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The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:46 am
by Savriss
Something that appeals to me about the game is how it feels like the city changes.

First, there is chaos as a huge society that needs a lot of social integration is collapsing. After that, however, smaller groups that have the agility and cohesion to respond to the the disaster quickly begin to form. There are some obvious groups, some with more integration than others.

So, I thought I'd make a list and also ask for input on the groups in FS.

1. The Library Unless the PC deliberately tries, it's almost assured that the library becomes a gathering of both powerful and weak characters. Too variable to really define.
2. Army survivors The original power structure and the most powerful to start with. Heavily beset and eroded as the game goes on, with a clear command structure but difficulty in replenishment.
3. Hospital of Horrors Ruled by Dr Mouse, a manipulative figure who might not openly assert his authority and so could maintain an exterior appearance of remaining a meritocracy and a place of healing.. City hospitals are practically fortresses already, so while it has deviated strongly from a healing house it's not hard to see why at least one hospital unit became powerful. Probably had heads of department, of whom surviving members are quickly devolving into a council of de facto rulers with political infighting.
4. Police station While this only occurs if the PC doesn't overwhelm Alexandra the doberman cop, this can become a survivor gathering point. While effectively under martial control, it's pretty implicit they're trying to preserve the original democratic ideals of pre-disaster society.
5. Hyena Gang Inducts new members into the same species strain, governed by the strongest. Pretty much straight up tyranny.
6. Black Equinoid tribe Hostile to Painted Herm Wolf tribe. Leadership by a chieftan, implied selection by council of elders?
7. Painted Herm Wolf tribe Hostile to Black Equinoid tribe. No visibility of structure.
8. Palomino Bar Harold is a unicorn and seemingly powerful. A small and independent group of people, a haven for individuals and refugees. Could become a smuggling and trading hub for other groups or become a refuge for people.
9. Down Under pub Much like Hyena Gang, inducts members into appropriate species. No real insight into leadership.
10. Stables brothel Tyranny under quasi mystical nightmare. While the generic stallions are thick as sticks, it's not hard to see them putting their strength to effective military power. Using brothel aspect to align small factions, could form relatively content and varied subject kingdoms paying tribute with the brothel prostitutes becoming pillow diplomats who ease division.
11. Farm Manager generally accepted as person with most responsibility and all-round vision, change of leadership could be difficult and might be revert to monarchy by anointment of successor by original manager.
12. Wolfman sports team Breeding new members who probably form an effective militia under attack. Obviously wants larger society to come together again but would probably get by pretty well even as a lone group. I can see the strongest of the wolfmen being the visible leader while actually being guided by the brightest of the cheerleaders.
13. College Gym Club Err... they seem to get by, not sure how.
14. Viking clan Exclusive club, like Hyena Gang. Either an original group breeding larger or inducting members with their mead. Able to hit and run, take what's needed and maintain themselves. Probably monarchy, as in tyranny with rules.
15. Orc Slaver Cartel Exclusive club, like Hyena Gang. Heavy breeders and also inducting new members with the brew. Chaotic tyranny?
16. Mall Rat Collective Seems like the coolest rule, probably by showdowns a la 'Zoolander'. While not powerful, the mall represents great resources early on and a relatively easy to defend structure. I imagine the rats being able to hit, run and counter attack on their own turf, balancing their seeming weakness against more dangerous foes with home ground advantage.
17. Gryphon Aviary A floating city, a dominant leader and ability to plunder new slaves and resources as needed, it's easy to see these people either lording it over others or uniting surviving factions against them.
18. The Lion Prides Mostly small factions that would hold each other in check until a greater force came along, the rise of Leonard changes this dynamic. Either he starts forging a larger group together or he falls to an alliance of other male lions. Either way, his actions leave the anthro lions faction more organised and dangerous. What the 'male alliance' would be like is up to debate as there's no visibility but it seems clear that Leonard would create a monarchy with noble intent... In the way he envisions nobility.
19. The Twined Fair Folk Sugar gliders and ferrets, both addicted to sugar and both with their own sources of it but craving the other. It provides both conflict between them and a common thread to unite them against anything that'd threaten their sources. Like the Mall Rats, home ground advantage would offset their apparent weakness.
20. The Bouncy Collective The bouncy castle is a bit like a hive mind, with the rubber creatures as it's drones. Even the central 'queen' isn't much aware but that could change and allow for a national policy.
21. The Mousey Borg You will be assimilated... and sexed!
22. The Red Oni Bandits A raiding force led by the most powerful!
23. Wereraptor Secret Society It's a secret society, with people who change into killer dinosaurs. Secret handshakes and disembowellings all round!

The following didn't strike me as a group, so much as a hold out that hasn't been gobbled up yet.
1. Firehouse Mostly just haven't been overrun yet, probably due to keeping their heads down.
2. College This place seems more like a battleground than a society, to me.
3. Tigress brothel They seem less coordinated and to have less direction... still they could make a lot more of themselves.
4. Skunkbeast stampede These guys seem to be too focussed on the short term to act as a united front, perhaps I'm wrong.

