Damage Types

    There are many different types of trauma that can be inflicted on a living being. Let's start with a list that we will use for the purposes of this game.

bulletSmall Gun: Pistols, crossbows, and other like things.
bulletLarge Gun: Rifles, long bows
bulletShotgun: An easier to remember name for Shrapnel, self-explanatory.
bulletFire: Heat, flame, hot stuff.
bulletIce: Cold, 'nuff said.
bulletSmall Blunt: Fists, brass knuckles, a brick.
bulletLarge Blunt: A bat, a staff, a chair.
bulletCrushing: Being hit by a car, having something large dropped on you.
bulletSmall Edged: Knives, claws.
bulletEdged: Machete, small swords, a middle ground that isn't used over much.
bulletLarge Edged: Swords, in fact, you can use 'Sword' as a damage type, same thing.
bulletSmall Piercing: Ice pick.
bulletLarge Piercing: Spear
bulletShrapnel: Fragmentation grenades and shotguns.
bulletElectric: Grabbing onto a power line.
bulletHuge gun: Cannons
bulletStun: Stun batons, and casting psionic magic produces this damage type.
bulletLightning: Raw lightning, much more deadly than 'mere' electricity.
bulletAir: Buffeting impact damage
bulletWater: See Air
bulletLaser: Very specific, lasers. Aimed heat via light devices.