ebony rod as you feel yourself trying to pull her in even deeper than she already is.
your pussy orgasms, trying to grip onto her ebony rod as you feel yourself trying to pull her in even deeper than she already is.
could simplify it even further with:
your pussy orgasms, gripping onto her ebony rod as you feel yourself trying to pull her in even deeper than she already is.
"even deeper" can also be simplified down to just "deeper".

She whimpers but clearly is too afraid too speak as the furry male gives her breasts a lewd squeeze.
You make a first step towards escape, but then suddenly something swats sideways against your lower ankle - it is the alpha husky, intent on sweeping your legs out from under you from his position on the ground."
the first
her needy body's new instincts overriding her brain and reducing her to little more then your pet as you play with her sexy body. <==2 cases
You reward the sexy little husky by beginning to stroke her soft head-fur with your hands, rubbing and scratching at her head in encouragement even as she focuses on licking and sucking at your cock.
remove the at's.
The praise and promise of a treat makes Sarah's eyes light up with rising lust."
You lose track of time as you play with and tease your pet, the mutual pleasure washing away all other petty concerns as the two of you you celebrate your pet's new status together.
extra you
Sarah throws her head back and lets lose a desperate moan as you ever so slowly work your way up to her needy pussy."
lets loose
A smile tugs at the corners of your mouth as you slowly sink yourself into Sarah's well lubricated passage
her body responding with pleasure to your touch and a first brush of your shaft against her nether region.
at first brush
Soon you are both grinding into each others crotches desperately,
Sorry if I... squashed your idea of sex a bit to... energetically.
bit too
she pulls down down behind her and places them on her perky behind.
extra down
A flash white-furred paw-hands lets you guess it is Sarah
A flash of white
Returning to the bunker, you waste no time in pouncing on the your little slut husky, her happy moans and begging are music to your ears, as you indulge yourself with your slut.

And you waste no time testing this as you sink yourself into her warm wetness over and over, enjoying your dominance over the your little pet.in
replace the "the your" with just your
as proof of your own virility and the start of the many many young you plan to sire on your lovely little breeding slut."
sire with
Carl and Sarah are sitting at a table of the study area over there and from the looks of it they're having fun playing poker.
of it, they're
After a little while, you switching your attention to her very nice and shapely breasts, even larger now as they fill with milk for the pups."
After a little while, you switching your attention to her very nice and shapely breasts, even larger now as they fill with milk for the pups."
you switch
You slowly pull yourself up to your feet, the image of your well used pet staying with you as you prepare to explore the city some more."
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Genesis1016 » Sat May 13, 2017 11:28 am

try to have oral threesome with jimmy
get no scene
double titty fuck
no scene (otherwise if nam is "Double-titty-fuck":
say "[paulasex02]"; seems to have been whited out in the file <==perhaps that's the cause)

For some reason when you choose not to watch erica blowing carl (Y), you end up going up to take a closer look. If you choose N (you want to look) you end up leaving. the options and actions are swapped.

Camp bravo:
replace a use of "alexandra" with Alexander
He gay soldier
The gay soldier
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Genesis1016 » Sun May 14, 2017 7:20 pm

Almost ready to call of the search
call off
She's lived herself in in the bunker by now,
delete extra in
replace all uses of besides to beside

while removing of any clothing you might have.
of is unnecessary
replace all uses of prostrate with prostate
people forget their inhibitions and to crazy
and do crazy
You're an insanely pretty woman with all the looks looks.
extra looks
you can tell anyone who dizzes you
replace all uses with soldier
Erica's eyes go wide as a first blast
as the first blast
feet planted a bit to the left left and right of Carl's head.
delete extra left

Even though he managed to suppress his immediate urges, the flare-up of lust is clearly still bubbling strong inside Carl's canine body.
'Yes, Alpha' he replies, now fully locked into his role as submissive member of your pack.";
as a submissive
with truly animal-like intensity
with a truly animal-like
Carl starts to pull back and plunge back in, really getting into fucking you you this way very quickly,
extra you
intent in proving that he as a big wolf is dominant to a dog.
intent on
Let's reward you for being such a obedient puppy...' he continues, then reaches around the wolf's body and takes hold of his erect cock.
an obedient
which is confirmed a moment later when you recognize Carl and Fang as the source of he noises.
the noises
Coming into the library, you notice Carl crouched down besides one of the large bookshelves, browsing and pulling this or that book to check it out.
replace all uses of besides with beside
Feeling the warm pulse of cum filling him up seems to have been the last straw for Xerxes heimself
Carl grips his bubble-butt firmly and start pounding away at him, much to the coon's delight.
Seems like Carl's approach payed off and he's having some nice time with David...";

