Black/After Market

    It's not a nice place out there. Sometimes people have things they need to buy or sell that they shouldn't be. This exchange is done on what is called the Black Market. This isn't an actual place, so much as a way of doing business when legality is highly questionable. Related to, but much more legal, is the After Market, where all the used merchandise goes to to be resold. Not to say that everything is recycled. Most items will meet their end in a trash dump, not in the hands of a new owner.

Buying on the Black Market:

bullet    First step, find the base item of the object you so desire. If the price is under 300, the base difficulty is 2, increasing by 1 per 500 cost, to a maximum of 10 by virtue of price alone.
bulletIf the object is illegal, +2 difficulty.
bulletIf the object is rare, +2 difficulty
bulletIf the object is in any way magical, +2 difficulty
bulletIf the object is specifically military only, +2 difficulty (Which stacks with the illegal if the character lacks military contacts/isn't in the military)
bulletIf you're seeking the object on the After Market (+20 quirk, half price), -1 difficulty.
bulletIf you don't mind paying 1d3 times more money, -2 difficulty
bulletIf you insist on it being new/near new ( -20 to quirk chart ), +1 difficulty, double cost
bulletYou have a contact (merit) that deals with this sort of object specifically, -1 difficulty, -20% cost.
bulletYou demand the object be untraceable, +2 difficulty
bulletIf you don't care what condition the object is in(+10 to quirk chart), -3 difficulty.
bulletIf you need it within 24 hours, +1 difficulty.
bulletIf you want it within a week, +0 difficulty.
bulletIf you can wait upwards of a month, -2 difficulty.
bulletGot up to a year? -4 difficulty.

    Once you have your target, you roll Intelligence:Streetwise/Black Market vs (that difficulty number). Your success margin determines the end price. Every success under 8 is +5% to the cost, and every success over 8 is -5%. Note, the change in price must be done recursively(-5% 3 times), not cumulatively(-15%).

    If you should fail, then you lose the time you put into it. If you botch, the cops take an unhealthy amount of attention in your business quite suddenly.


Quirks and Defects: To start, you must roll to determine how many quirks and/or defects exist in the item. Apply any modifier to this d100 roll.

Roll Number of Quirks
21- 0
22-60 1
61-85 2
86-96 3
97-105 4
106+ 5

    Once you have determined the amount of quirks, it's time to determine what nature these quirks come in. If you rolled 0 quirks, congratulations, lucky stiff, just pay up and get out of here. Apply half of any modifier to these rolls.

Weapon Quirks & Defects: Add a special +3 modifier per Mark, double for laser/cutting edge technology weapons.

Roll Quirk/Defect
10 or under Weapon is not only free of quirks, but it's better than new condition. +10% stopping  power and all strikes do +10% HP damage.
11-30 The weapon looks ugly. Maybe home made, or disfigured or something very obvious.
31-40 Weapon lacks sharp point/oomf, -10% stopping power. In the case of weapons that do not have stopping power, -10% damage/effect.
41-50 Weapon is missing 1d5 customization points.
51-60 Weapon is broken, but can be fixed for 10% of its market value and a good repair roll or two.
61-65 The weapon will explode in a Mk. 1 shrapnel attack against the user on a botch in addition to any other botching effect.
66-80 The weapon is hot. Any corp cop seeing it within 3 months of your purchase has a fair chance of recognizing it. Reroll if insured against being hot.
81-90 Ammo hog, X 2 ammo needed. If weapon doesn't use ammo, reroll.
91-93 Weapon has an especially strong kick or is unwieldy. While using it, user is at +2 difficulty to all other tasks, like dodging.
94-95 They forgot to take off the 'Mine!' system. The victim to first use the weapon gets to suffer the results.
96-99 Subtle flaw will cause the weapon to break permanently should an attack roll botch.
100-105 Weapon is thrashed. It will take 30% of market price and 3+ rolls to get it working again.
106-110 Weapon has a tracer well hidden. Its previous owners are already coming for you.
111+ Against all odds, the weapon has an eerie habit of assaulting its user in a fashion appropriate for the weapon. 30% chance per use.

Armour: Add +1 per 3 defensive power, double if powered.
Roll Quirk/Defect
10 or under Especially hardy. Armour has 20% chance of NOT breaking despite what a critical might claim.
11-30 Armour is in bad taste. Brightly colored or covered in logos from an expired corporation.
31-40 Armour is poorly fitted and digs into the flesh at the wrong time. +5 HP damage whenever a crit is suffered, even if absorbed by the armour.
41-50 Wow, the armour looks fantastic! Too bad it's a show piece and will fall apart as soon as something gets past its defensive power.
51-60 Armour is tight, double time to remove/put on.
61-65 Armour has a big hole in it, -5 defensive power.
66-80 Armour is rather thin, halve damage reduction.
81-90 Armour is quite obviously for the opposite sex than the intended wearer, oops.
91-93 Only half the armour is there, halve the number of locations covered.
94-95 Armour is weak(double effect) towards a particular element for some reason.
96-99 The armour was 'soiled' in the last moments of use by its previous owner. What an awful stench, and that stain will never come out.
100-105 Especially stiff joints lead to +1 difficulty to athletics/dodging on top of whatever the armour already has in the way of movement penalties.
106-110 The armour is mottled with red/brown blood stains and other things. You're quite suspicious while wearing it. Did we mention it's hot? Re roll if insured against hot items.
111+ The armour was worn by someone diseased, and guess what, now you are too.

Cybernetic/Bio Quirks & Defects: +3 per rating above 1.

Roll Quirk/Defect
10 or under What a bargain. You manage to get the cyber/bio at -25% off.
11-30 The item has 'memories' from a past owner. The person who has the item installed gains a new, largely harmless, habit.
31-40 Item has a habit of 'sticking' It won't turn off for 1d3 rounds after it turns on half the time. Re roll if not applicable.
41-50 The system is strange... Double cost to install, +3 difficulty if a player handles it.
51-60 The cyber/bio is extremely visible, even if it aught not be, disturbing.
61-65 After installation, subject becomes violently ill(+4 difficulty to all actions) for 1d4 IC weeks, but will recover with care. Otherwise fine.
66-80 Installing the system will injure your magery or stamina by 1 permanently.
81-90 The system has a habit of turning on without your prompting. Re roll if not appropriate.
91-93 If the part is cybernetic, it has a small AI that actively dislikes you. If biological, it only has 30 days to live, then will wither and become useless, especially problematic if it is a vital organ.
94-95 Larger than normal, gain +1d4 points in Bio or Magery Waste.
96-99 Item was damaged previously and now malfunctions 30% of the time. If a constant effect, it simply works 30% less of the time. If a coded constant cyber (Hemoscelerex box), re roll.
100-105 It looks real, it feels real. It sits inside the body nice and snug. But..  it does nothing. A complete waste of time.
106-110 Your cyber has a virus, your bio has cancer. You have problems.
111+ The system is tagged, and a corp team will want it back. Reroll if insured against hot items.