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Valenoa Skye is a noble of House Skye, a merchant house origionally from Wutai that recently gained recognition in the Empire due to their neutrality and the amount of help the local economies got from their engineering members. Valenoa herself, is a lesser of the House, while not in rank in the luck she has had thus far. Unfortunately this is why she was chosen to go to the outpost itself, and it will pretty much be her last chance to find a good name within her House.

To people from Capital City or Drominham, Valenoa might be mistaken for Mia, a criminal that stole her identity to hide from the powers that be some years ago in that area, but she herself has not ever been to either city. It is notable that she was very young when her identity was stolen, if her present age seems to be less than one might think. This occured because of a mistake, Mia had been led to beleive that Valenoa was killed in an incident with spiders, but in reality the child had survived barely and had been taken elsewhere to recover.

Notable quirks include a compulsion to bounce or hop in place, also hopping rather than walking where she goes in a less anthromorphic type fashion than most would expect. The other big thing is her terrible fear of spiders, caused by the fact that as a child she was trapped by them and was nearly killed. She was wound in silk and half fed upon when help finally drove them off and rescued her, barely surviving but unable to stand from smallest to largest afterwards. Notably a great deal of her apparently lack of formal education and occasional lack of sanity came from this, as she was bedridden for several years recovering from the poison.

Valenoa's first experiences in the outpost have been odd to say the least, and a run in with a dungeon dweller, Avie, resulted in her beginning to mutate quite rapidly. After this caused a great deal of havoc for herself and those around her, the mutations eventually wore out and she returned to her normal self, if she can really be called normal at all. Unfortunately this set back her business progress quite a bit, but fortunately her brother Rikin had been making way and generally protecting her reputation.

She considered settling down with a person, but had difficulty deciding and things had usually not gone so smoothly, not to mention she was still pregnant with Avie's child. She did make a name for herself, however, and with her mining with her brother Rikin, her starting of a science guild, and her appointmet as minister of crafts, her family decided to welcome her back to the main continent for some well deserved recognition.

After being helped back home, she stayed in bed, waiting to have her child before going back to the outpost, not wanting to strain herself with travel while she was near the end of her pregnancy. But it was then, on the 25th of Typhoon, 1025, that disaster struck her life a final time. Hunting her down from the outpost, Sashka, a anthro male wolf, snuck in through the window while she was sleeping and most of those in the house were gone. Quickly silencing her, he brutally murdered her. They did not find a trace of the culprit, and there were no witnesses.

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