Alexandra Cuckolding
Over time, it seems to becomes easier for her
brushing the shapely curves of her beasts against his hip.

ask if there's any problems you could help with
there are
That's a big worry of my mind.
worry off
Overwhelmed in the novel sensations
Overwhelmed by
in a feathery light touch.
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Genesis1016 » Mon May 15, 2017 5:18 pm

replace all uses with beside
With the young husky looking up at him, wide eyed at his big cock, the purple demon says 'Hi - you're really hot.'";
you can see that Brutus is clearly at a loss for wards, not used to actually talking to people
for words
A few minutes of making out with Brutus later, Amy tell him to continue - slowly.
Amy's thighs with every rapid pierce into her antho canine body.
Meanwhile, Carl moves a bit closer, visibly panting as he comes to kneel on front of Amy and leans in over her
in front
'You'll learn in time,' giving one of the young husky's breasts a squeeze that makes her mean before she can stop herself, then stepping back to leave her master to his pleasures.
makes her moan before she can stop herself and then step back
Alexandra just barks, 'You'll learn in time,' giving one of the young husky's breasts a squeeze that flusters her even more, then stepping back to leave her master to his pleasures.
even more and then steps back to
'Yeah, boss. Fill her up good! Bathe her puppies in cum' Alexandra tells you with a grin, then looks down at Amy and says
(this is the regular (not pregnant version). she doesn't have any puppies in her atm
With you sliding your hands over her naked body and whispering in a pointed ear that that she doesn't
extra that
Spooning the beautiful husky, you run a hand through her soft belly fur, circling her nipples with your finger, then just hold her for a while and whisper how much fun that was."
(she is pregnant. circling her nipples is usually not used here. instead "feeling the rounded curve of her body that bulges with the new life growing inside her." is)
fucked right next to Elijah and having gotten away with hit.
Soon arriving at Amy's the not too distant sleeping place, you lay her down on it and move to lie behind her.
Amy's not too distant
Alexandra then moves do lie next to the young husky
moves to lie
Walking up close to Amy, you put your arms around her and give her a hug. As your lips find hers for a kiss, your hands move down over her naked body, softly stroking her curves and carefully touching her pregnant belly.
anal sex with amy. the regular version and the pregnant versions are swapped (only the second sentence))
That doesn't last long, though - moving in and out of his hole, your shaft stimulates his sensitive prostrate
When Amy suddenly gives a pleased yip and orgasms, her female juices dripping down to soak into her bedding, that gives large cat the last nudge too.
gives the large
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Genesis1016 » Tue May 16, 2017 9:44 am

leaving you panting breathless while leaning against his back.
'Oh, hello - and hello Xerxes.' he says, patting him head,
Pumping blast after blast directly into him stomach,
he says, licking him lips[end if].";
then move on to stroke the soft skin of him hips and ass.
seemingly very interesting tree that they sniffs all around
Next there is a slightly breathless exclaimation of, 'WOW! They're gonna fuck right here in the hallway,'
Moving around the two of you, Danny takes care to capture the blissed-out expression on Ares face as he lets himself be fucked with eager consent,
Grasping Ares['] shoulders tightly, the teen moans in lewd intensity and starts blasting a creamy load all over Ares tongue, to be eagerly swallowed by the truly exceptional pet you borrowed.
A female mall-dweller notes in a giggling tone, 'But we'll have to do something about the angle right now - its too static with Danny holding the mobile while he stands still.'
there's too much static
Danny says and crouches down besides Ares, patting his head consolingly and earning a lick to the face.

