Followers of Mako

Historical Overview

    Formed a scant few years after Holy, the Followers are a group of scientists and survivalists that have hoarded the technology of the last age most ravenously for the last thousand years.

    Squirreled away in hidden high security bunkers, they have examined the technology, repaired, maintained, and even improved on some of it. However, their purpose was not the tinkering of technology. Their founding fathers gathered for the purpose of controlling the progress of humanity.

    "Given the chance, humanity will take every step it can, and use any tool it can grasp or create, without giving thought to the why's or if it should.", is the primary concern of the FoM. Thusly, they created the great technology scare in the Empire, stifling scientific progress greatly by pushing it all out of the public eye and branding all scientists as heretic and trouble makers.


bulletThe FoM number approx. 400 world wide, with 300 of that being trained spies and warriors, and the other 100 dedicated to management and scientific exploration.
bulletThe FoM is funded by the Merchant's Guild. They developed the transporters the guild uses, and, are responsible for the scrambling of the otherplane, making it impossible for teleportation magic to be safely developed.
bulletSmall scattered farms the world wide are equipped with FoM transporters, and send their harvests quietly to the faction instead of the market, insuring a private supply of rations and supplies.


bulletIn public, all FoM agents wear what's typical of the region they happen to be in. They do not discuss FoM policies or movements outside of a safe construct, nor do they display any unusual technology. When at all possible, they don't even carry the technology with them.
bulletMental disciplines to avoid hostile mind magics (No-Mind) are often taught to training members to avoid being seduced or coerced mystically into revealing any information.
bulletThose of weak will are generally turned away from anything that would have them coming and going from constructs. Agents are expected to withstand torture long enough to figure a way to escape, or commit suicide.
bulletMany higher level field agents are equipped with a minor piece of type B magitechnology, allowing instant communication with a touch of a finger to the neck back to the construct. This is used to coordinate movements, and occasionally, escape from imprisonment. If removed from the body, the magitech becomes inert and is just a lump of metal.


bulletFor the purposes of technological specials, the base year a FoM agent works under is 100 years later(1750 instead of 1650).
bulletFoM can take full advantage of the scan special, often integrating them into goggles and spectacles for easy use.
bulletFoM can gain inlay spells onto items as part of the inventing process, widening the variety of inventions they can make.
bulletFoM of high rank may be granted the secret of Type B technology, thus granted points in the 0 capped special, Magitech, and allowing for the construction of wonderous devices.
bulletAll FoM are literate in common. (Linguistics/Writing)
bulletSome FoM are literate in ancient. (Linguistics/Ancient)
bulletTrusted field agents are given mana batteries
(+10 MP, must be attuned to user)
Must have 15 Science/Magitech and have served for at least three IC years.
bullet+2 succs to figuring out ancient technology.


bulletInside constructs, they are in possession of electrical energy. They have light bulbs, working computers (rare), and monitors (uncommon, one to a construct).
bulletThey have the technology to reproduce light bulbs and monitors, but not computers.
bulletThey have knowledge of combustion engines and can reproduce them.
bulletThey are the owners of the Airship Engine technology.
bulletTheir firearms consist primarily of large assault rifles. They are constructed in a manner that they could possibly be mistaken for a heretically designed standard musket. Hand guns are available, but not used often because of high exposure risk factor.
bulletMost 'field' items can be remotely rendered inert or to explode. Many explode internally, reducing the innards to wreckage without injuring people in the area.
bulletMagitech Suits are an exception, with an amazingly destructive self destruct, hopefully catching witnesses and/or the thief in the blast.


Or, the things you need to be considered for recruitment

bulletAbility to remain cool under fire.
bulletAn interest in technology. It's not all that uncommon for heretics who've been harassed for years to suddenly be approached.
bulletKnow when NOT to use technology, the reason why not ALL heretics are approached.
Working under this assumption also applies to magic and other forces. Overkill is not an acceptable practice.
bulletMust not be overly religious. The church has been influenced by the Followers to be an anti-technology weapon. Because of this, members of the church are often poor choices.
bulletGood with secrets. This seems obvious, but all likely candidates are monitored for an indefinite time to determine their ability to keep their mouth shut.
bulletBefore the actual induction, it is made clear that this is a one way door. Quitting is not an option for a follower.

    Assuming a candidate matches all the requirements and possesses skills that are currently in demand, they will be casually approached about joining a heretical organization for furthering science. Over the next few months, small tidbits will be leaked in time about the true nature of the FoM, all the while watching the Candidates reactions. If they fail shortly in, they are simply abandoned.

    If they know too much, they are eliminated, for the greater good. Oddly, a ritual has come into being concerning this. A marked agent-to-be is invited to their mentor's abode and offered tea from a yellow teacup. They die after the first sip, slipping into a permanent sleep. This quick acting poison is laced with faint magical enhancement that circumvents venom immunity. The enchantment is noticeable with those of awareness, but it's reasoned away by explaining to the student that they passed and the tea is for preparing their bodies for their next step. This practice is known as 'slipping the cup.'


Machinists believe that the magitech infusion process brings the human soul closer to perfection. Biological forms are dirty filthy things, flawed, mortal, and prone to illogical behavior. Machinists, or, Mech Priests, are known to endure infusion three or four times, trying to purge themselves of this foul taint. In system terms, each extra infusion grants a +3 to using magitech, but -3 to humanity.
    The higher echelon holds a wary eye on the Machinists. They are mercilessly efficient in their tasks, which is why they are allowed to persist. Outside this, they are distrusted and avoided. They are, in the eyes of many, exactly what the order is trying to avoid.
bulletBringers of the Torch
The bringers, or 'Torch Bearers', believe that world peace and prosperity could be secured if the FoM would discard its veil of secrecy and instead launch an all out offensive. Under the FoM's rule, population would be controlled, monsters exterminated, and society advanced to a state of utopia that has never been witnessed before! Or.. so they say.
    Their overbearing egos and 'burn 'em all' attitude can quickly get torch bearers in trouble with their superiors. They are not well organized, but are well spread through the organization, an ever increasing problem in the eyes of the elders. Who is to say the FoM has the right to rule?
bulletPeace Makers
    Technology will be abused. It doesn't matter who has it, or what they claim they will use it for. The peace makers insist quietly time after time that the faction itself abandon the ancient technology, and instead destroy it to prevent misuse. They disagree with most of the technology allowed to leak to the public, and are, overall, appalled at the state of progress Wutai has managed to achieve.
    Because of their peaceful protesting and non-offensive ways of making their opinion known, Peace Makers rarely have trouble advancing despite belonging to a fringe group. They do their job, even under protest, and in this way, they gain respect.