Features offered on Southern Cross: Heart of the Empire


bulletVirtual item system allows easy storing of objects.
bulletNo steps needed to save equipment and gear.
If you've played FF 11, then you've already experienced the basic idea. You take two or more things, jumble them together with some elemental hoodoo, and poof, something new!

You learn recipes from your skills. Are you good at survival? You may already know how to make a tent! You can also pick up recipes from friends. If they tell you, and you do it, and succeed, the recipe gets added to your list automatically.

Synth skills are auto-raising. Make lots of daggers, see your blade and smithing skills raise with time, making you better. Also, you get better at specific items. If you make boatloads of brass daggers, you'll be able to make them better than other kinds of daggers, far beyond your generic smithing or blade skills.

ALL classes benefit. Thieves can make poisons. Acolytes can make holy symbols and texts, fighters can make weapons, mages can make a WIDE variety of magic doodads. You can cook, you can grow things, you can make outfits. You can even _RAISE THE UNDEAD_!

Heretics aren't left out either. If you've played Arcanum, you'll recognize some of these recipes. Make your own robotic friends, put together blinding flashers, electrifying capacitors, and other feats of science gone wrong!

Best of all, the database that holds all these recipes can be expanded on a moment's notice. New recipes are added daily, and you can make your own, if you put in enough effort.
bulletCustom designed spell casting systems allows the weaving of magic components to create spells to your needs on demand. Thousands of possible spell combinations exist. You can study specific spell combinations to become better and faster at your trademark spells.
Don't be restricted by pre-made spells!
bulletExperience point gaining and spending is all handled by code. Don't wait for staff to handle your growth, spend your experience now!
bullet+Vote system allows players to reward players for quality role-play.
bullet+queue system allows you to make requests of staff even when offline and guarantee that you get answers.
bulletMake new skills, spells, and special abilities in game to further customize your character.
bulletAutomated +market handles all commodities. Buy steel, silk, wine, and many more for direct use or synthesis purposes. Stats and skills do count.
bulletAdvanced airship code not only allows you to purchase a ship, but to outfit it with various upgrades like airship engines, sails, crew quarters, cannons, armor, and more!
bulletFully functional faction system allows you and friends to rally behind a cause. Factions get their own channel to chat and plot on as well as bonuses to learning their specialty skills.
bulletNot sure how to spend your experience points? Unsure exactly what skill to buy for your concept? Just find the lifepath closest to your ideal and let it do the work! It will spend some or all of your experience points, as you tell it to, and purchase skills/specials/spells appropriate to its theme.
bulletEverything it buys gets a discount. You are rated in every lifepath depending on how close you are to mastering it.
bulletMost lifepaths have secret skills that you can unearth by mastering them.
bulletBe competitive, be the person with the highest rating in your lifepath!
bullet+time code keeps track of weather and in character time, as well as moon cycles, and even astrological cycles. Your magic can be affected by the alignment of the stars above.
bulletMerit and Flaw system allows for further customization of your character by buying special perks and foibles for your character to profit/suffer from completely outside the scope of normal skills and stats. Are you blind? Especially lucky? It's handled here.
bulletTrace command allows you to get to RP fast. No more wondering how to reach someone, just trace them and follow the steps and you're there!
bulletFully automated hiding and sneaking code allows covert types to stick to the shadows without letting anyone in on it, unless they spot you of course. Stats and skills are accounted for.
bulletLanguage system not only jumbles your words but even goes so far as to translate a large segment of words directly into their other language for enhanced realism.
bulletWant help learning something? You have many options!
bulletRead a book, either one written by another player, or borrow one from the library.
bulletGet personally mentored by another player.
bulletJoin a lifepath that offers the appropriate skill.
bulletGain a tier(level) that offers the appropriate skill.
bulletEditplayer and Morph programs makes keeping track of multiple descriptions a breeze.
bulletCode is constantly being added and updated!


bulletDetailed setting and background.
bulletHistory ripe with conflict and points of interest to base characters and plots on.
bulletWide variety of geographic points to base plots or characters on.
bulletHuge selection of Final Fantasy specific races with specific advantages and disadvantages.
bulletFlexibility allowed towards non-Final Fantasy canon races.
bulletTheme actually evolves! You can change the course of the world through your actions. Help save it or push it towards destruction, the choice is entirely yours to make.


bulletStaff on Southern Cross cares about your fun and entertainment. We're here for you and we want to help you have fun.
bulletOn the other side of the scale, we do realize that not everyone is out to have fun. Trouble makers are dealt with if they prove to be a consistent detractor from general player enjoyment.
bulletYour ideas and suggestions are listened to, and often acted upon.
bulletPlayers are permitted to run their own scenes and weave their own stories.
bulletStaff runs plots and scenes regularly, large and small. Your chance to make an impact on a world!


Quotes from Satisfied Players:

December 11, 2003 - Bradley does admit, "You guys really are the most player-friendly bunch of admins I've ever encountered."

May 20th, 2003, from the Thank You board - I want to thank Miria for putting up with ample whining and debating during a scene I kinda participated in. She did a bang up job running it and keeping things right. So popcorn and extra thanks to our friend Miria. - Golem

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