Brawling Styles

Style Descriptions:


This Style has a long history, and while not overly distinguished, it is the most recognized and accepted Style in the world. Originating in pre-Holy times, Blitz was studied, cultivated, and developed all over the world in different names. Eventually, a group of martial artists got together and shared their secrets, developing the Style into the form it presently takes. It became a staple of training for most military forces, a hobby of the elite, and almost a religion to others. In the days after Holy, when few masters of the Style still lived, they began setting up training facilities, breaking free from their past ways of wandering the world. Blitz deals heavilly with the spirit, the anima, and the chakras within a person, and they believed travel helped keep the spirit active and free. The Style spread slower due to the lack of wandering teachers, but eventually grew to again be a very accepted method of self defense. Blitz is taught almost everywhere, with a dojo in almost every city.


A hard art that was created in the shallow times just after the change came upon the word. The first master and creator of the art was, as he saw it, gifted with a new form. He set out to learn how to make use of it, not only to gain knowledge of his new body but to also help accept what had become of him. Once his style focused upon how to best strike with foot, fist, and body, but it changed slowly into how best to make use of what he had before, and all he had now. It has spread slightly, but has never left the main continent. It is often hard to find someone teaching this Style, as it's somewhat lesser known.


Also known as the Way of Beasts, this is the accepted reasoning for why Monsters are often more powerful than humans and their more bestial cousins. Believed to be driven by all the negative emotions and sins of the Monster's past life, it is more of an instinct than a trained Style. Because of that, it cannot be taught, and only Monsters can access it. As Blue Mages and their kind are only now starting to gain some respect, the study of Rage is limited, and so information is scarce.

Style Mechanics:

Styles are broken into three Stages. They are Specials that cannot be 
increased through the expenditure of XP, enforcing the need for RP and 
dedication to become good at them. Each Stage offers bonuses while the 
person uses a Style, and while people can learn more than one Style, 
should they enter combat they must pick and choose one Style alone. 
Now, here are the Styles we have so far..

+attack has been changed to make the Brawl option similar to +weapon. 
When using +attack/setup, if you enter Brawl, it will ask you for a 
Style. If you have no styles, input a space. You may choose any Stage 
of a Style, but the Stage you choose will influence your check, making 
Stage 2 Styles better than Stage 1, and Stage 3 better than Stage 2. 
Still with me? Good. Now, fill out +attack/setup just like you would 
have normally. And there. You're now set up with Styles.

Now, what about changing subskills you may be asking. Well, for you 
brawlers with three or four subskills you like to use, we have added 
+attack/subskill. For now, putting that in will allow you alter just 
the subskill in your +attack brawl string. It will eventually be made 
to work in a format of +attack/subskill SubSkillToUse(Example: Punch), 
or atleast I'm hoping it will be.

And lastly, I'll clear up a question I've been asked. For on the spot 
bonus altering on +attack, merely type your normal commend(Ex: +attack 
brawl) and add =BonusToUse. So, to clarify, +attack brawl=8, would make 
a brawl attack with an 8 To-Hit bonus.

Training Styles will be a spin off of developing new Specials. The 
instructions will be easiest understood in steps, so...

1. Contact the owner/head/sensei of a school/academy/dojo, and RP 
signing up for classes, joining their order, what ever. If you are 
accepted on, rejoice, for we move on to the next step.

2. The owner/head/sensei will then contact me, informing me that you 
have begun learning from them and what Style/Stage you are learning. I 
will then contact you(Yes, I realize this is a lot of contact tag, but 
patience is a virtue.) to set your +mentor, teaching no one(AKA, 
yourself) the appropriate Style/Stage. Step 2 done, so on to step 3!

3. Remember that 'Patience is a virtue' bit? Hope you took it to heart. 
Learning a Stage 1 Style requires two weeks. At the end of that time, 
you will recieve 5 points in it. This sounds like very little, but it 
opens your options. You can now study to further increase your Stage 1 
Style, or move on to Stage 2. And that, my dears, is all there is to 

Training Stage 2 Styles takes three weeks, and Stage 3 Styles take four 
weeks to train. Styles should not in any way be free. Regardless of the 
facility, they must pay living expenses, taxes, and the like. Chances 
are if the Style is sponsored by any organization(The Church, the 
Empire, the Merchant's Guild) they might ask for favors instead of gil, 
but there is always a cost.

New Styles may be developed like Specials of HUGE calibre. Check +help new-specials for more information!