Current Creature Breakdown

Current Creature Breakdown

Postby TigerStripes » Fri Dec 13, 2013 4:43 am

I'm going to list the various creatures by area, along with their level and the gender of the creature. I will try to update this from time to time, but expect the Wiki to be more accurate and up to date in this regard. Follow these links to see the entire monster list alphabetically or by hunting area. This should help show the arrangement of monsters both by level and gender for each area, helping to show where there may be gaps. My discussion will pertain mainly to the basic level range of 1 through 10.

Note: The creatures indicated with an asterisk (*) only become active once an event or quest triggers them.

Note: As themes have started to develop for areas, I have made note of those trends. Some themes have yet to evolve and others have changed over time. New creatures do not have to obey these themes, but they may fit better if they mesh with the theme. A few critters outside the theme add to variety, though they should still match the area overall if possible. For example, the Moth Girl is not an aquatic creature, but is still something you might find at the beach. Similarly, the Yamato Dragons aren't woodland creatures, but do connect with the Japanese shrine area also in the park.

Outside: 17 (+3) creatures
Theme: General
This area has a large number of creatures, but if it's in need of anything, it's a higher level female and herm (lvl 8-10 range), but that's a low priority given the large variety already here.
Female Husky - 1 F
Latex Fox - 1 M
Hermaphrodite Gryphon - 2 H
German Shepherd - 3 M
Herm Hyena - 3 H
Wyvern - 3 M/F (upgrades to lvl 25 once the player reaches lvl 20)
Ewe - 4 F
Panther Taur - 4 H
Latex Wolf - 5 M
Harpy - 6 F
Ram - 6 M
Hawkman - 7 M
Reindeer - 7 M
Doberman - 7 F
Alpha Husky - 8 M
Shemale Smooth Collie - 9 M (Shemale)
Vixentaur - 10 F*
Dracovixentaur - 10 H*
Dragontaur - 11 M*
Gargoyle - 12 M
Wyvern - 25 M/F*

Beach: 14 creatures
Theme: Aquatic
Fairly well populated with an even spread. No pressing need for more here and most any level/gender would be acceptable.
Bottlenose Toy - 1 F / 5 F
Mothgirl - 2 H (reclassified as herm given her pill mechanics)
Platypus - 2 M
Siren - 3 M
Squid - 4 F
Killer Whale - 5 M
Fruit Bat - 6 M
Pirate Shark - 7 H
Feral Sea Dragoness - 7 F
Sand Man - 8 M
Viking - 9 F
Feral Sea Dragon - 10 M
Hermaphrodite Dolphin - 10 H
Sea Otter - 10 M+F

Campus: 13 (+1) creatures
Theme: Humanoid/Sports/Education
This is a higher level area and the bulk of the creatures should be at least level 6. While the Hulking Cheerleader and Furling are flagged as hermaphrodite, they act as either male for female and are being listed as such. On the whole, this area's coming along nicely thanks to the recent shuffling around of creatures. A basic population critter is needed here (lvl 2-3, M/F).
Bunny Jock - 4 M
Football Wolfman - 6 M
Math Teacher - 7 H
Horse-Hung Nerd - 8 M
Incubus - 8 M
Naiad - 8 F
Wereraptor - 8 M/F*
Hulking Cheerleader - 9 M (Shemale)
Anime Babe - 9 F
Helot - 9 M
Spartan - 10 M
Furling - 11 F (Cuntboy)
Feline Gymnast - 12 H
Gorilla - 12 M
Wrestling Wolf - 15 M

Capitol Bldg: 10 (+1) creatures
Theme: Dangerous/Evil
This is a higher level area and the bulk of the creatures should be at least level 6. The area is fairly well populated at this point. A female creature in the 11 to 15 would help with the gender mix in that range.
Ash Whelp - 2 M?
Fire Sprite - 3 M/F
Pewter Consort - 6 M
Dark Elf - 7 H
Automaton - 8 M/F
Salamander - 9 F
Ash Dragator - 10 M?
Red Oni - 12 M *
Xeno - 12 H
Orc - 14 M
Ash Drakenoid - 16 H

Dry Plains: 15 (+1) creatures
Theme: Plains/larger monsters
The primary gap here is a standard creature for the 6 and then maybe another in the 5-10 range to add general variety (probably female). On the whole though, this area's received several recent additions and so is a low priority.
Snake - 2 N
Fennec - 3 M
Centaur Mare - 4 F
Centaur Stallion - 4 M
Chinchilla - 4 F
Prairie Dog - 5 H
Mutant Centaur - 6 M*
Impala - 7 M/F
Bald Eagle - 8 M
Sierrasaur - 9 H(M)
Manticore - 10 M
Corota - 11 F
Minotaur - 12 M
Fire Elemental - 15 F
Peculiar Dragon - 16 M
Behemoth - 20 H