You rush over it to, certain that it was trying to rescue you in repayment for helping it.
to it
The bird stirs weakly in mound of scorched rubble its rough landing created, but fails to rise. It's feathers have a dull, ashen look to them, like the embers of a dying fire.
a mound...Its
Her flames wash over your painlessly, almost as if they are holding you lovingly.
She moans loudly and shivers in delight as your digits sinks into her wonderfully hot hole.
'Oh yes, I want you inside me again, my friend,' she calls out, shifting her taloned feat and grabbing for purchase.
As you orgasm, she nuzzles and nips at you neck and shoulders, moaning and chirping happily
As you're doing this, she returns the favour by bringing her beak to your crotch to lick and suck at your throbbing cock[end if].
Her singing grows louder and more jubilant as your seed is pumped into her and she cums as well, her cloaca quivering and squeezing at your cock needfully until your balls are drained and you're both left moaning and panting as you float lazily atop her in the lava.
could remove at
Resting at the crater's floor are numerous large eggs, golden and glowing, soaking in the lava's incredible heat.
replace at with on
You move into position, rubbing your [bodytype of player] body down onto hers, nuzzling against her crimson feathers as her taloned feet get a good grip on the rock dildo and sinks it into herself for a few thrusts before switching it over to you.
And she returns the pleasure in kind, [if cocks of player > 0]having taken your cock into her beak and sucking eagerly upon it[otherwise]sliding her tongue across your oversensitve pussy,
Eventually, you drive the phoenix to orgasm, her flames welling up and the temperature of her clenching pussy skyrocketting.
Your chat with Athanasia's cut short when the sounds of excited hissing comes from outside the cave.
While leery of entering intense heat of the lava on your own, you do feel comfortable enough to try driving off the others from its edge.
the intense
The salamander girl moans with pleasure as the phoenix works the stone sextoy faster.
sex toy
Hopefully one of the other salamaders will come looking for her.
From there, you're watch as the salamanders are eventually driven off by the phoenix,
you watch
Athanasia shrieks angrily and pursues the fleeing amphibians, only to return much latter, tired and saddened by her loss.
Not long after your mind falls and you are lost to the infection, there is a fiery column which rises into air.
the air
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Re: Typos and Bugs

Postby Genesis1016 » Tue May 16, 2017 3:53 pm

Tyr's club

[/color]you yelp and then wail as your pussy is force to widen around the Dobie meat drilling you.
you find yourself screaming out to ceiling as all your vaginal muscles lockup tight around Tyr.[line break]";
screaming out to the ceiling
When the second, third on up to the fifth shot hit home up into your womb you roll yourself against Tyr as the a fire snakes its way through your spine.
as a fire snakes
Ohh, good girl.' Tyr chuckles, [if cocks of player > 0]but then stops when remind him of your other unnoticed piece of anatomy. 'R-right, sorry, [italic type]sir[roman type].'
stops when you remind him
Once you've satisfactorily opened Tyr up, pressing over the pleasure button hiding inside of his rectum
pressing on
'Don't forgot, that's your mess to clean up,' he teases.
Hearing this, you resume pounding his ass while pumping at his cock, getting him to howl in orgamic release.
The quivering and clenching of your anus around his spurting shaft causes him to howl in ecstasy and hump you all the harder with another big rush of seed into you.
As he continues to cum, you're belly is filled with his seed and his semen overflows from your mouth as you can't swallow it down fast enough.
Between the pounding thrusts of his canine rod and those teasing touches, your body quivers with plesure and you have to grip the fencing all the tighter[if cocks of player > 0].
When a cold nose brushes up against your clitoris you shiver as rapt pleasure runs across your spine, but when a warm tongue rolls across the inside of your labia you can only gasp as your hands reach down to caress the top of Tyr's floppy eared head.[line break]";
The description of FightPit is "The fighting is a giant cage area with a chain link fence surrounding it. The large arena has several different spaces where different fighter are either sparing or working out together to practice their different forms and the like.

Staring somewhat transfixed by the other's cute pointed ears, button nose, and, from what you can see by peeking over the desk, chubby black furred body you wonder if the Doberman has lost him mind by having the other in this kind of place.
a chubby and black-furred body you
"[one of]'Hello, are you looking to fight today?'[or]'I hope you find today more joyous than yesterday!' Kris giggles at you.[or]'May you days be bright, young one.'
"The unfamiliar Dane mutant growls at you while pop her neck from side to side.

Great Dane Rouge

The look in the Great Dane's eyes say many things, but you silence whatever question the other could have as you lean your [facename of player] into the other and then whisper something quietly into the fighting canine's ears.
[facename of player] face towards the other
She whimpers as the word catch meaning into her mind and soon the Great Dane is wrapping her legs around you to bring you bodily into her. With her ample breast rubbing up against your [bodyname of player] chest you hiss and chuckle at the other before really digging your fingers down throughout the bitch Dane's unused cunt.
as the words catch meaning in her mind
stirring around inside of your pants you shuck off your leg wear and then tell the Dane to do the same.
Listening to the other grunt and the grown you feel the bitch Dane's body loosen up and then slowly spear the other onto your shaft.
other grunt and groan you
Tyr gives you some money, a small card with an address scribbled onto it and then a bus ticket to a new city with the promise that you'll [']find a new start['] there.
on it
When she cums she doesn't remain pressed up inside of you, instead St. Bernard pulls herself
instead the St. Bernard
as you reach out a hand to help her up off the sweat and blood streaked floor.
Many of these your sparing sessions lead the two of you panting and sweating up a storm,
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