Of the fighting classes, Dragoons are amongst the rare. Not many are chosen and fewer still manage to perfect this odd form of magic use. There are many legends about how a dragoon manages to get to such incredible hieghts in thier leaps. Some say that a black chocobo catches them in the air and carries them higher, others credit invisible dragons. What's the truth? Only the dragoons know and they aren't talking.

Almost without fault, dragoons work under a ruler of some kind, as the leader of a unit of lesser trained warriors. They are often deeply skilled in the arts of leadership and grand warfare, though some are made out to be ninja's of sorts, especially if the target is known to be out of the reach of normal foot travel. In large scale combat, they act as generals and often take personal confrontations with the more dangerous of enemies. Thier ability to avoid harm until striking serving them well against some of the more lethal monstrosities out there.

Many species have found it harder then others to become a dragoon. Humans and Avians seem to take to it the easiest, while those of heavy set frame find it very difficult to ever become one, even with the proper training. There has to date never been one dragoon bear, Oberon of the Rebel City, Drominham.

There are not many schools around that teach the art of being a dragoon. And what few there are, are not very public about thier whereabouts, they tend to find out thier students rather then the other way around. Nobles seem to be picked more often then commoners.

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