High Rise District: 11 (+2) creatures
Theme: General/Rich/Posh
With the recent additions, this area's pretty good for the standard levels. It might be good to have something at level 6 (herm?). Past that, it's more a matter of adding a couple of critters at lvl 10+.
Pink Poodle - 1 F
Ocelot - 2 M (pt 1)
Butterfly - 3 F
Black Wasp - 4 M*
Chocolate Lab - 4 H
Rabbit Pack - 4 M+F
Retriever - 5 F
Peacock - 5 M
Latex Ermine - 7 F
Tiger Cop - 8 M*
Wolverine Guard - 8 M
Leopardman - 9 M
Gunbunny - 10 F (new)

Hospital: 9 creatures
Theme: Medical
Thanks to the Mismatched Chimera, the spread here's pretty good in the low- to mid-range. Past that, there's room for more creatures here (probably a female at level 7-10, and maybe a herm at level 3, 5 or 6, but there's greater need elsewhere at the moment.
Raccoon - 2 M
Fluffy Owl - 3 F
Vixen Nurse - 4 F (8 H)*
Goat Janitor - 4 M
Siamese Cat - 5 M+F
Psycho Weasel - 6 M
Mismatched Chimera - 5-9 H
Jaguar - 8 M (9 M)*
Horny Doctor - 10 M/F

Junkyard: 7(+1) creatures
Theme: Junk/Trash
There's definitely a need for another creature or two here to fill out the roster. The main need is for more in the 7-8 range, since the Junkman can't cover all of that alone. Probably a male and a female for that spot. Past that, a herm in the mid range (4-6) would help with the variety there.
Goblin - 2 M/F
Pit Bull - 3 M/F
Junkman - 4-8 M
Quilled Tousky - 5 M
Trash Coon - 6 F
Snow Bat - 9 M*
Wildcat - 9 H
Hydra Beast - 12 M

Mall (Sewers): 11(+1) creatures
Theme: Subterranean/Sewer
While there is an acceptable number of creatures here, the spread is quite uneven. The only females are the two weakest creatures. At least one female in the 5 to 8 range and another at level 10 would be a good start at balancing this off. On the whole, this is a lower priority than some as there's more creatures here at least. The Demon Brute has also been promoted up to level 5 to help the spread a little.
Goo Girl - 2 F
Messy Pig - 3 F
Naga - 3 M
Spidergirl - 4 H
Demon Brute - 5 M
Ashen Breeder - 6 H
Slut Rat - 6 H*
Sewer Gator - 7 H
Anthro Shaft Beast - 8 H
Flaming Lynx - 9 M
Komodo Dragon - 11 M
Feral Shaft Beast - 12 H

Museum: 13 creatures
Theme: Historical/Mythological
There is a fairly good progression here. A creature of most any level or gender would be acceptable here to further fill the ranks, but that's a lower priority. At the higher levels, another female for the 10-12 range would add some balance. Past that, another critter in the 7-9 range would add more variety to later gameplay.
Clockwork Fox - 2 M/F
Ninja Cat - 3 M
Satyr - 4 M
Cerberus - 5 H
Caveman - 6 M
Greek Nymph - 6 F
Triceratops - 7 F
Sabretooth - 8 M
Amazonian- 9 H
Feral Gryphon - 10 M
Monkey - 10 M
Mammoth - 12 H
Jaguar Warrior - 13 M

Park: 14 (+1) creatures
Theme: Animal/Woodland
There is a large number of creatures here, even with the recent shuffling around of creatures, so adding more is a low priority. If additions are made to further balance it, the focus should probably be on a higher level creature or two (7-12), preferably one a herm. Perhaps another male (or maybe a herm) for lvl 2 as well.
Drone Wasp - 1 F
Lizard Girl - 3 F
Mushroom Men - 3 M
Deer - 3+ H*
Feline - 3 F / 14 M
Black Equinoid - 4 H
Parasitic Plant - 4 M?
Bovine - 6 F / 6 M
Felinoid - 6 M
Painted Wolf Herm - 6 H
Bear - 7 F
Badger - 8 M
Yamato Dragoness - 9 F
Yamato Dragon - 10 M
Reptaur - 15 H

Red Light District: 15 creatures
Theme: Sexual
This area has a high number of mid-range creatures, making the low and high end a little off-balance. As this is the well populated, this is a low priority compared to other areas with fewer creatures overall, needing only the addition of some higher level monsters.
Latex Mistress - 2 F
Bobcat - 3 M (new)
Cock Cannon - 3 M
Beaver - 4 M
Mental Mouse - 4+ H
Red Kangaroo - 5 F
Blue Gel - 6 M
Pink Gel - 6 F
Purple Gel - 6 H
Tigress Hooker - 6 H
Snow Leopard - 7 M
Twisted Pimp - 8 M
Succubus - 8 F
Hermaphrodite Latex Vixen - 9 H
Magic Drake - 15 M (Shemale)