Possible portents
1. Ash Creatures Brood They're up to something. Something smokey.
2. Automatons Clearly we'll need a Who.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:37 am
by Wahn
By the way - the orc lair is also situated in a police station... one where the criminals got infected and used the chaos to fuck the officers into submission as docile breeder orcs and slaves. It's relative anarchy in there, with strength ruling - which currently is Boghrim, the orc progenitor and biggest baddest of them. Not that there's much ruling going on - the orcs just fight, party and raid individually or as groups whenever they want.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:40 am
by Savriss
Hah, I missed that! I can see some conflict coming up between Alexandra and the orcs or Sgt Marks. Revenge would suit bad Alexandra, threat neutralization or rescue for good.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:09 am
by Wahn
The orc back story is explained in the newest update by Boghrim himself. Easy to miss in that large pile of content if you're not really playing a lot around with them. Here's what he has to say about the past of himself and the orc lair:

'So you want to hear some stories, new guy? Well, why not... plant your ass on the couch.' Boghrim says, nodding to the free spot next to him. After you sit down, he waves one of his big hands to indicate the room before you, with its drinking, fighting and fucking orcs. 'Before the change, this was a police station. You know, arrogant pigs just coming along and snatching people from their homes, then locking them up just because they try to make a bit of money on the streets. Ha - now the strong rule... and no one is stronger than us orcs!'

'So you want to hear some stories, new guy? Well, why not... plant your ass on the couch.' Boghrim says, nodding to the free spot next to him. After you sit down, he waves one of his big hands to indicate the hallway to the east and the cell block it leads to. 'I was the first, you know - after they threw me behind bars because of 'assault'. Hmph - that guy asked to have his teeth knocked out. And legs broken. Anyways, there I was in the cell and suddenly, I felt a burning in every bone, every muscle. I collapsed, screaming from all the pain, which drew Sergeant Lawrence to come running and unlock it to check on me...'

Boghrim's eyes take on a dreamy look for a moment, clearly revelling in the memory of what came next. Suddenly, he grabs the orc breeder sitting next to him and draws him to lie over his lap. He gives the smaller orc a slap on the butt, then runs a finger up and down his crack before pushing it up his asshole. 'Ah, I think I'll let someone else explain what went down. Tell him, Lawrie,' Boghrim chuckles, addressing the moaning breeder he's fingering. 'Uuuhng... yes! AaaahhhH!' the man gasps as his owner brushes against his prostate, then he begins to haltingly talk. 'The prisoner... my master... he became green and bigger and bigger. I was afraid and tried to run, but he grabbed the door as I wanted to close it and... I couldn't move it an inch against his strength. His other hand got me by the neck and I was pulled into the cell, then... he fucked me, fucked me so good. Gave me his seed and made me his.'

The powerful orc takes over again at that point, idly playing with the former Seargent Lawrence's ass while talking to you. Accompanied by the big and small gasps and moans from the transformed policeman, Boghrim is all too happy to tell you how he unlocked the other cell, letting out two other men 'unjustly behind bars' and they gangbanged their captive. 'We were so incredibly horny at that moment that we didn't even think about trying to escape. By the time I got the whole rush of lust from the change out of my system, Lawrie was dripping cum from all holes and already going green - just like my buddies. With many patrols having been sent out to deal with all the crazy shit starting up that day, it was easy after that to overpower the rest still here. What man can stand against three orc warriors, after all. And even better, the police piggies came back in dribs and drabs later, often frightened and hurt, making it a cakewalk to just overwhelm em one by one. Every one of us orcs ended up with a nice flock of breeders that day...'

'So you want to hear some stories, new guy? Well, why not... plant your ass on the couch.' Boghrim says, nodding to the free spot next to him. After you sit down, he slaps his chest lightly with a big hand, then explains, 'I was a businessman before all this, you know. I had money, people needed money, so I lent em some. But of course, there's always some bums who don't plan on ever paying you back, so I had to make an example or two. A black eye works wonders, and if you break some legs, the other lenders almost fall over each other to pay you.' Grinning as he lets his gaze wander sees two orcs head-butting each other, multiple times in a row, Boghrim continues 'Too bad money is worthless these days, because with that crew of enforcers, I could just rake it in. But then, who needs money if you can just take what you want.' Finishing that sentence, the powerful orc looks down to his human slave Jason, still kneeling between his legs and lapping away at the orc's balls.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:33 am
by Savriss
Sounds more like a jail than a police station, but I suppose with the numbers mentioned it could be just the temporary holding cells. I can definitely see some interplay between the cops and criminals in the game as they adjust to the new paradigm.

It's unlikely I'll ever do a run through that includes joining the orcs, so thanks for sharing the conversation!

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:50 am
by TigerStripes
This is a very interesting list you've compiled. While I'd say a few of the details are a little different in my personal head canon, there's certainly (intentional) room for interpretation with several of the groups. There's a few other groups I can add to your list as well.

