Up Black/After Market

    The economy of Gaia is ruled by the eGil. eGil stands for Electronic Gil. Gil is the now mostly antiquated form of currency that was used from about 700 AH to 1,600 AH. Top Star owns the copyright and the system that keeps track of eGil, and offers an account to anyone who asks for one, without so much as checking your ID.

    It bears noting that a raw account has no protection of any kind. Anyone who picks up your credit stick/card (credstick) can plug it into their own and take your money without fear of retribution. Only those who purchase bank resources receive protection.


Resources: Everyone has a resources stat. It goes anywhere from 1 to infinity, though most people have it at 10, 20, or 40. Resources determines how much eGil you get every day and can also be allocated into Investments for varying effects. You can purchase more, or assign to investments, via the +resources command.

    Purchasing resources forfeits almost all of your current money on hand, however, that money goes towards lowering the XP costs. It's easier to get rich when you have money, after all.

Investments: There are different investments with different effects. You can assign resource points to them via the +resources command. Most will stop those resource points from producing daily income in return for other benefits. Wealth is measured in more ways than money, after all.

Investment Effect
Bank Space Increases the amount of money you can hold at one time. It also provides protection against theft through a variety of security measures.
Car Needed to own a car, motorcycle, helicopter or any other sort of vehicle this side of a bicycle.
Job Produces additional daily income.
Materia Extra effort/money dedicated to the pursuit of materia. Chances are abysmal, but better than if you didn't have the investment.
People Allies, henchmen, low level contacts. Your thugs, lawyers, and other such folk. They can be assumed to have a 20:20 roll in their specialty and 20:5 in all others. Deaths result in the loss of the investment for an IC month.
Research Many research and development projects can be assisted with this investment, which reflects lab space, supplies, and other things. Needed for most cutting edge projects.
Security Guards, security systems and wild dogs. Keep your home and/or business safe.
University Learning Money/time  put aside to pursue your hobby/study. Your lifepath will progress more quickly.