Do not do this


Here are some things you can do that will get you in trouble. The simple moral is, Don't do them!

  1. Act like you've never read the culture section of this website.
  2. See a very obvious monster and yawn cause you've 'been there and seen that' without a Willpower stat of at least 20
  3. Do the above for the presence of the emperor or duke.
  4. Assume that if one person can approach something, you can. A dragon is intimidating no matter if there happens to be another person around or not.
  5. Put your stats as close to 25 as possible. For one you have no where to go, statwise, and for two, your growth rate will be so sluggish that in the end you will be much weaker than anyone else and they'll all laugh at you.
  6. Assume that your character is the best or most special, they aren't, period.
  7. Forget that this is a co-operative effort. We have to work together to make this story really flow, let's see some co-operation.
  8. Say what you want, where you want. This is not America, what you say can get you hurt, jailed, or even killed, depending on who happens to hear it.
  9. Focus solely on statistics. Your stats do not make you any more or less interesting or successful a character. It is your style of role-play, your maturity or lack there of, and the class you present that will make you liked by others, not the fact that you have 25 Melee.
  10. Forget ICA=ICC, that is, In Character Actions lead to In Character Consequences. Everything you do can have some kind of effect. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and you have to take both in stride, at least as a player. Feel free to have your character panic and whine if you want.
  11. Play a character who's only point is to be aggressive, there are always people bigger than you are, expect a short life time.
  12. Treat enforcers like cops, unlike cops they can beat the hell out of you, then drag you to jail, and tell them how you resisted arrest, and they won't even ask you about it.
  13. Pet burning dogs.