Sealed (Trevor Labs): 6 creatures
Theme: Monsters/Tentacles/Secret Experiments
Having recently been expanded into a proper hunting area of its own, there's a lot of room for new critters to populate the area. The addition of most anything would help enrich the area, though a female of level 7 to 9 would help provide more stability in distribution. As the area is populated, the level of the Tentacle Horror will be increased.
Corrupted Spawner - 3 F
Shadow Beast - 3 M
Cum Girl - 4+ F
Flesh Blob - 5-10 H
Foul Scuttler - 6 M
Tentacle Horror - 8 M

Stables: 6 creatures
Theme: Equine/Sex Worker
There is a lower variety of creatures here, partially due to the desire to stick to the equine theme and the smaller nature of this establishment. Another herm added at lvl 5 might further help flesh out the area, but that's a lower priority now that one's been added. Past that, another creature above level 8 would help extend play in this area. There probably should not be any creatures weaker than the Stallionboi to make this area slightly more hazardous, though a female of comparable level should be considered after a new higher level critter's added.
Stallionboi - 3 M
Donkeyman - 4 M
Donkeywoman - 6 F
Giraffe - 7 H
Horseman - 8 M
Mareslut - 8 F

State Fair: 10 (+2) creatures
Theme: Wierd/Comedic
There is a need for a true herm in the high range (7-12).
Rodeo Clown - 2 H
Sugar Glider - 3 F
Friendship Pony - 3 F
Werewolf Costume - 4 M
Teddy Bear - 5 F
Hippo - 6 M
Rubber Tigress - 6 F
Koballoon - 7 M (new)
Margay - 7 F
Plush Lion - 8 M
Sugar Ferret - 9 M+F*
Voodoo Gecko - 10 M (Shemale)
Megakitty - 12 F*

Urban Forest: 12 creatures
Theme: Woodlands
The first two all-new creatures have been added to this area. This has pushed the balance into having more males, especially at the higher levels. Another strong female or two (lvl 10 and somewhere 8-12) would help correct this.
City Sprite - 2 F
Squire - 3 M
Feral Wolf - 4 M
Dryad - 5 H
Elf - 5 F
Skunk - 5 F / 5 M
Cougar - 6 H
Alpha Wolf - 7 M
Awesome Tree - 7 N
Elven Hunter - 8 M
Elk - 9 M
Knight - 11 M

Warehouse: 9 (+1) creatures
Theme: -
There has been good improvement in this area, but there is a clear need for some more creatures to populate this area. To help fill be gap in the 8 to 12 range, I'd suggest a lvl 8-10 male. This area should probably be developed as a more difficult one and creatures should generally be 6+ at least (if not 8+).
Yuppie Mink - 2 M/F
Batcubus - 6 F
Tenrec - 7 M
Catgirl - 8 F
Hermaid - 9 H
Stag - 10 M *
Mannequin - 10 N
Opossum Sailor - 11 F
Spidertaur Male - 12 M
Pegasus - 13 H

Zoo: 12 creatures
Theme: Animal
The creature population here has improved somewhat. While it is not strictly necessary to add a lvl 1-2 creature (probably female), that is a possibility. The gap at lvl 6 would probably be best filled by a herm. Other than that, there's space for almost anything save another male at lvl 8 for the moment. Having more creatures bridging the gap towards the level 18 Cheetah will also be needed in the eventual future, focusing on a female or herm to start.
Gazelle - 3 H
Blue Chaffinch - 3 M
Cheetah Woman - 4 F
Rhino - 5 M
Panda - 7 F
Wolftaur - 8 M
Zebra - 8 M
Tigertaur - 9 H
Bird of Paradise - 9 F
Giant - 12 M
Grizzly Bear - 14 M
Feral Cheetah - 18 M

The areas most in need for more creatures at present are: Sealed, Stables, Junkyard and Warehouse.

It is not necessary to follow my notes for what levels and genders of creatures to make in which area. On the other hand, if you're seeking for a location for a creature you're planning or you have a specific idea for a creature for a given area, do take these suggestions into consideration so players can continue to get a variety of creatures through different levels of the game. Also, if a location has a surplus of creatures at the level you've chosen, then consider making it a level higher or lower.

The spread of more powerful creatures (10+) is also very uneven at present and should be taken into consideration.
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Re: Current Creature Breakdown

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