Callers go through quite a lot to get to where they are. Let's start at the beginning shall we? Most callers do not seek out their professions. They are usually subjected to horrifying and traumatic visions and ordeals at a young age, much like the oracles. Unlike their far seeing cousins, however, they almost always die somewhere along the line. Either physically or symbolically, they give up their life and are born anew with a fresh start on life with a sacred pact in place. There exists no caller that can turn away from the spirits. There exists very few spirits that can resist the urges of a caller.
The death itself is very important. It usually marks what course the caller will follow for the rest of their lives. Some die trying to right a wrong that is shown to them during their test. Others are devoured alive by feral monsters, to contemplate their bare bones for a while. A rare few simply transcend from their bodies, arriving on the ghost train, visiting dead relatives, meeting new dead people, and learning how the spirit world differs from our own. Most however simply.. die, an accident, on purpose, be design or chance, very few callers avoid this part of their training

Once you have passed through the thin yet impenetrable layer between the initiated and the caller, there is no turning back. You have gained an affinity with spirits that none other can rival. They come when you call out to them. They will protect you when you are in danger and fight aside you when you take up a cause. But in return, they expect your help when they need it, they will call upon you as readily as you call them. This is a two way agreement that neither side can step down from easily. A fallen caller has earned themselves a great deal many enemies in the otherworld and this world alike. A spirit that refuses the call of a caller can expect like treatment from his ilk.

When a caller weaves his magic, the spirits of the area leap towards them, throwing their power into the mixture with almost no strain upon the mage, opening a conduit and allowing the mage to expend his internal energies at a far greater pace then normal, and therefore allowing for truly grand spells. Callers should be wary though, lest they drain themselves of their precious energy supply and fall to exhaustion and/or death.

A caller has far more sway over spirits then other weavers of magic. If a spirit is bound to a place or thing and a caller wishes to release it of its pact, it's of much less strain and difficulty then if a like skilled magician of non-caller persuasion were to try (+1 success). This can even be attempted at incoming hostile spirits, but is not very likely to work (roll X-summon+affinity+-10 against the other person's roll of X-summon+magery)

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