The sleek, streamlined look is in as the general baseline of 'fashionable' for the corporate worker. This means a close cut to clothes, with neatly DuraPressed lines (One press is all you need! DuraPress™) and darker colors. Shoes should be neatly cleaned, clothes should be in good shape, and hair is often closely trimmed as well, or even entirely shaved - for both men and women.

    Still, the 'strictly business' look is one that never goes out of style among the more conservative set. A full suit, three piece, with black shoes and a tie for those who want to exude respectability. Younger execs may skate by with personal touches, which have almost become a requirement for managers under the age of 40 by now.

    With the trendy types working for the entertainment business, or just the remnants of the old art industry, it's almost expected that one be on the cutting edge of fashion. As far as this goes, there are next to no limits. Clothes with their own gravity regulators to make sure the foot-wide collars and cuffs look sharp, bright colors that change according to time of day by other technological gizmos, pants made out of duraplast armor, the chic-cyborg appearance (Make-up and clip-ons made to resemble cybernetics), and so on.

    For those living on the street, there isn't so much a fashion as a requirement. Clothes have to be affordable, they have to be durable, and they have to keep you from getting a cold. Work pants and shirts are great for those who've got factory jobs or other work where they can't have loose slips or snags of cloth hanging open for dangerous machines, while 'casual' wear is often a mish-mash of whatever happened to be on sale that week.

    But for the Streetie who has a chunk of cash in his pocket through one means or another, the fashionably-cut armor cloth is a style all on it's own. Hardly restricted to the street itself, armor cloth is what most people who fancy their lives to be on the edge wear. Similar in feel to polyester, the designer labels of most armor makers is what makes up the price of the trendier items.

    And for the Corporate man who's working at the street level, or the high-level Streetie who mingles with the corpers, the casual suit is a fine investment for your clubbing wardrobe. Not quite as conservative as a three-piece Executive emblem, the casual suit mixes just enough of the signs of power with the feel of relaxation and ease of movement.