Advanced Combat Moves
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These are examples of the various duelling skills that are available through training. A character can perform these actions without the skill, but can not develop the skill itself without formal education in a professional school.


Melee/Beat or Brawl/Beat

Using strength and force to batter aside an opponent's
defenses, leaving them vulnerable.

When attacking an enemy, you can declare a Beat. You roll using Strength+Melee+Melee/Beat, or use Brawl+Brawl/Beat+Strength.
You must gain a successes over your opponent's Strength+Melee+Defense
succs, you deal one extra point of damage after soak, represending getting
past the defenses of a target with pure force.

Melee/Bind or Brawl/Bind

A Bind is only usable against an opponent's fencing weapon.
It locks your sword (or buckler, or gauntlet) and his sword
together. To use this attack, you declare that you are
attempting to Bind your opponent's weapon. If successful,
you have momentarily bound his sword. While the two weapons
are bound, neither of you can use the bound item. To break
the hold, the opponent must use their action to try to
escape, rolling Strength+Defense against your
Strength+Melee/Bind, and gain more successes than you do.


Corps-a-corps is the art of close, or body against body,
fencing. You declare that you are using this skill instead
of a normal attack. If your attack gets through, you inflict
half the potential damage listed as a bare-handed attack,
knocking the opponent prone.


+check dex+defense+defense/disarm, against the persons attack.
This takes -all- defensive actions you may have. If you get 2 successes
over the the attack, the attackers weapon is on the floor. Double, and
it's in your off hand. This can be used to defend against an attack, but
if failed, you take full damage.


+check dex+melee+melee/fient, versus a perception+melee+alertness
. For every success over the resist, the defender gets a -2 success to
their defense of the attack, but can still defend.


A lunge is an aggressive attack that leaves you open for a
moment. When you declare a lunge, use this skill to attack
with. -10 to the roll, for an added (melee/lunge)/5 in damage presoak.

Melee/Pommel Strike

A pommel strike is when you smash the hilt of your sword
into your target's face. You declare that you are using this
skill and if your attack gets through, you inflict only half
potential damage. Your opponent loses a number of successes
equal to the net successes you gained on them for the rest
of the turn.

Defense/Riposte and Melee/Riposte

A riposte is a parry followed up immediately with a
counter-attack. If you succeed in using defense/riposte to
counter the enemy's attack, you may then attack immediately
with melee/riposte. The potential damage from a riposte is
only half normal. An opponent is allowed to defend as normal
against a riposte. Performing a riposte denies further defensive
actions for the round.


Tagging is a particularly flashy piece of showing off with
your weapon, designed to temporarily dishearten your enemy.
This can be anything from cutting off a lock of his hair to
carving your initials in his shirt. If you successfully hit,
the attack does no damage, but you can do one of two things.
Either you gain 2 extra successes on your next attack, or
your opponent loses 2 successes on their next attack.

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