- Lion prides: With lions naturally having an instinct for forming into groups dominated by one male, those infected with the Feline strain have been doing the same. These ragtag groups tend to fluctuate thanks to the Feline girls being easier 'prey' among the creatures of the park, though each male tends to keep a closer knit group of 'favourites' among his lionesses which remain more consistent. As the game progresses, Leonard's pride starts shifting the balance of power as it expands, prompting the other prides to respond aggressively. Were the Feline lions to rise to power, it'd be a nation of often-warring fiefdoms led by their male lord and his court, possibly loosely ruled from on high by a super-powerful male king who'd let the fiefdoms largely do as they pleased as long as the proper tribute is paid.
- Sugar Feud: The Sugar Ferrets and the Sugar Gliders of the state fair have formed what could best be called a symbiotic rivalry between their unrelated strains. With the Sugar Ferrets having taken over and hoarding the contents of the candy shop, the pop-addicted ferrets can ride a constant sugar high. The sugar-loving Sugar Gliders, with their greater mobility, are better able to locate sweets, including the pop and (especially) cola that the Sugar Ferrets crave above all other sugary treats, as it is the fuel for their caffeine-powered orgies. They playfully feud, steal, bicker and barter between each other in playful rivalry, but also attack lone members to mug them for their sweets and to infect them into their group. Sugar Gliders also try to occasionally sneak into the candy store to steal a pouch-load of candy, usually getting caught. There is no true malice in any of this, more considered all part of some fun, childish game the two groups are playing. Were they to rise to power, any constant sources of sugary treats would be held by one faction or the other with a commerce system based on barter, individual stealing, conversion of caught thieves and playful name-calling would likely occur.
- Automatons: Something's definitely up with those guys, but we've not seen what yet.
- Ash Creatures: There's strong implications of something bigger and badder having taken over the capitol building, but no true details at present. These guys have a revision coming at some uncertain date, so there's no point in delving into details at present.
- Bouncy Castle: More than just a fun and childish looking place, this has become a living being in its own rights, creating and housing many of the inflatable and rubbery creatures inside it. The air-headed Bottlenose Toy girls bring many of their captured and encapsulated foes there for full conversion into dolphin inflatables. The Bouncy Castle itself feeds off of pleasure and holds many prisoners captive beneath its floor in PVC bubble shells that provide constant stimulation to these pleasure-crazed victims. The Bottlenose Toy girls lack the intelligence to form a cohesive group, but the Bouncy Castle does provide some level of cohesion to what would otherwise be scattered individuals. Because of this and their inability to safely leave the nanite bubbles for extended periods (due to extreme transformation), the Bottlenose Toys can never really rise to power.

I'll add a few others later, though I do want to clarify and correct some details on the Hopsital:
3> Hospital: Dr. Mouse, as the head of the hospital, is absolute dictator. With the position comes the power to maintain control over the disparate factions of the hospital. In the case of Dr. Mouse, he wields this power in the form of quiet fear while using the hospital for his terrible experimentation purposes. It is difficult for even the most willful of staff to oppose this mental compulsion and the grip to remain within the hospital's power structure, as can be seen by Dr. Moffatt only able to make the occasional negative comment about Dr. Mouse as long as he's still in power, but then freely slams him when he's deposed. Candy's only partially affected by this because of the volunteer nature of his role at the hospital, but even then he does not have the will to leave until Dr. Mouse specifically casts him out. Removal of the head of the hospital results in a gradual degradation of the unity between the groups, resulting in increasing in-fighting until either a new leader rises or a specially chosen replacement is obtained and infected for the role. That replacement's focus/specialty becomes the new driving force for the hospital - though always with some negative or infection-spreading aspect.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:05 am
by Savriss
I'm interested to know what are the biggest differences for you along with what your own vision of them is.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:09 am
by Wahn
Ah, there's one more entry to add to the list (haven't had times to develop more content there in ages, sadly):
- Terror from the Deep: The creatures from the illegal operations deep under the Trevor Labs have escaped and are breeding fast, using those (innocent and not so innocent) people who were in the Labs and moved down to hide in the storerooms, as well as victims snatched from the streets (there is more than the one entrance where Orthas is). The telepathic and tentacle-faced 'Master' is busy battering down the mental resistance of his fellow experiments to make them his minions and will eventually spread his influence to the surface.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:50 am
by Shoggoth on the Roof
I'd also add that the Mall Rats have at least a few Wolverine Guards working for them, adding some significant defensive strength that isn't apparent at first.

And the Mental Mice probably also deserve mention as another faction.

Re: The little kingdoms of Flexible Survival

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:13 am
by TigerStripes
Wahn wrote:<Terror from the Deep>

The 'Tentacle Horror' down there is also struggling for release and preparing its offspring horde to rise, though it will end up facing off in a perpetual (and tentacularly kinky) struggle against the a sailor scout group of Anime Girls, who'll keep sealing it away again and again.